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By William F. Buckley Jr. | Comments: ( 523 ) | Date: ( Nov 21, 2019 )

About this title On a month long cruise across the Atlantic on his sailboat Cyrano, Buckley logs daily occurrences and reflections, recalls previous sailing experiences as far back as age 13, and considers his success as a seaman and father A chapter on how to navigate stands out.

  • Title: Airborne: A Sentimental Journey
  • Author: William F. Buckley Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780025180406
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

William F. Buckley Jr.

William Frank Buckley, Jr was an American author and conservative commentator He founded the political magazine National Review in 1955, hosted 1,429 episodes of the television show Firing Line from 1966 until 1999, and was a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist His writing style was famed for its erudition, wit, and use of uncommon words.Buckley was arguably the most important public intellectual in the United States in the past half century, according to George H Nash, a historian of the modern American conservative movement For an entire generation he was the preeminent voice of American conservatism and its first great ecumenical figure Buckley s primary intellectual achievement was to fuse traditional American political conservatism with economic libertarianism and anti communism, laying the groundwork for the modern American conservatism of US Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater and US President Ronald Reagan.Buckley came on the public scene with his critical book God and Man at Yale 1951 among over fifty further books on writing, speaking, history, politics and sailing, were a series of novels featuring CIA agent Blackford Oakes Buckley referred to himself on and off as either libertarian or conservative He resided in New York City and Stamford, Connecticut, and often signed his name as WFB He was a practicing Catholic, regularly attending the traditional Latin Mass in Connecticut.

Comments Airborne: A Sentimental Journey

  • Suzanne

    This is one of my favorite sailing books of all time. It is a memoir the late William F. Buckley wrote about his transatlantic sail with dear friends and his beloved son. His wit is just unrivaled. A book to read and then reread.

  • Michael G

    A great pleasure to be transported by sail along with such wonderful people across the great Atlantic. An ode to sailing, to friends, to family, and to fathers and sons.

  • Patrick

    "Airborne" is about William F. Buckley Jr.'s first Trans-Atlantic sailing voyage aboard his beloved cruiser Cyrano. I stumbled on this little jewel in a box free books kindly given to me and thoroughly enjoyed it. Being a huge fan of maritime literature, both fiction and non-fiction, classic and contemporary I was immediately sold on this book and it did not disappoint.All politics aside, William F. Buckley (WFB) was an undeniably brilliant writer and conversationalist. Unknown to some, he was a [...]

  • Jane(Pixie)

    WFB writes and shows his real passions boats, sailing to exotic places He is a man who really values friends, family and an enjoyment for life. I can totally appreciate all exploits with boats. This read rings true. It makes me want to be a better mate, sailor and honor the previlege and comraderie that this life style offers. I will read more of his adventures. Sailors don't miss this read. It still rings for me.

  • Mclaughlin725

    Though at times his writing style can be overly obtuse, this is an enjoyable read. Makes me want to find someone who I can crew for on a translantic. I look forward to reading his later book about his second crossing.

  • First Last

    I hate sailing. I loved this book.

  • Gordon Francisco

    Buckley - the boys - the stories - the wine @ Nevin time - cigars and lots of sailing and weather and editorial side bars make this a very fun read indeed.

  • Carol

    An early self-improvement project was reading WFB with the intention of expanding my vocabulary. In my fifties I'm much more intrigued by his phrases (e.g. the shoulders of the ocean). The vocabulary is obscure (he'd have said abstruse). Words I learned while I read this book:anfractuositiesbillingsgatelambentineluctablenugatorythaumaturgicalemetictatterdemalionocholocracysufructdesuetudeWords I plan to incorporate in my vocabulary:Okay, maybe lambent (glowing, flickering with soft radiance). I [...]

  • Carole

    Sucked back in to plain good non pretentious writing by WFB about sailing. Hilarious, deadly serious, literally, at times but always entertaining. It is seducing me away from the other book I'm reading right now because it is just so much fun. When he writes about his wife, his son & his friends & is unstinting about describing all the mistakes he makes, you can tell this comes from the heart.Thoroughly enjoyable; even though this voyage was undertaken in a 70ft boat with a professional [...]

  • Ian Howe

    As an ex seafarer I just had to read this and glad I did. Brilliant, even though there are pages of digression in my opinion. A very good read. Loved it WFB.

  • Xdw

    timely read, given WFB's recent passing

  • Roger Hallman

    This account was my first read of a prolonged sail. I very much want to do something similar one day.

  • Win Dunwell

    A great read for the sailor by a man who enjoyed living, friends and family.

  • Geekonabike

    Very entertaining

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Airborne: A Sentimental Journey | by  William F. Buckley Jr.
    358 William F. Buckley Jr.
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