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By L. Sprague de Camp | Comments: ( 802 ) | Date: ( Sep 20, 2019 )

Virologist Pat Weiss tells the story of how the Great Change started all those years ago when he was still a student the annual flu virus had come around with all the expected symptoms, but the hirsute side effect it had on its victims appeared permanent If the cure he searched for had turned out the way he expected, he would have become a very rich man.

  • Title: Hyperpilosity
  • Author: L. Sprague de Camp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

L. Sprague de Camp

Lyon Sprague de Camp, Pseudonym Lyman R Lyon was an American science fiction and fantasy author and biographer In a writing career spanning fifty years he wrote over one hundred books, including novels and notable works of nonfiction, such as biographies of other important fantasy authors.He was widely regarded as an imaginative and innovative writer and was an important figure in the heyday of science fiction, from the late 1930 s through the late 1940 s.

Comments Hyperpilosity

  • Tammy

    Seriously with the Mexican accent? "You were looking for a chob last fall, ees it not? Well, I need an asseestant." This is a professor being quoted here. Also, the now hairy girls wouldn't go on dates and marriages license applications were down. Because hairy girls are gross, right? And for some reason nobody wears underwear--itchiness--so underwear companies have gone out of business.It's like, the writing is excellent, I'm interested in the story, but I keep having to stop reading because gr [...]

  • Jeff Stockett

    I love old school science fiction. It's always funny when the story takes place in the "far future" but it happens to mention the year. In this case, the story takes place in 1971, a full decade before I was born.Nevertheless, it's a fun story. It's an idea I've never heard before. What if an epidemic caused us all to grow hair like gorillas? It's short, funny, and even has a little bit of a surprise ending. It's a worthwhile read for sure.

  • Norman Cook

    I read this story because it was nominated for the Retro-Hugo Award. This is literally a shaggy-dog story (well, shaggy-human, really). In 1971 (!) a virus causes all of humanity to develop thick pelts of fur. The story is mainly told for humor, especially the zinger at the end. However, the racist language is offputting in this day and age.

  • Jon

    This was nominated for the 1939 Retro-Hugo Award for Best Short Story.It was a cheesy story about a "future" episode during which everyone started getting very hairy. It tried to be funny and clever, but fell flat. It wasn't helped by the outdated portrayals of women and Mexicans.

  • Jon

    1939 Retro Hugo Nominee for Best Short Story.Published in Astounding Science-Fiction, April 1938

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Download ✓ Hyperpilosity : by L. Sprague de Camp ✓
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