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The city was in a panic Like a savage cat, the unknown strangler had pounced on his victims Victims chosen seemingly at random One murder after another The police were completely baffled.The mayor ordered Ellery Queen on the case There were the facts, laid our as neatly as the corpses But where did they connect Ellery believed that these seemingly mad murders were allThe city was in a panic Like a savage cat, the unknown strangler had pounced on his victims Victims chosen seemingly at random One murder after another The police were completely baffled.The mayor ordered Ellery Queen on the case There were the facts, laid our as neatly as the corpses But where did they connect Ellery believed that these seemingly mad murders were all committed by the same person But he couldn t prove it He believed that there was a pattern in the killings that would provide a solution But he couldn t find it.Ellery was as baffled as the police They worked desperately But the murders went on.The cat was still at large

  • Title: Cat of Many Tails
  • Author: Ellery Queen
  • ISBN: 9789997528827
  • Page: 484
  • Format: None

About Author:

Ellery Queen

aka Barnaby Ross Ellery Queen was a pen name created and shared by two cousins, Frederic Dannay 1905 1982 and Manfred B Lee 1905 1971 , as well as the name of their most famous detective Born in Brooklyn, they spent forty two years writing, editing, and anthologizing under the name, gaining a reputation as the foremost American authors of the Golden Age fair play mystery.Although eventually famous on television and radio, Queen s first appearance came in 1928 when the cousins won a mystery writing contest with the book that would eventually be published as The Roman Hat Mystery Their character was an amateur detective who used his spare time to assist his police inspector father in solving baffling crimes Besides writing the Queen novels, Dannay and Lee cofounded Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine, one of the most influential crime publications of all time Although Dannay outlived his cousin by nine years, he retired Queen upon Lee s death.Several of the later Ellery Queen books were written by other authors, including Jack Vance, Avram Davidson, and Theodore Sturgeon.

Comments Cat of Many Tails

  • Courtney Joshua

    I've read enough EQ to guess the twist at the end, but the plot was sound and satisfactory. His writing is more overwrought than usual, though, and if it was my first Queen I would have put it down in disgust after the first chapter.

  • Johnny Carruthers

    This was (after a fashion) my first exposure to Ellery Queen, although it was not the first of his books that I read. In 1971, Cat Of Many Tails was used as the basis for the TV-Movie Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You, which starred Peter Lawford as Ellery, and Harry Morgan as Inspector Richard Queen. (And for reasons I have been unable to fathom, Inspector Queen somehow morphed from being Ellery's father into his uncle.)

  • Pamela

    Not bad. Interesting as an early serial killer story--not much mystery until the end. Also interesting for the heavy-handed psychological analysis of the killer. (view spoiler)[It is painfully obvious that these two guys have absolutely NO idea how a woman's mind works. (hide spoiler)]

  • Peggy

    I listened to this audiobook and was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. A serial killer is terrorizing Manhattan. The victims appear to have no connection whatsoever and the killer leaves no clues except a silk cord he uses to strangle. Ellery Queen becomes involved at the request of his father, who is the police investigator in charge of what has been dubbed The Cat murders. The mayor names Ellery Special Investigator. The story is a satisfying mystery of unravelling the scant clues. [...]

  • Renee Wolcott

    This was my first Ellery Queen mystery, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Queen matches wits with a serial killer as panic grips the city.

  • Kristina Reads -Books. Blogs. Memes.

    This was a fun read and step back in to the past for me. Strangely enough I think I just the other day finished a book from Netgalley that was largely based on this story (but I'm not going to tell you what it is because I only gave it two stars).I had to look up a lot of old-timey terms I had never heard before but I was also surprised by some of the good humor I found in this book. I guess I had a very stiff view of how people carried themselves back in those days so the fact that there were a [...]

  • Ambre Golden

    I was a bit disappointed when I re-read this book (and read it for the first time in English). The narrative style is strange and a bit pompous at times (the beginning of the book, until Ellery's first scene, really put me off). Jimmy really annoyed me a lot and I could have done without the pseudo-psychoanalytic explanation at the end (some parts of it were relevant, but others seemed added merely because apparently you can't have a serial killer who didn't have sexual issues of some kind). I s [...]

  • Midori

    2.5 stars for this mystery that didn't stand the test of time for me. I read this particular ellery queen at least several times back in the day and can only think that I must have skimmed madly. the narrator was somewhat annoying too, perhaps he was trying to evoke the fast talking bantering tone of the tracy and hepburn movies with varying success.once the novelty of long ago patterns of speech, smoking, drinking scotch (a lot), and contemplating a job as a 'public stenographer' wore off it wa [...]

  • Tairu

    Me dejó con ansiedad y un terrible dolor de cabeza.

  • Lorraine Rankin

    My first Ellery Queen book, kept me involved from beginning to end. The ending was a complete surprise. Great story. Will read more Ellery Queen. Five stars!

  • Kathy

    Very dark. A little drawn out. I figured out the solution, which is always a little "Yay, me!" "Darn."

  • Sergio

    Il primo giallo di Ellery Queen che ho letto! nonostante non sia il migliore mi portò a diventare un lettore assiduo di questa coppia di giallisti

  • Helle

    No, I don’t think I will follow up on any more Ellery Queen books. For starters, I did not like the character of EQ, which would be kind of essential to keep reading about him. And although the idea of a serial killer in Cat of Many Tails was kind of interesting, it was also very predictable.

  • The Fizza

    Struggled with 2 or 3 stars on this book. For an Ellery Queen fan I haven't ticked off too many volumes in the series, though as I very much enjoyed the television series in re-runs I tend to recall my foray into words rather well Even if I read this one some time ago.I remember finding this book being centered around a serial killer to be very interesting. At the time, it seemed to me to be a very early piece of serial killer fiction (having first been published 1949). This was a departure from [...]

  • Ailsa Jo.

    1. She (Mrs. Cazalis) had a submissive quality Ellery had found frequently in the wives of brilliant men. This was a woman whose marriage was the sum of existence to her, in a pitifully arithmetic way. In a society composed largely of Mrs. Richardsons, Mrs. Cazalis would tend to have few friends and few social interests. She comforted her middle-aged sister as a mother might soothe a child in a tantrum; it was only during Mrs. Richardson’s wilder vocalisms that the younger woman’s ministrati [...]

  • Nolan

    Why is my recommendation somewhat unenthusiastic for this book? Only because it goes a bit slowly. My critics and detractors would have you know that’s probably another way of saying that the book is a bit cerebral and that I therefore had to focus a bit more on it than I may be used to these days. But my counsel to you is if you start the book, please at least give it a good, fighting chance. If you do, you’ll be pleased with the surprises and twists this book offers, and you’ll be glad y [...]

  • Alton Motobu

    Oddly constructed plot line. First half is murder mystery: a serial killer named "The Cat" strangles victims in New York City, late 1940s, seemingly at random. Ellery Queen follows clues to identify the killer. In the next quarter of the book Ellery lays a trap to catch the killer in the act with 24/7 surveillance and a planted victim. Final quarter of book Ellery revisits all the clues and finds out that the real killer was the wife of a doctor. She had lost babies during childbirth, and the vi [...]

  • Roger

    This was the best mystery novel I've read so far (of a few dozen including a half dozen other Ellery Queen novels and mostly other classic detective novels, not so many newer ones). The investigation of a psychopathic serial killer seems to me way ahead of it's time (written in 1949). The clues and detection are all consistent and revealed logically and realistically while maintaining the suspense, with terrific, believable characters, some clever humor that had me laughing in the right spots [...]

  • Albin

    Really, really, effective, in terms of setting and ambiance. The novel really captures a sense of paranoia and stress in a community hit by crisis, and it does this in a minutely depicted urban environment. Themes of media exploitation, reactionary populations, and the weakness of civilization, are suggested.However, the murder mystery, that after all is the essence and purpose of the novel, doesn't impress, and the mood of the story leads to nowhere in the end, the thematic potential waisted.A [...]

  • Dennis Harrison

    i remembered the 1970's tv show that I had really enjoyed so I tried this Ellery Queen book. I always had wondered if the books had any of the same feel. My answer is yes and no. While the plot line is not extremely convoluted, the main characters are interesting and Ellery himself, while no Holmes, this was still an interesting read primarily due to the period posr-war slang used liberally throughout the dialog. I found that I needed to look up quite a few of the terms that were unknown to me.

  • Vittorio Ducoli

    Una pessima traduzioneNaturalmente si tratta di un libro di genere, ma sicuramente la storia è avvincente, anche se molte pagine mi sono sembrate un po' verbose e piene di descrizioni fini a loro stesse.Ciò che rovina la lettura è comunque la traduzione, sciatta ed a volte ortograficamente zoppicante.

  • Lucie

    I remember Ellery Queen from the TV show of the same name. I'm not sure I've ever read one of his books before this. Cat of Many Tails certainly had me hooked. I was still not sure "who dunnit" as I entered the last chapter. I will certainly seek out more Ellery Queen books to read in the future, and I certainly know why these books have been, and I hope still are, so popular.

  • Stephen Osborne

    An unusual entry into serial killer territory for Queen. He has a tendency to over-write at times, and the journalistic style may not be for everyone's taste, but once the actiion gets going, it's fascinating reading. I thought it was a bit obvious who the killer was, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book.

  • Chikako

    This is my first Queen. I had known that Queen is the one of the best writers of mysteries/suspenses, so had no doubt interesting. And of course this never let me down.Especially I like when Ellery realized the details which linked the murderer. That really excited me.And I like the last sequence. Those two genius.

  • Heather

    I was a bit less enthusiastic about this Ellery Queen novel simply because of the pace of the story. Also, I was able to solve the mystery without any trouble. Still, it is a good tale - beginning with Ellery' s lack of confidence and his reluctance to get involved and eventually finishing with his resolution of the case.

  • Cindy

    The American "Sherlock Holmes" is a bit arrogant but this serial killer serves a dish of humble pie. Well read by Robert Fass. No gore, graphics, 'light' language. Some Biblical reference. Recommended. ©1949 text/2014 audio

  • Deb

    AudioBookI liked the first Ellery Queen that I read. This is my second. A great mystery but way too much padding. Perhaps written for tastes of audience of that time period? If one wants to start the Ellery Queen series, I suggest to not start with this one.

  • Steve Goble

    The beginning is somewhat over-written, with many attempts by the author to "sound like an author," but that tendency is lessened once the story gets rolling. The result is an intriguing mystery, and a decent read. A very early example of a fictional serial killer.

  • Keziah Cannon

    A fascinating murder mystery. One that dives into the whys and wherefores of the murders, not just the hows or the whos. Not the easiest read or the cheerfullest, but very enjoyable.

  • Carolyn Hammond

    Another well-written mystery about father and son, Lt. and Ellery Queen in New York City. Serial killer named CAT by newspaper cartoonist, nine victims, satisfying twist at the end.

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