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By Doug Pagitt | Comments: ( 899 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

We all have stories in our heads about God, humanity, life, and the meaning of it all One of the most common and misleading stories is If I m faithful in doing this, then God promises to do that Jesus didn t believe it and neither should you God does not insist that you play by the rules before he will respond to you A careful reading of the Bible will free all of usWe all have stories in our heads about God, humanity, life, and the meaning of it all One of the most common and misleading stories is If I m faithful in doing this, then God promises to do that Jesus didn t believe it and neither should you God does not insist that you play by the rules before he will respond to you A careful reading of the Bible will free all of us from trying to make a deal with God, inviting us instead to live in God How would your life change if you flipped your understanding of God Doug Pagitt takes a new look at provocative statements made by Jesus, Paul, and the prophets Jesus turned the tables on religious assumptions every time he began with You have heard it said, but I say to you Paul quoted a pagan poet when he revealed the truth that we live, move, and have our being in God Come along on a journey of discovery and change, leading to a flip in your view of where God is and where we are in relation to God Set aside the rules of religion and know the freedom of living in God.

  • Title: Flipped: Experiencing God in a Whole New Way
  • Author: Doug Pagitt
  • ISBN: 9781601426376
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Doug Pagitt

Doug Pagitt is the head pastor of Solomon s Porch in South Minneapolis and a Senior Fellow with Emergent Village a generative friendship of missional church leaders around the world and a leading architect of the emergent church discussion.

Comments Flipped: Experiencing God in a Whole New Way

  • Jeanie

    What is the Gospel? In any teaching or book on the bible, who God is, God’s purpose, how that question is answered reveals if there is any Gospel. In Flipped, there is no Gospel. There are parts of the Gospel but not the whole Gospel.The Gospel is bad news ending with the Good News. The bad news is we are hostile towards God. Our hearts hardened towards God and it is Him pursuing us. It is a realization that God is holy and he is sovereign. All have sinned. We are saved by Grace and not by goo [...]

  • David Steele

    President Obama promised to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" He has inflipped many respects delivered on that promise with the unveiling of the Affordable Health Care Act and a host of executive orders that are, in the final analysis, out of step with American values. But give credit where credit is due. The transformation the president promised has taken place. Now, Americans wait for the painful consequences to set in.In Doug Pagitt's latest book, "Flipped," the author se [...]

  • Aaron

    Flipped is a book about seeing the message of the Bible through a different lens. Or to use the author’s word, taking what we believe to be true about scripture and doing a flip. In this book, Doug Pagitt take the reader through a number of instances in which Christ “flipped” the conventional understanding of the time and revealed the real meaning behind his message. On one hand, Pagitt is correctly identifying how Christ entered the world in order to correct things which had become disord [...]

  • Lee Harmon

    Don’t miss this one. Pagitt has the interesting writing style, fresh Bible interpretations, and anecdotal stories to keep you turning pages while he presents his Progressive Christian outlook. He even throws in a little Einstein as he explains what it means to be the light of the world.Flipped is about turning everything over and seeing it fresh. Your concept of God will be turned on its head. Here’s a clue: Pagitt’s favorite phrase may come from the book of Acts: “In God we live, move, [...]

  • Rebekah Palmer

    What encouraged me about Doug Pagitt was page 62: "The message of Jesus is that God connects directly with humanity. Jesus brought together God and humanity"I have huge reservations and questions about the belief that we as humans are divine or parts taken from the divine (pages 121, 156, 167). If we possess divinity inherently, why would Jesus need to pay for our sins? Why didn't we save ourselves? I firmly believe human beings can allow divinity inside their lives through the Holy Spirit. Huma [...]

  • Charlotte

    Flipped was our latest Tuesday morning book study and follows quite a few other books we have read regarding ways that a number of contemporary Christian theologians are looking at the teachings of the New Testament that bring what they feel is a more accurate version of what Jesus taught, and that they feel have been distorted through the years. A vast simplification of Pagitt's theme in the book is his own major flip from what he calls transactional religion--believing that those who follow Je [...]

  • Becky

    I chose this book because it basically lies outside of genres that I would normally gravitate to. While I can't say that I hated the book, I can say that I disagreed fundamentally with mostly everything that Doug Pagitt had to say. There are a couple of main problems I have with this book:1. I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person, but there were times during my reading where I was left pondering, "Uh. What?" I just didn't "get" some of the points that Pagitt was trying to make [...]

  • Robert D. Cornwall

    To flip is to convert. Doug Pagitt is a thoughtful and generous spirit who experienced a theological conversion a few years back, and that set in motion another series of conversionary moments, what he terms flips. That theological conversion is to what theologians would call panentheism, though Doug never names it. For more on a panentheistic or process vision check out Bruce Epperly. What Doug came to understand is that rather than God being in us, we are in God. This changes the dynamics of l [...]

  • Leah

    It's been a little while since I've read anything by Doug Pagitt. I'm glad this is the book I picked up to refresh my reader's relationship with an author. I've been "flipping" many of the stories of my youth from the Bible these past few years by reading them through a different lens. So to see this book talk about that and put a framework around that was lovely. Finding common ground after years of feeling trapped brings freedom. In particular the flipping.framingof the story of Abraham sacrif [...]

  • Kaitlin

    "Flipped" is a down to earth approach to faith and God. I appreciate Pagitt's effort in stripping down the "system" of faith and trading the preconceived notions for a more real and integrated walk with God; a God Pagitt speaks of as being someone we have steady access to and can walk with in our day to day lives. The "If/Then" transactional system, a central idea in opposition to the "Flip" Pagitt presents; is all about endless strife and a falsely compartmentalized system of faith and God. The [...]

  • Elizabeth Andrew

    Pagitt's book is an accessible reframing of traditional Christianity's notion of repentance. Really Jesus invites us to be "flipped"--to see the world through the eyes of radical love. I especially appreciated his insight into the way much religion operates out of a transactional system: If [I do this], then [God will do that]. And that this will always keep us from knowing divinity IN us. Good stuff.The fullness of God is active in humanity without assistance from any religious system. --Doug [...]

  • Wendy

    For me, there wasn't a lot of new perspective here, but the information is presented clearly, with interesting personal anecdotes. I'd give this a 3.5 but half stars aren't available. For context, I'd rate most of Rob Bells books as 4.5, Blue Like Jazz and Girl Meets God also 4.5. I'd give Gilead and Cry, The Beloved Country 5.s. Though works of fiction, faith and grace have rarely been explained as well.

  • Patricia

    I like the idea of looking at Bible stories in a new way depending on where you are at in your life. I don't agree with Doug on some of his flipped theology, but it's not like he hits the reader over the head with it. I think it's great if it gets the reader really thinking about scripture passages that he or she has read many, many times. There are some great anecdotes in this book, too. I especially like the one our pastor read in church on Sunday about Dieter Zander. Powerful!

  • Carol Brusegar

    Great book! It examines the common transactional approach to Christianity (If I'm faithful in doing this, then God promises to do that) and an alternative biblical view: Living IN God. In a conversational style with plentiful personal illustrations and biblical examination, Doug Pagitt takes the reader on an exploration that opens new possibilities and life views.Highly recommended.

  • Pam Herbert

    Really enjoyed it the concept of being Flipped describes my life lately. I liked the different approaches to familiar Bible stories that brought them alive again. Definitely will read again because I'm sure there are nuggets that I missed.

  • Cathy

    Wow - A Life Altering ReadA must read for those seeking to understand life Faith Purpose Being. Let yourself be Flipped. Be ready to pivot.

  • Patrick Frownfelter

    I really hate the word Flip nowfull review at everythingistheology.wordpres

  • Ryan Miller

    Doug has a way with words & strikes again with Flipped. Good stuff. Practical. Helpful. Inspiring. Relevant. Pagitt is a gift to the world.

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  • [PDF] Download É Flipped: Experiencing God in a Whole New Way | by ↠ Doug Pagitt
    160 Doug Pagitt
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