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Sixteen years have passed since Jared Douglas surrendered his heart, accepting Alex Ross as an integral part of his life Each moment since seems paved in gold leading them toward an inevitable happy ever after When calamity comes, it hits hard The couple is left shell shocked in the aftermath of disaster Alex struggles to recover from his injury and the resulting depreSixteen years have passed since Jared Douglas surrendered his heart, accepting Alex Ross as an integral part of his life Each moment since seems paved in gold leading them toward an inevitable happy ever after When calamity comes, it hits hard The couple is left shell shocked in the aftermath of disaster Alex struggles to recover from his injury and the resulting depression Jared s efforts to help are ineffectual He knows Alex is slipping away, but there s nothing Jared can do but be there for Alex, and hope When things seem darkest, love brings them together, helping them to begin anew They find the courage to reinvent their life together, and build a new dream from the ashes of the old.

  • Title: If the Stars Fall
  • Author: DianeAdams
  • ISBN: 9781614958703
  • Page: 441
  • Format: ebook

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DianeAdams Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the If the Stars Fall book, this is one of the most wanted DianeAdams author readers around the world.

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Comments If the Stars Fall

  • Deeze

    What follows is not so much a review as more my internal ramblings. When I first started this I was a little worried that maybe, after waiting so long to read this next instalment, that I might of built things up in my head, and so be a bit disappointed in the actual story. I am more than happy to say I worried as needlessly this time as I did when I put off reading Clarks story. Reading this book felt like no time had passed at all. I was immediately transported back into Jared and Alex’s wor [...]

  • Bev

    Well, it's not often I want to come across as the proverbial 'weepie at the wedding', but I was!! This was superb. However, I digress - back to the rest of the book.Whaddaya know, the 'hated one' has feelings (amazing huh??). She's wasted 15 years of her life hating Jared, and now she's thawed out so much, you could almost drown in her!! (but some of us have long memories Mrs Ross!!)Alex has been left clinically depressed for reasons I won't go into here, and it's taking all of Jared's tact and [...]

  • Anke

    4-4.5 starsI liked the story a whole lot - their struggles at the beginning and then their working through it onto the sigh-worthy ending. Nevertheless there were some niggles in this one for me: At the beginning I had difficulties to get the timeline straight in my head, I even checked the previous books:), in between it got a bit too sappy and then, what I absolutely don't like - in the end the laying out the bait for the next installment (view spoiler)[in this case the mentioning of the kids, [...]

  • T.A. Webb

    Alex Ross has loved Jared Douglas from almost the moment he met him. He was fifteen and almost twenty, but the gap was, to him, nothing. But to Jared it was the difference between consent and abuse, and he made sure Alex was nothing more than his friend for the first year of their relationship.Now, sixteen years later, the two are partners in all sense of the word. Happily together, living in the home Alex designed for them and happier than Jared ever thought possible, a horrible accident strike [...]

  • Don Bradshaw

    Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/ Alex and Jared have always been the golden couple so a crisis strikes them it really throws both men into a tailspin. The oven in their home blew up destroying their house and all but a handful of things. Alex is badly burned on his face and hand but the real damage to Alex is inside. He is slowly being eaten away by guilt over the accident thinking that the oven never would have blown if he had called a repairman instead of procrastinating. Jared [...]

  • Sadonna

    Yep. She did it to me again. Tears. But happy tears at least ;) I wish we could all have a Jared.This installment of one of my favorite series is the darkest by far. Both the intro/closing chapters that are "current" in the timeline and then the book's main story focus on very scary and difficult times for Jared and Alex in their very long love story. I like how this series unfolds with each new work. I don't have to worry that somehow we are going to get some awful story of some kind of betraya [...]

  • Candice

    Another wonderful story in the life of Jared and Alex. I love these two so much. I love how we get to see how far they have come together and then we are taken back to the past and how their lives have developed over the years. There were so many wonderful parts to this story, but I think the wedding vows was the best part for me. After reading this installment, I just want to go back and start all over again from the beginning.

  • Ami

    3.4 starsSlightly different with the previous stories, where they were all told the stories when Alex and Jared were in their teens and 20's respectively, this time, the story opened with the two of them in their fifties, the moved back to the time they were thirties.Readers got treated with how Alex and Jared coped with one tragedy that took most of the belongings and made Alex depressed. We got the story how Alex slowly healed and how Jared proposed and well, it closed with their beautiful wed [...]

  • Edina Rose

    This book is FREAKING WONDERFUL. As you turn the pages it gets better and better and FREAKING BETTER! I can't believe how the author managed to ACE this fifth book in the series!The plot is elaborate and nears perfection. The main and secondary characters grow beautifully. It is utterly romantic and borders on cheesy at some point, but Jared's very reserved, man-of-few-words and no fuss attitude keeps things cool. Oh, and they engage in very hot sex! I think maybe the author is making up for the [...]

  • Shirley Frances

    Holy shit! She broke me to bits, melted me then put me back together again! I love, love, love Alex and Jared. Alex and Jared have been together for 16 years. Although they had some struggles along the way - keeping their hands off each other before Alex's 18th birthday, spending Alex's college years apart - their relationship was one based on understanding and communication. They each needed the other and when tragedy struck they needed each other even more. However, Alex was having a hard time [...]

  • ☆ Todd

    A perfect ending (?) to a very good series.One thing that I really liked was how the stories begin with them still together, then you're led back through events leading up to where they are now. So even though they're going through complete crap, you know it all works out in the end.So far I've enjoyed everything that I've read by Diane Adams. Highly recommended - I *DARE* you not to cry when you read two simple words in this book "Don't go"

  • Susan

    I don't think I will ever get tired of reading about Jared and Alex. A typical romance story will give you an HEA at the end of the story (and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that) but what I particularly like about this series is that we get to see past the happy ending. We get to see the challenges, the adventures, the ups and downs, the joy and the tears. These are all the things that make Jared and Alex special and I hope that there is more to come from these two men.

  • Diane

    I love this series, love these characters and I love the fact that Diane Adams does not just give you a chronological order of their lives!After 16 years together and the challenges they have already faced, calamity strikes, hitting them hard, especially Alex, who falls into a depression while he is not sure if he will be able to do the work he loves again and where his love with Jared had been his anchor and his solace for so many years, this time, even that does not seem to be enough for him. [...]

  • Macky

    Sometimes its great to push your boundaries and read stuff that's a bit out there, but sometimes you just want a dollop of ' Twu Wuv ' and that's exactly what you get from this gorgeous series . I've enjoyed every present day moment and every flashback, a clever way of presenting the story by transporting us over the years in each book without feeling rushed or bemused.Going on this journey with Jared, Alex, Clark, Stevie and all their families and friends, characters ( loving or otherwise ) who [...]

  • LauraZu

    I have to say, I've never been more invested in a series or a couple. I am truly enamored with Alex and Jared. Their story represents a fairy tale ending but showing the bumps and bittersweet moments along the way. I was so happy with this book and I'm just smiling like a crazy person. This new chapter in J and A's life is much more complex and heartbreaking than any of the other books, showing how our lives can change At the drop of a hat and what we do about it will be what matters most. We al [...]

  • Lily

    3.7 stars. As always, it is a satisfying experience to read about Jared and Alex's maturing relationship, their struggles and eventually re-grasped happiness. However, I still cannot seem to find that special spark present in the first three instalments, which had made this couple dear to me A pleasant read but I had hoped for something more.

  • Kinny

    Watch out for Filipino wedding planner Vlad who I really hope gets his own story. The guy was simply adorable!

  • Trisha

    Absolutely wonderful story! I hope we have not seen the last of Alex and Jared. Their story just keeps getting better and better. Diane really out did herself with this one!

  • Marq

    By far, the best of the series. Loaded with joyful angst and lots of happy tears.

  • Donna

    Where to start? I have so many things running through my head that it will be hard to get them organized enough to get them written down!First of all I am so damn glad to FINALLY find out what Kelly Clarkson song that has been talked about throughout these books and when I jumped over to YouTube to listen to "A Moment Like This" I was totally blown away! It was like, not only Jared and Alex's life was that song, but also, mine and HB's! We have been together almost 40 years and married for 37 of [...]

  • Kaje Harper

    This book probably finishes the "Making of a Man" series, as it leaves Alex and Jared in a true HEA that has stood the test of pain and illness and time. There are some very sweet moments in here, where the love between the MC's is almost palpable.The story opens with the guys in their 50's, then flashes back to their 30's for most of the book, before closing in the present. I'm an angst whore, so my deducting a star here was purely personal - I felt just a little distant from the story at times [...]

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)

    I was really disappointed by this installment. Turns out everything good about Alex and Jared was in the build up. Now that they're together without obstacle, they are boring, mushy and cheesy. This book was absolutely dripping in sap, with pretty much no plot. I know the other books were that way to an extent, but it was at just the right level for me to love them as a guilty pleasure. This one went WAY over the limit. I couldn't enjoy it. I skimmed a LOT and I pretty much hated all the seconda [...]

  • justanya

    As usual, no spoilers!It has been an honor to journey with Jared and Alex (and Clarke), witnessing how their love for each other has impacted their lives and the lives of others. These two are one of my all time favorite romantic couples EVER! Just when I think I've heard it all when it pertains to Alex and Jared, Adams manages to dig even deeper, unearthing something fresh and new to add to the story without changing the fundamental essence that makes Jared and Alex's story so magnificent. I co [...]

  • Snowtulip

    3.5I've been a fan of Alex and Jared since the beginning and must admit that Clark's Story had me crying like a baby. If you are looking for complete and utter romance, Alex and Jared never fail in that department and the romance continues (it really is a guidebook on what to do if you want to do something special for someone).For me though, something was missing, the hardships and difficulties were too distant for me and I couldn't engage like I usually do. That emotional connection wasn't as s [...]

  • Gwendolyn

    The beginning of the flash back is a little weird. It feels like we are missing something. That feeling continues for a good 1/3 of the book. Then some plot developments quickly snap in place way too easy for the build up. That's strange too. After that the writing gets back on track. I think.The time line is a bit muddled. It doesn't match up technology wise with the real world. The cell phones and email and such being so prevalent in the high school/college years but somehow in the 30-somethin [...]

  • Nadine

    3.5 starsThe one thing that I absolutely loved about this is knowing that Alex and Jared are still going strong after so many years. I don't necesseraly need to have this in every book,when a couple gets a HEA at the end of a story then normally it's implied that they will actually stay together forever,but sometimes it's extremely gratifying to get a glimpse into the future and this couple is definitely one of these cases :)That said,I liked this book up until the engagement but then the follow [...]

  • Jodie

    I've just spent nearly an entire day savoring this book. It was absolutely lovely and a perfect installment in this series I've come to love so much. Now I can't wait for #6! More about Tara and Matt, I suspect. ❤

  • Sharon

    I love this series. Jared & Alex are just so perfect for each other. The ups-and-downs they’ve been through only strengthen their bond to each other. Have tissues on hand for this one. And their wedding? Amazing. Romantic. Beautiful. This story is hands-down, my favorite of the series.

  • Marsha Spence

    Brilliant as always! I was on the edge of my seat with this one. Jared and Alex went thru alot in this book. Beautiful, sweet and just amazing! Loved it!

  • Karlijn

    I love these serie. Off to the next book of it.

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