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Gentle Rory Calhoun Wilson is the antithesis of the 1950s cowboy he s named for He loathes sports, NASCAR and everything else his father adores, putting the two on a collision course fueled by Darrell Wilson s inability to control contempt for his son s emerging homosexuality Another F Word is a story of bullying, courage and love It examines parental struggles to suppoGentle Rory Calhoun Wilson is the antithesis of the 1950s cowboy he s named for He loathes sports, NASCAR and everything else his father adores, putting the two on a collision course fueled by Darrell Wilson s inability to control contempt for his son s emerging homosexuality Another F Word is a story of bullying, courage and love It examines parental struggles to support a gay child, the role that schools and religious institutions play, the tragedy of teen suicide, and the ability of a rural Bible Belt boy to remain open to people who can influence his life in remarkable ways Rory s is a story of triumph over the scarring effects of being labeled and bullied.

  • Title: Another F-Word
  • Author: Lissa Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Lissa Brown

Lissa Brown has been writing since she learned how to form letters and commit them to paper She s been a columnist, a speechwriter, a ghost writer for public and corporate officials, and a media relations specialist for gubernatorial and state legislative campaigns.After successful careers in teaching, marketing and public relations she retired to her present home in North Carolina s Blue Ridge Mountains where she wrote Real Country From the Fast Track to Appalachia as Leslie Brunetsky , Family Secrets Three Generations under her own name, an award winning novel, Another F Word, and her latest novel, the sequel to Another F Word, Family of Choice.

Comments Another F-Word

  • Lena♥Ribka

    I have many many issues with this book. I'm not sure I need to explain them all. At the moment I'm just glad that I managed to finish it. Probably it's my personal perception and has nothing to do with the story, with the main protagonists, with missing of the common thread. But I'd like to name at least ONE of the reasons WHY I didn't like this book(well, along with the tedious writing):It is not a 1st person POV, but it is a story of Rory Calhoun Wilson that is told, for most of the book, from [...]

  • Deeze

    Well I guess the fact that I read this book in one sitting says a lot. From the first page I was drawn into the life of Rory. We get to follow him from childhood all the way through to adulthood. This is not a romance book, neither is there any on page sex. What there is, is a wonderfully moving tale of life growing up in a bigoted world.Be prepared for some heartbreak along the way, and a massive OMG moment that I don’t want to give away. On first reading the OMG part my original reaction was [...]

  • Jae Moran

    More of a 2.5I'm struggling to decide what to say. I liked the book; I did. The characters were good, well rounded and realistic for the most part, but the plot didn't hold up to the quality of the characters. (view spoiler)[Rory didn't have to work for anything everything is just handed to him. His college scholarships are just gifted to him without any interest or effort oh his part. Most people have to work hard researching and applying for grants and scholarships, being interviewed etc. No o [...]

  • John Sontag

    This is a little different from the typical books in this genre. It takes you in a new direction, covering a success story of a young man's early life, and the real support that extended family can bring. More of a drama than a romance, it shows what life can be for an underprivileged youth coming from a small town, and how being gay and strong can make a real man. There's no steamy love affairs, no horrific abuse or neglect. There is just abiding family love and support, and a really great less [...]

  • KathyJ

    Too many folks still dismiss bullying as a regrettable yet basically harmless fact of childhood and adolescence. As an educator, I guarantee you that bullying is far from harmless, often undermining academic success and leaving emotional scars that can negatively impact a child's life into adulthood. That's why books like Another F-Word are so important -- for youth (both LGBTQ and straight), for their families, and for educators. Lissa Brown is right on the mark in depicting the abuse, both emo [...]

  • Suzanne Moore

    Rory has to face many challenges along the way. As a young boy he tries to gain acceptance from his father, but can't live up to the expectations his dad has for him. Rory likes flowers not football. His dad is an abusive bully to both Rory and his mother. Then there are the bullies at school, and the difficulty of fitting in with his classmates. Thank God for Rory's mother and grandparents who are supportive of him and begin to understand more about why their boy is different. I'm glad Lissa wr [...]

  • SheReadsALot

    Free on today!

  • Lamar54

    This was my first story by Brown and I'll read additional stories by her. Brown's writing is clear, mellow and easy to follow, she is very adapt at using appropriate Southern phrasing, she is not afraid to write about difficult issues, especially gay ones found in the American South, and she has a great proof-reader.There are spoilers coming.So, then why would I not give Another F-Word 4 or even 5 star? First, the time period covered and the amount of story to be told was too great for a short n [...]

  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore

    Craggy Grove, Tennessee, is not exactly the most liberal or progressive place for a young boy like Rory Wilson to grow up in. In fact, were it not for his loving mother and grandparents, Rory knows he may not have made it through high school. Learning she was pregnant was the greatest day of Ruth Wilson’s life, and for a while her family felt complete. As the years progress, however, her husband becomes increasingly awful towards their son, especially when it is clear that Rory is not like all [...]

  • Paul David

    I just finished reading Lissa Brown's `Another F Word' on my Kindle from. What a wonderful and thought provoking book. I have read her other novels, Real Country: From the Fast Track to Appalachia, and Family Secrets: Three Generations. All though L. Brown's first book (Real Country) had me in hilarious bouts of laughter and her second book had an endearing quality that was a breath of fresh air; her third book `Another F Word' was a combination of the first two.Along with thought provoking and [...]

  • Christy

    Ruth and Darrell Wilson are excited at the birth of their son Rory, but as little Rory grows, his father is bothered that his son's interests aren't in line with his perceived notion of those of other boys. Darrell tries to force Rory to participate in sports activities and doesn't hold back on criticizing and degrading him when he doesn't show interest. Ruth, trying hard to accept that Rory is different, demands a divorce from Darrell due to his treatment of their son. Things are better for Ror [...]

  • Smurphier

    I tend to forget how many of my friends suffered in silence, never talking about how much it s06 to be picked on every day. This story is full of examples how each of us finds our own right time and place to stand up with the people we care about. I'd like to think I have done at least as well as Ashley, and some days as well as Grady and Lily.Every day we are pushed to agree with bad science, "misinformation" and bullying about what is masculine or feminine; but we aren't so easy to define, non [...]

  • Nicole Robinson

    As I opened the pages of this book and began to read, I was immediately taken by the detail of the characters and surroundings that placed me inside the story itself. The characters were alive and the subject matter heart felt. As each page turned, I found myself able to visualize things from past and present that emulated throughout the story. An audible "no" or "it cant be" was heard a time or two.The author has an amazing way of pulling you into the story, making you care about the characters [...]

  • Chamrev

    Brown's story of Rory Calhoun Wilson, a young boy in Tennessee is a must read for parents, teens, religious groups, and educators. Bullying is a threat to the lives of young people especially those who are gay or lesbian. These kids are given so many labels that the kids are weighed down by the labels. Brown relates the story of Rory within his family and his grandparents. His dad is the first one who bullies his son tragic for Rory. There are layers of messaages to be learned about the ramifica [...]

  • Jim Faucett

    Lissa Brown’s Another F-Word caught and held my attention from the first page. I was completely engrossed with Rory’s story and could feel the pain of his isolation and rejection and recall the teenage giddiness and angst of burgeoning sexuality. And ultimately, I felt like I could share in his triumphs.I can imagine any number of LGBTQ kids wishing their parents were more like Rory’s mom Ruth, and unfortunately there are too many kids who know how it feels to be rejected by a parent and o [...]

  • Jan

    This is a very realistic story of a family with a son who is gay. Lissa Brown has a wonderful way of weaving the boy’s painful situation into a powerful story that should be read by everybody.It is an inside view of many of the feelings and thoughts of what it means to be gay. It is both tender and tragic and will be helpful to all who struggle with these issues.This book provides a framework for dialog and discussion for families, schools and religious institutions.

  • Rose

    This was a good book. My heart ached for Rory and Jake. Both their fathers were complete jerks. I applaud the author for not ending the book with Rory mending fences with his father. Some things are just unforgivable. Considering the fact that his own parents were so loving, his treatment of Rory was unconscionable.

  • Jan

    Different.cially the where the anger issues came from and led to Rory's abuse! The ending seemed a little abrupt to me otherwise a decent read and not gross when it comes to a homosexual story

  • Divine

    At first I thought that Rory's mum was in the wrong but she ended up being the strong one whilst his father was the bully as was Jake's father. It was a really good book which kept my interest from beginning to end.

  • Judith Geary

    The characters are real. I'm from the area where the story is set, and I feel that I know all of them. There's a message, of course, and the author leads us through our own experience along with Rory, the main character until we find our own answers.

  • jules0623

    3.5 stars. A touch too dramatic at times and I wasn't fond of the pacing in the second half of the book.

  • Ang

    The parent-child relationship is amazingly well written.

  • Elaine Esposito

    Informative, moving , well written story. Reader becomes embroiled with characters and feels the daily torment. Unconditional love trumps negative forces . Thank you Lissa for another winner.

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  • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ↠ Another F-Word - by Lissa Brown Þ
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