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By Bolesław Prus Jeremiah Curtin | Comments: ( 510 ) | Date: ( Dec 12, 2019 )

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  • Title: The Pharaoh and the Priest: An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt
  • Author: Bolesław Prus Jeremiah Curtin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Bolesław Prus Jeremiah Curtin

Boles aw Prus pronounced b l swaf prus Hrubiesz w, August 20, 1847 May 19, 1912, Warsaw , whose actual name was Aleksander G owacki, was a Polish journalist and novelist who is known especially for his novels The Doll and Pharaoh He was the leading representative of realism in 19th century Polish literature and remains a distinctive voice in world literature G owacki took the pen name Prus from the name of his family coat of arms.An indelible mark was left on Prus by his experiences as a 15 year old soldier in the Polish 1863 Uprising against Imperial Russia, in which he suffered severe injuries and imprisonment.In 1872 at age 25, in Warsaw, Prus settled into a distinguished 40 year journalistic career As a sideline, to augment his income and to appeal to readers through their aesthetic sensibilities, he began writing short stories Achieving success with these, he went on to employ a broader canvas between 1886 and 1895, he completed four major novels on great questions of our age Of his novels, perennial favorites with readers are The Doll and Pharaoh The Doll describes the romantic infatuation of a man of action who is frustrated by the backwardness of his society Pharaoh, Prus only historical novel, is a study of political power and statecraft, set in ancient Egypt at the fall of its 20th Dynasty and of the New Kingdom.

Comments The Pharaoh and the Priest: An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt

  • Hadrian

    A dense and wandering story about the fictional pharaoh Rameses XIII and his inability to manage the affairs of state. He is a capable military commander, but is increasingly unable to manage the economy, and he fails to communicate with all other factions, ranging from the clergy to his wives. There's something obviously interesting here, but it's hampered by the clunky and probably wrong translation. There are some phrases here so unusual that Curtin likely translated some idioms literally. If [...]

  • Kama

    A book from my childhood (not exactly for a child), I didn't care back there that it's a "brick". I've read it more than once, but not sure how many times, I've chose "2" because it's "not just once". ;) It's still one of my favourites to this day, and not (just) because of priestess Kama. This book, written in the end of 19th century, still remains valid. If you like historical and/or political novels, this one is definitely for you.More detailed review after I read it again. ;)

  • TarasProkopyuk

    Осталось двойственное впечатление после прочтение романа "Фараон".Даже не смотря на многие ошибки и анахронизмы Болеславу Прусу интересно и увлекательно получилось описать жизнь и быт жителей Египта. Интересными также получились политические игры и интриги между главны [...]

  • MajinFox

    OPINIA Z 12 LUTEGO 2006Wcześniej w szkole nie byłem zmuszany do czytania tej lektury i całe szczęście, bo prawdopodobnie zepsułoby mi to powieść. Gdyby nie to, że przez przypadek kolejny raz przeczytałem nowelkę "Z legend dawnego Egiptu" to minęłoby wiele lat do zaliczenia tej książki. Dopiero teraz mogę powiedzieć, że Bolesław Prus to jedyny polski pisarz, którego nie tylko trawię, ale i bardzo lubię jego styl pisania, budowania napięcia itp. Zresztą wszystkie jego tekst [...]

  • Matimate

    This book can be considered as political fiction as well as show how to not do the things when you are crown prince. Ramses XIII was fictional ruler whose rule was so short to even be mentioned. We follow him as a prince who decided to oppose to high priests, who had real power in their hands now pharaoh. He was naive and he often indulge affairs with women, which brought so much misery to everyone except him. He ignored blissfully everything and everyone in his way to clean Egypt and brought it [...]

  • Melliemom

    I was so upset towards the end of the book when I figured out it wasn't going to end happily the way I would have liked it to. But I was not disappointed that I read it. The old English writing was easy to overcome as I really got involved in the story. I caught myself at times, speaking to my family in that manner not long after setting the book down. The author took great lengths to describe settings so that you could almost imagine yourself standing in a temple or sitting in the desert. I'm j [...]

  • Anna

    Young pharaoh, Ramses XIII, is ambitious and sensitive. He wants to reform the state by restricting powers of Egyptian priests. Egypt is a building for him. The people are building's wall and he, pharahon is just an architect of whole. By forcing reforms he becomes an enemy to Herhor and other priests, who using all possible methods try to defend their position and estetes. Alone in his fight he realizes that in political games people not always play fair .

  • Deanne

    It was ok but very long winded, lots of side tracks and the main characters were difficult to like. The young Ramses doesn't come across well.

  • Monty Milne

    Ancient Egypt, and a long historical novel: two of my favourite things. There may well be anachronisms and inaccuracies here, but if there are I didn't notice them - the atmosphere felt authentic. Of course, it's not enough to create a good authentic atmosphere and spin out a yarn over several hundred pages: there must also be a convoluted plot, interesting characters, and exciting incidents. Yes, I think Prus delivers on all of these. As a Pole living at a time when his native land was partitio [...]

  • Labusr

    There are two major trends in Polish historical (but still entertainment) literature. One of them, is use to popularization our history by for example Karol Bunsch. The second, is "to cheer up the hearts" (ku pokrzepieniu serc), which is written for example by Henryk Sienkiewicz. In the second part of XIX century (when Poland was partitioned) we loved them.Prus, who is a representative of positivistic realism (like H. Balzack) considered it unreliable. And that was the reason for writing Pharaoh [...]

  • Andrii

    Very interesting story of the way of life of ancient Egypt, with a lot of intrigues and revelations. The development of new Faraon is shown. Also it is one of the favorite books of Stalin. And frankly speaking I know why :) Recommend!

  • vhatos

    На час прочитання - цікавий роман про драматичні події у Давньому Єгипті. Вічна тема кохання, інтриги

  • Czarny Pies

    Je recommende ce roman qui m'a coute moins que deux piastres de Kobo a tous ceux qui ont un(e) partenaire polonais(e) et qui veulent discuter de la litterature avec les beaux-parents pour plusieurs reasons. D'abord, il y a tres peu de romans polonais disponsible en francais et le nombre n'augmente que tres peu si on lit l'anglais. Ensuite, le Pharaon est considere le chef d'oeuvre de celui qui est considere le chef du file du mouvement positiviste qui a domine la litterature polonaise pendant le [...]

  • Asaria

    Na szczęście "Faraon" nie był moją lekturą w liceum, więc nie zdążyłam go znienawidzić.Istnieją takie powieści po których pozostają jedynie wrażenia - kolory, atmosfera, a zapomina się o bohaterach i fabule. Książkę przeczytałam dwukrotnie, pierwszy raz jako nastolatka, kolejny jako osoba dorosła. Jak się można domyśleć, oba przyniosły zupełnie inne odczucia Z pierwszego czytania zapamiętałam czerń, mrok oraz ciasnotę - innymi słowy labirynt. Labirynt problemów, [...]

  • Gabriel

    A masterpiece!One of the best reads I had in months. Pharaon is a must read for anyone who loves historical fiction and Ancient Egypt times.Pharaon is set in the Egypt of around 1087 BCE. Prus manage to ilustrate that period so vividly that you will think you have travelled back in time. In this novel the action centers on the fight between young Ramses XIII and the priests. Egypt of that time is very similar to my country these days, even if Prus had writen this book in 1856. A world full of co [...]

  • Marcin Wróblewski

    Pomijając fakt, że jest to powieść historyczna (choć nie wiem na ile dokładna w tym względzie) i daje pewne wyobrażenie o życiu w starożytnym Egipcie, ta książka naprawdę uzmysławia, jak wyglądają mechanizmy rządzenia. Wszystko na przykładzie młodego ambitnego faraona, który chce wielkich reform, odmiany losów swojego ludu. Obserwujemy jak młody władca uzależnia się od "bankierów", jak musi walczyć z "grupą trzymającą władzę" nie chcę opowiadać za dużo, ale nap [...]

  • Natalia

    "Faraon" jest dla mnie historią upadku. Nie tylko upadku władcy i dynastii, ale upadku ideałów. Młody faraon podejmując walkę z kapłanami, tak naprawdę z góry skazany jest na porażkę; Prus jasno daje czytelnikowi do zrozumienia, że aby odnieść sukces, nie wystarczy walczyć z całych sił. Musimy urodzić się w odpowiednim czasie i miejscu lub umieć się dostosować do otaczającego nas świata. Ramzes XIII tej ostatniej umiejętności nie miał. Mimo to, gdyby nie kilka fatalny [...]

  • Alzy

    I remember reading this for my Polish class when I was about 14 but I had a feeling I should read it again in a more conscious way. And it turned out to be a good idea because I actually liked it this time. The tug-of-war between young Ramesses and the priests was really interesting and showed that good intentions are not enough; one also needs to be savvy in political machinations. I'm not sure, however, that all the magic stuff was necessary. The fact that Lykaon could be hypnotised and then s [...]

  • Calahir

    The first half of the book was a bit more interesting than the second and I felt that the story (truly enjoyable!) would have been more admiring if the author had made it more complex. Anyway, this book is worth attention just because of charming portraiture of ancient Egypt (doesn't matter it's historically correct or not).

  • Lukasz Wertel

    For some weird reason my last review was not saved, so I'm going to try to shorten it this time.The book was great, but the first half of better. Unexpected ending, but again, the first half was more surprising. I'm not sure who was the evil one, the protagonist or the antagonist, but I think that the antagonist did the right thing, opposing the war with Assyria.

  • Aleksandar Nedelchev

    Interesting book, a story with some fictional characters takes you on a journey through Ancient Egypt. You can see a lot about the life of the Pharaoh, aristocracy, the clergy, about gods, rituals and war. Starts at a slow pace, but the tempo rises more and more as you progress through the book.

  • Anna

    One of the books I read for my Polish A level many years ago. I remember starting reluctantly as it was the most challenging Polish book I had read, but being totally drawn to the world of the pharoes. Loved the political intrigue.

  • Błażej Huzarski

    Szkoda takiej książki na lekturę.

  • carnival

    Well, no one can accuse the author of being too laconic or careless, but neither I managed to get to like the main character, nor get interested in the story.

  • Martin Petrusenko

    Древен Египет в детайли на моменти доскучаваше сериозно, но все пак не беше никак зле "книжлето". Освен това, "фараон" е първата книга, която завърших на Киндъл-а си :))

  • Tomaz Bercic

    Excellent novel of Ancient egypt

  • Maxim

    В больнице читал, даже не заметил как выздоровел (;Электронная версия тут:libdebaran/author/prus_b

  • Hulya Mumun

    Много хубава книга! :)

  • Anna

    I read this many years ago for A Level. In Polish. Two fat volumes. And not by choice; but actually it proved a great read and I think I need to revisit it

  • Davidj90

    I could not tear himself away from this book. I read it when I was a kid, but still a lot to understand. Great book author Pole!

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Pharaoh and the Priest: An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt | by ☆ Bolesław Prus Jeremiah Curtin
    370 Bolesław Prus Jeremiah Curtin
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