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By J.L. Paul | Comments: ( 526 ) | Date: ( Jun 01, 2020 )

Isabella Ames isn t looking forward to her last year of school She attends a concert before the school year begins and gets than she bargained for While waiting in line at a fast food restaurant, a stranger jumps into her car Startled, she hesitates until she realizes it is Jake Johnson, lead singer of the band That night begins a journey of love and heartbreak.

  • Title: Phone calls from a rock star
  • Author: J.L. Paul
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  • Page: 249
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About Author:

J.L. Paul

J.L. Paul Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Phone calls from a rock star book, this is one of the most wanted J.L. Paul author readers around the world.

Comments Phone calls from a rock star

  • Ally-wa

    Oh my god !!! I just have no word why ? WHY does she have to cry all the time seriously B***h arrgh !!Ok i know it's not really constructive but seriously she spends her life sobbing and it's pathetic.And the other characters aren't better than her when you try to scratch the surface ! I mean seriously bad boy rock star jake refuses sex it could be okay if we had a real explanation but nope 'he respects her too much' WTF wear a purity ring dude ! I don't know it just doesn't add up and I hated t [...]

  • Jennifer

    Jake and Izunlikely coupling but it works. Jake's the rock star who "hijacks" Isabella's car to help him out of a potential fan attack. After talking with one another for a night neither is ready to let go. Thank God for cell phones. Over the course of time a relationship develops through phone calls, texts, and sometimes a visit. This story kept me entertained for a few hours. I liked the characters, the romance without the sex, and the story line. After reading a few books lately that left me [...]

  • Adrienne

    I liked this addition to the Ross Records series more than the first. The book does lean toward a YA demographic more than NA, but I felt the characters and relationships were more fleshed out. However, if Iz would have cried even one more time, I would've screamed.

  • Erin-Jayne Lloyd

    I love this book!!! It got romance, adventure and so much more!

  • Jenny

    I think the romance is a bit unrealistic and frankly the lack of communication between the two spells doom for the relationship.Lots of swearing, lots of unrealistic teenage angst and reactions andcally the book is unrealistic.

  • Renee

    I actually didn't finish because I got to the line in the first couple of pages about the "I left three kids at home with hubby to come to concert" line where she shames someone who is a grownup for liking music and I was immediately turned off the book. The author again made fun of the older woman a few pages later and I decided that this author did not interest me so I will not be finishing this book. I would leave zero stars if I could.

  • Brit Ib

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Really down-to-earth story that was hard to put down. If you like the YA romance with a celebrity niche you will probably enjoy this as well.

  • Krissy

    I read this story when it was first posted years ago online. Then, I bought the self-published version. I recently found that paperback and reread it. While there are some parts that needed editing (which I'm sure have been done since then several years ago), this story has always been one of my favorites. I've always loved the characters and the author's portrayal of them and their struggles. They're not perfect, but it just makes you wish something unlikely like this could happen to make your [...]

  • Nikki Lostinsweetwords blog

    I have to admit I’ve read this book quite a few times I’ve just never got round to reviewing it. Phone calls from a rock star is probably more of a young adult book but I like it anyway, Bella meets Jake one night after she sneaks away from a party her brother is having in their hotel room to go grab a burger and Jake leaps in her car to avoid a group of crazy fans. The two quickly become good friends and Jake finds time to visit Bella at her boarding school. Isabella does come across as qui [...]

  • Books In Brogan

    From one of my favorites authors : This is a books I found one day when I was looking for something different and I fell in love with JL Pauls' writing.   She is really good and if you've read Abbi Glines I would recommend anything by JL Paul.  Her books are the kind where you might need to keep the tissues handy but otherwise it's the cliche of you will laugh you, you will cry and then sigh.  This is the 2nd in the Ross Records series but Phone Calls From a Rock Star but within the series [...]

  • -k The Lady Critic

    Here's my video review of this book and the next one - youtube/watch?v=ODUTHWhile it's been edited since I last read it, I feel like it could be made better from being submitted to a professional editor. That being said, I'm still in love with the characters and this was an awesome cheese-read. Yes, it's a little over the top, but it was more than difficult to put down. The writer made it so that you were almost immediately sucked into the life of the main character Isabella and the rocky romanc [...]

  • Holly

    I liked this book quite a lot. Clean rock star romance. A bit of lust but no sex and very little bad language. They discuss waiting to have sex. Definitely aimed at younger readers. There were severaleye-roll occasions and a bit of drama (a little bullying, underage drinking, long distance relationship issues, and dealing with fame). Iz (Bella) is in a private high school when she accidentally meets rock star Jake. They hit it off immediately and keep in touch via phone calls. Their relationship [...]

  • Staphysagria

    Flipping through the final pages I declare this book finished.Oomph!. Sorry, but the plot centres around a well-to-do schoolgirl falling in love with a rock star- the whole book (including the style of writing) looks like a teenager wrote it in her diary, quite sweet, but rathre immature. Probably more suitable for underage readers - it could serve as edificational literature for the romantically inclined teenaager, because they are told how bad it is to consume alcohol and to have sex before ma [...]

  • Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith

    I liked this book, it's got a decent story line, with lovely characters, What are the odds of the love of your life/the one you've been looking for jumping in your car to get away from a pack of wild fans? that one meeting into a friendship which then becomes a relationship; one can only wish!!! It's got some ups and downs typical,drama, but I liked it, I felt the situations and emotions of the characters, only part I wasn't keen on was the ending, simply because if you pal to take a book storyl [...]

  • Kristina

    What would you do if you were sitting in a drive-thru late one night and a rock star jumps in your car? Would you scream? Call the police?You could do what Isabella Ames did – become his friend.After meeting Jake Johnson, lead singer for the band, Controlled Environment, hops in her car, Isabella is instantly plunged into a friendship that takes her through some rocky times. But when that friendship turns into something more, things couldn’t look better.Enter the tabloids and the rumors and [...]

  • Alexandra Ray

    This book is rough around the edges, but I first read Phone Calls in 2008, I think, when it was still up on fictionpress. I fell in love with Iz and Jake then, and that love has endured throughout the years. I can't express how hard I fangirled when I was finally able to hold the actual book in my hands. Guys, it was moment. And it was another moment when I was able to hold Back To The Top. Now, excuse me while I start reading that amazing sequel for the first time since fictionpress.

  • Lisa S.

    Started out very promising, and i liked the idea of dating a rock-star. But after about Midway, i feel like the Author just creates unneccesary dramaI also couldn't really sympathize with the characters. I liked Isabella for the most part, if she didn't cry at every momentJake was alright too, only he was very different from what I thought he would be. More goody-goody than I liked (bad boys just rock ;))But all in all, it was an ok-read. And if you're still in your teens, I think some of you mi [...]

  • Crystal

    Though the concept of the story was good. The story was not. I cannot stress how bad this story was. I tried and tried and TRIED to finish it just because I didnt want to have wasted my money but I just couldnt do it. It was as if this was written by a 14yr old girl very immature trying to tackle "mature" topics and just totally missing the mark in every way possible as well as desperately needing editing if only from a grammar perspective. Complete Waste of money and time in my life that I will [...]

  • Najwa Issa

    I don't know how to rate this book,,, there is nothing wrong with the book, I just got to read it too late in my life :-)If I'd read this book as a teen I would have given it 5 starts, no doubts 15 years later and the book was too sweet, the H and h too nice and perfect, even the "bad" girls become nice!!! sweet everywhere with a sweet HEA book ok,,, my age wrong for it

  • Paige Whitecotton

    Loved it!! Can't wait for the next one.

  • PensandoMusarañas thinkingshrews

    Rock - High - School - Musical meh.Ellos son un amor, pero en un general es muy adolescente americano pijirico.

  • Paige Whitecotton

    Loved loved loved

  • Cristie Sanon

    omg this book is amazing you will love it Jake is a hottie I can't wait to read the next book

  • Susan


  • Tanya Dsouza

    enjoyed it :)

  • Sarah Anslum

    Sweet story but didn't realize this was a young adult book. Still finished it though and wasn't completely disappointed. Would have liked to see more of the rockstar aspect.

  • Ann

    A delightful story. Its nice to read a story about rockstar without so much sex scenes. Truly refreshing and a joy to read.

  • Justyne

    4.5 stars

  • Not Your Cuppa

    Fool me twice, shame on me. Le sigh, i fell victim to another one of Paul's.

  • Rose

    This wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it wasn't too bad, either.

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  • Free Read [Children's Book] Ô Phone calls from a rock star - by J.L. Paul ä
    249 J.L. Paul
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