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By Norma Simon Kathy Tucker Teresa Flavin | Comments: ( 580 ) | Date: ( Dec 08, 2019 )

When Mrs Mack says she will soon be a grandmother, her students realize that teachers have families just like they do Suddenly everyone in the class wants to share information about his or her own unique family.

  • Title: All Families Are Special
  • Author: Norma Simon Kathy Tucker Teresa Flavin
  • ISBN: 9780807521755
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Norma Simon Kathy Tucker Teresa Flavin

Norma Simon has published than fifty books for children Her bookshave the special quality of engaging children because they deal with experiences which have rich emotional meaning for them Her books explore awide spectrum of topics ranging from playful accounts of children and pets,from the pleasures of a rainy day WET WORLD is her most recent book forCandlewick to books which help children deal with death and separation.Ms Simon has had a lifetime of experience working with children as ateacher, parent, and, for than twenty eight years, working as avolunteer with the children in her local elementary school.Her formal education includes a B.A from Brooklyn College and,significantly for her career, an M.S from Bank Street College of Education.As a pioneer in progressive education for children, the Bank StreetCollege philosophy of early childhood education continues to influence herwork.On a personal note, Norma Simon grew up in New York City Her parents camefrom Europe as adults Her extended family all shared a big brownstonehouse in Brooklyn, New York, where she lived until she was six with herparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.For the past thirty years, Norma and her husband have lived on Cape Cod,Massachusetts She enjoys fishing on Cape Cod Bay, clam digging, huntingfor wild mushrooms, gardening, cooking and when she has time reading.

Comments All Families Are Special

  • Jessica

    This book starts off by the teacher telling her classroom she will become a grandmother. The students realize that teachers also have families, and they start to share information about their own families. This book is great because it educates children and allows them to understand that all families are different but are also similar and thats totally okay.

  • N_hannahkang

    In Norma Simon's book All Families are Special - she shares the different family structures. The book starts out with the teacher telling the class that she will be a grandmother; this news quickly turns into a sharing session about the students' families. The students explain how they live with both parents or with parents of the same-sex or divorced parents. Some students have big families while others have small families. Other students discuss the relationships they have with grandparents - [...]

  • Lori Smith

    This is a great book to use to show that no two families are alike. This is a necessary book to have in the classroom library and perhaps, use at the beginning of the school year to discuss differences and the acceptance of differences.

  • Hannah Givens

    Sweet and al-inclusive. A little sad, but maybe that's good.

  • Xaviera Hanif

    This children's book does an awesome job in education children on how many ways families can be! It addresses that some people are adopted and have to fly from different countries, some have MANY people in one household, some have a parent/guardian that have passed away, some have two mommies/daddies, some have a mom and a dad, but one of the parents is always gone due to their job, etc! The author did a great job explaining to students that not everyones family is the same! I think the author d [...]

  • Jomal Childers

    When Mrs. Mack says she will soon be a grandmother, her students were excited and realized that teachers also have families. In hearing this, the floor for the discussion and the opportunity for students to elaborate on their own unique family was quickly opened. The story shows Mrs. Mack’s students taking turns talking about the different makeups, ethnic groups and even roles that different members of their family plays. This is a great book to use to show that no two families are alike and I [...]

  • Melissa

    Even though this book is listed as a fictional book it can also be realistic fiction. The story is about a class that goes around and talk about who is in their family and something they do. I think this book will be interesting to kids and you can also expand on the topic but asking your students who is in their family and what is something they do together. The way the book is structured it makes the characters convincing and genuine. The plot is not rich with problems and resolutions, but it [...]

  • Akena

    The beginning of this book begins with the teacher opening up an discussion on families. the kids got to tell about their families, and I appreciate the fact that there were different families portrayed. There was a single family home, a adopted family, an extended family home, a home with two mommies, step parents and etc. This introduction of non traditional families will be a great resource for kids to see other families. The book pictures all of the families and things they do together. Ther [...]

  • Molly

    This is a picture book about a classroom of kids each discussing the make up of their families. There are big families, small families, a family with two moms, a family where the parents are divorced, children who live with grandparents, single parents and many more types of families. It is really nice to see lots of diversity that reflects modern families. The book also discusses how families go through good times and bad and how they get through it. It is a lovely book that would be a great to [...]

  • Josie

    This book is about a classroom of children and a teacher named Ms. Mack who inspires her students to tell all about their families. Each family is different and all of the children love getting the chance to share about their's. The media used here is watercolor and colored pencil. I would read this book aloud, and then ask the children to tell the class something unique about their family and why it is important to them.

  • Janina

    This book is about different kinds of families. From traditional families to adopted families and everything in between. It can be used in the classroom to help kids learn and understand that every one has a different family situation and that's special.

  • Christian Wade

    First I love how the book incorporates realistic people of different backgrounds, and not just one cultural group. All families are Special covers multiple diverse family structures. I love how the book acknowledges the typical "family" structure and how today that it has changed. This book invites children to describe their own family,and to realize and appreciate all the different families are special. The book is told by different students in Mrs. Mack's class so the language of the book is a [...]

  • Kelly

    You would think it'd be easy to find children's books that respectfully and joyfully represent the diversity of family compositions, cultures, and histories. Not so much. So, while this book isn't amazing (I find it somewhat long-winded) it does what other books fail to do; it allows my students to see representations of both themselves and their classmates in the pages. Just like in the book, my students come from big and small families, families living with grandparents, divorced (and remarrie [...]

  • Kylee Myers

    This narrative is about a little girl named Sara discovering that her teacher is going to be a grandmother. She talks about her family in her class; a family whom adopted Sara's younger sister. As everyone discusses what their families are like, Sara, as well as the rest of her class, discover that all families are different. This book also talks about the components of a family; memories, good times, bad times, and unity. As a literacy teacher, I would use this book through the process of readi [...]

  • Haleema Vaughn

    All families are special by Norma Simon gives a snapshot of the types of families the students have in Mrs. Mack’s class. The main idea of this story is that no family is the same and all families are different. There are main characters are: Mrs. Mack, Sarah,Nick, Mat, Hannah, Grace, Jessica, Kevin, Juan, and Christopher. Each of these students share the type of family they have (ex. “My family is only two people, my dad and me. Mom died when I was little” said Mat.) The author does an am [...]

  • Katiena Frazier

    All Families Are Special is an interesting realistic fiction book for children that exposes them to the many different types of families that are present in today's society. The story begins in a classroom setting with the teacher telling her class that she is going to be a grandma. This sparks a discussion about families and each child in the class gets to tell about their families. Family types that are represented in this book include those with adopted children, those with multiple generatio [...]

  • Mimi

    All Families are Special is a narrative told from the perspective of one student in a class, Robert. One day at school, the entire class shares how their families are constructed after the teacher, Mrs. Mack tells them she’s getting a new addition to her family. Nobody’s family in the class is the same. Some children like Nick, have large families while others have small families like Matt. “All families are definitely special.” There is something unique about each family that exists. No [...]

  • Jeff Stephens

    This book depicts all kinds of families with diverse cultural and ethnographic backgrounds, but always in a positive light. Adoption, single parents, grandparents, divorce, two moms, long distance, good times and bad… all families are special. This book takes us on a journey to understanding that all families come together in different ways, that they have different forms, and that every family is unique. In the story, the children in the classroom want to talk about their families because the [...]

  • Krista

    Simon’s book may be a good starting point on the topic, especially with very young children, in which it may be appropriate to surround them with colorful illustrations and all of the standard traits of a “positive” children’s book. For older children, or even some parents, the work may come off as slightly cliché or according to School Library Journal’s review, “unrealistic”, especially in the sense that the catalyst for the story’s plot is that each child is overly enthused to [...]

  • Raven Sanders

    'All Families are Special' is a narrative about a teacher who is having a granddaughter and gets to know about the students in her classroom. Mrs. Mack and her students Sarah, Rachel, Nick, Matt, Hannah, Grace, Jessica, Juan, Salma, Robert, Kevin, Christopher, Emily, and Karen all give a story of their lives and tell about each others families. There are different kinds of families present inside of the book: Same sex, adoption, interracial, grandparents, and single parent. As a teacher, I will [...]

  • Sarah Rosati

    'All Families Are Special' begins in a classroom, as Mrs. Mack shares with her students that she is soon to be a proud grandmother and thereby inspires them to tell stories about their own families. Each child then shares with their classmates how life is like in his/her family, with some children hailing from big, small, or extended families. Each family is unique in its combination of same-sex parents, divorced parents, adopted siblings, grandparents, stepparents, and single parents (as one of [...]

  • Clairissa D

    In Norma Simon's book " All Families Are Special", a teacher is having a open discussion with her students about the diverse structure and make ups of families and how they differ as well as how they are similar. The main characters are the students in the classroom and the teacher. The family members of each student contribute to the story and increase the plot and setting. I would use this book as tool to relate with my students and to assist them in understanding and relating to one another. [...]

  • Carin Paige

    All Families Are Special, a Slice of Life book, features a diverse classroom in which the students take turns sharing what cultural differences are in each of their families. The class realizes that though no tow families are exactly the same, they all share the common principle of love and togetherness. This book would be perfect for class because it compares and contrasts the many types of families. The text offers the perfect balance simple and complex language for younger education. It also [...]

  • Barbara

    Mrs. Mack excitedly shares the fact that she is about to become a grandmother, which prompts her students to describe their own unique families. Not unexpectedly, some of the families are small with only one parent and one child, some are large, some contain several generations, some consist of one child and two mothers. In one case, a boy even shares how his family's cat and dog are important parts of their family. The watercolor illustrations display the infinite varieties of families and thei [...]

  • Cait

    This is a wonderful introduction to a unit on different family structures. The story begins as a teacher tells her class she is about to become a grandmother. This leads to her students realize that she is not just a teacher, but also part of a family. They then begin to discuss all of the different kinds of families they all come from. The students discuss same-sex parents, mixed race families, single parent families, death, divorce and even pets in families. Although they have very different f [...]

  • Salsabrarian

    Mrs Mack announces to her students that she is going to become a grandmother. This kicks off a discussion of families and the kids talk about who's in their own families. Some have adopted siblings, others have stepsiblings. Some parents are divorced. One boy and his family moved in with his grandmother. A girl has two mommies (although lesbians are not implied; could be the mother's friend living there too). A mother's male friend lives with the family. A couple of interracial relationships dep [...]

  • Chelsea

    Simon, Norma (2003).Subgroup: Single-Parent FamiliesGenre: FictionTopics: Family, SchoolsSynopsis: This books is great to cover all sorts of family situations-- Single-parent, death, deployment, culture, disabilities, it basically covers it all. The story starts off in a classroom and all of the children begin to share facts about their family. The point really gets across that all families are very different, but they are all special in their own way.

  • Mairead Lawyer

    In “All Families are Special” Mrs. Mack announces to her class that she is about to be a grandmother. This sparks a class discussion where all of her students discuss their families and where they come from and how they all are different. Children come from all different types of families, and the students learn that no family is the same. The book also has a multicultural aspect to add another aspect of diversity.

  • Jessy

    Definitely your generic "Tommy has two Mommies" kind of book. It is very basic going over all of the different kind of families there are out there. This book is more appropriate for grades k-3. Pictures are okay, nothing fancy. Gives a wide range of families, but I am sure there are better books out there that try to do the same thing.

  • Traci Bold

    Families come in sizes and configurations. Norma Simon's picture book, 'All Families Are Special' embrace all families. Very diverse, and extremely gentle.A wonderful resource book for teacher discussions with elementary school kids about the sociology of families.Illustrated by Teresa Flavin and published by Albert Whitman & Co.

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