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Promising career checkAmazing apartment checkThe best of friends checkSex life MIA There s just one thing missing from Gia Renyard s life sexual adventure And the one man she d like to have it with is her hot co worker, Luke Monroe If only company rules didn t prohibit her from asking him out So Gia comes up with a plan make herself over into a fantasy seductress,Promising career checkAmazing apartment checkThe best of friends checkSex life MIA There s just one thing missing from Gia Renyard s life sexual adventure And the one man she d like to have it with is her hot co worker, Luke Monroe If only company rules didn t prohibit her from asking him out So Gia comes up with a plan make herself over into a fantasy seductress, follow Luke to a convention in Sin City, and have her way with him for one erotic weekend The man will never even know who did him Everything is going according to plan until Gia discovers that Luke is perfect for her outside the bedroom too And suddenly she s no longer content to let what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas

  • Title: Fearless
  • Author: Tawny Weber
  • ISBN: 9781459245976
  • Page: 461
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Tawny Weber

New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of than forty books, Tawny Weber loves writing about sexy heroes, most notably her popular Navy SEALs series Her sassy, emotional romances are filled with men dedicated to being the best and women determined to have the best Tawny credits her ex military alpha husband for inspiration in her writing, and in her life The recipient of numerous writing accolades, including Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and in addition to the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists, Tawny has also hit the number one spot on and Barnes Noble A homeschooling mom, Tawny enjoys scrapbooking, gardening and spending time with her family and dogs in her Northern California home.You can find Tawny on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest Website tawnyweberFacebook facebook TawnyWeber.Ro Twitter twitter TawnyWeber Pinterest pinterest tawnyweber author show

Fearless TV Mini Series Jun , With Helen McCrory, Sam Swainsbury, Jonathan Forbes, Robin Weigert Emma Banville, a human rights lawyer known for defending lost causes, sets out to prove the innocence of Kevin Russell, who was convicted for the murder of a school girl years earlier. FeRLess YouTube Fearless Definition of Fearless by Merriam Webster Fearless definition is free from fear brave How to use fearless in a sentence. Fearless definition of fearless by The Free Dictionary But it will be owing only to your labors, and the fearless efforts of those who, trampling the laws and Constitution of the country under their feet, are determined that they will hide the out cast, and that their hearths shall be, spite of the law, an asylum for the oppressed, if, some time or other, the humblest may stand in our streets, and bear witness in safety against the cruelties of Fearless Definition of Fearless at Dictionary Fearless definition, without fear bold or brave intrepid See . Fearless Jan , Directed by Ronny Yu With Jet Li, Li Sun, Yong Dong, Yun Qu A biography of Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia, who is the founder and spiritual guru of the Jin Wu Sports Federation.

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  • Karla

    4 Stars!! Sexy, fun read! Luke MonroeRAWRRRR!!I was pleasantly surprised by this read, it had more substance than I originally expected. It's a story about fulfilling one's sexual fantasies, but also about stepping outside your comfort zone, challenging yourself and finding love! I loved the interaction and camaraderie between Gia, Sara, Caryn and Jessa, the four women who created the Girlz Guide to a Rockin' Life and friends since their college days. They encourage and support Gia’s decision [...]

  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)

    *Book source ~ NetGalleyGia Renyard wants a sexual fantasy weekend with her hot coworker, Luke Monroe, so her friends help her plan how to make it happen. When he’s in Vegas for a convention she shows up in disguise as Vanna and seduces him into her bed. But will reality live up to fantasy?The sex is hot, but the rest of the story is lukewarm. Neither Gia or Luke impressed me. I really didn’t care about either one of them. It may have been because the story was short, but golden boy Luke and [...]

  • Nina

    SynopsisPromising career: checkAmazing apartment: checkThe best of friends: checkSex life: MIAThere's just one thing missing from Gia Renyard's life: sexual adventure. And the one man she'd like to have it with is her hot coworker Luke Monroe. If only company rules didn't prohibit her from asking him out… So Gia comes up with a plan: make herself over into a fantasy seductress, follow Luke to a convention in Sin City and have her way with him for one erotic weekend. The man will never even kno [...]

  • Les Romantiques

    Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherIt’s the first book I read from this author who is translated in French at Harlequin for its Audace imprint.Fearless is presented as a standalone but there is potential for a series of at least three volumes as the heroine is one of four close friends: Caryn, who likes men, Sara, who is bisexual, Jessa, who is married to the man of her dreams, and Gia Reynard (our heroine). The aim is to Rock Their Lif [...]

  • Pat

    A girl has to have her best friends, and Gia Renyard is no exception. Gia and her besties met in a college class, and the bond has never broken. The Girlz meet every few weeks for a ladies night and all it entails. Caryn is known for her sexy hookups, and loves to tell all . Jesse went on a Carribean cruise, met her soulmate brought him home and married him. Sara is the Drama Queen, from love to heartbreak and back again.Then there's Gia. "Good ole average Gia. Dependable, nice, cute. Not phenom [...]

  • Anne Dirty Girls' Good Books

    This story was hit and miss for me. The "Girlz" club and the fact that when they help each other out they call making a plan "gettin' it" It just made me feel old. (And I'm not that old.) I think it just seemed a little ridiculous, and that pulled me out of the story.I did enjoy the parts where Gia/Vanna and Luke got together in Vegas. I just wanted to see more of them. We were *told* they talked a lot about personal stuff, but it was all off page. The sex was hot, but transitions (not the sexua [...]

  • Heidi Ulrich

    Fun Sexy Fast Paced ReadWhen I heard Harlequin was doing Cosmo Red Hot reads, I was intrigued. I wondered how they would compare to the regular Harlequin blazes. I was concerned they would not have a good story. Well, Fearless put those concerns to bed (pardon the pun). This was a fast paced book, full of sexy fun and great heat between the two characters. Gia wants to cut loose and have a memory. Luke is her crush. When they meet in Vegas, with Gia masking her appearance because she feels she c [...]

  • Nicole Smith

    This book is about having the courage to take the chance and to go out of your comfort zone. I lived vicariously through Gia. This book was hot, to me hotter than Tawny has ever gone before. I loved it! The only thing that bugged me was the love scenes; the characters talked about doing certain fantasies, but we didn't see them put it into action. We got the after talk and feelings, don't get me wrong I like those parts, but I just bugs be a little when it's not delivered/ followed through. No w [...]

  • Helen

    This book rocks it is sexy hot and very sensual as Gia helped by her girlfriends plans a weekend in Las Vegas to have the fantasy of her life with the totaly hot Luke. Luke is the type of guy that everythings seems to come to but life is not much of a challenge to him anymore and when he spots Gia in the club in Vegas he is drawn to her. The long night together is Gia's true fantasty orgasms a plenty but they also talk and feel so comfortable and right with each other Luke is amazed that Gia und [...]

  • April

    As I’ve been making my way through the Cosmo Red-Hot Reads, I’ve had a range of reading experiences from good but with a weird looking love interest to WTF did I just read. Yet, I keep plugging away with the hopes that one of these novellas will provide me with an awesome story and an awesome love interest. Fearless by Tawny Weber totally delivered. It’s youthful. It’s fun. The love interest isn’t a weirdo. The writing isn’t godawful. The main character is cool and her group of girl [...]

  • Erica

    3 starsFearless by Tawny Weber was an intriguing read - I found the premise to be interesting, but it turned out a bit different that what I was anticipating. The characters were interesting, but the fact that Gia had to to go through this drastic disguise to get Luke was what kept me from loving it. Luke was a great character.

  • Beky Roszman

    Not bad.This book was more about self discovery and self realization. The sex scenes were good, but not great. It just lacked something, to me.

  • Janna

    Originally posted at Rarely Dusty BooksGenre & Keywords: Contemporary Romance, M/F, Fantasy, Seduction, Co-workers, Las Vegas~~~~~Rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsHeat level: 2 out of 3 flames~~~~~This sexy novella is about creating an alter ego to seduce the unreachable man of your dreams. The seduction is meant to be for just one weekend, because in real life the hot guy would never look twice at the common girl beneath the fantasy seductress alter ego. Also, the guy is supposed to move to the ot [...]

  • Dane

    **spoiler alert** Reviewed for Romancing Rakes for the Love of RomanceA Girlz Guide to a Rockin' Life Words of WisdomWhen life gives you lemons, make yourself a whiskey sour and read a good book.Okay, so that might not be true words of wisdom from the Girlz Guide, but I needed a fun opener for the review and I figured, it worked for the author of this novella, so why not give it a shot?Fearless is a fun, quick read about a young woman named Gia, who feels like she simply can't complete with the [...]

  • Dottie

    A sizzling hot read, which I actually rated at 4.5! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:Network engineer Gia Renyard met her three friends when they were randomly grouped together years ago in college for an assignment in their marketing class. Their task had been to create a useful tool that appealed to a particular market segment. Complete opposites, the girls soon found they have one thing in common; a need to shake up their lives. With that, the Girlz Guide to a Rockin’ Life was born. I [...]

  • Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)

    3.5 starsSecond half of the book was much more engaging than the first. I found the character development and return to reality more interesting than all of the bunny sex in Vegas. Go figure.full reviewReview:Fearless wasn’t my cup of tea, and it’s because I couldn’t relate to heroine Gia. She wants to have a sexual adventure, something to keep as a special memory, and oh, yeah, something to brag about with her friends. She has her sights set on co-worker Luke Monroe, and after learning th [...]

  • Christi Snow

    My Review:When I started this book I wasn't sure I was going to like it. It starts out with Gia and three of her friends in a set-up that is pure cheesiness with their little Girlz club and this guide to life they've written (while it provides the framework for Gia to do what she does, it felt a little too much like a junior high level club among bff'sh). I'm telling you right now, ignore that aspect of this book and you will love this book because the romance side of it is so good.Gia has had a [...]

  • Court

    I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley! Shel: This novella is the perfect read for a rainy, cold afternoon. It's a super quick and entertaining read and something that can be finished in one sitting. Court: It is super fun and fairly low angst! We were ready for it! Shel: The premise--Gia wants to have just oneONE night of hot, lusty, unforgettable sex before she grows old and settles down but has never acted on it. Her best friends concoct a plan to help her live out her f [...]

  • Ashley F

    This review was posted at Tsuki’s Book Blog on September 21, 2013.When I saw the name "Tawny Weber" I immediately pulled up and looked to see if I'd read anything by her before now. I had. I read a Christmas Harlequin Blaze in 2012 and gave it a solid three stars. This story had a premise I enjoy typically so I snatched it up and settled in to read.Gia pretty much has everything going for her. She has friends, an apartment, a career she loves but something is missing. She has this huge crush [...]

  • Stephanie Collins

    3.5What do you get when you push yourself out of the rut you've cornered yourself in? In this case you get a red-hot sexual relationship that ends up being so much more than sex.Gia has always been the safe one. She's got the good job, good apartment, good friends and in most respects a very good life but… She wants more and that more takes the form of having her sexual fantasies come to life. Her friends talk her in to going to Vegas to go after the man she wants for a weekend fling but what [...]

  • Amy H

    I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewthis was a cute, quick read. There was steamy sex scenes, and a lot of drama, and true friendship.O.K. i agree with a lot of people's review that this book is hard to follow. There is a lot of dialog that is hard to follow because it doesn't say who said it, so you have to like figure it out yourself.This book is about a girl named Gia. She has 3 friends who she met in college. Together they wrote a book. its a girls guide. Well, [...]

  • Sandy S

    3.75 starsFEARLESS is the latest contemporary romance novella from author Tawny Weber. The premise follows Gia Renyard as she embarks on a fantasy weekend to seduce a man who doesn't know she exists. With the help of her three best friends, Gia gets a head to toe make over to disguise her appearance hoping that her co-worker and crush Luke Monroe will not recognize the woman about to rock his world. But little did Gia know that the fantasy she had planned would become her reality when her heart [...]

  • Landslide

    *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*At first look, Giovanna Renyard has everything she could hope for: great friends, a promising career, a fantastic apartment. But her sex life is inexistent… What Gia really wanted was to live a sexual fantasy, preferably with her attractive coworker Luke Monroe. Relationships between coworkers are not allowed at the company they both work, but Gia and her friends come up with the perfect plan: Luke is going to a convention i [...]

  • Amy R

    This was my first book by Tawny Weber and it won't be my last. Fearless was a fun novella full of romance and fantasy. Fantasy as in a sexual fantasy that the heroine, Gia, wants to partake in. She is jealous that her friends are having all the fun and she is just boring old Gia. She decides to do something about it with the guy she has been crushing on at work. However, when she seduces Luke under disguise, she finds there is a lot more to Luke than a sexual fantasy.I don't like books that are [...]

  • Margreet Asselbergs

    ripeforreader/2013My rating: 3.5 of 5⭐Gina Renyard has a good job, nice apartment and awesome friends. She just has a ho-hum sex life. She and her three friends get together regularly for girls' nights and will talk about everything, except, Gina doesn't have that much to talk about. When she lets drop that she has a bit of a crush on a co-worker who barely notices her, the girls spring into action to help Gina get one fantasy weekend of hot sex with drool-worthy Luke Monroe.Looking around the [...]

  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog

    4.0 Star Review – FEARLESSI recommend this book.I enjoyed this book by Tawny. This book includes Erotic fun, passion, laughs, heartache, betrayal and sweet revenge in this story.If you found out your fantasy worthy crush was leaving the company would you try and get a chance to seduce him? Even if it meant going out of your comfort zone in order to do it? I think most of us would. Gia Reynard has a job at Tri-Solutions which she likes but there is a hot guy also working there Luke Monroe, the [...]

  • Janell Sutherland

    This is a novella that wants to be an updated, spicy Cinderella story, but given that it’s only 119 pages, it doesn’t have enough room for depth.Gia and her girlfriends like to drink martinis, dish about sex, and make rules (a Girlz Guide) for being awesome. All of her friends have amazing sex stories, and Gia feels boring and ordinary in comparison. So she tells them that she’d love one weekend of passion with her coworker Luke, but she can’t because a) her work doesn’t allow fraterni [...]

  • Jessica

    See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:I went into this intrigued by the premise of a forbidden work romance. And I was thinking it would appeal to me because of all the New Adult I've been reading lately; Women's Fiction should surely be just as good, right? Unfortunately, not so much for me.Don't get me wrong, it was an interesting and appealing story. Gia and Luke have a very nice romance throughout. What I didn't like were a few things. One of them being [...]

  • Sacha

    Rating 3.5/5 StarsI was really excited to have the opportunity to review an upcoming installment of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Red Hot Reads.It’s been a while since I’ve read a Cosmo, but I remember loving the magazine when I was in my early to mid twenties. I think this book suits that age group really well. It read as being a little young for me, but I still enjoyed the story and can respect the literary elements.I immediately loved Gia, and I loved her idea of becoming “Vanna” to fulfi [...]

  • JG

    Gia has always had a crush on Luke, a coworker but feels that she's a little out of his league. While on a girls' night out, her sexual fantasies were outed and her friends decided that she needs to pursue it. Especially since rumor has it that Luke will be leaving the company in two weeks. The plan was hatched to make her fantasy come true while Luke was on a business trip in Vegas. But she'll be doing the seducing as her alter ego, Vanna, a sexy siren with titian locks, red stilettos and a bar [...]

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