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By Leo Tolstoy Peter Constantine Cynthia Ozick | Comments: ( 127 ) | Date: ( Jun 04, 2020 )

This 1862 novel, in a vibrant new translation by Peter Constantine, is Tolstoy s semiautobiographical story of young Olenin, a wealthy, disaffected Muscovite who joins the Russian army and travels to the untamed frontier of the Caucasus in search of a authentic life While striving to adopt the rough and ready lifestyle of the local Cossacks, Olenin falls in love withThis 1862 novel, in a vibrant new translation by Peter Constantine, is Tolstoy s semiautobiographical story of young Olenin, a wealthy, disaffected Muscovite who joins the Russian army and travels to the untamed frontier of the Caucasus in search of a authentic life While striving to adopt the rough and ready lifestyle of the local Cossacks, Olenin falls in love with a free spirited girl whose fianc turns out to be a formidable opponent Showcasing the philosophical insight that would characterize Tolstoy s later masterpieces, this long overdue translation is a revelation.

  • Title: The Cossacks
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy Peter Constantine Cynthia Ozick
  • ISBN: 9780812975048
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Leo Tolstoy Peter Constantine Cynthia Ozick

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy Russian commonly Leo Tolstoy in Anglophone countries was a Russian writer who primarily wrote novels and short stories Later in life, he also wrote plays and essays His two most famous works, the novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina, are acknowledged as two of the greatest novels of all time and a pinnacle of realist fiction Many consider Tolstoy to have been one of the world s greatest novelists Tolstoy is equally known for his complicated and paradoxical persona and for his extreme moralistic and ascetic views, which he adopted after a moral crisis and spiritual awakening in the 1870s, after which he also became noted as a moral thinker and social reformer.His literal interpretation of the ethical teachings of Jesus, centering on the Sermon on the Mount, caused him in later life to become a fervent Christian anarchist and anarcho pacifist His ideas on nonviolent resistance, expressed in such works as The Kingdom of God Is Within You, were to have a profound impact on such pivotal twentieth century figures as Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Comments The Cossacks

  • Darwin8u

    “A man is never such an egotist as at moments of spiritual ecstasy. At such times it seems to him that there is nothing on earth more splendid and interesting than himself.” ― Leo Tolstoy, The CossacksThis is one Tolstoy that is easily overlooked, but shouldn't be missed. It combines Tolstoy's philosophy with his religious moralizing with his love of the land and the simplicity of nature and those close to it. The novel explores the nature of happiness, the purpose of life, and Tolstoy's p [...]

  • Marcus

    For me as a programmer, going from reading most fiction to reading Tolstoy is like going from writing Java to writing Ruby. It just feels right, I feel more relaxed and at one with the world. I can't think of another author that apparently understands the thoughts and motivations of such a large swath of humanity and communicates them so simply and perfectly.The Cossacks isn't as expansive as War and Peace or as dramatic as Anna Karenina, but it is a story worth reading. It has its share of susp [...]

  • Abe Something

    At first I was bored. Then I was willing to finish. Then I loved every character. Then I started to admire Tolstoy. When it ended I was astounded. The Cossacks was an honest account of a young man's life on the road, albeit a rich young man. You leave home thinking you're gonna show the world what it means to be alive - the world shows you that you have yet to even begin living. The road exposes us as children and Tolstoy accurately delivers this sentiment. We lay our heads down in a new place a [...]

  • hope mohammed

    كم أحب تولستوي " تصلني من روسيا رسائل تعبرعن الشفقة علي والرثاء لحالي ، انهم يخافون علي أن أفنى مدفونا في هذا الركن النائي من الأرض يقولون عني أنه سوف يختبل ويبتله ويفقد الاهتمام بكل شيء " " لابد للمرء أن يكون قد عرف بالمعاناة مرة واحدة على الأقل ماهي الحياة في كل جمالها الطبيع [...]

  • Chrissie

    Three stars! I liked some aspects of the novel, particularly one character - Eroshka! He is certainly NOT the central character, but for me he is the essence of the whole story. He is the only one that understands how to live life. Nobody else gets it.It is a bit slow and the focus on a love affair left me cold. There was no passion. I want some passion if I am to follow a love story. Again, look at how Eroshka lives his life. For me, everything circles back to Eroshka. Not Dimitri Olenin. Not L [...]

  • اليازية خليفة

    أتممت هذه الرواية ليلة أمس وأصبحت أشعر بالضيق والحزن لم أعرف السبب في البداية ولكن بعد أن أبصرت الرواية على السرير ابتسمت!لقد تمكن الكاتب من نقل المشاعر من أسطر روايته إلى عقلي، وأعتبر هذا إنجازاً في حد ذاته، "أولنين" أحزنني تيهه ، ولا أعرف أي مشاعر أحملها له، البقية لم أهتم ب [...]

  • حسين العُمري

    بترجمة سامي الدروبي ، أجمل في الرواية في نظري هو ذلك الوصف الرائع لحياة القوزاق وجبالهم وعاداتهم ، من جهة أخرى ذلك الصراع في داخل البطل بين حياة الزيف في موسكو وحياة الطبيعة الأولى في تلك الأرض وذلك الحوار الدائر باستمرار في عقله وقلبه بين الانجراف نحو حياة اللهو المعتادة وب [...]

  • Issa Deerbany

    اذا اردت ان تعرف عادات وتفاليد شعب فاقرا لتولستوياذا اردت ان تعرف كيف يتم حدث ما فاقرا لتولستوييجعلك تعيش الحدث فتحس انك قوزاقي وانك تقوم بالصيد لا ابطال القصة رائع في توضيح النوازع النفسية للبشر وانتقاد عادات وتقاليد شعبه والاستهانة بها كتاب يستحق القراءه

  • Saye Tafreshi

    داستان ساده و روانی بود از پسری اصیل زاده که به قزاق میره دوست داره مثل اونها زندگی کنه همونجا عاشق یک دختر قزاقی میشه و ادامه داستان.

  • John Farebrother

    A short novel, yet very compact. At glance first I thought it was rather short to be so famous, but having completed it I think it's just the right length. The author seems to have resisted the temptation to provide too much information, and supplies just enough to tell his story. The story is that of a privileged young man from the capital, who, disillusioned with his life of selfish ease, decides to go and fight in Chechnya. There he enters into the local way of life with enthusiasm, only to d [...]

  • BAM The Bibliomaniac

    This didn't really seem like the typical Russian novel-only a handful of characters, short chapters, aspects of a love story. Not what I expected. It was good but probably bot typical Tolstoy.

  • Johnny Waco

    An absolute masterpiece by Tolstoy, and a less intimidating work than the later, monstrously long novels he is better known for. Dmitri Olenin is a young man who has ruined himself through gambling and scandalous love affairs, so he buys a commission in the Russian army and gets sent to the the Caucasus, where troops simultaneously protect the Cossack minority and seek to subdue the Chechens and other groups on Russia's imperialist frontier. Despite being written on the other side of the contine [...]

  • Jovo Autonomašević

    A classic book. As short as it is, it covers a vast amount of ground - and not just the space between St. Petersburg and Groznij. A wealthy young officer discovers that the privilege he was born into is in fact a handicap that he will never overcome, while his rival in love, the young Cossack pauper, becomes the symbol of the freedom that will never be his. As decent as the aristocrat is, he is cut off forever from the true fount of life at which the poor drink daily. It also provides a fascinat [...]

  • Hussain Radhi

    أنهيت رواية "القوزاق" ضمن مشروع قراءة التراث الروسي وبالخصوص الروائي منها، كأعمال ديستويفسكي وأليكسندر بوشكين وليرمنتوڤ وغوركي وغوغول، وهذه الرواية هي أول ما أقرأ لأحد هؤلاء الكبار وهو ليو تولستوي.ليو تولستوي هو مؤلف رائعته الضخمة "آنا كارنينا" والتي هي من ضمن الكتب التي أو [...]

  • Debbie Zapata

    This was a striking book. I felt as though I were in the Caucasus, living the life along with Olenin, and I could appreciate the way he matured during his time there, especially during the incidents described in the final few chapters. Before I started reading I did not realize that this story was based on Tolstoy's own experiences. Now I want to learn more about Tolstoy the man, as well as go back to reread some of his work and discover others. I also want to find an actual copy of this book so [...]

  • Ahmet Kara

    "Kim mutluysa, o haklıdır." Kitabı pek tutmadım. Daha doğrusu, evet bu da Tolstoy'un yazdığı bir aşk romanı ama bir Anna Karenina kesinlikle değil. Belki de problem bu oldu, yani Anna Karenina-vari bir kitap olmasını beklemiştim/istemiştim, ama öyle bulmadım. Hem hikayeyi hem de anlatımı -nasıl desem- sıradan, yavan buldum. Zaten laf aramızda, bir romanın yazımı 10 yıl sürmüşse, o kitaba biraz mesafeli durmakta fayda olabilir. Yani hikaye akmamış belli, yazarı ön [...]

  • علي الماجد

    رواية تذهب بك الى عالم وعهد القوقاز و الشيشان و الحملات مع الابريك و الروس. يصح ان اسمها بتراثيه تاريخيهكيف احب الامير الروسي الراقي اولينين و الجندي الشيشاني لوكا نفس الفتاة ماريانا التي صح ان اسمها بفتاة القرى المتوحشة الجمال النهاضة بالصحة و الصارخة بالقوة رغم انوف من يح [...]

  • Lamia Al-Qahtani

    رواية قصيرة لا تشبه تولستوي وطول رواياته وغلب عليها الوصف وواضح أنه وصف ناتج عن إعجاب فطغى على الأحداث، والقصة إن تكن عادية وكلاسيكية إلا أن شيئًا من روح تولستوي يتلبسها فيضفي عليها جمالًا خصوصًا في رسائل أولنين التي كتبها وعبر فيها عن مشاعره، وكذلك عن الصراع الداخلي للضابط [...]

  • فاطمة الشافعي

    سأقرؤها مرة ثانية ونسخة أفضل لأن عيوني اتدمرت

  • Moon Rose

    The abruptness of a youth's disposition to change undermines his inner capacity for stability. It is reflective through the fickleness of his decisions, exemplifying the sheer rawness of his earth bound existence. The wobbling determination to go the distance and the recurring oscillations to push forward mirror a consciousness seemingly placed in an empty vessel, appearing like a sponge that instantaneously absorbs any ideals to fill in the void. This starvation for an ideal indicates the youth [...]

  • Evripidis Gousiaris

    Ένας πλούσιος Ρώσος νεαρός, αποφασίζει να αφήσει την άνετη ζωή της πόλη και να γίνει εθελοντής στο στρατό. Λόγο του βαθμού και της περιουσίας του παραμένει το μεγαλύτερο μέρος του χρόνου στο χωριό που βρίσκεται κοντά στο φυλάκιο όπου υπηρετεί. Έτσι δένεται και ερωτεύεται τ [...]

  • mai ahmd

    شخضية بطل الرواية تشبه شخصية غاتسبي العظيم وكذلك حالة الحب في هذه الرواية هناك من تأثر بالآخر لربما أو لعلها توارد خواطر هذه المثالية في الحب واستعذاب حالة الألم لدرجة نكران الذات هي حالة يمكن تقبلها في ذلك العقد لا أدري إن كنت سأتقبلها لو حدثت قصة مشابهة في عصرنا الحاليأجمل [...]

  • Hans Castorp

    Tolstói ya habla en esta novela de lo que luego se convertirá para él en prácticamente un dogma: el ser humano y la relación con la naturaleza, la pobreza material y la grandeza interior, la adoración por la naturaleza y el desprecio por todo lo que la sociedad significa. 'Los cosacos' es a ratos intensa, a ratos descriptiva y a ratos aventurera. Y a ratos un ejercicio propio de un joven escritor que aún no ha madurado su estilo. El final es lo mejor de la obra, la sensación que deja, el [...]

  • Fatima Zohra Larbi

    لا تنصهر بكلك في مجتمع غير مجتمعك دقيق هو تولستوي في تحليل النفس والمشاعر كانه كتب عن ذاته

  • Malacorda

    Emozionante nella sua semplicità, la scrittura di Tolstoj è luminescente, è elettrizzante, elettrificante… è un materiale altamente conduttore. La narrazione si struttura in brevi capitoli, con brevi dialoghi e brevi descrizioni che si alternano in modo uniforme, il ritmo è comunque lento e riflessivo. Il tema è l'evoluzione di una esperienza intima, la ricerca della felicità e di una autorealizzazione attraverso il ricongiungimento con la natura, con una realtà essenziale e primitiva [...]

  • Syrian_researchers

    syr-res/article/5393.في البداية قد تشعر بالملل من الرواية، وقد تتعثّر باللغة التي جاءت رتيبةً، بطيئةَ الإيقاع، وإذا تحاملت على نفسك قليلاً سوف تَتَفهم تلك النغمة الرتيبة للغة، بعد ذلك ستتأقلم مع جو القصة وعندما تنتهي ستتألم لأنك خرجت من هذا العالم الساحر الفاتن ذو الجمال الوحشي "عال [...]

  • Roba .

    سينبت العشب على قبري,وينتهي كل شيءكم أنت ععظيم يا تولستوي! حتى في أبسط أعمالك ,تتجلي لدينا قدرة قلمك على سحر القارئ.

  • Shawn

    Unlike Leo Tolstoy’s monumental works, War and Peace an Anna Karenina, The Cossacks is a more manageable length. I finished it in less than a week. This is a good book to read and brings recent events into more focus. The Cossacks are inter-related bands of semi-nomadic people nominally allied with Imperial Russia. They are constantly at war with Chechens, or Abreks as referred to in the novel. The mountainous land is claimed by Russia and includes Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and Old Believe [...]

  • Bettie☯

    Translator: Louise and Aylmer Maude. Produced by Steve Harris, Charles Franks and the Online Distributed Proofreading Teamtenberg/catalog/worlOpening: All is quiet in Moscow. The squeak of wheels is seldom heard in the snow-covered street. There are no lights left in the windows and the street lamps have been extinguished. Only the sound of bells, borne over the city from the church towers, suggests the approach of morning. The streets are deserted. At rare intervals a night-cabman's sledge knea [...]

  • Ben

    Set in a Cossack stanitsa in the midst of intermittent battle with invading Chechens somewhere on the Russian side of the Caucasus (I imagine near Mt. Elbrus), this novella requires a little historical research to be appreciated by modern readers. The story is simple enough: boy meets girl - only the boy is a rather dandified nobleman from Moscow and the girl is a Cossack peasant. The complications presented are both psychological and sociological. The romantic themes are decidedly fatalistic. I [...]

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