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The Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry is a Jacobean closet drama by Elizabeth Tanfield Cary First published in 1613, it was the first work by a woman to be published under her real name Never performed during Cary s lifetime, and apparently never intended for performance, the Senecan revenge tragedy tells the story of Mariam, the second wife of Herod The play eThe Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry is a Jacobean closet drama by Elizabeth Tanfield Cary First published in 1613, it was the first work by a woman to be published under her real name Never performed during Cary s lifetime, and apparently never intended for performance, the Senecan revenge tragedy tells the story of Mariam, the second wife of Herod The play exposes and explores the themes of sex, divorce, betrayal, murder, and Jewish society under Herod s tyrannous rule A new introduction includes recent criticism and new developments in theatre history and scholarship A substantial performance history is given, including accounts of recent screen versions.

  • Title: The Tragedy of Mariam
  • Author: Elizabeth Cary Ramona Wray
  • ISBN: 9781904271598
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

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Elizabeth Cary Ramona Wray

Elizabeth Cary, Lady Falkland, nee Tanfield, was an English poet, translator, and dramatist Precocious and studious, she was known from a young age for her learning and knowledge of languages.WorksThe mirror of the world, a translation of Abraham Ortelius s Le mirroir du monde 1598 The Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry pub 1613 Reply of the most Illustrious Cardinal of Perron 1630 The History of the Life, Reign and Death of Edward II, or The History of the most Unfortunate Prince, King Edward II pub 1680

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Comments The Tragedy of Mariam

  • Madeline

    This is believed to have been the first English play written by a woman that was actually published, which makes it Kind Of A Big Deal. Not that anyone should really feel obliged to read it unless they have to write a paper on it. The problems I had with this play can be summed up into two main points, which I will illustrate here:1 - A lot of the important action takes place before the play even starts. So Mariam is married to Herod, who's kind of a crazy bastard, and after he leaves his first [...]

  • J

    A trudge of speeches without much action. If my complaint againstThe White Devil was too much plot and not enough character, this play is its flipside, with too much character and not enough plot. Everyone sits around waiting. Will Herod be killed by the Romans? Will he not? The wives and sister bicker. Herod comes back but Mariam, wife #2 has already died. Alas.

  • Kieran

    Fantastic play, really explores the expectations of femininity and how fitting those expectations too honestly, or breaking them secretly, impacts your life. Or death. It starts out with Mariam saying the line: "How oft have I with public voice run on?" But rotates around her silence. She says too much, yet not enough. Salome, her counter, says a lot but privately. To Herod, to Constabarus. What is a "closet drama?" Cary was a trailblazer as a convert to Catholicism during the reign of Cromwell [...]

  • Casey

    This play was one of my favorite pieces of literature in college. It's got a modern (modern as in 1613) spin on the chorus, it's got men destroyed by the patriarchal society they perpetuate, it's got Salome, a bitch for the ages.

  • Rachel Holtzclaw

    read for my women writers classwould not read again

  • Indigo Wayworth

    I really enjoyed this! And finally, some female renaissance writers!!!Read for ENGL 4606: Marriage and Adultery in Early Modern England

  • Jessica

    Super short and super brutal.

  • John Dizon

    Elizabeth Cary’s closet drama, Tragedie of Mariam, and Ben Jonson’s dark satire, Volpone, are classic studies of frustration and aggression triggered by jealousy and greed. Mariam becomes a martyr figure and a role model for women in the Renaissance period during which it was written. Volpone, alternately, is a symbol of greed whose climactic downfall is the moral of Jonson’s story. Yet the parallels between the characters in both works give us timeless examples of the folly of displaced e [...]

  • Mirte

    As an undergraduate, I had to read this play for a course on Renaissance women writing, called "Shakespeare's Sisters". Now, currently in my second postgraduate course, it is on the list for "Women, Writing and Gender: Renaissance to Romanticism". Needless to say, this is a text women's studies cannot ignore, as it is thought to be the first play ever to be written by a woman and subsequently published. As a historical text, is is very interesting, as it goes back to pre-Christian Judea that doe [...]

  • Joti

    This was an alright read for me. Read it for a women's class - admittedly, it did bring up very interesting ideas about marriage & women's right to get a divorce & seize their own passions - I liked Salome, despite the trouble she caused. But the story is that Mariam's true to her husband King Herod but the guy sounds like a tyrant (having killed her brother & grandfather & near the end, he had no problems sentencing a multitude of people to death) & Salome conspires against [...]

  • Skyler

    For some reason, I particularly enjoy plays. The Tragedy of Mariam is a rather brief play, but the language and style measure up to a "good" play. It isn't as awe-inspiring or mesmerizing as Shakespeare's plays, but it is still worth the read, especially since it is the first play written by a woman. One thing you will want to know prior to reading this play is that Cary takes an in media res approach. So, you must read the introduction provided by the editor. If you don't, you will be terribly [...]

  • AccioFandoms

    So everyone just hates her even though she didn't do anything apart from hate her husband from afar.

  • Kristiana

    Upon first reading this play I was extremely confused and had no idea what was going on. The characters are sometimes wishy-washy and frustrating, and it was written in large sweeping monologues where they try to give all the backstory and still have long musings for themselves. I gave this three stars and not two, however, because upon analyzing it in a class it got more interesting. Talking it out with others not only helped me understand what was happening; we also discussed the interesting r [...]

  • Taylor Saghy

    Because this play was written as a closet drama, it can explore a let of gender issues that would have been too riské for the stage. However, it also means that it was written to be read, not performed, so when a character talks, it's usually a very lengthy, soliloquy like speech. In fact, some of the scenes are solely composed of one person's speech. I'm a huge Renaissance lit fan, but to be honest, this story kind of bored me, and actually reading it was very tedious. It is interesting though [...]

  • Resa

    Kind of a strange read, and one I wouldn't pick up on my own (thank you, yet again summer classes) but it is actually fairly interesting if you're looking for a play written by a woman.The characters are fairly dynamic for what feels like a short play and Mariam's character is pretty interesting. Whilel the women are pretty interesting actually.Really, you should read this play and just talk about the different "types" of women you run into.

  • Jesse Zellmer

    Renaissance play that subverts gender roles through Mariam and un-piousness under the rule of a manipulative troglodyte. At the time it would have made the church shiver in its glass dogma booties. Now its good for research and historical context. Mariam is one of several plays about this sort of thing that I've had to read for class. Historically progressive while staying thoughtful and interesting today.

  • Michelle Waters

    "But I did think, because I knew me chaste,One virtue for a woman might suffice;That mind for glory of our sex might standWherein humility and chastityDoth march with equal paces hand in hand,But one, if single seen, who setteth by?And I had singly one, but 'tis my joyThat I was ever innocent, though sour,And therefore can they but my life destroy—My soul is free from adversaries' power."TEAM MARIAM.

  • Matt

    After a second reading, I bumped my rating up from 3 stars to 4. There are some brilliant plays with the Genre of the closet drama here, and the discussion of the spirit as separated from the body fits so well with the ending A literal separation of the mind (spirit) and flesh. Plenty to love here if you can get past the slowness and the references to the work this was originally based on.

  • Katie

    This play is interesting because it is one of the first Renaissance tragedies to be published written by a woman, but I found it a little tedious to read. It is considered a "closet drama," not intended to be performed, so perhaps that is why I had a hard time envisioning it on stage. Regardless, the play is comprised ENTIRELY of lengthy, drawn-out soliloquies, so it can be a tough read.

  • Alix Long

    3.5 stars. Probably would have been 4 stars if the main action hadn't taken place before the start of the play! Felt a bit rushed as a lot happened in 24 hours. But it's pretty cool that this is a very feminist text, and it's also the first original play written by a woman :)

  • Krysta

    Since this is a closet drama, Cary had no need to appeal to audiences while writing and the lengthy monologues and soliloquies testify to this. But to have a drama from a female writer is such a rare treat and it's fascinating to see how she treats marriage and womanhood.

  • Lesliemae

    This play is going to be useful when I think about it in relation to any combination of these: Wyatt, Milton, Lanyer, Sidney, and Shakespeare's Othello. As I read WrothI'll probably add her to this list.

  • Karyn

    I studied this book for my Renaissance Drama class. It was pretty strange. Not as tragic as I imagined it to be, being a tragedy and all, I think only two people die maybe three. I only vaguely understand what happened, due to the whole Renaissance part.

  • Aaron Thomas

    A strange curiosity from the late Elizabethan period. This is heavily modeled on Senecan tragedy -- although Ramona Wray strangely does not mention him in her introductory material

  • Daniel

    Awesome feminist work, although I found a lot of the characters and scenarios were underused/underdeveloped.

  • Knucklefish

    Significant for being the first published drama in English by a woman, this play is otherwise underwhelming. Not particularly entertaining; despite its brevity, I found myself bored.

  • The Scarlet Pervygirl

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read a Shakespeare play about women? no, I mean, really about women? because this tops that.

  • The Mighty Katara

    Honestly, this play has some of the best insults you will ever read. And the whole thing is very poetic and beautiful. 3.5 stars

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