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By L.M. Justus | Comments: ( 781 ) | Date: ( Jun 06, 2020 )

A typical teenager, seventeen year old Reed Hennessy doesn t realize how lucky he is to lead a normal life until he loses everything, including his humanity The attacker who slaughters his family and destroys their home turns out to be a vampire, a creature Reed had considered a myth.Now a vampire himself, but with the unique ability to walk in sunlight, Reed struggles inA typical teenager, seventeen year old Reed Hennessy doesn t realize how lucky he is to lead a normal life until he loses everything, including his humanity The attacker who slaughters his family and destroys their home turns out to be a vampire, a creature Reed had considered a myth.Now a vampire himself, but with the unique ability to walk in sunlight, Reed struggles in the dark underworld he didn t even know existed His only two allies in his fight to stay alive are his reluctant mentor, Nathaniel, a vampire with over two hundred years worth of emotional baggage, and Sarah, a rookie cop with a secret ability of her own Together, Reed and his companions face a harrowing, cross country journey before stumbling into a plot which could mean the end of everything for humans and vampires alike.

  • Title: Welcome to the Darkness
  • Author: L.M. Justus
  • ISBN: 9780991936809
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

L.M. Justus

Lisa Justus path to becoming an author took a circuitous route through the University of Waterloo where she earned a Bachelor of Mathematics, followed by jobs in quality assurance and technical writing at a high tech company With a keen interest in creative fiction, she wrote her first fantasy novel as part of NaNoWriMo as well as an early chapter book for her kids when they were younger She went on to write the YA paranormal fantasy Darkness Trilogy Welcome to the Darkness, Darkness Reigns, and Embrace the Darkness Most recently, she has branched out into cookbooks with her release of Simple Delicious Vegan Recipes For Everyone Who Loves Great Food.These days Lisa is busy writing her next novel, reading, and trying to stay in shape by running and going to the gym She, her husband, and their three children live in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Comments Welcome to the Darkness

  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson

    Welcome To The Darkness is a phenomenal read by L.M. Justus. Anyone who knows me knows I love me some vampire stories. I loved this one because it was so much more than a vampire story. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to your family being slaughtered? Then the attacker turns on you and when you come to you realize you are no longer the same person but someone and something different. Well welcome to Reed Hennessy's world. Reed has everything one day and the next he has nothi [...]

  • Caroline Wissing

    Reed is teenage boy with a big problem. A vampire killed his family and now he's one of them. Or is he? With an uncanny ability to survive things that other vampires can't, it now seems the vampire horde has taken an interest in Reed. He teams up with Sarah, a young woman with an uncanny ability of her own, and Nathaniel, a hilariously uptight and ancient vampire. It's great fun watching as this trio learns to care for one other while they stumble through their myriad adventures. It's a fast-pac [...]

  • Caitlin Roe

    I really enjoyed this gripping novel. Reed and Nathaniel with their interesting relationship, though vampire-ism provides a realistic, sarcastic humor, as well as Sarah and Reed's interesting encounter and odd friendship further the intrigue. After losing his family and discovering he is a vampire, the last thing he wants to do is learn to be one, but then Reed's (after) life gets a little (okay, a lot more) frightening, and he has to face his fears one way or another. All in all, great read and [...]

  • Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books

    Check out the blog tour and my stop on Aug 19, there is a giveaway, and the first chapter to read my my post.Wow, I devoured this book in a day, it was so intense. I was hooked from that first chapter, and didn't want to stop reading. I loved this take on vampires, and how our main character Reed, is different. I also love the alternating points of view. Each chapter will be from one point of view, and has that persons name at the start. That was great how it was done. I really liked Sarah too, [...]

  • Jane Yamada

    This book (Welcome to the Darkness by LM Justus) was exciting, suspenseful starting from page 1. Reed was a normal teenager and all of a sudden his world is turned upside down with such horror. Hard to put the book down because you want to see what happens next. Loved the characters, Reed, Nathaniel, Sarah and even The King. first. The Queen was pretty creepy and I didn't trust her one bit. The only disappointment with the book was, I got to the end and there was no more written (except probably [...]

  • Sandra Riml

    I'll admit, typically a vampire novel is outside what I might usually pick up off the bookshelf but I'm so glad I did. 'Welcome to the Darkness' was a quick and fun read, and would be perfect for teenage readers (although again, I thoroughly enjoyed it myself). From the very first chapter, I found myself wondering what would happen next and then thinking, 'maybe I should just read one more page' until it was too late and I had finished it. Lucky for me, the book leaves room for a sequel, so I fo [...]

  • Future Slayer Girl

    This is going to be a review of book one & two, I read them back to back for the blog tour for book two, and my brain is combining them and I feel like two reviews would just be a regurgitation of itself. To start off I need to say that this series isn't terrible. It is a unique take on the whole vampire mytho and it takes a very interesting twist leading into book two. It almost as a very dystopian feel to it which makes you impulsive enough as a reader to dive into that second installment. [...]

  • Lindsay

    2% into this book and I almost gave up. It’s a little early to be making judgments, but I found myself doing exactly that. The opening scene is the slaughter of Reed’s family. It should be fraught with emotion, and probably more than a little gore, but instead it was factual and over in a matter of pages. I didn’t feel attached to Reed, even though it was told in first person, nor was I sad for the family he just lost. I made the choice to give the book another chapter or two before making [...]

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort

    FAIRY THOUGHTSFavorite Line(s) “I don’t mind if you get all fangy on me. Really,”“I learned long ago that affection for another could be a very dangerous thing. It can be a great weakness used against you, as a method for ensuring compliance, thus I have attempted to remain distant from everything and everyone.”“And so, my journey into the world of darkness and vampires had come to an end.”Man talk about a messed up week! Reed's family is killed and he has become a vampire! While w [...]

  • Sabrina Olteanu

    I received this from the author in exchange for my honest review.The story it’s captivating from the start as the book begins in full action. Reed Hennessy heard his parents scream and he ran to see what’s happening, trying at the same time to protect his sister. Little did he knew, these was the beginning to all his problems. The man who attacked his family was a vampire, but he didn't want Reed dead, that would of been easy, he turned him into a vampire. No vampires aren't a myth anymore f [...]

  • ChristinaTorretta

    I enjoyed reading this from the beginning. It starts off pretty horrific with the killing of Reed’s family and I was left wondering what in the world can happen next? L.M. Justus does a great job of keeping the plot engaging but not to the point of ridiculousness. Reed goes through his ups and downs, even as a vampire. And what was really extraordinary is that I kept wondering if Reed was really a vampire considering everything that kills a vamp easily, doesn’t kill Reed.Nathaniel is a very [...]

  • Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts)

    This was like a complete, and utmost rip off of the Blood of Eden trilogy. Take a look at the synopsis for book 2: a virus.Want to know what I was hoping? A completely unique concept. I mean, a virus in which there are human/vampire hybrids running around looking zombies. Blood of Eden apparently doesn't have that concept.What I got? A rip off. Dominic sounds like Jackal, who apparently thinks that humans are "blood bags". Reed is like Allison, in which both actually gets attacked by psycho vamp [...]

  • Sheri (Tangled Up In Books)

    Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books3.5 out of 5 StarsI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I'm always one for a good vampire book and, though I had a few issues with it, I still really enjoyed this book. It was different and a bit darker than the average vampire novel that I normally read. It was fast paced and kept me engaged from start to finish. Once I picked it up I was hooked and found it difficult to put it down.This book was told in multiple POVs. W [...]

  • Tracey (Life and Literature)

    I stood trembling, frozen to the spot. He leaned forward to whisper into my ear. "Welcome to the Darkness."Welcome to the Darkness starts off with a bang right from page one. Seventeen year old Reed is at home with his parents and sister when he hears a noise coming from downstairs and goes to investigate. What he comes across is a scene that will rip his world apart and change the course of his life forever. Both his parents and his sister have been brutally slaughtered and the man responsible [...]

  • Nicole Hewitt

    This review and many others can be found on my blog - Feed Your Fiction AddictionWelcome to the Darkness was a pleasant surprise for me. When I first started reading, I wasn't sure if I was going to love it, but the further I got into the story, the more I loved it. By the end, I was sure that I would be reading the next book in this new series!The negatives:The writing style. There were points in the book where I felt that the writing style was just a little too simplistic, especially at the be [...]

  • Jessica

    It's no secret that I'm quite addicted to books about vampires. There's something about the line they walk between utter beauty and complete violence that has always fascinated me. Which is why I was really pleased with the way L.M. Justus handled these vampires. Welcome to the Darkness chooses to focus on the dark side of vampire kind, something that isn't put into the spotlight very often. I found this intriguing, and it is definitely what kept me reading on.A warning to those with certain sen [...]

  • Laurie Treacy

    I've been a vampire fangirl way before there was a girl named Bella and vampires aimed at young adults sparkled. Whenever I learn of a new take on my favorite paranormal creatures, I try to read it. Welcome to the Darkness by L.M. Justus is the type of book I like to see on my reading radar and jumped at the opportunity to read it.Reed loses the most important things in his life in one horrific moment as he witnesses his family's slaughter by mythological monsters. To make matters worse, he awak [...]

  • Sarah

    This is an enjoyable, solid read and I found it very easy to get in to. What let the book down for me was the fact the story did not always “hang” together and I found some of the plot developments just a little bit unconvincing.Undoubtedly, the plot of ‘Welcome to the Darkness’ moves rapidly which is a definite bonus with so many vampire stories available to read. Justus certainly puts a unique spin on vampires with features such as their saliva healing puncture wounds, going into a “ [...]

  • Lelia Taylor

    A brand new teenaged vampire, a slightly older rookie cop with a different sort of power and a seasoned vampire with a couple of hundred years under his belt…can this odd assortment of characters defeat the nefarious intentions of a very old and vicious vampire queen and her equally odious brother? Sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? Well, put your pre-conceived notions aside because Welcome to the Darkness is a serious vampire book—no sparkles in sight—with overtones of sheer fun and, yes, [...]

  • Jasmyn

    Welcome to the Darkness is a interesting mix of vampire lore, romance, and tragedy. Reed finds out that vampires exist in the worst possilbe way, he becomes one - and he doesn't quite believe it at first. The confusion and shock were very well written, he wasn't too blindly accepting of what had happened as seems to happen in some vampire books. To top it all off, he has lost everything and everyone he ever cared about.Nathaniel finds Reed and realizes he's not your typical vampire. Nathaniel wa [...]

  • Jackie (No Bent Spines)

    * I received this copy for a blog tour: nobentspines/ *3.6Action packed with an all too real (or as real as it can get with a mind reader and vampire) romance that will leave you breathless and begging for book 2. I was lucky enough to get selected to do this book tour. I love book tours. How does it get better than reading a book and helping an author? I really don't know *shrugs* Well as I stated above, this book is beast. I liked the beginning, loved the middle and liked the end. How does thi [...]

  • Nicky Peacock

    There are two books so far in this series, and thankfully I was given both to review – you really do need to read them in order to truly appreciate the story and the characters.Both books are well paced and gives us some interesting characters – vampires can be a little old hat these days, I’m not sure there’s much more we can do to them to make them interesting, but this series really adds to the vampire mythos, rather than just borrow from every other book.From a writer’s perspective [...]

  • She's a Lip Biter

    An ARC was received for an HONEST REVIEW!!!Reviewed by Tamara!!Reed is just 17 years old suffering a deadly loss of his family and trying to come to turns with his new powers and his new way of life. Sarah a young woman as well as a cop with abilities of her own and then we have Nathaniel who is ancient and extremely up tight he has also struggled with his own losses in life and showing he struggles with his emotions when it comes to Sarah and Reed. Together the three of them team up with unlike [...]

  • Sy

    Fast, fast start to the plot & needed to be so! Reed wouldn't have been able to take in such violence to his family point by point without going insane.But I liked best the new (for me) vampire lore. Like Reed, I knew about vampires' aversion to crosses & sunlight & garlic but these are discounted promptly by the author & new 'facts' & vocab take their place: to be 'turned', to 'die' (two types of dying in fact, one of them permanently). I tore through the book too quickly to [...]

  • Pelin

    Well as an unoffical expert on vampire themed everything especially books. There was nothing out of ordinary. I am not saying that it was bad, just that it wasn't good either. It was so so-so that I cannot describe it completely. The characthers were not shallow but they were not deep also. The problems they encountered were way too easy to solve so it seemed like nothing happened. I believe that for a book to be exciting the writer has to outsmart us. The story has to be clever and it has to ke [...]

  • Gloomyivashkov

    I could not get through this book even though I really tried.I feel kinda bad about it, since I received the book for free through First Reads. I enjoy books about vampires, I enjoy bad books about vampires (I made it through Twilight with a lot of good laughs), but I did not enjoy this book.The characters were flatter then cardboard (main characters parents get brutally murdered, he seems to be over it three pages later) there were more clichés in here then I could even count and it just wasn [...]

  • Gretchen Paulson

    This was an interesting read different than I have read before. I wouldn't consider this book young adult. Not that there were adult topics but the only thing young about it was Reed's age @ 17. I story was good a little slow paced for me but the turns it took were not what I was expecting and that is always nice.

  • Ella Cooper

    Usually I don't like books from a male characters perspective but Welcome to the darkness changed my mind completely. An amazing book by L.M Justus ! Cant wait to read the next.

  • Michelle

    Totally enjoyed this one! ;) Review to come for blog tour!

  • AtaraxyNova

    It was pretty good

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    376 L.M. Justus
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