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Charlie Bronson is Britain s most dangerous convict During than a quarter of a century inside, he has gained a fearsome reputation as the prison system s only serial hostage taker He has spent 23 of the last 26 years in solitary confinement He has been locked in dungeons, in iron boxes concreted into the middle of cells, and, famously, in a cage like Hannibal LecteCharlie Bronson is Britain s most dangerous convict During than a quarter of a century inside, he has gained a fearsome reputation as the prison system s only serial hostage taker He has spent 23 of the last 26 years in solitary confinement He has been locked in dungeons, in iron boxes concreted into the middle of cells, and, famously, in a cage like Hannibal Lecter Yet Bronson lives by a strict moral code and is respected and admired by many prison officers as well as prisoners In this updated edition of his memoirs, Bronson reveals the happiness behind his controversial marriage to his wife Saira.

  • Title: Bronson
  • Author: Charles Bronson
  • ISBN: 9781857825008
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Charles Bronson

English criminal and former bare knuckle boxer Bronson is often referred to in the British press as the most violent prisoner in Britain.Bronson wasa petty criminal before being sentenced to seven years imprisonment in 1974 While in prison, he began making a name for himself as a loose cannon, often fighting convicts and prison officers He also embarked on one man rooftop protests He was released on 30 October 1988, but spent merely sixty nine days as a free man before he was arrested again.Upon his release, he began a bare knuckle boxing career in the East End of London His promoter was unhappy with his name and suggested he change it to Charles Bronson He was returned to prison for planning another robbery and continued to be a difficult inmate, instigating numerous hostage situations While in jail in 2001, he married his second wife, Fatema Saira Rehman, a Bangladeshi born divorc e who inspired him to convert to Islam and take the name of Charles Ali Ahmed This second marriage lasted four years before he divorced Rehman and renounced Islam.

Comments Bronson

  • Mariel

    Charles Bronson was born. They had charged me under my fighting name, not under the name I was born with, Michael Gordon Peterson. His knife was mightier than his pen. I can't tell you how sad it made me that he thought the officers who charged him under this adopted name did him a favor. He wears it like he wears his mustache, or his prison uniform. Lethal and two steps back in a duck and fight. Charles Bronson means convict, artist, poet, fighter, son, friend. A villain's mustache as biting at [...]

  • Петър Стойков

    Както знаете, Чарлз Бронсън го имат за най-агресивния затворник във Великобритания, прекарал почти целия си живот в затвора, има филм за него между другото, доста готин. Това е автобиографията му, която, честно казано е доста тъжна, въпреки (всъщност май именно заради) негова [...]

  • Chris Jones

    Hard man, hard life. Unfortunately it is all his own fault. Leaves you unsure of your feelings for 'Charlie'. Pity or revulsion

  • Karthik R

    Autobiography of one of the most dangerous man in British prison system.A movie was made about him.Once he was certified insane and was admitted to mental asylums within the prison system.He was admitted to almost every jail in Britain. this book tells his story of 3 decades of survival.of these, 26 in solitary confinement.I felt really sad for the guy.They go in as criminals and returns as insane ,or in bodybags.He never killed anyone in his life.his loneliness shown him his creative sides and [...]

  • Andy

    This is definitely a story worth reading about. Bronson is a very troubled man, but I couldn't help but to find him funny and sad at the same time. He has the warmth that you would not expect him to have. Understandably, he is in a position to not be as humorous or warm as he is. He tells his story in detail and believe me, he gets into it. Even with that, you won't find yourself bored.Bronson is someone you hate to love, but not so much love to hate. He isn't a serial killer, rapist, or someone [...]

  • Marco Pavan

    We think they are all monsters, but there's people there who have a big heart and they are very much capable of loving. They are just broken, and we just don't care about helping them putting the pieces back together

  • Matt

    So much better than the film! The book is a roller coaster of emotions happy sad angry you name it its there! Really loved this book the man is infamous britains most notorious inmate! I couldn't help but feel sorry for him in the end whether he wants this or not I don't know! But what I like about Bronson is he doesn't blame society or any one else for what he has done he takes responsibility for it all! RESPECT LEGEND

  • Sarah

    The autobiography of Charles Bronson, is both interesting and frustrating. On the one hand, I found myself feeling that he was the victim in several circumstances, just because of his legendary name. On the other hand, I became frustrated that he couldn't seem to learn from his mistakes. I plan on seeing the film now that I've finished the book.

  • rubywednesday

    A fascinating story, told in a rather dull way.

  • Gillian

    excellent book a real interesting read from a very troubled person

  • Christine

    Трудно се постяват оценки на автобиографични книги. Чарлз Бронсън е пример за саморазрушително поведение, без да е извършил сериозно престъпление по-голямата част от живота си я прекарва затворен. Агресията, която той не може да контролира проваля живота му.Книгата е напи [...]

  • Rohan

    Here lies a man with not just strength of character but integrity to fight for what he stands for. His sacrifice will not and has not gone unnoticed by the good people adversely affected by the shallow and dim witted uk penal and mental health system.

  • Helen Barnes

    This book is like nothing I've ever read before. The honesty is brutal & Charlie would be the first person to tell you he loses his head. I'm so shamed to think that the home office have created the life Charlie is trapped in. A man who can barely see because of the hours spent with only a 40 watt bulb as illumination, who can't stand daylight for pain in his eyes! His treatment has been barbaric and they are responsible for the mind of Charles Bronson (Salvador). Most of his violence is bor [...]

  • Becca Bates

    This was an extremely interesting and intense read. Truly an emotional rollercoster. There were times where Charlie had me laughing out loud due to his natural charm and wit, which come to life through the pages of his story. However, there are times where I found myself unable to go on due to the tears in my eyes. Charlie "the madman" is the product of several failures on behalf of the prison system. Charlie "the artist" is the product of what this man can strive to be when in the correct envir [...]

  • Sabrina Stobbs

    I could not put this down! Despite it being a large hardback at the time! Charles Bronson is said to be one of Britain's most dangerous convicts. Charles clearly blames the prison system for his current state f mind and such. For me it was thought provoking as I worked as a prison officer for sometime and to see it from a prisoner perception was interesting.Whether or not it is all factual or partly in the twisted mind of a condemned man is purely reader perception and open to speculation.

  • Stephen Kearns

    I found this book very funny and true!at the core of this man there is a beast trying to get out but also a gentle soul!theres obviously something not right in his mind as u will find out for yourself early on but his paranoia and behaviour is the reason why he's still in jail!at times I got frustrated with him because when he was going good something silly caused him to tear up the prison and add more time on!hes the most likeable crazy prisoner ever

  • Hayden M. Griggs

    England's most notorious inmate gives us an unusual and immensely entertaining look inside the world of prison and also into his own personal journey to attaining fame. This is an incredibly funny book, an insight into a very lighthearted and disturbed individual. Bronson is the dark comedy and ridiculous epic of a violently gentle man. The most entertaining thing ever to come out of solitary confinement.

  • Lauren Costain

    This man is truly fascinating. It's a book of mixed emotions. He has done some horrific things to others during his life but there are also parts where you respect him and even feel a little sorry for him. He is very up front with the pain he has caused others and the acts he has committed. You also learn to recognise the effects the justice system has on a person and imagine yourself in the same circumstances. It still leaves the question whether he is a bad man or a mad man.

  • Nathan

    I gave up reading this about half way through. It seemed as though I was reading the same chapter over and over again.Although I could see how he was getting aggravated by the prison system, I think this guy went over the top on many occasion and the story just seemed to repeat itself. He chins someone, gets put in isolation, chins the screws get's moved, chin's someone and it all goes around in a circle.

  • Zupapa Zupap

    Charles Bronson's battle against the darkness of the UK prison system transcends into mythology. He is stronger, crazier, more impressive and more terrifying than the other UK underworld figures (and he writes a far better book too, because unlike the others Bronson is an artist), which is why 'the system' can't work out what to do with him. I'd love to know what improvements to 'the system' he'd suggest.

  • Gaz

    For someone who could've been free now he's done a good job of making sure he stayed in, I must say I'm quite a big fan of bronson and love his artwork but this book explains pretty much everything you may know about him and even things you didn't know. Give it a read you'll enjoy it especially if you want to know bronson back story which is very interesting.

  • Siobhan O' Sullivan

    found this book fascinating and disturbing at the same time, Bronson is a character that you don't know how to take, compassionate and funny at times and then lethally dangerous at others. It feels to me like a wasted life of someone that could have given so much to society. The book is defiantly worth the read just to see that side of life and the film is amazing as-well.

  • Liz Clark

    Charles Bronson is one interesting character. So much of what he has gone through in the system seems so wrong but at some point you kinda have to begin to think why do you bring all this on yourself? That truly is what the book left me thinking. Why in the world would he keep banging his head against a brick wall and expect a different outcome?

  • Martin

    Interessant boek over een man die keer op keer vervalt in agressie en daardoor heel lang vast zit. Ik vind dat de hoofdpersoon niet ver komt in zijn zelfreflectie. Waarschijnlijk zit er bij deze man echt een steekje los en lukt het hem niet om zich anders te gedragen, anderzijds is hij maar wat trots op zijn gekke capriolen.

  • Ian Hallam

    A great read I'll have to track down the film now as well, although the film can't contain half the things that have happened to Bronson. It's a shame Bronson never managed to stay out on the few occasions he was released but the prison service created what he has become and now don't know what to do with him.

  • Claire Hood

    I found this a fascinating read. Reading this I saw another side to Bronson that is not portrayed in the media. I would recommend this to anyone who likes reading biographies as this is up there with one of the best I have personally read.

  • Jonathan

    Good insight to all the different sides to this complicated man. Got a bit repetitive towards the end just chucked from prison to prison and taking different hostages but its worth a read if you like real life crime.

  • Ebony

    I really enjoyed this book and would read it again. This book has the power to make you laugh and cry. You really feel like you know Bronson on a personal level and you grow to really like the guy even if you shouldn't. I highly recommend!

  • Rachel

    This was a long read but absolutely gripping. I actually feel sorry for the man even though he is a dangerous individiual - made more so by the lack of support in the system and judgemental stereotypes! Would recommend this to anyone into factual reads.

  • Veronika

    Quite enjoyed this, was very insightful

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