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By Rebecca Muddiman | Comments: ( 665 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

When Abby Henshaw is brutally attacked by two strangers in the countryside, her first thought is for the safety of her baby daughter, Beth But what follows is a mother s worst nightmare Beth is gone and Abby s world collapses around her.As DI Michael Gardner begins to investigate Abby and her family, he discovers lives built on secrets and betrayals Under pressure fromWhen Abby Henshaw is brutally attacked by two strangers in the countryside, her first thought is for the safety of her baby daughter, Beth But what follows is a mother s worst nightmare Beth is gone and Abby s world collapses around her.As DI Michael Gardner begins to investigate Abby and her family, he discovers lives built on secrets and betrayals Under pressure from his bosses to find the missing child and to unearth the truth, Gardner finds himself struggling to stay emotionally removed from the case, and from Abby herself.After the authorities finally shelve their investigation, Abby receives a message telling her where she can find her daughter But how can she convince those around her that the girl really is Beth when they are the very people she knows least A gripping and haunting debut, Stolen is a richly imagined psychological thriller from an exciting new talent in crime writing.

  • Title: Stolen
  • Author: Rebecca Muddiman
  • ISBN: 9781901888867
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Rebecca Muddiman

Rebecca was born and raised in Redcar She has lived and worked in Holland and London, and travelled across America on a Greyhound bus in 2002 She won a Northern Writers Award in 2010 and the Northern Crime Competition in 2012 When not writing she spends her time watching Game of Thrones and dealing with her two unruly dogs.

Comments Stolen

  • Lee

    I absolutely loved this book! Abby Henshaw is driving with her baby going to visit a friend. She is forced off the road by a car and is then assaulted and raped by its occupants, leaving the baby in the car alone. Abby is terrified, she has never seen these men before and cannot understand why they targeted her. To her horror, after she struggles back to her car she finds her baby missing. What is going on? To divulge more would give away the story but all I will say is that I read this book in [...]

  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)

    A great book written by a relatively new face on the British Crime scene. This was promoted in my local library!I read this book quickly, it's an interesting and chilling plot with plenty of twists and turns, I'm a big fan of supporting English writers, and this book deserves some credit. Kidnapping.Scary stuff. And you can feel the fear of those impacted in this book. The plot ramps up quickly and it's not long before you feel pulled into the drama. It's a mother's worst nightmare!I enjoyed som [...]

  • Sarah

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!This book just hit the ground running right from the start. Boy what a start. This has to be one of the most shocking and uncomfortable starts to a book I have ever read. What poor Abby endures is truly shocking. Not just at the beginning but the whole way through the book.My heart totally went out to Abby in this story. To not only have to endure being attacked, she then has to try and go on with her life after her baby girl goes missing. You don’t have to be a mother [...]

  • Smitha

    It was a book that I downloaded on my Kindle just because it was marked down. And it lay there. Forgotten. Stored away in my Kindle for rainy days when I have no real books to read.Abby Renshaw and her baby are on their way to visit a friend who lives in the country side, when she is forced off the road, out of her car and badly assaulted. All through the horrendous experience, Abby is only concerned about her baby who was left alone in the car while the men assaulted her. When she finally manag [...]

  • Katie Pickering

    let me start by saying how brilliant this book is, it took me all of two days to read and I simply couldn't put it down. I feel the author took a risk writing about the disappearance of a young child but she did it extremely well the characters the plot it all fit together beautifully.This book kept me guessing the whole way through, every time I thought I knew what was going to happen I ended up being wrong! "I chose to be a mother. her mother I chose her."This was my favourite quote of the boo [...]

  • Lindsay

    ‘How had this become her life? It wasn’t even a life. She felt like a ghost.’Abby Henshaw is on her way to visit a friend after a doctor’s appointment with her eight-month-old baby daughter, Beth. The journey she makes will change her life forever. Suffering a horrendous assault and abandoned at the roadside in a remote spot in the country, Abby faces not only the after effects of the brutal attack, but also comes to a terrifying realisation about Beth – she is gone, stolen. DI Michael [...]

  • Gail

    I really enjoyed this book. I actually couldn't put it down from the first page. The story is based in one of my favourite parts of the UK, Redcar, and it's a refreshing change from the more popular locations often used.I will not dwell too much on the plot, as this has been covered by other reviewers, except to say that Abby is married to Paul and they have an eight month old daughter, Beth. Abby is brutally attacked and raped whilst driving with Beth on a lonely country road to visit her best [...]

  • Cleo Bannister

    Abby Henshaw is forcibly removed from her car by two men following a deliberate collision. Her baby daughter Beth is left alone in the car. Before Abby is able to return she disappears. DI Michael Gardner is running the investigation into Beth’s disappearance and uncovers secrets and lies that cause Abby’s life to completely unravel.This book details the long search for Beth both by DI Gardner who is battling negative publicity from the media as he becomes frustrated at the unresolved myster [...]

  • Book Junkie

    I had to take off one star because I figured out the plot halfway throughYet, this was entertaining enough to keep me reading late into the night.

  • Claire

    Oh my - this book was so emotional for me, not only did we have to deal with rape and broken relationships but the theft of a baby. I remember being so frightened that something was going to happen to my little man every time we went out when he was brand new that to actually read the story of a mother who lost her baby was just harrowing and a total page turner because I just had to know what happened next.

  • Thebooktrail

    Abby Henshaw is driving with her 8 month old daughter Beth, on their way to visit a friend. She is forced off the road by by 2 men in a white van, dragged into their van and brutally attacked before being dumped at the side of the road.However, her nightmare is only just beginning – Beth , her baby daughter has disappeared from the car and is missing…The subject matter and descriptions, particularly of the attack are vivid and shocking but it is the search for the daughter that packs the lar [...]

  • Lynda Kelly

    Easily the best freebie I've read this year although I downloaded it last year !! It's a debut as well so even more impressive. I really enjoyed it and will keep an eye out for this author again.A mother is attacked and her baby is also stolen in the same incident. A few years on and another child goes missing in the same town and is being investigated by the same detective. There were a lot of twists and turns and I had seen many other reviewers say they figured the story out quickly but I cert [...]

  • Suzanne

    Abby Henshaw is driving with her 8 month old daughter Beth, on their way to visit a friend. She is suddenly forced off the road by 2 men in a white van and they drag her into the van, leaving Beth alone in the car.Abby is beaten and raped, and left by the side of the road. When she returns to her car her baby has gone. What follows is the story of the search for the missing baby. I was totally gripped throughout this book. Abby isn't perfect, but the description of a mother who desperately wants [...]

  • Ann

    Driving to visit a friend Abby Henshaw is brutally attacked and raped and her baby daughter Beth abducted. The book follows Abby’s search for Beth and spans a five year period. It is well written with plenty of twists and turns However, after a really great start, I did feel it lost a certain amount of momentum. There were certainly moments of tension but the plot became increasingly convoluted and there were so many coincidences that for me it lost some credibility and the end seemed rather d [...]

  • Marcelle

    This was an excellent read for a debut novel! Gripping until the end, this was a real page turner and kept me interested until the very last page. Muddiman makes the reader empathize with her characters and you feel like you are living the plot alongside the central characters. A definite must-read!

  • Miss Dizzy Read

    Some bits were heart in mouth moments but very predictable in places, wanted to finish it as it dragged a lot in places, would have given it 4 stars if it had been condensed, nothing in the story would have been ruined by doing so.

  • Lucinda

    Apparently a debut novel and quite a good one at that. Keep me reading later into the night that I ought to with a few unexpected twists. I thought I knew who it was before I got too far into the book and I was right, though not completely.

  • Shawna P.

    To my husband, I am sorry I basically was holed up for two days avoiding doing anything but reading this book. Such a nail bitter, and with plenty of twists and turns.

  • Aerika

    4.5* Wow!!! I had so many "Oh Shit" moments while reading this book. Lots of twists and turns, some I saw coming, most I didn't. This was a thrill ride.

  • Allie

    Fantastic debut novel that kept me guessing till the end

  • Gaynor Spanswick

    Absolutely brilliant ,couldn't put it down .

  • Tarek Vanderpool

    Page turnerWhat a great thriller. This book was filled with mystery and heart ache. In the end a mothers love proved valuable and uncompromising.

  • Breia

    A great novel by a new-to-me author. 2015 has been a year of true crime and Brit Lit and I am so glad to have expanded my horizons to beyond the pond.

  • Keith

    Well it sure is grim up north. And that's just how I like my books. Two areas which particularly impressed me. First, the ambiguity of the characters, and best of all, there wasn't a huge denouement requiring me to envisage an architectural layout.I've no idea how I stumbled upon this great read, but am very glad I did. May it be the first of many from the publisher and author.

  • Stephanie Filer

    Basic, but enjoyable. A little too cliche of a storyline, but an easy and enjoyable read. It was based in Europe so the differences in word choices were distracting at times for this American reader.

  • Bevjirwin

    better than remember Mia but too much the same book. infant stolen. mom looks for most of each book

  • Jenn Brouwer

    Great story, great plot, fantastic twists and turns and while you see part of what is playing out you definitely are not prepared for the way the whole story plays out. Highly Recommended!!!

  • Anja

    Ein Buch welches mich tief bewegt hat. Abby wird unter dubiosen Umständen in einem Transporter entführt und als sie freigelassen wird ist ihre kleine Tochter spurlos aus dem zurückgelassenem Auto verschwunden. Das Drama beginnt und auch familär ist plötzlich einiges ans Licht gekommen und zu klären.Schon nehmen die Dinge ihren Lauf, Irrungen und Wirrungen entstehen und man findet einige versteckte Leichen im Keller. Ich habe jede einzelne Seite mit Abby mitgefühlt und war mehr als einmal [...]

  • Thom Swennes

    Monday, September 19, 2005, is a normal autumn day, nothing that would distinguish this day from the day before or week before. For the Henshaw family this started as another mundane day but would soon change and life for Abby and Paul Henshaw and nothing will ever be the same. Abby goes to a clinic appointment with her infant daughter, Beth. As is often the case, the time for the appointment has long passed and heaven knows when their turn will be. Eventually, they were called, went in and were [...]

  • Bookfan36

    When Abbey Henshaw is violently assaulted and Beth, her baby daughter, goes missing her life becomes a mother’s worst nightmare. With her child gone and no clues as to where Beth is or what happened to her, Abbey’s life collapses like a house of cards. Michael Gardner, the police officer that leads the criminal investigation to find the missing child, discovers that while Abbey and her family appear normal from the outside their lives are in fact build upon secrets and betrayal. As the inves [...]

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