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By Jennifer Ashley | Comments: ( 268 ) | Date: ( Jun 03, 2020 )

From the author of Lone Wolf comes a paranormal romance about two lovers torn between ecstasy and savagery Jace Warden is sent to the Shiftertown in Austin to find a way to free all Shifters from their Collars But pulling off the Collars can cause Shifters to go mad or kill them outright.In Austin, Jace meets Deni Rowe, a wolf Shifter with troubles of her own she was deliFrom the author of Lone Wolf comes a paranormal romance about two lovers torn between ecstasy and savagery Jace Warden is sent to the Shiftertown in Austin to find a way to free all Shifters from their Collars But pulling off the Collars can cause Shifters to go mad or kill them outright.In Austin, Jace meets Deni Rowe, a wolf Shifter with troubles of her own she was deliberately run down in the road, and while her body has healed, she still has episodes of total memory loss during which she retreats into her pure animal self.Jace has never met anyone like Deni Courageous and beautiful, she volunteers to help him test the Collar removal And as Deni and Jace work together, they feel the mate bond begin But can Jace help Deni believe she can heal enough to be anyone s true mate This sixteen chapter novella includes a preview of the upcoming Shifters Unbound novel Wild Wolf.

  • Title: Feral Heat
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Jennifer Ashley

NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance, historical mysteries, and urban fantasy as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner Jennifer s novels have won RWA s RITA and RT Reviewer s Choice awards, have been translated into many different languages, and earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher s Weekly More about her books at jenniferashley, allysonjames, and gardnermysteries.

Comments Feral Heat

  • Jen

    Another wonderful novella in the Shifter town series! Review to Come when I get back from Mexico!!! See you all soon!♥♥♥

  • Ingela

    Written April 1, 20153.3 Stars - A quick visit and a sweet new love-story in a world I likeBook #5.5Once again time for my dear 'Shiftertown' friends with an "in between" novella. I listened to Feral Heat as an 4:40 hrs audiobook —as always flawless— narrated by Cris Dukehart. Jace & Deni's story wasn't very surprising or different, just a nice addition to this series. Not the best part but solid good if you already are a series fan. **********************************************Jace War [...]

  • Sophia Triad

    This is the love story between Jace (Eric's son) and Deni, Ellison's sister. A matchmaking not made in heaven since:-Deni is a wolf and Jace is a leopard -Deni is from Austin shifter town and Jace from Las Vegas shifter town-Also they are in different state in life. Jace has no responsibilities. Deni has lost her previous mate and she has two grown up sons for the humans' standards (still cubs for the shifters' standards).In this book Deni finds herself (she was not very well in the head after s [...]

  • Jennifer Ashley

    Feral Heat (Jace and Deni's story) is out! Woot!

  • Gina

    I love shifter stories, and lately I have been reading lots of MM shifters stories. But it’s the MF shifters stories that were my first love and Jennifer Ashley, was one of my first. I have enjoyed this series in the past, but this one fell short for me. The story was predictable and fell into the same formula as the rest, so maybe its just me that has changed. I didn’t really connect with the MC’s Jace and Deni, I found the steamy side, not so steamy and the story rather flat. I did enjoy [...]

  • Laura the Highland Hussy

    read this review on Got Fiction? book blogDeni is broken. She was run down by a car and her wolf has never been the same. She tends to go feral to the point of even attacking her sons. Because of this, she tends to avoid any of the big gatherings because even the hint of violence can cause her wolf to want to take over. But tonight, is different. She goes to the fight clubs. She just wants to get out of her house and feel normal for a bit.Jace is Eric’s son (from the Vegas Shiftertown). He’s [...]

  • PepperP0t

    This time out Deni Rowe, Austin pack wolf shifter, is still recovering from the trauma of almost being killed months ago and her wolf wants to fight whenever she is around fighting. Jace Warden, Las Vegas pack snow leopard shifter, has come to Austin again to help with the secret collar removal project . When Jace arrives in Austin, he's to meet Liam at the shifter fight site. When Jace arrives, he immediately has a territorial fight with Broderick and meets Deni, neither of whom has met him bef [...]

  • Tanya Davis

    Deni has a pretty bad case of PTSD, and when it strikes, she loses her memory and is completely taken over by her animal. We've seen some of the destruction she's done during her episodes already, and it is devastating to the family.Then we meet Jace, who has been asked by Dylan to come help with the collar situation. He is told to meet Dylan at the site of the fight club which is where he meets Deni. She rescues him from an attack and the two really hit it off. I mean really hit it off!Jace see [...]

  • Dark Faerie Tales

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: A wolf and leopard, can they mix, and can they mate and will they be able to help free all of the shifters?Opening Sentence: “The fight club had moved since Jace Warden had last visited the Austin Shiftertown.”Excerpt: Yes The Review:Jace is on a mission to help free shifters from their collars and he is in Austin Shiftertown to work with the pack to find a way to get them off of the shifters. He has found a way to keep the collar from z [...]

  • Claudia

    Feral Heat is my least favorite book because I felt that the characters were not evenly paired.Jace was present throughout the series and had a huge presence in Eric's pack and family. Out of his transition, he was still very young.This book is where the contradiction for me. Deni was just another wolf and there was not much working in her favor. We are looking at almost 60 years between the two of them and even for shifters it's a long time.Somehow I didn't believe that they were equally paired [...]

  • Cocktails and Books

    4.5 CocktailsSo good! This novella was so action and romance packed I wasn't even disappointed by the end. It felt like a natural conclusion rather than a to be continued like a lot of novellas. Deni and Jace are so freaking hot together. It was sort of laughable how long it took them to realize they were mates. This story is everything you always get from Jennifer Ashley. Depth, sexiness, sweetness, alpha males, accents. In other words perfection. Read it right now!! :)

  • Maria11

    Glad Jace got his story. Good read

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .

    Jace had returned back to Austin to conduct some further experiments with the Morissesy. He didn't expect to meet Deni Rowe. He didn't expect to become so protective of her. He didn't expect to feel so much for her. Deni has suffered a serious loss. Even though the person that caused it all has been dealt with. Her life has not quite got back to what it was. She never knows when she will flip out. Or just how fare she will go. Jace was unexpected to her but she cannot deny the connection they ha [...]

  • StephanieG

    3.5 starsJace Warden is in the Austin Shiftertown in an effort to find a way to free shifters from their collars without them going feral. Shortly after arriving, Jace meets Deni Rowe, a shifter ran off the road a year ago and still suffers uncontrollable episodes where her wolf takes over and she can’t remember what happens. Dani has felt broken since the incident and with Jace, she finally feels like she is healing and just maybe, deserving of their growing mate bond.Like his predecessors, J [...]

  • Melindeeloo

    I really enjoy Ahsley's Shifters Unbound series and one of the nice things about it is these great little fill in novellas. In the spotlight here is wolf shifter Dina (Ellison's sister) whose inner wolf is feral at times and Jace (erik's son) who has such good control of his good inner cat that he's volunteered himself for an experiment to try and find a way to remove the collars that keep all shifters bound. Since the story is short, the leads connect pretty quickly, but it's nice that not only [...]

  • Linda

    As reviewed on Read Our Lips:Ever since the attack on Deni, where a man crashed into her motorcycle causing a crash, she´s had trouble keeping calm and not going feral. The trauma has affected her deeply, but for once she´s come to the Shifter fights, to live a little.Jace is on a visit to work on his collar and try to detach it without major damage. When he reaches the fights it´s instant attraction between Deni and Jace. But how can this work, with them living in separate Shifter towns and [...]

  • Sharyn

    I am actually buying some e books. Enjoyed the story of Jace and Deni. Since I am reading this out of order, I knew they would get together, and each story fills in more and more of the backstory. Now it is going to get more exciting as the collars come off! I have just ordered 3 more from the library and then will read some more of the e books until I am all caught up!! I do enjoy shifter stories, and Ashley does a good job of consistency in the ethos. She and Christine Feehan both do such a go [...]

  • Tifferz

    I love Shifters Unbound! I cannot get enough of this series that Jennifer Ashley has written. I was hoping Deni was next to be written and I can't be more happy that she had Jace from the first time they laid eyes on each other. I'm excited to see that collars will be off soon!

  • Raven Delehanty

    it was interesting and keeped me on the edge of mt seat

  • Delta

    3.5 stars

  • Faye

    Read: September 2015The couple: Jace & DeniThe plot: Jace Warden is a feline shifter who is invited into shiftertown by Dylan, Luke and Sean Morrissey in order to continue their experiments on removing their collars. On his first night in town Jace meets Deni; she has been traumatised by a motorbike accident and she feels like she is slowly losing her mind and becoming more feral.I love returning to the world Ashley has created in the Shifters Unbound series. These shorter novellas cannot be [...]

  • Annette

    This series has really been good so far. This novella is about Jace Warden, son of a Shiftertown leader, who is sent to the Austin Shiftertown to help with discovering a way to remove the Shifter collars. He meets Deni Rowe there and they both start to feel the call of the mating frenzy. Deni has demons as she is still recovering from an attempted kidnapping which left her with episodes of memory loss and fits of feral behavior. Deni helps Jace with testing on the collars and the mating bond bec [...]

  • Anna-marie Buchner

    “YOU HAVE TO FIND HIM. YOU HAVE TO.”Feral Heat (Shifters Unbound series) Jennifer AshleyI couldn’t wait to sink into the latest release of Jennifer Ashley’s “Shifters Unbound series. It’s like and addiction wanting to know what happens next, do they find a way to remove the collars and who will be the next to find their mate, their soul mate, their other half. This story did not disappoint.In previous reads you were given some insight to Deni Rowe a lupine shifter. She was in a near [...]

  • Sammie

    It was awesome ,but why wasn't it longer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Jace ,he is just a great character and i was hoping he was gonna get a full length book ,i mean it was only 144 pages (sigh) i needed more ! but i loved his story ,i loved how he meets Deni at the fight club ,that was great ,i didn't expect for them to go at it the moment they met but it felt right that they kinda just jumped into a relationship, it was interesting to see that Jace could keep Deni from going Feral & vice versa : [...]

  • Ellena deLeon

    WOW, I missed this book because it didn't show up as the next instalment of this unique and creative series!!!But, let me tell you that this story is one for the books of all books in this particular series and you'll be really missing out if you don't have it in your own personal library! I truly enjoyed reading about the characters in this book and was delighted with the ingenuity and creativity that the writer out in there for is to enjoy and experience right along with the characters themsel [...]

  • TinaMarie

    Jace is an out of town shifter come to help with the removal of shifter collars. Deni still suffers trauma and flashes of feral fever from her attack. Their attraction is explosive, he helps and encourages her to take back what she lost. They lean on each other and draw strength from each other.

  • Michelle Weed jarnutowski

    SweetThis was an awesome and sweet story. Anyone who loves this series should absolutely make this book a must read

  • Michelle

    Hot hot hotDemi having been in an accident by a human trying to kidnap her but after she lost her confidence but her comes Jase who found his mate wow love these books

  • Lita Acevedo

    Very good. Nice read for the afternoon.

  • --Roxx-- • A Hopeless Romantic •

    Again Jace was built up so well that his book left me wanting more. Shout out to him for scoring a bad ass shifter but I feel like that type of trauma isn't overcome so quickly.

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