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By Diane Lawson | Comments: ( 438 ) | Date: ( Feb 22, 2020 )

Sigmund Freud would have liked Dr Nora Goodman, a sexy forty something psychoanalyst with her handful of neurotic patients who can t seem to allow themselves happiness, love, or success She s not exactly a steady customer herself, born to a ranting bipolar Talmudic scholar and a mother with a heart as cold as a slaughterhouse on the Kansas prairie in January But now sheSigmund Freud would have liked Dr Nora Goodman, a sexy forty something psychoanalyst with her handful of neurotic patients who can t seem to allow themselves happiness, love, or success She s not exactly a steady customer herself, born to a ranting bipolar Talmudic scholar and a mother with a heart as cold as a slaughterhouse on the Kansas prairie in January But now she has two kids and an overbearing psychiatrist husband She hates him She hates his insular social world Nora wants a new life sans husband, but what she gets is something terribly different It starts one Monday morning when her eight o clock patient blows himself to smithereens The following week, another patient dies The police see the first as an accident, the second a straightforward suicide Nora thinks her practice is being targeted by a killer She hires private investigator Mike Ruiz, a tightly wound ex cop who couldn t care less for Sigmund Oh, Freud, Mike says Isn t he dead Freud is always watching while the unlikely pair struggle to an unexpected end.Diane Lawson was born and raised in La Russell, Missouri population 128 She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri, her psychiatric residency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, and her psychoanalytic training at the Institute for Psychoanalysis, also in Chicago She has two children and lives and practices in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Title: A Tightly Raveled Mind
  • Author: Diane Lawson
  • ISBN: 9781935955924
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Diane Lawson

Diane Lawson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Tightly Raveled Mind book, this is one of the most wanted Diane Lawson author readers around the world.

Comments A Tightly Raveled Mind

  • Constance

    Dog lovers beware! I was finding this mildly entertaining. The main character, a psychiatrist was interesting, although not particularly likable--nor were the other characters. After reading around 200 pages, though, she did something so despicable I felt physically ill and couldn't care enough to finish the book.

  • Debbie

    trite trite trite - there isn't one true character or piece of real dialog in this story. Thank god the library is open tomorrow.

  • Maureen Louie

    Judged it by the cover. Great title and cover art. Story was ridiculously unbelievable. Waste of time. Disappointed.

  • Linda Marye

    I agree with all the negative reviews but still found it a compelling look at a train wreck. The surprising insights into patients and others were intriguing.

  • Alan Zundel

    “A Tightly Raveled Mind” by Diane Lawson is a tightly plotted mystery about the mystery of our own behaviors. It is a fun light read and an impressive debut novel by Lawson, a psychoanalyst living in San Antonio, Texas.The novel’s protagonist and narrator, Dr. Nora Goodman, is, like the author, a psychoanalyst living in San Antonio. Unlike the author—one hopes—Dr. Goodman’s patients have begun to die, one by one, in unexpected circumstances. Shaken and convinced that this is more tha [...]

  • Unwisely

    My father occasionally sends me emails that consist of just a book title (sometimes with author). This is baffling to me, since he usually writes fairly long, chatty emails. This time I asked about it, he said, if I recommend a book (is that what that is?), maybe you should read it?I suspect this is a subtle revenge on me for being an awful teenager (which I was, but I never thought of my father as a subtle *or* dish-best-served-cold sort of guy). Another book where everyone in it was a terrible [...]

  • Sandi Perry

    I'm not entirely sure about this book even though I initially gave it four stars. We follow a pair of psycho-analysts on the cusp of divorce as our main character's patients begin to die off, one a week. Is she being set up? Is it all in her mind? Can we get behind her poor choices? Although there are a lot of gaping holes in the narrative, it is undoubtedly well-written and thought-provoking. I'm not a fan of the unreliable narrator; I always feel like I've been duped. Although a third of the w [...]

  • Peter Herrmann

    If a book written in the first person has an unlikable narrator, I can still potentially like the book if it has some other redeeming quality. This had none. Up through mid-way (or so) I was neutral with respect to liking/disliking her; and then the incident with the 3rd dog happened (which incident isn't even relevant to the story as far as I can see) and I was disgusted with the narrator. The only 2 reasons I kept reading after that were: A) to see if my hypothesis re the resolution would be v [...]

  • Stephanie

    Things were moving along, and I was liking the book and interested to see where it was going, when suddenly the main character started BEATING A DOG WITH A RAKE. It wasn't threatening her in any way, in fact, was just playing with her dogs. I didn't stick around to see if she killed it or just really injured it, but that's it. I'm done. Not on my watch, sister.

  • Marisa

    Set in SA, this is a fascinating look into psychoanalysis with a mystery thrown in. Loved the references to local places.

  • Cameron Wiggins

    I would like to thank Cinco Puntos Press/Edelweiss and the author for a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.A Tightly Raveled Mind is Diane Lawson’s first novel and she writes her psycho-thriller within her own profession as a psychoanalyst. This reasoning is obvious and many other authors do the same thing. Lawson obviously holds Sigmund Freud in very high esteem, and by the end of the novel I was beginning to think that psychology began and ended with Freud; he was the [...]

  • Merle

    Probably the craziest mystery novel I have ever read. Written as a mystery, with psychoanalyst, Nora Goodman's patients are dying one by one, in order of their scheduled appointments. Nora engages a private detective to help solve the case and things get rolling when she makes a play for Mike the private detective, even though she is still married to Richard. While trying to keep up her treatments of her remaining clients, she seems to be analyzing them as well as herself. It seems like Nora has [...]

  • Lonna L. Hitchcock

    Meh. Saw someone reading it on a plane and gave it a try. Stuck with it because I needed some conclusiond there wasn't. *sigh*

  • Chris

    This book sucks. If I could rate 0 I would.

  • Nicholas Roberts

    Diana Lawson, an author a psychoanalyst and the one of the main characters in the story. Diana the psychoanalyst's has anxiety when several patients die and uses a private investigator she’s hired to help. As one by one, the people in her appointment book meet sudden deaths and violent endings. The police believe these deaths to be accidents or coincidences; and since Nora, being a dedicated Freudian, believes in neither, she seeks help from an ex cop/private detective named Mike Ruiz. The boo [...]

  • Randi

    I had a hard time getting into this book and the main character is not particularly likeable; however, the prose is well constructed, the characters interesting and for the most part believable, the premise innovative, and the insight into the field of psychology and the human psyche were spot on. Interesting and twisted. This book was better than a 3 star, almost a 4 star. After thinking about this book for a few weeks, I am appreciating the main character more as I understand the level of abus [...]

  • Jennifer De Waelsche

    I wanted to like this book. It had me intrigued at the beginning. Being from San Antonio, I loved the references to parts of the city. It started out as an interesting mystery to be solved, but a scene about 3/4 of the way made me lose all respect for the main character. I wanted to empathize with her, but by the end of the book, I felt she had no redeeming qualities which made for a disappointing ending.

  • Dianne

    Something about it hooked me in, and I read the whole thing. But by the story's really silly ending, I was glad it was over. It was just too tedious and boring. I'll give it this: it gave me an insider's look at daily, intense, traditional psychotherapy, and I otherwise wouldn't have known what that world was about. I'm familiar with the regular sporadic cognitive behavior counseling that most folks get. The other was new to me, so at least I learned something.

  • Patricia Geller

    As both a psychologist and a reader, I found this book preachy, with the author showing so little insight into her clients or her work. While the concept was clever, the writing was poor. I picked it up because of the subject matter and the blurbs but realized all the good author blurbs were from her teachers. Shame on them for not demanding she tighten her writing. Gave up on it and didn't even care if the mystery was solved.

  • Marianne K

    I really don't understand how this book was published. Most of the characters are truly detestable and not believable (I even disliked the kids-did the author really think it was cute, the constant bickering?) unrealistic dialog, a smug narrator who I came to loathe,gratuitous violence, and the constant Freud references. Made a special trip to the library to get this disaster out of my house.

  • Chris Ellis

    I really enjoyed this book, found it highly entertaining, not just comedic, but also as a mystery and a peek into the world of psychoanalysis.This also confirms my suspicion that we are ALL carrying baggage of one sort or another, even those that are trained to sift through the neuroses of others.highly recommended.

  • Liz

    Maybe I just don't like books where the protagonist continually makes poor choices, leading to desperate situations. Maybe it would work if it were extremely well written, or with some remove (third-person instead of first). This one didn't work for me.

  • Marie-Therese Yokum

    I really loved what a new author was able to do through a psychoanalyst 's mind. One of my first thriller novels, and I liked the romance aspect also added into the mix. Well-written and easy read.

  • Rachel

    See my review at thereportergroup/Artic

  • Sandi Christiansen

    The ending was kind of abrupt but the writing was excellent and I'm a sucker for some good psychoanalysis.

  • Sue

    Excellent! Awaiting the next sleuthing mystery starring Nora and Mike!

  • Lynda

    Interesting but a little weird!

  • Tania

    Strange end enjoyed first half

  • Mark

    A gem of a novel, especially for a debut. A deadly peek into the minds of psychiatrists in the middle of divorce and whether psychoanalysis really satisfies the physician more than the patient.

  • Diane S ☔

    3.5 review to follow.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ A Tightly Raveled Mind | by ☆ Diane Lawson
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