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By Mike Tucker | Comments: ( 788 ) | Date: ( Sep 20, 2019 )

My new Fire Ice will solve all the problems of the planet The world is on the brink of crisis As fuel runs short, society begins to break down One man seems to have the answer But is it too good to be true The Doctor arrives at an old oil refinery near the South Pole, concerned by claims about this new form of energy He soon discovers something huge and terrifying is My new Fire Ice will solve all the problems of the planet The world is on the brink of crisis As fuel runs short, society begins to break down One man seems to have the answer But is it too good to be true The Doctor arrives at an old oil refinery near the South Pole, concerned by claims about this new form of energy He soon discovers something huge and terrifying is stalking the refinery It brings death and destruction in its wake.The battle has begun for planet Earth.A thrilling, all new adventure, featuring The Doctor as played by Matt Smith in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift
  • Author: Mike Tucker
  • ISBN: 9781849905589
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker is a special effects expert who worked for many years at the BBC Television Visual Effects Department, and now works as an Effects Supervisor for his own company, The Model Unit He is also the author of a number of original tv tie in Doctor Who novels some co written with Robert Perry , and three books based on episodes of the television series Merlin He co wrote the factual books Ace The Inside Story of the End of an Era with Sophie Aldred in 1996, and BBC VFX The Story of the BBC Visual Effects Department with Mat Irvine in 2010.

Comments Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift

  • Dan Schwent

    In a future where the petroleum supply is nearly exhausted, an industrialist is extracting a mysterious superfuel called Fire Ice from a lake beneath Antarctica. But what is the super fuel and what is the beast that is attacking workers? That's what The Doctor and a journalist named Lizzie are trying to find outThis one started out great. There were greedy businessmen, short-sighted environmentalists, dinosaurs, a mysterious hairy beast, and Silurians. Then things started getting unnecessarily c [...]

  • Emily Ross

    When they say Quick Reads, they weren't joking. I read this is ten minutes at the library while my parents inspected the shelves.It was alright with a semi-decent plot. Could have been better, could have been worse.

  • Dan

    As a quick read, this is great! It sees the Doctor use his UNIT connections to investigate an Antarctic power station claiming to have a new fuel to solve all the world's energy problems (although why the Doctor doesn't just go in the TARDIS is beyond me). It soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems (it never is) and the Silurians are involved. As usual, there's conflict between the humans and the Silurians and some indivduals of each species just make matters worse. There's a nice surpris [...]

  • Suzanne

    It was like watching an additional episode :)

  • Nicholas Whyte

    nwhytevejournal/2071806ml[return][return]The latest of the BBC's Quick Reads series, we have Eleven travelling on his own, and being called in to investigate mysterious happenings on an Antarctic base. The plot is thoroughly rooted in (which is to say largely copied from) the Old Who stories, particularly Warriors of the Deep, and Tucker seems to be consciously following Malcolm Hulke's style in his novelisations, but these are not intrinsically bad things and in fact it is done rather well, if [...]

  • Paul Baldowski

    Fitting in with the current storyline of a companionless Doctor - he finds himself in the South Pole at the site of a refinery producing barrels of Fire Ice, a new revolutionary fuel source. Along for the ride, Liz claims to be a journalist, but her intentions seem to be to deceive everyone, including the Time Lord.A simple tale of Silurians, greed, and environmental disaster - this is a straight forward and entertaining tale suited to young fans of Doctor Who. Nothing too original here - but wi [...]

  • Terri

    Scientists have announced a new clean and safe energy source in the antarctic. The Doctor is skeptical. He goes down with them to the base to find the energy source is actually a Gift from the Silurians in the hope of building a positive relationship with Humans. However, not everyone wants the same thing.I really enjoyed this quick (99 pages) read filled with Silurians and other favorite Doctor Who creatures!

  • Kribu

    A quick read, as the name of the Quick Reads line of books indicates, and thus not incredibly rich in depth or character, but a very enjoyable read nevertheless. It reminded me much more of the old Target novelisations of Classic Who stories than of new Who, and in this case, this was a good thing.

  • Helen

    Another enjoyable quick read. However, once again I felt the characterisation of the Doctor was somewhat too generic, I didn't 'feel' Matt Smith in this. If anything, the voice was rather more Eccleston.

  • the cerulean.gif™

    charming, i suppose, but the plot holes are a thing.

  • Patricia

    Un capítulo más de Doctor Who! Y sin Amy el Doctor 11 es mejor :P

  • Brooklyn Tayla

    For whatever reason, this one I didn't enjoy. I mean there were some great lines from Eleven which I adored but my love for the book ended there.

  • I DRM Free

    This books is definitely not intended for adults or least adults expecting a great read with lots of unseen twists and turns or a in depth story. However if you are a Doctor Who fan and have child like wonder and can check your brain, then this is a great read.Reading this seemed to me to be quite like watching an episode of Doctor Who. It was a quick read where it introduced the characters fairly quickly, gave you just enough depth to understand where they were coming from and how you should fe [...]

  • Sarah

    Took me 40 minutes to read. Quick and entertaining.

  • Joan

    Hahaha just read this for the lolz

  • Gregory

    Planet Earth.Populated by billions of humans,but not only.The first intelligent inhabitants of this planet were others,the Homo Reptilia.The Silurians.Imagine an entire species,millions of years ago, destined to go into hibernation to survive the severe climatic changes of their planet.Now imagine this cold-blooded species waking from hibernation in Antarctica!It is instant death!Not to mention that they discovered that their planet is populated by billions of Homo Sapiens,who have taken over Ea [...]

  • Brian Manville

    The 11th Doctor has found his way to the South Pole where a (stereotypically) bad businessman has seemingly come up with a new synthetic fuel called Fire Ice that would solve the world's energy crisis and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (read: natural carbon dioxide that trees take in). The Doctor is suspicious that this man came up with it on his own. As you can probably deduce from the title, he had a little help - the Silurians, Earth's original inhabitants.Lizzie, a stereotypical envir [...]

  • Adam Stone

    Doctor Who : The Silurian Gift is another in the growing collection of Doctor Who Quick Reads, and is an Eleventh Doctor story. This time he is travelling solo but does end up with a companion for the story itself (a photographer and political activist named Lizzie)so that he has someone to show how clever he is, which is something that the eleventh Doctor particularly likes I would say. This book zips along at a fair old pace and can be read in next to no time at all and is written in straightf [...]

  • Jenevieve

    Check out this and all my reviews on My BlogQuick Read, 11th Doctor, no companions. The Doctor has discovered a corporation about to bring out a new source of fuel that they discovered in the Antartic and decides to go check things out. Turns out, Pelcorp did not discover it but was given it by the Silurians, a race of homo reptilia, that ruled the Earth when man was just a primitive ape. Pelcorp has forced their cooperation and not all the Silurians are happy about the way their "relationship" [...]

  • Emma

    These stories are always cute, but I am entirely used to scrutinising themes in Doctor Who, because they are so important. I found this story somehow lacking in certain aspects. There were a few things the Doctor did and said which didn't seem realistic to me. It's been a while since I actually read this, so I cannot bring to mind exactly what irked me about the character in this one, but there was most certainly something that seemed entirely out of character. Also, I do love a companion, and t [...]

  • Alexa Vonnordeck

    I downloaded this book for the price and I didn't pay attention to the fact that it was a "quick read" - which is fine, I just prefer something a little more in depths. The story jumps directly into the plot, involving greedy corporations, fuel, and our classic (New Who) "aliens", the Silurians. It follows the 11th doctor, played by Matt Smith. The author did a good job of adding Matt Smith's voice to the story, but a little more could have been done to represent his physical personality. This d [...]

  • E

    I was in a mood for something quick and Doctor-y, fast entertainment. Silurians are usually fun, world crises is basically a everyday bread for the Doctor, what could go wrong?Oh well This short book (story? novella?) didn't do much to entertain. The story is basically whatever happened on the show already. Most of a time, it felt like it's got very lazy writing, no great details and while I understand there isn't much place for details in a short story, I think it could have been done better. S [...]

  • Michael Kelly

    Some of the very best Doctor Who novels have come from the pen of Mike Tucker and this one is well up to my expectations.It helps that I love the Silurians. They're one of the most complex and interesting races in the whole Who mythos. They're very well used here, portrayed as being largely sympathetic, the dangerous situation arising through greed on one side and hot-headedness on the other.The cover also depicts a Myrka, so it wasn't a surprise when these showed up (much more effective on the [...]

  • Randy

    The eleventh Doctor uses contacts in UNIT to worm his way into a press conference about a new fuel dubbed Fire Ice found in a deep under the ice lake on Antarctica. The whole thing seemed hinky to the Doctor: found, developed, and refined all in a few months. The press conference was to precede the loading of the first tanker ship for distribution.It didn't take long for a man to be attacked by some sort of animal. He claimed it was a dinosaur.The Doctor assesses the situation: stuck at the bott [...]

  • Taksya

    Racconto parte della serie delle letture veloci dedicate al Dottore.Siamo al Polo Sud, ci sono tutti gli Homo Reptilia mai comparsi nella serie e, ovviamente il Dottore che, per l'occasione, è senza companion.Quest'ultima è una nota un po' dolente perché, mancando completamente di caratterizzazione, si fatica a identificare quale Dottore stiamo seguendo e, se si perdono le citazioni della giacca di tweed e del cacciavite dalla punta verde, per capire che si parla di 11 bisogna far ricorso all [...]

  • Art

    Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift by Mike Tucker is a quick read clocking in at 112 pages. This would normally be a deficit but Tucker doesn't need anymore than that. There were several times where I could hear Matt Smith's eleventh doctor's voice in my head. It was then I knew Tucker just gets it. The problem set forth in this adventure feels like something I could see on the show itself. The one downfall of the short length is that not all the side characters are properly fleshed out. Also, the st [...]

  • Richard

    One of this year's Quick Reads an annual outing for Dr Who; the Time Lord has turned up faithfully each year to support this series of books that promote and encourage reading.I'm sure it will appeal to all DW fans a short story set in the South Pole region where the Silurian's resurface with usual political struggle to rule the world and conquer the planet for themselves.Doctor Who with his trustworthy sonic screwdriver win the day but the story plays it safe and there is a predictability to ev [...]

  • Shawn

    A "Quick Read" indeed. This short book (roughly novella in length) reads like an episode of Dr. Who. This is the good. The bad is that, because of its length, many of the characters seem one dimensional & the decisions they make seem a bit random. Occasionally, even the dialogue in the story makes little to no sense based on what has happened up to that point in the story.Overall I would have advised the publisher (and by extension the author) to add another couple of pages (or use smaller p [...]

  • Paul

    Review written: sometime before June 19, 2015The Silurian Gift by Mike TuckerWhy I read it: More Doctor Who.Rating: 3/5What I thought: Slightly better than Magic of the Angels, still not all that great. It gets a little tangled and confusing in the middle, which largely works well, though not brilliantly. The central idea is fairly decent, and really that’s all this book is. Fairly decent. Any random Tenth Doctor Quick Reads book was better than this, though now that I think about it that real [...]

  • Drew Wilson

    The Doctor's back with another great Novak.I chose this rating for several reasons. First, because Doctor Who is one major see or read about. With this book The Sulurians are waking up once again to find they are under attack, and who else is there to stop a , if I say anymore I might ruin it for you. Great read.

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