Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ✓ The Graham Kerr Cookbook - by Graham Kerr Ø

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  • Title: The Graham Kerr Cookbook
  • Author: Graham Kerr
  • ISBN: 9780385002813
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Graham Kerr

Graham has been a food man since his fifteenth birthday, or sixty seven years from post World War Two to the present day.Raised in the European Hotel business and following his national service in the British Army he was the General Manager of the Royal Ascot Hotel at age 27.He moved to New Zealand as the Chief Catering Advisor to their Air Force and, in 1959 60 began his public life in broadcasting and television, between Peyton Place and the Avengers His wife Treena began to produce the shows behind the scenes until, in 1968, following a successful TV series on prime time in Australia, she took over as the formal producer, for which she earned two Emmy nominations as daytime Producer of the Year.Their Galloping Gourmet show was shown worldwide and was credited for creating culinary entertainment as we know it today.In 1970 they suffered a major traffic accident during a production tour that abruptly ended the series Graham and his family set out to regain resilience by sailing 24,000miles in a two year period in their own sailboat.They have been residents since 1973, mostly in the Pacific Northwest where they became US citizens in 1981.The Kerr s have made over 1,800 TV shows and segments, several thousand radio shows and written 30 books, selling over 14 million copies worldwide.In 1974 75 they made news in their public announcement of their faith in Jesus Christ and from that time on devoted themselves to the general idea that habits that harm can become resources that heal.Starting in 2009, Graham discovered a deep and ongoing interest in ecology This interest began in the backyard of his small local church It was there that I began to gain my interest in resilience and mankind s urgent need to do what he can do to do less harm to this amazingly creative environment We set out to try to do a small thing and do it well until it was done , Graham said recently On Labor Day this year Treena and I closed up our respective books, looked at each other and said it is finished We had joyfully completed our tasks Just 10 days later, following a day surgery for a minor issue, a severe sepsis set in At 2015 hours PST on 17 September 2015 Treena completed her task of sacrificially loving me and now it s up to me, like the wild Chinook salmon, in my book Flash of Silvere leap that changed my world , to join her and make a small creative contribution to the survival of our species whilst there is yet still time Above all let us try to do less harm and learn how we might live beyond our immediate self interest.

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  • Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ✓ The Graham Kerr Cookbook - by Graham Kerr Ø
    369 Graham Kerr
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