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By Mishka Ben-David Evan Fallenberg | Comments: ( 216 ) | Date: ( Sep 20, 2019 )

In this riveting thriller by an ex Mossad agent, an Israeli spy risks his life to save a Hezbollah leader For over a decade, Mishka Ben David was a professional spy, taking part in secret operations on behalf of the Mossad, Israel s legendary intelligence agency But after twelve years of service, Ben David quit the Mossad and became an acclaimed novelist, describing lifIn this riveting thriller by an ex Mossad agent, an Israeli spy risks his life to save a Hezbollah leader For over a decade, Mishka Ben David was a profes sional spy, taking part in secret operations on be half of the Mossad, Israel s legendary intelligence agency But after twelve years of service, Ben David quit the Mossad and became an acclaimed novelist, describing life as a spy from within A major best seller in Israel, Duet in Beirut is Ben David s first book to appear in English Ronen, an expelled Mossad agent, has disap peared following a failed assassination attempt against the Hezbollah operative responsible for suicide bombings in Israel Feared to be on an un authorized mission, it is up to his former command er, Gadi, to track Ronen down and stop him from causing harm both to himself and to his country The physical and intellectual scuffle between the two men becomes one of deeper, moral inquiry Written with a master novelist s terse convic tion, Duet in Beirut takes us inside a much dis cussed but little understood world As revealing in its psychological acuity as it is in its portrait of life in the Mossad, Duet in Beirut is an essential thriller of espionage and political intrigue.

  • Title: Duet in Beirut
  • Author: Mishka Ben-David Evan Fallenberg
  • ISBN: 9781468310207
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Mishka Ben-David Evan Fallenberg

Mishka Ben David served in the Mossad for twelve years, becoming a high ranking officer He is now a full time novelist living outside Jerusalem.

Comments Duet in Beirut

  • Gordon Kaplan

    When Ronen, an expelled Mossad agent, vanishes after a failed assassination attempt against a Hezbollah operative responsible for suicide bombings in Israel, Gadi, his former commander, must find Ronen before he harms both himself and his country. (Description from library catalog.)Originally published in Hebrew as, Duet b'Berut, Evan Fallenberg was the translator. Mishka Ben-David was born in 1952 in Israel. He holds a MA in comparative literature from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD from [...]

  • Evelyn

    Written in 2002 by a former Mossad agent and just recently translated into English, Duet in Beirut is surprisingly satisfying. The story starts with Israeli team leader Gadi travelling to Beirut in order to extract one of his long-time operatives who has gone rogue in order to complete an assassination the rogue agent initially bungled quite publicly the year before. It's a fast paced, intense read, but also surprisingly human--no James Bond super spies here. Among the many things the book explo [...]

  • Foxglove

    Would make an incredible movie. Tense, sad, beautiful and depressing.

  • Lucy

    Based in Israel & Lebanon it tells the story of 2 men who try save the life of a Hezbollah leader after a mission to assassinate him goes wrong. The work family isn't as supportive as one would expect but when it comes to saving your back they are there Some good scenes are filled with action & other times you just wish things would move along. Overall a good read & I will read another of his books soon.

  • Sarah

    I tried to get into this for one of my international titles; nope. The early chapters make constant reference to events which preceded the book's opening. Again, double-checked series status multiple times before packing it in. I also found the writing (or, again, possibly the translation) too reliant on cliches and tropes.


    For several years I have been in search of a suspense thriller by a former Mossad agent. I figured it was only a matter of time. Meanwhile, I contented myself with re-reading Harel's "House on Garibaldi Street", Le Carre's "Little Drummer Girl" or Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon books. I was hoping to find an Israeli version of the vintage John Le Carré (the former British MI5/MI6 agent who wrote spy novels that explored the psychological costs of espionage with its betrayals and deceptions). Well [...]

  • Richard Uhlhorn

    Fascinating look into the Mossad by an ex-Mossad operative. While the story and plot are fiction, it is not hard to imagine this type of action taking place. I will be seeking out Ben-David's other work.

  • Marcie Nugent

    Totally enjoyed. Kept my attention all the way through. Mishka Ben-David is my first spy thriller. The author is an ex-Mossad agent (Israeli Intelligence Agency). For me, the book was an interesting look inside the mindset of such agencies while being a captivating spy story.

  • John Walker

    I picked up this book thinking it to be an action-thriller, which it is. I didn't expect to learn how much the Mossad is controlled by the bureaucracy and micro management. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing (the author is a former member of the Mossad, so there more than a bit of truth to all this) it just shows that sometimes people who make mistakes might actually have a reason, especially when your out in the field.Such is Ronen's failed mission to assassinate a Hezbollah big wig. Cashie [...]

  • Tara

    I received this book for free through First Reads. This book was a thrilling, suspenseful, spy novel. It follows the life of two agents as they go through trials and tribulations faced by them on a daily basis regarding their jobs. It kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. No love stories here, just straight up thriller that gives you a look at what some spies go through. It makes you realize that just because some choose to protect their country they still face di [...]

  • ChirAth AkOn

    Not as good as Spy Who Came in from the Cold yet gives (I hope) an accurate picture of Mossad operations.

  • George Serebrennikov

    The author of the book is a very interesting person. Miska Ben-David was for many years a Mossad operative, and one of the senior members, if not a team leader, of the ill-fated Mossad operation, to assassinate Khaled Meshaal in the Jordanian capital, Amman. Because of that, reading the book was not a complete waste of time. Some of the pages dealing with inner politics of the Mossad, preparation and execution of operations on the foreign soil were very interesting to read.

  • Suli

    Although parts of this book have good suspense the story didn't really leave me with much. I found the characters to be very shallow, specially the female characters. In terms of Beirut the city I didn't feel like I was there when I was reading. I go to Beirut a lot there was a huge part of the feel of the city and country missing here. There are plenty of more informative and suspenseful novels out there on the same subject that are worth reading before this one.

  • Christoph Fischer

    "Duet in Beirut" by Mishka Ben-David is an intriguing spy thriller about a Mossad agent going into Beirut without an official mission to complete unfinished business. Another agent goes after him to stop him.The two main characters are well set off against each other, allowing for multiple perspectives and personal feelings towards the agency and its politics. The book has a very authentic feel and is quite enjoyable.

  • John

    I would not say it any more basic then "Foxglove" did "Would make an incredible movie. Tense, sad, beautiful and depressing." - That says it about as simple as you can say it. - Love it! I won this great book on GoodReads and like I do with most my wins I will be paying it forward by giving my win either to a friend or library to enjoy.

  • Ellis Shuman

    One can't help but think that the fictional Mossad portrayed in Ben-David's novel must closely resemble the real-life organization, where the author once worked.Duet in Beirut gives us a fascinating look into a "dark, deceptive, treacherous world in which you never really know what is good and what is evil, in which the permissible is forbidden and the forbidden permitted."

  • Ellen Trufant

    Has an air of authenticity in a story of spycraft. Knowing the author was in the Mossad makes it utterly credible. The careful and exhaustive preparation for a mission is both interesting and surprising somehow. It's the opposite of James Bond, which I realize formed my idea of how spies operate.

  • Maureen

    Very interesting to have a new location for a spy book. The Mossad details made this a good read with new a new setting for the political and ethical dilemmas in the story,

  • Boris Feldman

    Spy-versus-Spy in Beirut. Good story.

  • Louie Haltom

    good book

  • Sharon Teagarden-king

    beautifully descriptive especially the seaside sunsets, etcFeelings enfolds that all governments have their devils

  • Phyllis Bismanovsky

    Good but not a page turning thriller

  • Linda Block

    Riveting and suspenseful story about the inner workings of Israel's Mossad. Couldn't put the book down. Highly recommended!

  • Blushbettyblush

    really Exciting! written by a former Mossad agent, gives you the sent of reality which makes it more Exciting to read. I loved the book!

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