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By Sid Love | Comments: ( 103 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

Bradley Parker has waited twenty years for Mr Right, and on Valentine s Day, he finally finds him It s love at first sight, and Brad even loses his virginity to the man of his dreams But when he wakes up the next morning unable to remember anything even what the man looked like his best friend, Leslie, is convinced he imagined the whole thing Brad knows he didn t makeBradley Parker has waited twenty years for Mr Right, and on Valentine s Day, he finally finds him It s love at first sight, and Brad even loses his virginity to the man of his dreams But when he wakes up the next morning unable to remember anything even what the man looked like his best friend, Leslie, is convinced he imagined the whole thing Brad knows he didn t make up the best night of his life, but he has no idea of the danger he s putting himself in as he struggles to recall the details of his perfect man His search may lead him to parts of New York City he never dreamed existed and a war being waged in the shadows.

  • Title: Holding on to Hope
  • Author: Sid Love
  • ISBN: 9781627986
  • Page: 448
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Sid Love

Sid Love grew up in one of busiest cities in the world, Mumbai, listening to the excerpts of Indian epics as told by his father every night While it served as an inspiration back, he has always had an ambitious mind In 2007, when he had just turned sixteen, he decided that he would make his lifelong dream come true to become a well known, respected author someday.Ask him and he would refuse to accept that he is obsessed with books Or movies Or TV shows Addicted may even be the right word He is a die hard fan of Jane Austen s romance novels and loves to reread them time and again.

Comments Holding on to Hope

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    Forced to forget the one you've fallen in love with over and over again is hard to experience. Bradley Parker is in love with the man who popped his cherry. Too bad he can't remember the man. He is on a mission and wants his best friend Leslie to help him find "Mr. Right".This story is a bit bizarre for me. It's written from the perspective of Leslie who is not the main character. The focus should be on Bradley and the one he's trying to find. Instead, the reader is constantly inundated with Les [...]

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews

    Review written for MM Good Book Reviews Click on the link to take part in author Giveaway (Contest open till 28th February 2014)3 - 3 1/2 HeartsLeslie’s best friend, Bradley, has saved himself for the man of his dreams and he finally finds him on Valentine’s Day. Bradley falls head over heels for the man but all Bradley can remember is the fantastic sex, and with the little clues he can remember he convinces Leslie to help him track the mysterious man down. Leslie isn’t thrilled but helps [...]

  • LiveYourLife BuyTheBook

    4 StarsI picked this review book up without knowing anything about it. Not a thing. I don’t know why I never read the blurb or looked at any tags – but, you know what? It worked out brilliantly because it was as if I was on the same voyage of discovery as Bradley. And it blew “our” minds :-)Brad is a virgin. He has been saving himself for that special someone, and when that wonderful night comes and goes – who you gonna call?? Your best friend of course. I loved Leslie (the best friend [...]

  • Riayl

    Obviously there is something wrong with me as I didn't like this book at all and everyone else seems to think it is great. *shrug*(view spoiler)[ First I do not consider this a romance. A romance might be in the background, but as the genre goes, this IS NOT a romance. Second, this story is not told by one of the people in the non-romance, no, this story is told by the best friend of one these people. Third, the best friend had a very annoying voice and I felt like a lot of the dialogue, interna [...]

  • Susan Nicol

    I very much enjoyed this short story from Sid Love. It's the tale of Bradley Joseph Parker, a man with the 'arrogance of a drag queen, too picky when it comes to dating' and in love with the dream of being madly in love with Mr Right who rides in on his white stallion and sweeps him off his feet. Brad is a romantic through and through. So when he finally loses his virgin status on Valentine's Day to the perfect man, he rushes over to his best friend Leslie to tell her about it. There's just one [...]

  • Fernando

    This is a ridiculous story with the author suggesting the main character can't remember the name of his 'Mr Right' who he gave his virginity to the previous night. Who wouldn't remember that after waiting 20 years to find him. Duh!Total implausible and stupid story line. If this is the quality of the author's story-telling and writing I certainly won't bother reading any more of his work and don't recommend anyone to waste their time and money on this book.

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    I really love the cover. I'm not a fan of the author sending out a mass recommendation of his book, though I didn't get one I know three people who did and they all agreed they felt spammed. That said I was told to read this and I like Urban Fantasy so I'm considering it.

  • Christy

    I'm like Leslie. I pay no attention to Valentine's Day and consider it a completely useless day to celebrate. I, also, would have been really angry with Brad, Leslie's best friend, if he'd woken me up at the butt crack of dawn demanding my help and making me leave the comfort of my lover's arms. Brad is a bit of a drama queen, looking for Mr. Right and definitely not interested in Mr. Right Now. Living on his fantasies of the perfect man. Which makes him a bit of an anomaly on a college campus. [...]

  • Leighton Rose

    Sid Love has created a world with characters and supernatural elements that make you like them immediately. This isn't a long book but the characters pack a punch and the emotions that the author evoke in you makes you care very, nearly instantly for Brad and Leslie. You see just how much Brad wants to remember the mystery guy that stole his heart, that meant something to him but he just couldn't remember much at all. He drags his best friend Leslie to their mutual friend Ian's in order to see i [...]

  • Izzy

    This a short novella and debut into the published world for, fellow ‘blogger’, Sid Love. The story concerns four college friends, Leslie and her boyfriend Patrick, Brad who is Leslie’s best friend and Patrick’s dorm mate, and Ian who is friend to them all. When Brad excitedly informs best friend Leslie that he has, finally, lost his virginity to the man of his dreams. She’s eventually thrilled until she discovers that Brad can remember almost nothing about the experience but is determi [...]

  • Monika

    Review also posted on wodfreview/2.5 StarsBrad has waited for the man of his dreams before giving up his virginity but little does he know he’s been seeing that man every night for days. All he’s able to remember is bits and pieces of a wonderful night he spent with him and is desperate to find out who his is. He talks his best friend Leslie into helping him find this mystery man so he can have that fairytale happily ever after. Along the way Leslie finds out there is more to the world she a [...]

  • Andrea

    I thought this was a great book and really enjoyed it. I couldn't understand all the 1* ratings until I looked more carefully at some of them and found that this is the only book they've rated or read. Seems awfully odd to me. My suggestion is that if you want to read a cute story with great characters, try this one. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  • Amanda

    Decent little short but I felt it was too short to get the whole story without feeling rushed.

  • Sammy Goode

    The story revolves around a sweet young man, Brad Parker, who has jus lost his virginity to a mystery man on Valentine’s Day. Brad calls gal pal, Leslie, to help him hunt down the mystery man who has him so enthralled even though he can’t seem to remember much of anything about him. As the two go off to investigate, they turn up an entire hidden race of humans who hold fascinating and dangerous powers. The closer they get to Brad’s mystery man, the more danger surrounds them and threatens [...]

  • Mike

    Short piece of gay vampire fluffOverall, there were many eye-rolling moments and many of the writing devices didn’t work well for me (such as the book written from the point of view of the young gay man’s best buddy/girlfriend). However, it can be an entertaining, short escapist read for fans of as a little gay vampire fluff.

  • S. Policar

    This book takes the reader on one hell of an emotional ride as they follow best friends Leslie and Brad on a mission to find the guy Brad met the night before. The two learn things about the world that no mortal should ever come face to face with.This is the first book by Sid Love I've read, and while the storyline is beautiful, the shortness of the piece left me wanting quite a bit. It seemed it was rather rushed in places, that could have been slowed enough so the reader could adjust to the sc [...]

  • multitaskingmomma

    Original Blog Post: headouttheoven/20I found myself mulling over this review for several hours. I would rate it then change my mind, then rate it again, then change my mind again. I could not honestly put the rating I wanted to simply because this was a totally unexpected story with an unexpected ending told from the point of view of one unexpected character. I finally ended up reading it again to make sure I was doing right. So here I am, read it twice and found that I had changed my mind once [...]

  • Hearts On Fire Reviews

    Reviewed by: DianeGenre: M/M Paranormal4 HeartsSee Review Here: Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link: facebook/pages/HeartsReview: Brad has waited for his Mr Right to fall for and lose his virginity to, he just had the best night of his life, Valentine’s Day, with the man he believes is “the one” for him and is trying to convince his bestfriend, Leslie, to help him track the man down. Unfortunately, he cannot recall his name and did not get his number. Leslie is less than impressed she was [...]

  • Sandy

    This is the debut book from this up and coming author and he should seriously be proud of himself.The world he’s created is different from any other, which was a very sweet treat. From the very beginning of this book he caught my attention and drew me right in and held me there.Brad met the man of his dreams, but unfortunately for him, he really couldn’t remember anything about him or the time they spent together. This starts Brad’s quest to find his perfect guy and along the way it takes [...]

  • Christi Snow

    My Review:Okay, I'll admit this book intrigued me. I'm not sure if this is setting up a new series, but I hope it is because this is an intriguing look at a new paranormal world with some interesting creative twists. And I don't want to say anything more because anything I do will give away aspects of the story line and I don't want to do that. But the novella takes place surrounding Valentine's Day and Bradley finally met "the guy"e one to give his virginity to. The actual book takes place the [...]

  • Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review.4 starsSid Love may be new to this genre but he is certainly been around the story telling track before given the debut of this novella. While the story can feel a bit rushed at times, there is much to be said for that pacing prompting the exciting chase and rescue toward the end of the book. Plus, the characters are really quite detailed despite the abbreviated length of the overall plotline. I especially enjoyed Leslie who came across as a caring and likeable friend to Br [...]

  • The Novel Approach Reviews

    I was quickly enthralled by this story. I was happily shocked as the story developed, and by the secret of who Brad’s lover was. I can’t say too much in this review because I don’t want to give away the storyline, but Sid Love did a good job of exposing the twist. There were some hints given, and I wasn’t totally shocked when the twist was revealed, but then there was a pretty cool twist inside the twist, and I loved it. With this being the author’s first published story, I thought it [...]

  • AnnaLund

    3,5 stars, rounded up.For my honest and true view of this book, please readMORE TOS-compliant review (I think, let me know when they tell us what the rules are):"The book I just read is about two (or three) lovely people, written in beautiful language, by a very good and prolific author. I liked it very, very much.It is for sale on .”DISCLAIMER: My reviews now all have this pretty face, so that all and everyone on can stay happy and beatific. I’ll let you know if I change my mind. See the [...]

  • Faye

    This story is about Brad being innocent and believes he's in love with the man who popped his cherry, but oddly enough he cant remember him. Brad believes he met him on Valentine's night and fell madly in love with him. He involves his friend Leslie in his help to track this man down with very little to go on. The book started out okay but quickly becomes into a paranormal book with the mystery man being a half Dhampir with powers to play with minds of humans. Vampires come into play as well bei [...]

  • Franca

    firstly a huge thank you to my wonderful friend Melly for surprising me once again and gifting me this book. I ♥ you, bb!!! I really enjoyed this short novella. the writing was fresh and flowed really nicely. the perfect read for a lazy afternoon or when you need a little pick me up. :) I loved all the characters, they were real and fun to spend tme with. the little twist was surprising and made it even more interesting. highly recommended when you want to read a sweet short story that will ma [...]

  • Toy

    I really enjoyed reading Holding Out on Hope. I thought the paranormal concept was original.lly. Brad lost his virginity to a guy he couldn't remember. He is an 'arrogant drag queen' who is determined to find said mand the chase is on. I really loved the idea of dhampirs - not going to say anymore :-) Holding On to Hope was a fun ride. My only compliant - I was the story was longer.

  • Elayne

    I really enjoyed this story, read it in one sitting. Although a romance, this takes a bit of a back burner to the search and the surprise twist. It works in the short story. But would be fantastic if further episodes in the lives of this small group were produced. All in all a good debut. I'll look for more from Sid Love.

  • Candice

    I really didn't know what to expect with this story. It was a fast read and I liked the concept of the story, it is a shame it was so short because I would have liked a little bit more and also learned more about Ian and Kol.

  • Donna

    This story broke my heart a little bit with the idea of two men meeting and falling for each other over and over, and each time one man had to wipe the other's memory and walk away.But the ending made what they went through worth it.I can't wait more more stories in this series.

  • Cee Brown

    Different and certainly not what I expected. I don't think I have ever read a story told not from the H/h POV. Refreshing and interesting. No sex in sight and I still enjoyed Brad and Ronan. Glad they got their HEA or HFN? It can go either way, but I am rooting that it is the former.

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