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By J.R. Rain | Comments: ( 563 ) | Date: ( Jun 05, 2020 )

Mother, wife, private investigatormpire Seven years ago, federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampire.Now with Christmas just around the corner, Samantha Moon finds herself takMother, wife, private investigatormpire Seven years ago, federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampire.Now with Christmas just around the corner, Samantha Moon finds herself taking on a very strange case A mysterious family treasure has been stolen, something priceless that s been passed down through the generations, something buried in secrets Samantha s reward is simple she gets half of whatever it isif she can find it first.And just as the holidays threaten to consume her, Samantha is approached by a very mysterious man, someone who knows all her secrets, a man who might not be a man at all This Christmas, Samantha Moon s world is about to be rocked

  • Title: Christmas Moon
  • Author: J.R. Rain
  • ISBN: 2940013477865
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Nook

About Author:

J.R. Rain

I m an ex private investigator now writing full time in the Pacific Northwest, where I live in a small house on a small island with my small dog, Sadie, who has energy than Robin Williams.As a kid I was always making stuff skates, skateboards, skimboards, skis, sleds, clothing, furniture, wood carvings, Easter baskets, comic books, you name it I was the mother of all nerds Anyway, I think I was searching for the one thing I wanted to keep on making for the rest of my life Then one day I discovered Choose Your Own Adventure books Remember those You as the reader were asked to make choices for the characters Choose Your Own Adventures were a lot of fun and I just had to make my own And so I did, writing three of them, and I ve been hooked on writing ever since Just think, I could have been hooked on making Easter baskets In high school, I was a fine balance of jock and nerd I played football and baseball and somehow managed to write five complete novels So how was I able to write so much and play sports and study at the same time Easy No girlfriend In fact, I didn t kiss a girl until I was in college In college, I still managed to write two books and over 80 short stories Even with all the kissing Eventually, I graduated with a perfectly useless degree in anthropology, got married two weeks later, and shortly thereafter started my career as an insurance claims investigator I ve made better choices I would spend the next four years researching and writing my first adventure novel, THE LOST ARK At the age of 28, I landed one of the biggest agents in Hollywood Welcome to Hollyweird I discovered that I had a natural knack for writing screenplays Go figure For the next two years I worked exclusively with Paramount Pictures and Alphaville Productions developing various movie and TV projects Some things worked out most didn t I learned much and I m thankful for the experience Ultimately, I realized I had strayed far from my true love writing novels but never very far from my other true love donuts And so, with a little bit of money in the bank and some time on my hands okay, fine, I got fired from my insurance job , I moved to Carlsbad and wrote three books DARK HORSE, MOON DANCE, and CURSED Being married to a dreamer is tough Being married to a dreamer and a writer is damn near impossible Yup, you guessed it, after seven tough years my wife was gone, baby, gone Not to worry I eventually met another girl poor thing , and together we moved up to Seattle Things turned ugly fast I lost my job, my car, my money, the girl, went bankrupt, and yet somehow wrote THE MUMMY CASE in a freezing cold basement in the middle of a rainy winter, unemployed and stealing food usually donuts from local grocery stores Like the prodigal son, I eventually moved back home to southern California, where I got a new job, got my private investigator s license, got a new movie agent, moved to Hollywood and was fortunate enough to have my first novel published in November 2005 by Mundania Press In 2006, I wrote ELVIS HAS NOT LEFT THE BUILDING, and in 2007, I moved up to Oregon where I eventually became a vegetarian for moral reasons , and wrote the first draft of my ghost story, THE BODY DEPARTED In 2008, I moved back to southern California to help with my sick father Now in 2009, you guessed it, I m back up in the Pacific Northwest, living on a small island in a small home with my small doggie It s a simple, peaceful lifea life filled with writing, hiking, and Beggin Strips Remember life is too short to work at a job you don t love So follow your dreams, my friends, even if it means living on a faraway island in the back of beyond As you can see, I ve come far from those days of stealing donuts Full circle, if y

Comments Christmas Moon

  • Kara

    “Christmas Moon” is a very short (1:40 hours) novella in the “Vampire for Hire” series, picking up six months after book four. It’s numbered as book 4.5 and events do occur between books four and five. One of the two most significant events is recapped in one or two sentences in book five, and I’m not really sure why this book even exists. I’ve read that some authors create lots of short books when they participate in Kindle Unlimited, because their remuneration or ranking is enhan [...]

  • Matt Schiariti

    In keeping with the overall tone of the series, Christmas Moon is another fun peak into the world of Vampire mom and private eye, Samantha Moon.Sam's growing more comfortable in her relationship with Kingsley as the holidays are approaching and since Christmas is coming, Sam is busier than usual. Not only is she busy with the normal roles of mother/parent with cookies and presents and decorations, but she's also got her private eye business to maintain as well.Not one to take off for the holiday [...]

  • Sally

    Christmas Moon definitely has to be read in the sequential order of the Vampire for Hire series. This is a great short story that entails a relatively easy case for Samantha Moon to investigate whilst she gets ready to celebrate Christmas with her family.There are parts of the story that have obviously opened up a new direction for the series to go down and introducing another character, who possibly knows more about Samantha than anyone else, as well as the ability to read her thoughts, the ser [...]

  • Marsha

    "Christmas Moon" is a novella featuring vampire mother and Private Investigator, Samantha Moon and her desire to prepare a nice Christmas for her children. While watching Judge Judy and waiting to pick up her children from school, Samanta's is visited in her home office by a new client. A safe (Family heirloom) was stolen from his home and he wants it back. He doesn't even know what's in it, the true value comes from where the safe comes from, his father and grandfather. Samantha agrees to locat [...]

  • Schweighsr

    Although priced in-line with his other books, this is a short story - and a fairly short one at that. It is an interesting interlude, but should have been included in one of the Vampire for Hire novels instead of sold individually. It also annoyed me when the amethyst amulet she finds in this story mysteriously turns into an emeral amulet in the next. So points off for those problems, even though it was otherwise an enjoyable read.

  • Cheryl

    Great little Novella! I'm a fan of the Vamp for Hire series. Found this on needing something to read. Very interesting and played well into the whole Samantha Moon saga. Wondering how this new character introduced will play into Rain's future books in this series.

  • Mary Ellen

    I enjoyed this short story about Samantha Moon, divorced mother of two, private detective, and vampire, set at Christmas time. I liked the case she was investigating, and it’s outcome, as well as the client. I enjoy that for the most part, Samantha is not a snob. Except for those people who show themselves uncaring for the rules of polite society, the openly hostile, and the threatening, Samantha generally accepts people as they are, and treats them with the respect they deserve as a fellow tr [...]


    Loving this seriesI am an avid reader. Discovered JR Rain by chance and am loving all the characters and stories. A Paranormal PI mom- the everyday life of ups and downs and added kids drama. Can't wait to finish series and read all the others by this Author. Thank You for the adventures.

  • Shon Chewning

    SamChristmas time as a vampire is enjoyable. She focus on making sure her life as a mother comes first. I really enjoyed listening to this book. The series are exciting and the storyline are different. Her being a detective brings more to the series. Thanks

  • Vicki

    What I like about this series is there is so much going on in each book. A mystery to solve. Sam dealing with being a vampire but still trying to be a Mom. Her romance with Kingsley, a werewolf.Love this series!

  • Natasha Lablue

    This book was supposed to be a standalone novella. The author's comments in the beginning of the 5th book alert you to that fact. Without reading this book, you will be confused about the plot of the 5th book.

  • Deborah Yunevich

    A great short story in the Samantha Moon seriesWhat destiny is Samantha supposed to fulfill and does she have to be immortal to do it? These are a few of the questions brought up. Ishmael, the guardian angel who wasn't could become an important part. Looking forward to more.

  • Stella Kydd

    The plot thickens. This series is full of surprises.

  • Donna Langley

    Loved itWe get a little more or the Hollidays with Samantha Moon. I enjoyed the in between a with them all was nice

  • Lisa

    The best so farThe writer pulled from religious studies and intertwined many different belief systems. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to the next book.

  • Mark Garrido

    An enjoyable series. I like the main character Samantha. She's spunky, smart and has a cute outlook on life and her situation. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys light, mindless entertainment.

  • Sharon Powers

    Book Review by: Sharon Powers.This book is the e-book edition of the novella, Christmas Moon, by J.R. Rain. The Kindle price (as of this date: 12-09-14) is $2.99, but I read this book for free since I obtained it from the Kindle Owner's Free Lending Library (month of December). This title also comes in paperback, and as an Audible Audio Edition. Pages number 114, and is Whispersync for Voice, ready. This book is number 5 in the Samantha Moon stories, entitled: Christmas Moon: Vampire for Hire, [...]

  • Kat Lebo

    Christmas Moon J.R. RainsI'm reading novels 3-8 and this Novella in a Kindle compilation. Christmas Moon is referred to as #4.5 in the series. I'm not sure I'd call it a novella, maybe just a long short story. All of what I like about Rain's writing was present -- excellent editing and proof-reading, vivid characterizations, nice plotting. In this one, he also does something that I like very much: he makes a little fun of himself in the novella. Very near the beginning of chapter two, Samantha a [...]

  • Phe

    3.5 Stars — Christmas Moon is a paranormal myster/urban fantasy by J.R. Rain and a holiday novella in his Vampire for Hire series.The series revolves around Samantha “Sam” Moon, former federal agent and recently divorced soccer mom, turned private investigator after an attack, six years ago, turned her into a vampire. And now, with Christmas just around the corner, Sam finds herself taking on a very strange case. A mysterious family heirloom has been stolen, something priceless that's been [...]

  • Sheridan Lee

    Christmas Moon is much more than the usual short story before the larger Vampire for Hire novels. This is more of a novella and is absolutely vital to the larger story arc. I'm sure Rain can work the important points into the overall series, but I recommend reading this one to keep you up to speed. Sam meets a man who is, at least partly, responsible for her new way of life. We also learn what makes Sam what she is. Rains unique twist really sets him apart from other vampire stories. This short [...]

  • Jamie

    This was another outstanding story by J.R. Rain. I was so expecting a nice little Christmas story, maybe with Santa (At least at the mall but heck you never know in these books) and maybe a bit of shopping and of course some Judge Judy but instead I got this very interesting tell. I don't want to give anything away but there's a reason this book is referred to as book 4.5 I would definitely buy it after reading Moon child and before Vampire Dawn. It leads right into Vampire Dawn and has a major [...]

  • Bookmom

    Novella that is roughly half the size of the prior books, the Christmas theme has this leaning more towards a feel good story than the prior novels. Often times when reading a novella that is part of a series, you get taken off the beaten path a little or learn more about a secondary character. In most cases it fills the reader’s fix while waiting for the next book but it wouldn’t hurt the flow of the series to skip it.I haven’t read further into the series yet, but it seems to me that two [...]

  • Vannessa

    For a quick, little novella this book was good fun! Samantha Moon is getting ready for Christmas and enjoying life without her husband Danny and enjoying her new relationship with the werewolf lawyer Kingsley. She takes on a case from a self-confessed junk collector whose hidden safe has been taken from his trailer. This safe has been passed down from his grandfather and father, but no-one knows what's actually inside it as it's never been opened. Samantha is quick on the trail and easily finds [...]

  • Carrie

    I really should have read this in the right order. Unfortunately, if you skipped this short story like I did, there is a definite gap in Samantha's meeting with her guardian angel.Sam is on a case where she has promised to collect a missing safe in exchange for half of what's inside. The Christmas time of year adds a fun little twist to this tale. Sam is still dealing with her shaky relationship with her ex, but is trying to make the best of the situation (because it's the holidays, right?). Whi [...]

  • Karen

    This is why I like these books, there are some of the strangest things happening to this woman who was so ordinary not so many years ago. This short gives you a quick look into the life that Sam has built for herself after her transformation into a vampire. She has her business, which is doing very well considering she can only really work at night. Her love life is definitely doing well since she finally decided to give Kingsley a real chance. Most important of all is that her children are happ [...]

  • Dalene

    Original review posted at A Date with a BookFor being a Christmas novella, this book wasn’t too short or too Christmasy. This was a quick, fun read. A great in between novel for the series. Samantha solves a stolen property case and is also able to show her Christmas kindness. The novel takes its usual course with all characters and her working as a PI, but it all happens just before Christmas. While this is a novella, it definitely should be read as it reveals a few things that are pertinent [...]

  • Douglas Meeks

    I just read Christmas Moon: A Novella (Vampire for Hire #4.5) and talk about piling on some major cliff hanger stuff and turning a new corner for the series. All this in a novella that took me less than 2 hours to read. OK, I am hooked, I gotta get Book 5 ASAP :) If you follow the series this is NOT one of those short stories you can skip and keep going, you need to read this one. I don't do spoilers but if anything you might want to wait until book 5 is out so you don't have to suffer along wit [...]

  • Christina Drew

    I originally bought the first four books because Barnes and Noble offered a deal. I intended the series to be a quick summer read but I quickly fell in love with the characters. I was going to skip Christmas Moon seeing as it was a short novella that was described to me as a side note but once I began book 5 I realized there were some important plot points that I could not miss. I read Christmas Moon in less than 2 hours and while it was still loveable Samantha, I think this novella left too muc [...]

  • Denise Keef

    This was a quick but great story. If you are a fan of the Vampire For Hire series featuring Samantha Moon by JR Rain then you will love this little Christmas story. In it we find out about Samantha's guardian angel Ishmael and his feelings for Samantha and what really happened the night she was attacked. I also loved how Samantha solved a case for an elderly gentleman named Charliee might be one of the undeadbut she still has a good heart! I definitely recommend this to everyone who reads the se [...]

  • Chrystina Williams

    This is just a novella, so it isn't really long, but it was really good! Although it has a main storyline that is solved in it, most of the novella just raises questions that I hope are answered in book Five.There are just so many different things going on in it and most of those are leading to the next book. I just don't know what to think about it exactly, even though it was good, I just have way to may questions about what happens next lol. If you're a fan of the Samantha Moon series I seriou [...]

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