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By Sara Shepard | Comments: ( 813 ) | Date: ( Jan 21, 2020 )

From Sara Shepard, the 1 New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars, comes The Heiresses a novel about the Saybrooks, a diamond family blessed with beauty and fortune yet plagued by a string of tragic and mysterious deaths.The only thing flawless than a Saybrook s solitaire is the family behind the diamond empire Beauties, entrepreneurs, debutantes, anFrom Sara Shepard, the 1 New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars, comes The Heiresses a novel about the Saybrooks, a diamond family blessed with beauty and fortune yet plagued by a string of tragic and mysterious deaths.The only thing flawless than a Saybrook s solitaire is the family behind the diamond empire Beauties, entrepreneurs, debutantes, and mavens, the Saybrooks are the epitome of high society Anyone would kill to be one of them But be careful what you wish for, because if you were a Saybrook, you d be haunted by secrets and plagued by a dark streak of luck.Tragedy strikes the prominent family yet again on a beautiful morning in May when thirty four year old Poppy, the most remarkable Saybrook of them all, flings herself from the window of her office Everyone is shocked that someone so perfect would end her own life until her cousins receive an ominous warning One heiress down, four to go.Was it suicide or murder And who will be next Aster, the beautiful but reckless girl who s never worked a day in her life and who s covering up her father s darkest secret Her older sister, Corrine, whose meticulously planned future is about to come crashing down around her Perhaps it will be Natasha, the black sheep of the family who suddenly disinherited herself five years ago Or maybe the perpetually single Rowan, who had the most to gain from her cousin s death.A gripping, edge of your seat thriller about heiresses who must uncover a dark truth about their family before they lose the only thing money can t buy their lives.

  • Title: The Heiresses
  • Author: Sara Shepard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Sara Shepard

Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.

Comments The Heiresses

  • hayden

    I just had a vision of the future. Let me tell you what I saw.Nov 13 2014:Sara Shepard, @sarabooks, wrote on Twitter: "there are 6 books in the #Heiresses series :)" Jun 8 2016:Sara Shepard, @sarabooks, wrote on Twitter: "so excited! the #Heiresses series will now be 10 books!" Mar 27 2018: Sara Shepard, @sarabooks, wrote on Twitter: "it has been confirmed that #Heiresses will be 18 books :) so many fun plot twists in the girls' futures!"

  • Khanh (the meanie)

    "My life’s sort of in danger. I should probably lie low.”“You sound a little Kim Kardashian overdramatic, honey."Don't let my rating fool you, this book is unbelievably bad, but sometimes, I just want a trashy book.Everyone's cheating on everyone else. People are fucking like rabbits. Beloved cousin's husband? Doesn't matter. Engaged to an awesome oil billionaire and college sweetheart and THIS close to being married? Doesn't matter. Dad's friend? Doesn't matter. A 50-something screwing an [...]

  • Navessa

    Number of characters I was introduced to in the first chapter: 17Number of fucks I gave about any of them: 0 People I would recommend this too: gossip-mongering label whores.I can’t. This book is nothing but rich people problems.

  • Cassandra Mitchell

    I predict twins (maybe two sets?), much deceit, at least eight books, a spin off series, a television show on ABC Family, and a drawn out plot.I will buy them all.Of course I will buy them all.

  • Yodamom

    Deleting this at 23% -audiobookPoor little rich girls, who have to deal with having it all handed to them with some expectations. Aww, how sad. Imagine being expected to act with decorum in public, family, work and socially ?!?! Who has to do such a horrible thing, right ? We should all be drunk, cheating, lying, manipulating, disrespectful spoiled jerks free of judgement. All these expectations make a spoiled rotten little princess upsetOh the horror for these precious sweet trust fund angels w [...]

  • Sarah Griffin

    I have no idea what this will be about, just that it's a Sara Shepard classic, filled with pretty girls with delicious secrets, crime scenes and murders and a plot twist at every chapter. I don't care if this will be another series-turned-TV-show. I don't care if Sara Shepard is only in it for the money.I don't care if she writes 6 or 10 or 18 books. I WILL READ THEM ALL.

  • Just Me

    I don't know what this is about yet, but I have two requests:1.) No twins. Diabolical people are okay, but not if they are twins. If you must have twins, make it boy/girl instead of one gender.2.) No lying - whether it's a pretty little game or not. :)Other than that, and even though I have no idea what this is about*, I'm sure it will be a great series.*I heard there was going to be a spin-off of the PLL show, so maybe it'll have something to do with that? I don't know, since I don't watch the [...]

  • ☣Lynn☣

    DNF at 18%This has to be some mistake! Sara Shepard (aka one of my favorite authors EVER) could not have written this piece of crap. There's just no way. I can't believe the woman who wrote one of my absolute favorite series(pretty little liars) wrote this. *sobs in a corner* WHY MUST LIFE BE SO FUCKING CRUEL?!?I couldn't get past seven chapters. By the end of chapter one I almost consumed a whole bottle of wine because I just wanted it to be over and I thought be a bit tipsy would help. It only [...]

  • Sarah

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)Poppy, Aster, Corrine, Natasha, and Rowan are the heiresses of the Saybrook’s jewellery empire, a family business that is known for both its wealth, and a very old curse that leads to family members dying suddenly.When one of the 5 heiresses is killed, and an online gossip site publishes a statement ‘One Heiress Down, 4 more to go’, an investigation is opened. Who is t [...]

  • Jennifer

    The Heiresses is the first installment in author Sara Shepard's The Heiresses series. At about the 13% mark, I almost added this to my DNF pile. Too many characters were introduced at once and I didn't care about any of them or their stupid little "Miss Socialite" problems. Read any of the top reviews that reflect 1 or 2 stars and that is exactly where my mindset was. Instead of dropping it for good, I just decided to put it down for the day and try again the next. Well, I finished it! The myst [...]

  • Gisbelle

    Provided by the Publisher via EdelweissFirst off, it is NOT a young adult book as characters are in their late 20s and early 30s. There are several mature scenes as well, but they aren't too descriptive.In a nutshell, this book was more like an adult version of Pretty Little Liars, only the mystery wasn't dragged on as it was in PLL.After have read more than 20 books from Sara Shepard, it wasn't that difficult to identify the trend and guess where this book was going. However, for some reasons, [...]

  • Eileen

    After reading a small snippet of "The Heiresses" by Sara Shepard(Pretty Little Liars author)in Cosmo, I wanted to know what happened next -"The Heiresses" is a somewhere between a young adult/women's lit book. Sara Shepard is a good writer, solid in her 'young adult' world - This book wasn't even in the young adult section.It's dramatic, sexy and definitely a good beach read. This started off my Summer well. The heiresses of the title are a group of women in the same family. Their ancestors star [...]

  • Hyacinth

    hmmmm, Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars? Not complaining.

  • Karielle at Books à la Mode

    The girls were the future of Saybrook's Diamonds, and they had to act accordingly. They were to live their lives with the utmost decorum, smile for the cameras, speak several languages, hold many degrees, cultivate the art of conversation, and most important, refrain from doing anything that might bring scandal upon the family. To never, ever break the rules.And yet they had. All of them. It had been a summer of secrets. They were heiresses, all right, but they hadn't been behaving like heiresse [...]

  • Saoirse

    Can this have a huge banner on top of it that says “HI I’M MADE BY SARA SHEPARD BUT I’M NOT EXACTLY A YA BOOK”? That would have saved me from a lot of trouble. Maybe it was partly my fault though. I had a hard time dealing with the characters because they are adults. And they have their own jobs and families and I was like, “Oookay. Would their kids be secret assassins? Would one of their kids go missing?” Maybe if I had a built-in incentive to know that the mothers are the main char [...]

  • Freesiab (Bookish Review)

    I was a little surprised by this book. 3.5. It had a solid mysterious plot, great characters, scandalous and lots of "romance". I loved the ending because I didn't guess it or see it coming. A perfect beach read. The writing wasn't even half bad. I look forward to the follow up.

  • Terri

    Review also found at kristineandterri/I received an advanced copy of this novel from the publisher Harper via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. The expected publication date is May 20, 2014.What can I say about this story? It was deliciously scandalous. Following the lives of a wealthy family in New York as they struggle to keep up with appearances and keep their secrets hidden. Add to this a murder and it was a truly entertaining read.There were some flaws in my opinion. The beginning [...]

  • Sharon Mariampillai

    This was a great read. This reminds me of the Pretty Little Liars books. I thought the storyline was great. I really liked the plot. The secrets made the story more interesting. The character was interesting and I liked how they have different issues that they have to go through. It made the book more relatable and interesting. The ending was good as well. It was a cliffhanger. I want to know happens next. I recommend this book to fans of the Pretty Little Liars books and mystery kind of books. [...]

  • Noémy

    I'm a self-proclaimed Sara Shepard's junkie (well, her books precisely ;D) so guess what ? I'm adding it. Duh!

  • Daniel Balici

    Actual rating: 3,5 This is a typical Sara Shepard novel apart from the fact that the protagonists are young adults and not teenagers. I think this is my least favourite book written by Sara Shepard that I have read so far. However, I would lie if I told you that I hadn't enjoyed the story because I certainly had. I am quite sad due to the fact that there aren't any signs that the author will continue this series The ending raised so many questions

  • Patty

    DNF at 32%I never thought I'd see the day when I would have to DNF a book, this is actually the first book I've ever DNF'd and hopefully the last.I have never read anything by Sara Shepard, so when I was looking forward to reading this. I've watched seasons 1 & 2 of Pretty Little Liars and this book just seemed like a replica of the show. Correct me if I'm wrong but after reading the synopsis for The Lying Game series I've noticed there’s a distinct pattern. Talk about lacking creativity

  • Katie / Currently Reading

    Sometimes you just need a trashy book to cleanse your palate lmao. I've read a lot of really heavy books lately and this was just a good book to kind of get me in the mood to read other stuff.Don't get me wrong, this was a terrible book. The plot twists that were not really twists and the 25 characters I didn't care about, two deaths that made me feel nothing but you know, sometimes it's good to read things with characters you don't care about. I didn't hate it.

  • Krista

    I received this book as a First Reads giveaway. This the first book by Sara Shepard I've read (yes, I've been living under a rock.) As others have mentioned, the amount of characters you're introduced to in the first chapter is overwhelming at first, but luckily Shepard gives each a distinct personality and they become easy to remember.I found the book suspenseful, unpredictable (in a good way) and entertaining. I can't wait to read the next installment of the series!

  • Madison Grady

    Oh. My. Gosh. This book is amazing. I am like literally dead. Like this book caused me to feel the feels dead. This is a must read, but I warn you it ends on a cliff hanger and as of right now(11/9/16) there is no second book. But don't worry! I have a plan to email Sara Shepard until she makes a second book therefore giving me closure.

  • Gretchen

    Me giving this a 2-star rating is like going to McDonald's and ordering a Big Mac, and when it comes on 3 buns with 2 patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, I decide I do not like hamburgers with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions on 3 buns. The book is exactly what I ordered, exactly what it promised to be (a shallow, Real Housewivesesque tale of scandal and fortunes and sex) and I didn't like it. The writing delivers, with scenes moving easily between past [...]

  • Laura

    As a HUGE Sara Shepard fan since day one (and by day oneI mean before pretty little liars was ever even being considered for a tv show) I was beyond excited to get my hands on The Heiresses. I could not wait for an adult mystery from the author who so successfully wrote two young adult mystery series previously.I could not get enough of The Heiresses. I do admit it took a little time to get all of the names down among the girls (separating out which sister is which in my brain) but the I was int [...]

  • Autumn

    This book ended just as it began with an air of mystery. The Saybrook family is a family full of lies, secrets and an old curse. The grandchildren of Edith Saybrook are raised to be heiresses and carry the responsibly to presenting themselves as a cut above the rest. When one of their own, the President of the Saybrook jewelry business, Poppy is found murdered, there was no end the the possibilities of the murderer. When the FBI become involved all the heiresses feel they could possibly be next. [...]

  • Alex

    Hmm, I'm going to take a wild guess and say this will probably be about pretty teenagers who lie (view spoiler)[ and have secret twins (hide spoiler)].The above was my reaction when this book was first announced, before a summary came out. -----This was seriously Pretty Little Liars for adults, so naturally I enjoyed it. It was a nice escapist novel, and sometimes I just need brain candy like this. I thought this was going to be a series - especially after that cliffhanger! - but I don't see a l [...]

  • Micah

    DNF at like 30%This book feels like an episode of The Royals, which I couldn't even stand 10 minutes of.The characters in here aren't interesting or diverse or relatable at all. Pretty much the only drama in here (or, at least, the drama in the bit I read) was all about cheating on one another. This book is terribly predictable and boring. Perhaps I'd read it if I ran out of books to read, or maybe while I'm doing chores. But I don't feel like wasting my time on this.

  • Nicole

    First book read for the April 2015 Dewey's 24hr Read-a-thon. I seriously enjoyed this book with all the twists and turns of trying to find out all the family secrets and who knew what and who didn't know. It had me guessing up to the very reveal! This book was a fast read and keeps you enterianed throughout.

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