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By Mahendra Jakhar | Comments: ( 903 ) | Date: ( Jun 06, 2020 )

The shocking and brutal murder of a young American woman rips apart the peace of the ancient city of Benares She is found to be a research scientist working with the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world Hawa Singh, a senior inspector from Delhi crime branch on a visit to Benares, gets embroiled in the case He finds thatThe shocking and brutal murder of a young American woman rips apart the peace of the ancient city of Benares She is found to be a research scientist working with the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world Hawa Singh, a senior inspector from Delhi crime branch on a visit to Benares, gets embroiled in the case He finds that the murdered woman had been researching the Bhrigu Samhita, an astrological classic dating back to pre Vedic times, believed to be lost The FBI sends in Ruby Malik, a Pakistani American to investigate the murder Soon, bodies are found with bizarre connections to both the Bhrigu Samhita and Christian orthodoxy The Vatican seems to be carrying out a clandestine operation, seeking the secrets of Hindu astrology in the city most sacred to it Secrets that the Vatican would kill to know Hawa Singh, hardened by many gunfights and with a bullet already lodged near his brain in a previous encounter, teams up with Ruby Malik to unravel the mystery Nothing is the same any The temple bells fade in the perpetual winter fog There is blood on the streets of Benares, which becomes a battleground where faith and science collide The worlds of astronomy and astrology come Hawa Singh and Ruby search the opium dens and the domains of Naga sadhus, Aghoris and Doms in the cremation grounds, hunt a cannibal lurking in the maze that is Benares and clash with the figurehead king of the city, Kashi Naresh Maharaj Abhay Narayan Singh The killer could be anyone Only Hawa Singh and his beautiful co runner on the chase, Ruby Malik, possess the mindset and the indomitable courage, to find the murderer at the heart of this mystery and in the process, find themselves.

  • Title: The Butcher of Benares
  • Author: Mahendra Jakhar
  • ISBN: 9789383260775
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mahendra Jakhar

Mahendra Jakhar is an ex journalist, currently working as an independent author and screen writer His latest feature film as a script writer was MANJHI THE MOUNTAIN MAN directed by Ketan Mehta starring Nawazuddin Siddique He has co written the script for Hindi feature film CHANDAMAMA DOOR KE about India s most daring mission to the Moon The film will be directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan starring Sushant Singh RajputE BUTCHER OF BENARES is his first book published by Westland Books The book was rated as RISING STAR BEST CRIME FICTION DEBUT NOVELOF THE YEAR His latest book THE SWASTIKA KILLER has released published by Westland Publications He has written film scripts for Tiggmanshu Dhulia, Mahesh Bhatt, Hansal Mehta, Abhinav Kashyap, Abhishek Chaubey, Sunil Bohra and for many TV shows, TV series and documentaries.You can catch his latest interview that was telecast on DD National all across the country youtube watch v p4da7

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Comments The Butcher of Benares

  • Amit

    good prose, lots of tits bits about benaras that even I was not aware of (whole family is from there). There are some high moments in this story the author could do well to plug the many loop holes in the story, would check out the other book by the author too that looks promising

  • Abhishek Dev

    "WASTE OF TIME"This book borrows its ideas from Angela & Demons and Slumdog millionaire. The former is used to create a mystery but it created a disaster here and the latter for decribing Benares and he ends up describing it in the worst possible way. The constant use of phrases like "everyone knows about that crime", "this is Benare, so bizarre things are just everyday routine" and so on are some direct examples for you even if you miss the other obvious examples that are directly borrowed [...]

  • Ammu Nair

    Review:As the plot suggest the complete story revolves around benarese plot is mainly concentrated on hawa singh and ruby mallik where hawa is on a visit to benaras with his father and lands up vitnessing a dead body and he is the special officer to find the culprit and the FBI sends there speacial officer ruby mallik. But what happens is the butcher becomes a serial killer and how he challenges the police to catch him. The author had bought good detailing of the places without loosing the grip [...]

  • Manjri Gopalan

    Before starting "The Butcher of Benares", I had read Mahendra's "Swastika Killer". I came across a book review post finishing Swastika Killer, which said that his first book "The Butcher of Benares" was better than his second book. That review instigated me to buy this book. I started reading the book with high hopes and I must say, I was not disappointed at all. The book starts well, without any wastage of words, the story moves along quite well. The friendly fights between the father-son duo ( [...]

  • SaurabhTiwari

    If there is ever a book that aspires to become a Bollywood potboiler, that would be The Butcher Of Benares by Mahendra Jhakhar. The book takes the reader to the mystical land of Benares, which becomes the playground for a serial killer/psychopath/schizophrenic/cannibal as he goes on mercilessly killing a particular set of people, gouging their hearts out. Sounds an exciting plot? And the excitement ends there. With numerous stereotype characters, this book is about an angry cop and his associate [...]

  • Alok

    Another bad Dan Brown offshoot. Plus, incredibly cliched and popular tropes-ridden.

  • Anirban Pal

    A thriller which could be far better but ended like cheap Bollywood movieThe Butcher of Benares, no denial that it is an impressive title. So was the starting and it held the edges in the middle as well. But fell flat as the climax arrived; I mean the ending was really botched up.As I was interested in the contemporary Indian English writer and their writings I thought of giving this one a try. Post ‘The Vinci Code’ era, almost all the Indian thriller writers are trying to adapt the fact and [...]

  • Ananya Roy

    The book has a great start. Fauja Singh and Hawa Singh, the father-son duo has a hilarious chemistry, the down-to-earthness of the Hero, the rural and desi air of both the characters gives a new zing. Very realistic depiction of the modus operandi of the Police, being a Criminal Lawyer I know that how the chain of command works. However, the characters are not super hero rather human beings made of flesh and bones. The unknown and unexplored of Indian Astrology and astronomy, the Aghoris and the [...]

  • Uncanny Piscean

    It starts of extremely good but the end was worse than disappointing. I think the author couldn't think of the story further hence he ended it hastily.

  • Sapna Sarfare


  • Pradeep K

    I shall have to give a very mixed review on this work. Some parts were good, some not so good, and yet others outright ridiculous.The good:Purely as a murder mystery, I think it has done justice to the genre. There is a serial killer roaming the streets of Benares, who with every kill leaves behind hints to the next, openly daring the police force to do whatever they can about it. Then follows the usual profiling and attempting to understand the reason for the murders and so forth. Is it a madma [...]

  • Vivek

    Was a decent read, but felt the ending was rushed upThe buildup to the end and the discoveries were great, but the ending itself felt as if pushed down the throat too quickly. Good read.

  • Anubhav Goel

    Very nice book!!!A very gripping story!!! Really interesting, it is difficult to keep the book down once you start it!! A must read!!

  • Varunsp

    Recently I came under the book The butcher of Benares , a murder,mystery ,thriller genre . The name & the cover picture of the book tempted me to reach out to it Kinda njoyd reading it

  • Ashwini

    good read. fast. gripping. could have been shorter by a few pages. the suspense was maintained till the last chapter.

  • Angshuman Chatterjee

    Benaras is one city, which I feel a strong affinity towards. I have read quite a few non-fiction books about this city, but sadly there has been no fiction books written in the backdrop of Benaras which I had been able to lay hand on. Hence when I first saw this book, I did not hesitate to buy it. The narration and story line is tight and mostly linear. Mr.Jakhar builds up the story well making us meet interesting people and characters from Benaras in the process – Naga sanyasis, the Aghoris, [...]

  • Arun

    This book has a lot of potential to be a great crime novel but falls flat on delivery. Elements like the Bhrigu Samhita are introduced but not fully utilized. The protagonist is supposed to be an adept sleuth but his method of deduction seems to be to make wild theories and alternate between them like a pendulum ('Its the Vatican that had them killed in Benares' - really, Sherlock? You deduced that and pronounced judgement based on a feeble theory with no evidence?) The writing and grammar leave [...]

  • Kulpreet Yadav

    Set in Benares, The Butcher of Benares is a fast-paced Indian thriller. The premise hooks you right from the start.Hawa Singh, an inspector with the Delhi police’s crime branch is at Benares with his grandfather Fauza Singh, who, like millions of Hindus, aspires to die in the holy city and achieve moksha. A white woman is found murdered and Hawa Singh gets sucked into the case, as more and more white men, all researchers of Vedic mathematics and astrology, are found murdered every other day. T [...]

  • Supriya Kajjidoni

    I really tried to like this book. I was hoping to find something interesting about banaras and to an extent, I did. But I could not get past the blaring story gaps and bad technique. To be frank, the book reads like a teenager's wet dream. The author is trying to build a climax, and when the story fails him he brings in passion or a ludicrous twist. The main character is a heavy headed policeman from Haryana. The female lead is a FBI agent named Ruby. And yes, shes got a smokin hot bod and shes [...]

  • Jairam Mohan

    The Butcher of Benares starts off quite well with Inspector Hawa Singh being unwittingly thrust into the limelight and the investigating team when he happens to be the first person to inform the police about the corpse of a young foreigner floating down the Ganga in Benares. Fighting with inner demons from his past, a persistent headache (quite literally), Hawa Singh and Ruby, FBI Agent sent to help out with the investigations race against time and seemingly powerful politicians and sadhus in Be [...]

  • Sonali Chakravorty

    Its a decent attempt and I kind of enjoy the digs that the hero takes on the system, police, government and the media. But, its male oriented and reduces a can be strong female counterpart to nothing but the hero's shadow. I mean she is an FBI agent - will have a bit more brains we presume! The plot does not flow naturally either. The hero is injured so many times, has a bullet in his brain but still comes out alive - talk about Machismo! (Bollywood calling) But getting a good serial killer myst [...]

  • Prashant Kondi

    I just finished reading this book and I have mixed feelings about this book. I loved the mystery in the story and the description of the holy city of Benares and its presence in the book as another character rather than just a location. However, the grand reveal of the suspense at the end was way too convenient for me. I can't raise my points here without giving away the plot and the end. I would definitely recommend this book as a good-to-read book and let people make their own judgment about t [...]

  • KS Selvakumar

    Senior Inspector Hawa Singh, on leave in Benares, is called to assist the local police in a mysterious murder. Murder follows murder, as the murderer leaves behind clues challenging the police to nab him. A romantic element added by bringing in a female FBI agent to help solve the case. A murder mystery, thriller with all the elements of a Dan Brown book. Visit Plus Minus and More for a detailed review.

  • Ankur Chawla

    okkkkkk very nice plot there are lot of guesses that one can make and the story could have been shorter to resolve but who am i to say i am not the writer but merely a critic. anyways since this is the first one, we can guess as a reader how to solve the plot but interestingly writer has been able to keep the mystery going for atleast half the book not able for people to guess all a nice read

  • Ira Merchant

    An ok read with an interesting plot. Gives the reader an insight to Kashi's religious diversity, undercurrent rivalry between various religious cults, unspoken rules and the religious mafia which runs the city and makes it an irresistible tourist destination for Indians and foreigners alike.


    Thriller with palliativesA thriller with excellent inputs on Benares and it's mysticism! The climax isn 't that great and revealing of plot so quick and trivial. Nevertheless an interesting read for all those interested in Benares :)

  • Sanjay Tillani

    2and a half actually. the book is ok the plot is good and the the mystery is maintained wisely but i just dont like the ending which was a complete cheat. so reading this was somehow unsettling.

  • Qube

    Crude story and crude writing. Surprised that Westland published such a book, and that it received such publicity (perhaps, that was because of Westland).Avoidable.

  • Sukesh

    Dud endPlot failed to surprise at the end Long story bad narrative Looks like a forced end and illogical conclusion Duh

  • Neo B.

    A one time read. A good attempt at writing a thriller.

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  • ☆ The Butcher of Benares || ¼ PDF Read by Ù Mahendra Jakhar
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