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Fram is the story of Oscar, a minor bureaucrat in the US government s Bureau of Ice Prognostication, an agency created to compete with the Soviets during the heyday of the Cold War and still operating in the present without the public s knowledge Oscar and his partner Alexi are tasked with inventing discoveries and settlements in the Arctic, then creating the paperwork anFram is the story of Oscar, a minor bureaucrat in the US government s Bureau of Ice Prognostication, an agency created to compete with the Soviets during the heyday of the Cold War and still operating in the present without the public s knowledge Oscar and his partner Alexi are tasked with inventing discoveries and settlements in the Arctic, then creating the paperwork and digital records to prove their existence, preventing the inconvenience and expense of actual exploration The job is the closest Oscar has come to his boyhood dream of being a polar explorer, until he and Alexi are sent on a secret mission to the actual Arctic, which brings them into a mysterious tangle of rival agencies and espionage that grows dangerous the farther north they travel.

  • Title: Fram
  • Author: Steve Himmer
  • ISBN: 9781935439981
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Steve Himmer

Steve Himmer is the author of the novels The Bee Loud Glade, Fram, and Scratch coming 2016 His short stories, essays, and reviews have appeared in The Millions, Ploughshares online, Post Road, Los Angeles Review, Hobart, and other anthologies and journals He edits the webjournal Necessary Fiction teaches at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Comments Fram

  • Steve

    I'm not going to review this, because I wrote it so what do I know?

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    REVIEW: FRAM by Steve FRAM is an enduring literary novel, a testimony to imagination and dreams, to character and unshakable optimism. Strewn throughout is the persistent undercurrent of ironic humor at the expense of bureaucracy. (Specifically Federal, but really, bureaucracy everywhere: anywhere that reality doesn't matter but the recorded perception of reality does). To achieve such testimony, protagonist Oliver, a middle-aged married employee in the Federal Bureau of Ice Prognostication, is [...]

  • Nancy Freund

    Recently I've seen several references to the value of entrepreneurs and artists courting 1,000 true fans instead of casting a wide net and hoping their work will please everybody. A true fan evidently is someone who will read everything a writer writes, always look at it with depth and clarity, and hang in till the end. Consider me one of Steve Himmer's one-thousand. I have never met the man in person, but I feel like I know his generosity of spirit well -- his work with the Creative Writing stu [...]

  • Emily

    This came as the first book of my Green Apple subscription. THANKS RIAH!!

  • Laine Cunningham

    Fram by Steve HimmerAvailable January 13, 2015 I received an ARC from the publisher.A fantastic romp with an ending that couldn’t make sense any other way. Oscar, a bureaucrat made dry and brittle by a life of paperwork and duplicate copies, lives in his imagination. He nurtures a childhood dream of being an arctic explorer, something he vicariously fulfills by working at the U.S. Bureau of Ice Prognostication, an agency created to counter the Soviet’s Cold War threat. The agency never died, [...]

  • Laura Ellen

    FRAM rocks. This novel does everything--it thrills, it amuses, it worries, it dreams. Our hero, Oscar, works at the super-secret Bureau of Ice Prognostication where he is expected to imagine Arctic territories so successfully that their features, as he has invented them, become "real"--on paper at least. One of my favorite things about this book is Oscar's love and knowledge of all things Arctic, even though he's never been--not until he and his partner are sent on a genuine polar mission. It's [...]

  • Avocados

    If Steve Himmer were writing a spy movie, this is what it would be like. I loved the light touch he had to create a main character with such a big obsession who was treated with the right amount of compassion and realism. The action packed race to the pole was such a fun ride, it kept me peeking ahead. The polar bear scene was a little too sad and more violent than was necessary, but the interplay of technology and nature made this book sing. Looking forward to Himmer's next book!

  • Helen McClory

    This novel is the tender story of a marriage - or a Kafkaesque thriller on a journey to the frozen North? It's both. Meta and assured and funny. I was lucky to read the ms of this a while ago, and as I was reading again was happy to remember these unmapped places unfolding again in front of me. A book to read while going about your own journey (commute or baffling secret mission).

  • Dennis

    Absolutely the finest book about the Bureau of Ice Prognostication that I have ever read.

  • Lori

    I was one of the lucky few who read this in manuscript form before it ever found a home. So thrilled to see it in actual, physical form!

  • Charlie Newfell

    Quirky, fun read. This is one of those stories that you just need to go with the ride and enjoy where the story goes.

  • Gabriel Soll

    For me, this was a book of almosts. I almost was intrigued by the characters. I was almost drawn in by the plot. I was almost satisfied by a really awesome concept. I think my biggest complaint about every aspect of the book is that it didn't do enough (and in some instances did too much). I'm all for brevity, and for readers reaching their own conclusions without being spoonfedbut this was neither (and both, at times).I really liked the concept of the Bureau of Ice Prognostication. The premise, [...]

  • Robin

    Not what I thought it was going to be. If you want to read a profoundly weird story about an emotionally bereft protagonist with the unlikely personality combination of total cluelessness and extreme taking-up-space issues who makes his living inventing fake discoveries in the arctic for a clandestine government organization and is then is inexplicably sent there in the flesh for reasons that may or may not ever be made clear this novel is for you. It's well-written in a very consistent, focused [...]

  • Carol

    Fram was a very unique and surreal tale of a government worker for a top secret project of the Bureau of Ice Prognostication. Oscar is a dedicated office worker that suddenly is swept up into a real life adventure. Oscar loved thinking about the north pole and reading article on it from his collection National Geographic magazines. His favorite app on his phone was a north pole cam. Those details and many more create a very interesting and unique character. The imaginative writing was so engagin [...]

  • Sara

    Intriguing. Not sure how I feel about the ending but it was appropriate.

  • Peggy N

    An excellent read. A clerk and armchair adventurer in an obscure government office dreams of the Arcticexcept his office is the Bureau of Polar Prognostication, and the stories he updates/invents for the files may be.g true? A sly sense of humor and some spy-and eco-thriller elements add to the beautiful writing. The story delves into what it might mean to go to the ends of the earth - why some feel compelled to do so, and why others feel compelled to dream of it. Looking forward to reading more [...]

  • Myersakrawiec

    I actually didn't finish this book. I got about 60 pages in and it just seemed like the author was still setting up the story. It took me a bit to realize that the reports the 2 bureacrats were writing were fake and that was the whole point of the office. I just couldn't wait any longer for the real stuff to start happening. I'm disappointed because I waited for this book and requested it from Interlibrary Loan, but there are too many good books out there that I haven't read to waste time trying [...]

  • Layla (Reading Shoes Blog)

    It's not often I read a book and think 'hmmm, that was quite odd.' And yet with Fram I couldn't quite figure out what to make of it. It is very much a book of two halves. I developed huge fondness for the main character, Oscar, a man whose obsessive love of the concept of the north pole (charmingly abbreviated by his longsuffering wife to PF, or Polar Fever), and his unquestioning bureaucratic dedication mean that Oscar has his dream government job at the bizarre Bureau of Ice Prognostication, c [...]

  • Kevin Fanning

    I got to read an early copy of this book and I really loved it. It's kind of about jobs and our relationship to our work, but it's also kind of about the ways our ideas about the environment & nature come crashing up against the brutal reality of it. It's about marriage and friendship and what we share about ourselves and what we keep secret. BUT it's also a spy thriller? KIND OF: the story is about a low level bureaucrat who has spent his life working on an arctic-related government secret. [...]

  • Amy

    I'm having a hard time with this one. I held off on rating and writing a review for a week thinking maybe this one would percolate for awhile. It didn't. I appreciate the satire of government departments, but I didn't find it all that clever. For most of the book, I was looking forward to the journey, but I figured out the gist of what was going to happen and I was just left underwhelmed at the end. I would like to rate this 2.5 starts.

  • Katherine

    I'm not quite sure what to think about this book. I picked it up because I thought the premise sounded interesting, and overall it did work for me. And I liked the writing. But in the end I didn't connect with the protagonist and I did not find the book compelling. I don't think there are faults for me to pinpoint in the book, but rather it just wasn't a book for me.

  • Casey

    Every book has an audience and I was just not it for Fram. I found myself extraordinarily bored. Halfway through and neither the main character nor I had any idea what was going on. I just could not get into this book.

  • Sue Jackson

    A clever, intricate story about life, love, marriaged polar exploration. Suspenseful yet also thoughtful. Read my full review at:bookbybook/2015/0

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Fram | by ☆ Steve Himmer
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