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By Liliana Rhodes | Comments: ( 455 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

Hannah Crane just graduated college, lives at home with her mom, and has no idea what to do with her life One night while visiting her grandmother, she s startled by a wolf and everything changes In the forest investigating a recent rash of murders and missing shifters, werewolf Alpha Caleb Overstreet doesn t expect to run into a human, let alone a witch Especially notHannah Crane just graduated college, lives at home with her mom, and has no idea what to do with her life One night while visiting her grandmother, she s startled by a wolf and everything changes In the forest investigating a recent rash of murders and missing shifters, werewolf Alpha Caleb Overstreet doesn t expect to run into a human, let alone a witch Especially not one whose scent tells him she is his other half or is she As the secrets of her ancestry are revealed, Caleb and Hannah are unable to stay away from each other and Hannah finds herself in danger A rival pack believes her to be at the center of a curse that would enable them to control other shifters But is Hannah the wolf charmer they believe her to be Or is she really Caleb s fated mate

  • Title: Charming The Alpha
  • Author: Liliana Rhodes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Liliana Rhodes

Liliana Rhodes is a New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author who writes romance with fun, engaging characters Blessed with an overactive imagination, she is always writing and plotting her next stories She enjoys movies, reading, photography, and listening to music After growing up on the east coast, Liliana now lives in California with her husband, son, two dogs who are treated better than some people, and two parrots who plan to take over the world.

Comments Charming The Alpha

  • Carrie

    Hannah Crane has grown up hearing the supernatural tales but has chosen to ignore all of that in her life until one day she runs across werewolf alpha Caleb Overstreet. Hannah is actually from a long line of witches but knew very little about her history and didn't believe that werewolves were even real. Now Hannah and Caleb find themselves being pulled together but this puts Hannah in danger. It seems she is the key to breaking a curse that has spanned generations through her falling for the ha [...]

  • Kelly

    I didn't hate this book by any means, but I also didn't love it. I had moments while reading it where I felt like something had happened that wasn't sufficiently explained, followed by moments that were over explained. Frankly, the whole Jersey Devil idea threw me for a loop whenever it was mentioned. While I know what the Jersey Devil is, its connection to the characters was tossed in without much explanation and I kept wondering how it all connected. (This was explained eventually, mind you, b [...]

  • Cassandra

    My Thoughts - 3 out of 5 Unicorns - I liked it!!***Part of the Fated Mates Anthology which I received from the publisher for an honest review, but I bought it because I liked it :)The cover is great, and you definitely think shifter when you see it :)This is the 2nd story in the Fated Mates Box Set that I just bought. This story had me confused in the beginning, and while the confusion cleared up, I just didn’t connect with any of the characters. I’m thinking it is because this is the first [...]

  • Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness

    2.5 starsCouldn't really relate to the characters.Felt more like a young adult read than anything.

  • C.J.

    Ok story but didn't connect with characters much. Was more invested in Hannah's mum and Knox reuniting than the main couple.

  • A. Cook

    This was a quick read and didn't have anything too exciting about it. The characters were very straightforward but nothing exciting about them. Got the "Little Red Riding Hood" vibe from this one but nothing exciting or steamy. Was interested in the witch angle with Hannah (heroine) but maybe Hannah's development will be shown in other installments. As well as other developments with her character. The male leads were interesting but there was bare bones information about them or the shifter wor [...]

  • Ana Oh

    I. Hate. Shifter romances. There, I said it. While this author seems to write about leading men who I normally find tiresome, she puts a good kind of twist on things. Maybe it was the witch/shifter combo with the generational and historical aspectsis was really sweet and sexy.

  • Rhonda

    A good paranormal romance. Already bought the next in the series. There's mystery, chemistry and heat. I can't wait for more. Love me some shifters!

  • Sharon 📚Bookaholic

    The story was okay however the characters needed more development for me. I did not relate to them in the story. But for a short story not bad.

  • Teri

    This was a great read. Hannah has no idea who or what she is and spent years feeling like an outcast. Her mother has secrets and there is much about her past and Hannah's father she hasn't shared. Hanaah's world shifts when not only do changes start occurring to her but she also meets a were-wolf who tickles her fancy. A great story with some passion and intrigue, secrets and repercussions, love found and love rekindled. This author sure can tell a tale and get you all wrapped up in it. I am lov [...]

  • Fatimama

    The writing was atrocious. No charm at all.

  • Glenda Swanson

    Good read!Love the characters, loved the storey line. Shifters are so hot. I cannot wait to find out happens in the following books.

  • RayRay

    It wasn't great, but it was a very quick read. It's cheesy and I'd describe as a cheap knockoff of True Blood/Twilight. I'm sure a young reader would enjoy it, but keep in mind it's rated "R".

  • Rhonda

    Quick ok read.

  • Suheily Sanchez

    Yes!!I loved it hahaI had fun reading itCan't wait to read the others Hope you'll give it a chance

  • Laura Greenwood

    Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy of Charming the Alpha from Netgalley in exchange for my review as a part of the Fated Mates box set.Having been brought up by her mother and grandmother, Hannah doesn't know what to think about werewolves, including whether they truly exist. But one night, after visiting with her dead grandmother, Hannah runs into a werewolf and can't help but feel a thrill of attraction towards him. But things aren't as simple as that, not on [...]

  • Jennifer Hines

    **3.5 Stars!**This is a story about not only discovering love, but also discovering a little missing heritage. Hannah grew up in a town where superstitions ruled, though that never stopped anyone for picking on her for being born into the Crane family of witches. She did not like being different and because of childhood torment she shutout and ignored talk of the supernatural. That is until she met a werewolf who stole her breath and flooded her thoughts. Once her eyes caught a glimpse of the wo [...]

  • Mary Lou Hoffman

    Series: The Crane Curse #1Category /Genre: Paranormal romance, short storyReceived from: purchaseRecommended for: 18+ due to sexual contentGrammar/editing: A – near perfectThis is the first book in the Crane Curse series. They do need to be read in order.One night, while visiting her grandmother in the woods, Hannah is startled by a wolf. She is even more startled when he shifts and she is now looking at a very big, very sexy, very naked man! Caleb warns her to leave the woods. Something dang [...]

  • Shaly

    Okay so I didn't hate this book, but I didn't love it. It was okay, not really a page turner for me. It was kind of dry, not hot or sexy in the least. The whole story was just eh. I didn't really relate to Hannah, she just kind of sat down and accepted everything her mother and grandmother told her without question just so she wouldn't stir anything up. Her mother did the same thing. That whole Jersey Devil curse thing was just confusing as hell. Also it was a bit irritating how Hannah totally d [...]

  • Julissa

    I read this arc which is a part of the Fated Mate box set through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Hannah Crane is a witch who lives in her own safe little mystical buble. Even though she hails from a long line of witches from yester-years ago and lives in the town of where the paranormal is in the air she breathes , she remains naive of the other worldly creatures that roam her woods. That is until the night while she was summoning her dead grandmother she finally meets naked(spankabl [...]

  • Tonileg

    Fantasy with witches, animal shifters and humans who all like and interact in a small town.Hannah Crane is more then a bit lost in her life, she just graduated university and is still living in the small cottage at the edge of town with her mother and she has embraced her witch heritage, she still has much to learn about her secret father's heritage. There is HEA for almost everyone in this story, as well as her mother and long lost father.Hannah finds herself in an immediate lust/love with the [...]

  • Ivy Deluca

    Hannah Crane just graduated college, lives at home with her mom, and has no idea what to do with her life. One night while visiting her ghostly grandmother, she's startled by a wolf - a werewolf. Alpha Caleb Overstreet doesn't expect to run into a human, let alone a witch. As they fight their attraction to each other, Hannah finds herself in danger from a curse involving her ancestors and a rival pack believes her to be the key to controlling other shifters. My ReviewAs with many PNRs, Hannah an [...]

  • Carly

    An exceptional beginning that puts The Crane Curse series on my Must-Read list!Hannah Crane thought that she knew what to expect from life. Raised by her Mother and Grandmother, the magic that runs in her blood ties them together even when disagreements and misunderstandings put a strain on their overall relationship.Then she meets werewolf Alpha Caleb Overstreet and everything changes. Inexplicably drawn to the handsome shifter she learns that there is more to her family than simple magic. They [...]

  • Alan

    Finding out who she is becoming an finding the love of her lifeThe Crane family has a big secret they are cursed but Hannah been sheltered her whole life an knows nothing of this. The only thing she knows is that she's a witch an each full moon she goes to the clearing to talk to her deceased grandmother.On one of her visits she runs into her first werewolf he tells her that she's in danger an to go home. The werewolf transforms before her into a naked werewolf man puts his hand behind her neck [...]

  • Nicole

    Though I enjoyed the story itself I couldn't really warm up to the relationship between the main characters. I really tried but they were two dimensional to me and I felt like they didn't had much depth. For being fated mates, it didn't really feel like they had an instant and undeniable attraction to each other, it was a feeling that wasn't really conveyed to me.I did enjoy the mystery regarding the beginnings of the town and that all sorts of supernatural creatures freely converged in this env [...]

  • Crystal Wright

    Hannah Crane was always the outsider, being a witch that can communicate with the dead can really make a girl feel different. One night she is out communing with her dead grandma when a huge wolf approaches her. That wolf quickly morphs into a naked, albeit extremely sexy when naked, but naked all the same man. Hannah is immediately taken aback by the attraction she is feeling and Caleb feels it too. A curse however stands in their way when fate wants to take over.I enjoyed this book, I thought [...]

  • Angel

    Giving this book three stars was actually a difficult decision. I was going back and forth between two and three. The storyline was really good, I liked the concept. I really liked how the author worked in Mother Leeds and the legend of the Jersey Deviljust because I like legends and it somehow fit right in the middle of all these witches and shifters. However, when I was reading some of the dialogue between Caleb and Hannah, I was thinking that it felt like an afterschool special. You know, bec [...]

  • James

    Hannah Crane is what one might consider a witch. After graduating college she finds herself still living at home in her small hometown. Every month she visits with her grandmother is the forest. During one of these visits she runs into a wolf. But this is no ordinary wolf. This is Alpha werewolf Caleb Overstreet. Hannah wants to run but Caleb can't get over how her smell attracts him.As some secrets of her ancestry are revealed Hannah is put in danger. Caleb has to decide whether Hannah is just [...]

  • Kristy Dean

    Good story. About 100 pgs long. It's a little red riding good meets a wolf who is her mate and they solve the missing wolf mystery. Hannah thought she was just a human who had a little witching powers. She had the ability to speak with the dead. So she goes to the forest on full moon nights to see her grandma pea. While there a wolf comes out and the shifts into human form. He tells her to leave since the forest is not save and shifters are missing. But he notices that she has his scent and is t [...]

  • Meetta

    The book was kind of confusing in the beginning. There are still some parts of the book that didn't make any sense, unless I totally missed something, which is possible since it didn't captivate my attention. I never figured out why Pea didn't like werewolves (which I may have glossed over if it was mentioned). I liked it enough to finish it, but it wasn't a book that I "just couldn't put down". I couldn't get into the relationship between Hannah and Caleb. It went from limited interaction to I [...]

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