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By Makoto Yukimura Stephen Paul | Comments: ( 838 ) | Date: ( Dec 12, 2019 )

A BLOODY COMING OF AGEIn a gambit to become the power behind the Danish and English thrones, Askeladd has taken the prince, Canute, and plunged deep into a winter storm behind enemy lines Canute s father, King Sweyn, gives him up for dead in his haste to suppress English resistance But Askeladd s small band can t outrun the tenacious maniac Thorkell forever, and when theA BLOODY COMING OF AGEIn a gambit to become the power behind the Danish and English thrones, Askeladd has taken the prince, Canute, and plunged deep into a winter storm behind enemy lines Canute s father, King Sweyn, gives him up for dead in his haste to suppress English resistance But Askeladd s small band can t outrun the tenacious maniac Thorkell forever, and when the warriors finally clash, a storm of sweat and gore ensues that will turn a boy into a man and a hostage into a ruler of men Gripping doesn t begin to describe Vinland Saga 5 stars ICv2 Deeply engrossing If you have any interest at all in Vikings, the Medieval period, or pirates, this is not a series you want to miss Anime News Network For those who love Berserk, you ll love this too Worth the long wait A Case Suitable for TreatmentFrom the acclaimed author of Planetes

  • Title: Vinland Saga, Omnibus 3
  • Author: Makoto Yukimura Stephen Paul
  • ISBN: 9781612624228
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Makoto Yukimura Stephen Paul

Makoto Yukimura Stephen Paul Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vinland Saga, Omnibus 3 book, this is one of the most wanted Makoto Yukimura Stephen Paul author readers around the world.

Vinland Saga, Volume For Honor and Vengeance by Makoto Oct , Vinland Saga is, as the title suggests, a true saga Ten omnibus volumes are already available, with the th due in November of of course if the reader needs to continue the story and not wait for the HC offerings, then the regular manga offerings will suffice. Vinland Saga, Omnibus by Makoto Yukimura Plowed through the first three omnibus editions of Vinland Saga and I am blinded by its brilliance It s giving me the same vibes Vagabond did, although it s not nearly as tranquil It s taken on a similar theme of going down the path of pacifism and coming to understand the beauty of life through empathy, striving for an existence not riddled with violence and death. Vinland Saga, Volume Troubled Waters by Makoto Yukimura This eighth omnibus of Makoto Yukimura s masterful Viking saga continues the changed narrative after the events in volume seven Thorfinn and Einar has returned to Iceland with Leif s ship, but the dream of Vinland is just growing stronger. Vinland Saga manga Vinland Saga Makoto Yukimura Jul , This is the th Omnibus collection of Vinland Saga and was just as wonderful as previous installments in the series The detailed artwork, story, and characters are amazing This is my absolute favorite manga series of all time. Vinland Saga Makoto Yukimura Oct , Vinland Saga is no doubt my top favorite manga right now even beating the epic Attack on Titan though they are not the same, Vinland Saga beats it because of the incredible beauty of the drawings and details in the plotsBut this is only my humble opinion, of course.

Comments Vinland Saga, Omnibus 3

  • Sud666

    The exciting action-packed mnaga Vinland Saga continues with Volume Three. Askelaard and Thorkell are racing to find and capture Prince Canute. We learn a great deal more about the motivations for all the main characters. This is an important volume in the story as we see Thorfinn learn about his father's history and Prince Cantue, losing a close friend, begins to grow into the leader he is supposed to be.The action continues unabated in this volume. The artwork is top-notch. The historical sett [...]

  • Ctgt

    Artwork is still strong but there was a sequence in the middle about what makes a true warrior that didn't really work for me. Hopefully that will be expanded on down the road. Shifting alliances and the emergence of a prince push the story along.6/10

  • Koen Claeys


  • Ruth

    In various author notes throughout the volume, Yukimura references the importance of violence and what he wants to say about it in this work. It's why he chose vikings as the subject of the series, it was best suited to explore violence. Volume 3 certainly has its share of blood and decapitation, but his message is starting to come forward through the actions and words of the characters. Canute transitions in his grief from a limp shadow of a person to someone of royal bearing. Askeladd's feelin [...]

  • Skjam!

    Note: This review will contain SPOILERS for the first two volumes. If you do not want to be spoiled, see the reviews for those volumes instead.It is the Twelfth Century C.E the age of the Vikings. Thorfinn Thorsson serves as a Viking warrior in the band of Askeladd. But he does so only for the eventual chance to kill the treacherous murderer of his father in an honorable duel. Askeladd himself holds secrets about his heritage and true loyalties.In Volume Two, Sweyn Forkbeard invaded England. His [...]

  • Brandon

    Best of the serialized manga I have read yetBest of the serialized manga I have read yetAttack on Titan is good but confusing. It jumps around quite a bit. I wish there was more manga available on kindle, but Vinland has been a great find. Great story, interesting and differentiated characters, and just enough historical context to prompt me to want to go learn more.

  • Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)

    5 stars.Holy CRAP! this is such a good series. Brutal, bloody, utterly engrossing. I don't even like most of the characters, and I still keep coming back for more!

  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)

    Good volume.

  • Evelyn

    After murdering an entire village, Askeladd's band's karma is turning sour. Thorkell is on the march, chasing them through England again. He's after Canuted Thorfinn.Bloody, gross, and awesome; but also deep and philosophical at the same time. Thorfinn struggles with the question "What makes a true warrior?" while Canute struggles with the question "What is love?"Will either find an answer?

  • Karissa

    This is the third volume in the Vinland Saga Omnibus series. It was just as wonderful was earlier books in this series. The story is so epic and just draws the reader in and the illustration is absolutely stunning.Askeladd has taken Prince Canute and gone deep behind enemy territory. Thorfinn is given the task of protecting the Prince. However finally the inevitable happens and the war hungry Thorkill catches up with Askeladd’s army. Thorkill wants to finish his fight with Thorfinn once and fo [...]

  • The_Mad_Swede

    Following the events of the second omnibus, this book follows Askeladd's Viking band, including the fierce little warrior Thorfinn, as they are trying to help the young Prince Canute, son of the Danish King Sweyn, to reach the safety of his father's territory. On their trail is the fierce Viking leader Thorkell, who fights on the side of the English (primarily because he finds it more challenging to fight other Vikings) and who has an apparently vested interest in young Thorfinn, the son of Thor [...]

  • Mike

    Quick thoughts: The best volumes so far by a large margin, which is impressive given how incredible the first four were. A lot of shake ups and twists of fate here, with dramatic changes to the status quo and signs of intense conflicts to come. The depth of character and story is just amazing. Thorkell, Thorfinn, and Askeladd are compelling, exquisitely realized leads that make it impossible not to get caught up in their struggles.

  • Faith Hicks

    This series continues to be excellent.

  • kim song ng

    This is going to become one of my top favorites x) so darn good.

  • Nicole

    I started reading this series a few years ago, but put it on hold due to lack of time. During those few years, I happened to take a class dedicated to the Anglo-Saxons. Coming back to Vinland Saga with far more knowledge about the setting and history turned out to be a great thing, because it turns out that it's based on actual historical events. Canut and his father Sweyn, Thorkell the Tall and the Jomsvikings are all historical players in the history of England. (Knowing the history that Vinla [...]

  • Ericka

    Excellent art, breathless pacing, and great characters. It would be too easy to make a manga about vikings all about the hack 'n slash, but this author gives the story a lot of dimension and backs up his work with a lot of research. This volume chases action-packed battle scenes with touching character development. It's wonderfully dramatic. I can't wait to start the next volume.

  • Dorkthropology

    Man, this arc is still such a marvel. It's so rare to see a well-executed sudden character shift like the one here. His pivot and the way other characters and the entire plot changes as a result is amazing.

  • Malek Candler

    Everything I could've wanted out of the third one! Absolutely stunning!!

  • Siri

    I love this series, but i still thing the first omnibus is the best

  • Dino

    gripping story of Thorfinn continues, Danes, Saxons, Vikings just great

  • Cornerofmadness

    This continues to be amazing. I've mentioned before I don't much care for endless battle scenes but Makoto is a master at it. He manages to balance story and action in a seamless way. There is even character development, especially of Prince Canute in this one. Of course some of the tension is a bit missing for me as I know Canute's fate. I know who he marries and fathers etc and I'm not sure he was ever quite as wussy as he is in this but this is, of course fiction. Actually I rather like Thork [...]

  • Nicola Mansfield

    This story remains and continues to be superb. The art is excellent and is a bar above anything else I've seen coming from manga. Volume 3 of the saga concentrates heavily on the historical aspects of the story. Continuing on the Danish invasion of Britain; the two rival commanders Askeladd and Thorkell battle the English and each other continuously throughout the book, while they both want to be the ones with Prince Canute in their hands, though for different reasons. In this volume Thorfinn's [...]

  • Helena R-D

    I am sort of lukewarm on this series, although this one was better than the others due to the arc and character development of all the main characters. Unfortunately, the art style is a bit ridiculous for some of the characters. I swear I thought Canute was a girl and although I've seen Danes that are slight, this was too into bishounen category, which was pretty distracting considering how the other men were drawn in the series. The horse punching was utterly ridiculous. There's also the proble [...]

  • Sarah Hayes

    I don't know how Makoto Yukimura made me like the long-haired prince with the quiet stare, but he did. I don't know how he made Prince Canute's flip from scared and shallow to unafraid and determined believable, but he did (although I predict that Canute is going to have a hard time in the first scrap he gets into when he realizes Ragnar won't save him). I love that we are exploring the histories and motivations of men like Thorkell and Askeladd and Thors. I will be interested in seeing how the [...]

  • Jana Denardo

    This is such a superb Viking-era manga. The research is very obvious (though I'm betting Prince Canute was never quite this girlie at the start but it is alt history so). The art is outstanding and the story line clips along. That's not easy to do. Battle scenes can really grind things to the halt but Yukimura keeps the storyline flowing straight through them. It's a manga well worth looking up.

  • Panagiotis

    O καλύτερος τόμος από τους τρεις πρώτους. Η απόλαυση κλιμακώνεταιΗ σειρά συνεχίζει να ανταμείβει τον αναγνώστη. Οι συγκρούσεις, οι ανατροπές και η δράση πλαισιώνονται από ιστορικά μεζεδάκια μιας πτυχής της ιστορίας που αγνοούσα. Η Βίκινγκς τα είχαν σαρώσει όλα τον 12ο αιώνα [...]

  • Anna

    step right up to watch Thorkell the Tall beat the shit outta Thorfinn. Plus a few small (yet always glorious) Askeladd scenes and bonus epiphanies from the fair princess Prince CanuteReally, if you've been with the series so far, you know exactly what to expect, gore fights and all

  • Talk Comix

    This continues the epic story with good development of the main charachters. The story and violence still leep you gripped leaving you always wanting more. Still probably one of my favorite comic book series thst i am reading now. I highly recommend this to all comic book fans

  • Paolo

    Some decent history here, and some bloody good battles and wanton murder (because Vikings). 'Vinland Saga' has some of the best use of graphic violence here, along with some great dialogue and a twist or two in the plot that would make for a great ending.

  • Lord

    I would prefer more of a story over fighting but that's the only fault of this awesomeness. Makoto Yukimura is simply phenomenal.

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