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By David Merveille | Comments: ( 235 ) | Date: ( Aug 22, 2019 )

Meet Mr Hulot he s always in the middle of the action Created and played by French comic actor and filmmaker Jacques Tati, Mr Hulot is a beloved charater in France David Merveille s comic strip style illustrations depict 23 captivating scenes with a page turn that builds suspense for each surprise ending From buying a snow globe on a warm summer day shaking it and caMeet Mr Hulot he s always in the middle of the action Created and played by French comic actor and filmmaker Jacques Tati, Mr Hulot is a beloved charater in France David Merveille s comic strip style illustrations depict 23 captivating scenes with a page turn that builds suspense for each surprise ending From buying a snow globe on a warm summer day shaking it and causing the sky to snow, to a crazy visit to the zoo where Mr Hulot has something in common with every animal at the zoo Merveille s creations are a delight to the observant and curious eye This almost wordless picture book is entertaining, unique, and oh so very French Children will love Mr Hulot s boundless imagination and enthusiasm, as well as his Gallic charm The books were turned into a series of short French films in the 1960 s, and Rowan Atkinson cites them as inspiration for his Mr Bean character.

  • Title: Hello, Mr. Hulot
  • Author: David Merveille
  • ISBN: 9780735841352
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

David Merveille

David Merveille Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hello, Mr. Hulot book, this is one of the most wanted David Merveille author readers around the world.

Comments Hello, Mr. Hulot

  • Nick

    The book is a delightful adaptation of the famous French film character, but there is an inherent flaw which kept me from giving it more stars. The book varies wildly from page to page as to the intended audience. Some of the sight gags are suitable for varying ages of children, others are clearly aimed at adults. The jokes in some of these are way past obscure. His parody of famous images from different cultures includes a few references that are quite obscure. Dropping confetti near a funeral [...]

  • Dee-Ann

    This was an amazing book with no words, except the title of each small section. There was a short story on every second page, described only in pictures. It was a fascinating journey (sometimes we had to start at the end of each small story and work backwards to work out what happened).

  • Julie

    Whimsical, colorful illustrations capturing Jacques Tati's film character, Monsieur Hulot. Each is like a little puzzle to solve. Merveille's art is noteworthy. Thanks Joan and Piyali for recommending this~!

  • Buchdoktor

    Der Hagestolz in Ringelsocken vor der Silhouette von Paris weckt Erinnerungen an emaillierte Webeschilder und gemalte Werbung an Hausfassaden. Auch wer Jacques Tatis Anti-Helden nicht kennen sollte, ahnt allein anhand der Körperhaltung, dass hier jemand gegen die Tücken des Alltags zu kämpfen hat. Klassische Bildgeschichten aus vier bis sechs Einzelbildern zeigen den Mann mit Hütchen und Tabakspfeife auf seinen Wegen durch Paris. Die stets überraschende Auflösung der Geschichte folgt - sei [...]

  • Christiane

    I loved this collection of wordless comics starring the hapless Mr. Hulot. He reminded me of Mr. Bean, and the sort of nonsensical adventures he might have riding a bike, or waiting for the bus, or visiting the zoo. I think adults will enjoy this book as much as, if not more so, than kids. My co-worker who happened to see the book knew the character from the movies! Apparently, Mr. Hulot is a well-known character in France, starring in “Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot” (1953) and “Les Films [...]

  • Angelina

    3.5 stars.

  • Teresa Bateman

    In the early 1900's there was a comic actor and filmmaker known as Jacques Tati. He lived in France, and that is where he is best known. His most famous character was Monsieur Hulot--well-known for his pipe, striped socks, and tatty overcoat. David Merveille has taken that character and presented him to a new audience through short comedy sketches in a wordless cartoon format where the situation or joke is presented in frames on one page and the punch line is found on the following page. The car [...]

  • Carol

    Brilliant! The wordless escapades of Mr. Hulot are a feast for the eyes. His bumbling ways are never quite what they seem. In fact, the reader must look twice at times to catch the visual puns. Quirky Mr. Hulot, with his pipe and striped socks, goes about his daily life in quite an unexpected manner. Each two-page scenario is fabulously portrayed through artistic panels full of color and illusion. Merveille's take on a classic French character is a delight for all ages.

  • Karen

    My five-year-old son checked this book out from the library today. OK, I might have put it in his library bag today, but same result. And he did choose it from the bag to read tonight. J'adore! This is book is so visually clever and weirdly wonderful that I MUST find out more about Jacques Tati and Mr. Hulot. And I MUST own a copy of this book. For me.

  • Joan

    This is catalogued as a children's graphic novel (J741.59M) but I think the humor is more understandable for adults. There are very few actual words in this slim book, so I thought it would be very quick to leaf through. But I found that I had to spend a few minutes on each scene to understand the story being portrayed. It was a lot of fun! Illustrations were very cute and very French.

  • Polly

    Charming and quirky!

  • Evan

    Short and very sweet.

  • Ashley

    Parfait, if you know Monsieur Hulot. Even if you don't.

  • Jennifer Heise

    I had no familiarity with the film character, but the classic 'clueless gentleman wandering through the world' trope carries over well. It feels a little dated to me (I grew up with Inspector Clouseau and Mr. Magoo) but I think my son, who is a dedicated fan of Benjamin Bear, would recognize and enjoy it. Mostly gentle humor though some will go over the heads of the tweens and elementary schoolers likely to pick it up.

  • Traci Bold

    Mr. Hulot is a lovable character who travels the world either by real transportation or imagination. Each set of pages is a new adventure whether quite small or quite big for Mr. Hulot. Written and illustrated by David Merveille, published by North South Books.

  • ThePinkCarrot

    Love this book with visual gags. Both kids and adults can appreciate the humor.

  • Melki

    Oh, my . . . this is wonderful!Watch the hapless Mr. Hulot bumble along, mostly oblivious, leaving a trail of delights in his wake! See the problems he causes with his amateur plumbing efforts, watch as he is told there is NO SMOKING on the bus, only to demonstrate that his pipe is of the bubble-blowing variety, and see Mr. Hulot bend over to pluck a flower, accidentally presenting his posterior to a passing dignitary. Each silent story carries over two pages, with a build-up, then the punchline [...]

  • Shelby Soukup

    For my first wordless book I have "Hello, Mr. Hulot" by David Merveille. This is a very interesting picture book without words. Each pair of pages tell a short story about the adventures of Mr. Hulot. After reading this book to the class, I would help the students link the text to themselves by asking if they can think about if they have had any adventures like Mr. Hulot has had. To relate this text to the world I would let them know that this book is based off very popular movies for children i [...]

  • Kapila

    Hello, Mr. Hulot. Picked up this extraordinary little picture book with no prior knowledge of the French character of Mr. Hulot. The picture book has no spoken conversation though there are words; its strange silence is completely appropriate as a way to highlight the vivid, intimate, philosophical mind of Mr. Hulot. He himself, has a sense of humour, but he doesn't flaunt it. He himself, goes about his life perhaps not knowing or caring what the world thinks of him. He himself, is no fool, and [...]

  • Kristen Herzog

    Hello, Mr. Hulot by David Merveille is mostly wordless comic book. As an adult I greatly enjoyed reading the book but I have to admit that I'm not sure that a child would understand the meaning behind most of the short comics. Each comic shows 6-8 pictures on one page to set up the reader, then the reader turns the page and is able to see the punch line. I found this book in the picture book section of my public library but I do not think any of the children who would check it out will understan [...]

  • Samantha

    Short, wordless comics featuring a lovable man of style who never quite fits in or behaves as one might expect with humorous results.Mr. Hulot reminds me of a mix of the Pink Panther and Mr. Bean. He's stylish, yet absurd, and lovable and compelling making him a character readers will want to know what's happening next.A note about Jacque Tati's work, the origin of the character, and David Mereville's association with the character of Hulot follows the collection of stories.Recommended for PreK- [...]

  • Rachel

    I picked up this book browsing the children’s section. This is one of those books that I think I would like if I had grown up in a French-speaking country or knew the films of Jaques Tati, who was apparently famous for originally creating the tragic comic character. David Merveille took Mr. Hulot and converted him to a wordless picture book, which is pretty ingenious if you think about it. I loved the 1930s-looking illustrations and the crazy situations Mr. Hulot seems to constantly find himse [...]

  • Jen

    Over the winter break, I was introduced to Monsieur Hulot in two films, "My Uncle" ("Les Films de Mon Oncle": 1958) and "Mr. Hulot's Holiday" ("Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot" : 1953). If you like physical comedy (think Charlie Chaplin), you'll love the films. This picture book pays homage to Mr. Hulot's way of being in the world. The panels are often discreetly connected. My favorite panels: The Umbrella Corner and French Riviera. Enjoy!

  • Robin

    Although I'm not working directly in children's services, I do love picture books and this one is no exception. It's a wordless picture book inspired by or more precisely, in the style of a well-known film persona, Mr. Hulot, portrayed by Jacques Tati. Mr. Hulot sometimes causes trouble without even realizing it and other times he creates smiles where none existed. This is a sweet book to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

  • Amy

    Discovered by happenstance during my Sunday librarian gig, while wanting to look for an uplifting read about France during this tragic time. Since I grew up on Mon Oncle and Mr. Hulot's Holiday, I was delighted to see Jacque Tati's character brought to life on the page. Lovely illustrations with visual puns at the end of each short comic. Even though I was able to quickly go through it at the desk, I checked it out to enjoy once more at home.

  • Kristine Hansen

    Words are indeed not necessary. I'm not familiar with the character, Mr. Hulot, but I wish to get to know him better. These short like vignettes, just a handful of panels convey so much charm, so much emotion in such a short space. Every page I turned evoked a response, be it laughter or sometimes a bittersweet sort of smile. I am a fan and am very thankful this book has escaped France to our shores.

  • Ms Threlkeld

    This wordless book is quite enchanting, thanks to the illustrations. Each page shows panels of Mr. Hulot interacting with the world and then the following page shows the reader how her assumptions about the previous page may be incorrect. I'm not sure if younger readers would enjoy this book, but I certainly did. Could be used in upper elementary classes to talk to students about inference/prediction.

  • Megan Kelly

    This book had very few words but instead told a story with the pictures. It is a book full of short stories about Mr. Hulot. This would be a great book for younger children to look at the pictures. You could use this book in the classroom to look at the simple words or the matching of objects in each story. The pictures with in the book are not very detailed in the faces but there is a lot going on in each page that make you want to look at the pages over and over.

  • SWCS ELA Adoption

    This is a nearly wordless book that would be better appreciated by middle grade readers. It is based on a popular 20th century French character in the movies. I picked this book up because my brother is a big fan of Mr. Hulot, so I was somewhat familiar with the character. The book is beautiful and clever and demands a close look to understand the gentle humor. JLG selection I bought at the 2016 Dublin Literacy Conference.

  • Melissa Mcavoy

    I do agree that these wordless comics are likely to be most fully appreciated by adults, but I disagree that children, even as young as 5 or 6, won't understand the humor. It is fanciful and it is French, but the snow globe that causes it to really snow, the pigeon-sheltering umbrella, the pursuit of a butterfly that comes to rest on Hulot's sleeping chest, all will make perfect sense to kids.

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