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By John Magee | Comments: ( 202 ) | Date: ( Dec 09, 2019 )

The universally acclaimed investor s classic has now been updated with the latest data and references With than 800,000 copies in previous editions, this is the definitive reference on analyzing trends in stock performance It incorporates the most recent stock information and updated charts for expert guidance Charts, tables, graphs.

  • Title: Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
  • Author: John Magee
  • ISBN: 8170942411
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback

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John Magee

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Comments Technical Analysis of Stock Trends

  • Marcelo Bahia

    Disclaimer: I'm an investment professional who's been using fundamental analysis to pick stocks since 2004. I was a skeptical when it came to technical analysis before reading this book, and I'll say right away that I keep being so after reading it as well."So why the heck did you pick it up?", you might ask. Let's say it was a personal exercise on open-mindedness. I've never actually stopped to do an in-depth reading on the subject and I think it was about time for me to do it. Robert Edwards' [...]

  • John Boettcher

    If technical analysis works like proponents say it should, how come that everyone who reads a technical analysis book doesn't become the world's best, or at least, more than successful trader. I mean, the concepts are not that hard to learn, and understanding only takes a bit of time, espeically if you want to be a trader. However, technical analysts tend to pick and choose those charts that prove their theory and technique correct and ignore all of those other instances, and there are literally [...]

  • Raghavendra Kulkarni

    "This 1950s book is arguably #1 all-time classic & best book on chart patterns ever written. It is considered as 'The Bible of Technical Analysis' by many."

  • David Siefert

    Don't bother with any other TA book--you would just be wasting your time. Pick up this one instead!

  • AC

    Ch. 3 (I believe) offers an excellent account of Dow Theory and Dow's view of waves. Dow theory is far richer than the simple notion of confirmation by Transports, and is quite elegant.John Magee used to have tacked on his wall the famous quote: "Don't tell me what to buy; tell me when to buy it."This is an excellent, excellent book.

  • Nathan

    Delivered what if promised.

  • Awertgafadgfz

    a classic technical analysis book that is largely theoretical in an area largely devoid of predictive capability.

  • Rahul Agarwal

    Educational in every sensegood culmination of everything,

  • Tim

    Ut uf I gugug u gug I ohiyf 6 tv 65f65gi 4c ut b4 4

  • Martin Kenley

    It's a classic

  • Jon

    The bible of technical analysis. If you're interested in this subject start here. It's pretty long but full of valuable info.

  • Arkinjan

    I think this book will help me a lot, and also wish so

  • Delhi Irc

    DL027832 ND6

  • Prashant Mali


  • Frank Palardy

    This is the class book on TA. I read it awhile ago and still rely on it although covers stocks that no longer exist. Of course, now there is much more detailed short term ta.

  • Dinesh singh rawat

    Not is not just a so called bible.It is more than a bible for a trader and must have for every trader.

  • Chirag Sangoi

    The best book to start with technical analysis. The examples provided are also relative. A novice analyst should read it once.

  • Nam Trần


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  • ☆ Technical Analysis of Stock Trends || Ñ PDF Read by ✓ John Magee
    292 John Magee
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