[PDF] Download Õ Check It Out!: The Book about Libraries | by ¼ Gail Gibbons

By Gail Gibbons | Comments: ( 606 ) | Date: ( Nov 20, 2019 )

The brighly colored drawings will attract young readers and provide a first look at libraries with all their complexity and excitement Booklist

  • Title: Check It Out!: The Book about Libraries
  • Author: Gail Gibbons
  • ISBN: 9780152164010
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Gail Gibbons

From gailgibbons I was born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1944 Even as a little child, I was always busy putting books together Sometimes I would bind them with yarn to hold the pages together I ve always loved drawing and painting I was also a very curious child My parents tell me that I was always asking lots and lots of questions.Later, I went on to the University of Illinois, where I studied graphic design Then I moved to New York City, where I got a job doing artwork for television shows Eventually I was asked to do the artwork for a children s show While doing that show, some of the children asked me if I had ever thought of doing children s books My mind immediately recalled how much I enjoyed doing that type of thing when I was a child So I put an idea for a book together and right away a publisher bought it That book was called Willy and His Wheel Wagon Since then, over 170 books that I have written and illustrated have been published The type of books I write are non fiction books This is because I love researching so much I get to ask lots of questions, just like when I was a kid I also get to travel and meet lots of interesting people While doing research for my book Nature s Green Umbrella Tropical Rain Forests, I traveled to two islands where there are tropical rain forests, Saba and Dominica I also had a great time writing and illustrating the book I get a lot of pleasure from doing the type of work I do.

Comments Check It Out!: The Book about Libraries

  • Katelyn

    Prime 1980s goodness.

  • Karen

    I liked this book because it gave information on different types of libraries, how they are used, and the old and new ways to find a book in the library. I am not aware of a library that has a card catalog anymore, but it was good to discuss that with my children. They had lots of questions and it was a fun discussion.I had to talk them into reading it, though. The illustrations were not inviting to them, and they would not choose it from our library books. I had to choose a time other than stor [...]

  • Rakisha

    This is a wonderful introduction to libraries, but it is a little out of date. Great for reading aloud to 1st or 2nd grade classes when they visit the library. I would say this is a good Common Core non-fiction informational book.

  • Lenna

    Wow- this book is old. Copyrighted 1985, with the card catalog shown in the book. Yet another example of why it is important to keep a current non-fiction section in the library. This would be good to read to students to show what libraries used to be like. :)

  • Lindsey Stagg

    I choose this book because it is appealing to young students. The book has a lot of illustrations, which children love. It is also informative in that it explains to the young reader how to find books in a library and how to go about checking books out as well as returning them.

  • Stacia

    Definitely outdated in ways but it is an interested read in that sense too! A good way to see how libraries have grown and evolved with the world and technology.

  • Sandra

    Considering this is from 1985, it probably won't be of much use to new library users today. But it was fun revisiting the library experience of my childhood.

  • Bec

    Great illustrations as always from a Gail Gibbons book! Truly written in the 80's as the terminology and practices in libraries have certainly changed.

  • Earl

    I'm a sucker for books about libraries so this was a nice find! It may seem dated to some but it still introduces young readers to libraries and some of the services they provide!

  • Tricia

    With a 1985 copyright date, this book could use an update. That said, it is a great overview of the history, role and purpose of libraries. Thorough description. Bright illustrations.

  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    A bit outdated, but still a nice introduction for kids.

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  • [PDF] Download Õ Check It Out!: The Book about Libraries | by ¼ Gail Gibbons
    416 Gail Gibbons
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