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By Juliette Fay | Comments: ( 322 ) | Date: ( Nov 21, 2019 )

A rec m divorciada Dana Stellgarten sempre foi delicada at mesmo para com os operadores de telemarketing mas agora est a esgotar se lhe a paci ncia O dinheiro come a a faltar, os filhos ressentem se da partida do pai e a sua sobrinha, uma adolescente g tica, acabou de lhe aparecer porta Quando Dana entra no turbilh o de um romance p s div rcio e a abelha mestra dA rec m divorciada Dana Stellgarten sempre foi delicada at mesmo para com os operadores de telemarketing mas agora est a esgotar se lhe a paci ncia O dinheiro come a a faltar, os filhos ressentem se da partida do pai e a sua sobrinha, uma adolescente g tica, acabou de lhe aparecer porta Quando Dana entra no turbilh o de um romance p s div rcio e a abelha mestra da cidade se torna sua amiga, descobre que a tens o entre manter se fiel a si pr pria e gostarem dela n o acaba na fase do ensino b sico e que, por vezes, precisamos de um verdadeiro amigo para nos ajudar a acolher a maturidade com toda a sua complexidade cheia de falhas.

  • Title: Acasos do Amor
  • Author: Juliette Fay
  • ISBN: 9789897260896
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Juliette Fay

Juliette Fay s latest novel, The Tumbling Turner Sisters Simon Schuster , recounts the adventures of a poverty stricken family of four girls who try their hand as an acrobatic act in vaudeville in 1919 It was inspired by the life of her vaudevillian great grandfather Available now for pre order publication date June 14.Juliette has three previous novels The Shortest Way Home was chosen as one of Library Journal s Top 5 Best Books of 2012 Women s Fiction Shelter Me was a 2009 Massachusetts Book Award Must Read Book and on the American Booksellers Association s Indie Next list Deep Down True was short listed for the Women s Fiction award by the American Library Association Juliette received a bachelor s degree from Boston College and a master s degree from Harvard University She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and four children.

Comments Acasos do Amor

  • Suzanne

    I loved reading Deep Down True by Juliette Fay! I have not read "Shelter Me," yet, but I am planning to go back and read it at some point. I think that most women, no matter what stage they are in their lives, will find something to identify with in this book. Fay does an excellent job of illustrating those passages of life that we all go through, first as daughters, then as friends, wives, mothers and even grandmothers, to some extent. There are certain aspects of life that are intrinsic to bei [...]

  • Jacki (Julia Flyte)

    This is the story of Dana, the recently divorced mother of two children, who is struggling to come to terms with her newly single status. Over the course of the book she goes from being hurt and raw to finding a way for her and her children to move forward. She has to assume responsibility for herself financially, find a way to accept her husband's new relationship and to help her children to move on - as well as learning to move forward romantically.I didn't particularly enjoy this book. Most o [...]

  • Lenore Webb

    In Deep Down True feels like your reading your own inner diary. Not so much the events as much as the feelings. We are all still sorta like a awkward 13 year old inside. Praying to be accepted by others. Wanting to show our independence and being fearful of not achieving just that. Even as grown women with our own kids and life experiences, things get knotted up inside at times. And then just when we have had enough it seems something else is piled on top. Finally we blow and pieces of life go f [...]

  • Laura Kay Bolin

    Dana Stellgarten, is a newly divorced mom trying to balance all the things in her life her kids, her ex-husband, her daughter’s eating disorder, dating, friendships, working, and family. This is simply no easy task. Dana has this very sweet personality and wants to be nice to everyone. She even makes sure to volunteer to prepare meals to families who are dealing with catastrophic illness. The problems seem to grow and she can no longer be sweet Dana. Her ex-husband seems surprised when he isn [...]

  • Jacqueline Gum

    While the writing was fairly good, I found it pocked by cliché. The edges were too smooth in a story where there was so much opportunity to make Dana a little less even. I would have enjoyed seeing the ragged become flattened by reason instead of seeing a well-rounded woman become minorly unhinged; but never enough to curl my gut with empathy. So sorry to say that the bubble wrap anaolgy (where the title was apparently dervived)left me flat. And I knew the ending from the second she walked into [...]

  • Joana Marta

    Ok, há bastante tempo que não lia um romance destes. Há uns anos atrás eu era uma viciada nos romances, li até à exaustão tudo aquilo a que consegui deitar a mão durante uns anos. Até que dei por mim a ver clichés em todo o lado, enredos quase sempre com o mesmo esquema. Enfim, pensei que estava na hora de pôr uma pausa na minha leitura puramente romanceada durante uns tempos. E depois os que fui lendo aqui e ali só me davam vontade de revirar os olhos e pensar que este género de le [...]

  • Karla

    Within a year of her divorce, Dana is offered two jobs (without ever looking/applying for one), has two men fall in love with her (one a handsome, but immature oaf, the other a handsome, kind, widowed, dentist - guess which one she chooses), makes peace with her ex, and solves her daughter's bulimia problem. If divorce were this easy, everyone would be divorcing. This story was too unbelievable to be enjoyable.

  • Jackie Lane

    Review pending.

  • Carol

    I loved Deep Down True just as much as Shelter Me. It was another page turner for me. The writing is clear and poignant. Dana Stellgarten was the main character. She is described by her sister as a cupcaker, she volunteered to help people. She made delicious dinners and delivered them to homes of families who had a people dying of terminal cancer. A lot of people thought that she was a pushover. She had just been divorced and had a daughter, Morgan and son, Grady. Her kids were struggling with j [...]

  • Latarsha

    There were two signs very early on that this book was going to be a problem. The story is about Dana, a 45-year-old woman who is still reeling from her divorce from a year ago. She's has two kids, 12-year-old Morgan and 7-year-old Grady, while her former husband, Kenneth, has moved on with Tina, a 29-year-old bimbo. I had more issues with this book than the newsstand at the local airport. Sign #1 was when Dana complains to Coach Ro, the screaming Neanderthal who coaches Grady's kiddie football t [...]

  • Mary Pessaran

    I so loved "Shelter Me," Juliette Fay's first book, that I had high expectations of her second. Her writing is superb, the characters multi-dimensional, and the conflicts believable. In particular, I like her male characters. I had to root for Tony Sakimoto, his humor,generosity and patience are characteristics we'd like to see in every potential love interest.It is obvious that the author is a mother because her portrayal of the children in her books are true to nature. She displays both the jo [...]

  • Elaine Armstrong

    This book could have been written in 1/3 of the pages. Kept my interest but I was waiting for something to happen and it never did. Only read if there's nothing else in the houseok too much time to get to the end.

  • Carol Cronin

    Excellent writing and an engrossing story and best of all, a richly satisfying ending. View my full review: /author_blog_

  • Tempo de Ler

    Uma procura pelo significado do que é ser mulher no nosso tempo, Acasos do Amor traz-nos episódios e dilemas intrinsecamente femininos com os quais qualquer mulher, de uma forma ou de outra, se poderá certamente identificar. Esta não é uma boa escolha de leitura para quando estamos a tentar fugir da realidade, já que nos mergulha inteiramente nela…Dana é uma mulher divorciada que se esforça diariamente para ser o melhor que consegue - uma boa mãe, uma boa tia, uma boa amiga, uma boa d [...]

  • IsabelAlmeida (Os Livros Nossos)

    Leia a Crítica completa em oslivrosnossos/201 " Acasos do Amor, de Juliette Fay, é um romance contemporâneo, cuja acção decorre nos Estados Unidos, na Cidade de Cotters Rock, no Connecticut. A personagem central desta trama é Dana Stellgarten, uma mulher na casa dos quarenta, recém-divorciada, desempregada, que luta por educar convenientemente os dois filhos menores, a pré-adolescente Morgan, quase com doze anos de idade, e Grady, de oito anos. Com problemas financeiros no horizonte, Dan [...]

  • Denise

    Dana Stellgarten has the most common of stories. Her husband left her for another woman, now she struggles to make ends meet, to deal with the lonely times when her kids are with their dad, and to reinvent herself as something other than a wife. She is the consummate caretaker, always putting the others (even her son's flirtatious football coach) before herself. As her teenage daughter points out, Dana is nice to a fault. Suddenly without the safety net of marriage Dana has to find strength she [...]

  • Manuela Santos

    Uma leitura que nos envolve, toca, comove e emociona e nos mostra situações do nosso quotidiano e que se lê num ápice.A autora é possuidora de uma escrita simples, directa e fluída.Uma história de vida, de perdas, traições, tristezas, doenças, sofrimento, luta, ajuda, solidariedade e esperança. Dana acabada de divorciar-se e com dois filhos a seu cargo, vai sentir o chão a fugir-lhe debaixo dos pés. Vai ter de lutar pela sobrevivência dela e dos filhos e para ajudar a festa, vem ju [...]

  • Schlow Library

    "Irrepressibly nice Dana Stellgarten is finding it hard to maintain her calm in the face of just about every possible issue a normal life could throw at her: an ex-husband who left her for a much younger woman, her own two kids who are dealing with the upheaval in troubling ways plus her uber-critical sister's kid showing up on her doorstep with her own problems, financial shortfalls forcing her to plunge back into the world of part-time work, and multiple potential suitors, all of whom she hesi [...]

  • Vickie

    Deep Down True is the first novel I have read by Juliette Fay. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more by this author.Dana Stellgarten is a very likable character and is thrown into some extraordinary circumstances. She is a very real person and always positive. However, her outlook on life throws her life into turmoil and she discovers that she can be a tough, strong person who can deal with whatever life throws her way. This story make me laugh, smile, and, at times, cry [...]

  • Anita Johnson

    Dana is so real, well, so "deep down true." I could visualize her as an ordinary woman thrown into some extraordinary circumstances. She was always the good girl, good daughter, good sister, good worker, good wife, good mom, good friend. And her goodness slam dunked her into turmoil. She learns that she's not really always so nice and stands up for herself and her kids. I laughed out loud at different scenes, smiled at many and was almost in tears at others. There are characters you love and cha [...]

  • Jenny

    One of my favorite books! I loved it! It is a touching struggle of this woman, Dana, to get control of her life after divorce, and provide for her 2 children. Plus there is also a struggle to decide if she wants to meet other people (men specifically) and date. The book touches on many sensitive subjects, anorexia and bulimia just to mention a couple; plus the death of a friend, sex and dating after divorce, divorce and infidelity and all are handled tastefully.It is entertaining, and I found my [...]

  • Heather

    Well-written, with likeable characters, but a predictable plot (though not so much so that the book was ruined for me). The main character, Dana, is very warm and appealing and I found her confusion over how to treat her daughter's incipent eating disorder very realistic. In fact, I found all of her parenting conundrums realistic, and not cartoonish; I find that refreshing, since a lot of novels' descriptions of parenting make me wonder if the author has ever actually spoken to a real child befo [...]

  • Heather

    Love the cover is why I picked it up! And, it ended too soon. I ended up really liking this bookeven though there was more language than I like. It was a such a good slice of life with a middle schooler, very realistic look at people. It is the story of a recently divorced mother of two 8th grade and 6th grade, and the roller coaster of dealing with divorce, going back to work, teenagers and just life in general. It woudl make a good beach read, as it is a little brainless, but it was just nice [...]

  • Amy Hatvany

    An expertly crafted, subtle but straightforward look into the complicated world of middle school aged girls, life after divorce and the challenges of a blended family. Fay deftly leads the reader through these rocky terrains with a gentle hand and a supremely perceptive sense of humor. I loved how she mirrored the "mean girl" dynamics with the protagonist and her own set of women friends, making me question just how far we mature out of our junior high selves. A wonderful follow up to Shelter Me [...]

  • Jen

    I really enjoyed this book. Despite a lot of content that I can't personally relate to, the characters and plot were so well written and realistic that I found I could relate to them anyway. I really liked the idea of Dana, the main character learning to be LESS nice. I know a few doormats like myself, who could sometimes stand to learn that lesson. This is a book that will make you laugh and cry and root for a happy ending.

  • Amy

    My Mom gave me this book when she was visiting and didn't say anything glowing about it so I wasn't expecting much. I really liked it though! It's a great perspective of a Mom and middle school & high school age girls. (Something I'm dreading dealing with in the future) I ended up staying up WAY too late last night to finish it but a great happy ending and a LOT of characters to like - something I haven't been able to say with the last couple of books I've read! :)

  • Renae

    This is another home run by Fay. Her writing style is so so readable. "Dana" is someone just like you and me with everyday and real problems. The kids in this story are perfectly real as well. This book was so much fun to read and I'd recommend it to anyone. I hope Fay has another book to share with us soon!

  • Brenda

    This story was an everyday soap opera. The story was just like real life with many ups and downs. The overall story pulled me as a reader in and made the characters seem like your small-town neighbors and friends. This book ended on a high note, but I still would of liked it if it would of ended differently. This author wrote a touch the heart story.

  • Lisa

    Mundane and unbearable! Lackluster plot, and if you listen to the audio book the narrator will drive you nuts! She did me, anyway. Absolutely distasteful. She made everyone but the main character sound exactly the sameassy and unlike anyone you might consider bonding with. The men, the women, the children, all jarringly harsh. No thank you.

  • Nicole

    I liked this book. It was a coming of age of a whole family dealing with divorce, financial strain, grief, eating disorders, etc, etc. The mother was my favorite character. I wanted to emulate her parenting style. I'm glad I read it.

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  • Best Read [Juliette Fay] ☆ Acasos do Amor || [Historical Fiction Book] PDF ☆
    428 Juliette Fay
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