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By Henrik Drescher | Comments: ( 910 ) | Date: ( Oct 24, 2019 )

A young boy stops drawing and goes to sleep, leaving his creation Simon stranded on the drawing pad with a huge, yet friendly, monster Doodles come to monstrous life as a wild chase through the pages ensues, with Simon aided by his trusty drawing pens.

  • Title: Simon's Book
  • Author: Henrik Drescher
  • ISBN: 9781596921351
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Henrik Drescher

Henrik Drescher was born in Copenhagen and immigrated to the United States in 1967 He began a career in illustration as a young man and has been traveling throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe and China, creating massive journals of notes and drawings wherever he went.His books are held in the collections of the Library of Congress, the Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Rijks Museum in Den Haag, Netherlands He has received numerous other honors including two awards from the Society of Illustrators.

Comments Simon's Book

  • Lisa Vegan

    This is a very funny story with a clever twist. It’s ingenious and fun to read, and it’s actually quite well written. My favorite line is “…out of the monstrous predicament he has been drawn into so thoughtlessly.” That gave me one of the many chuckles I experienced while reading this book.As I was reading I thought the pictures & story might be frightening for some particularly sensitive young children, but as the story (and pictures!) shifted, I thought it was the perfect book fo [...]

  • Miriam

    When a little boy goes to bed, he leaves an unfinished picture of a boy menaced by a monster. What will happen to the poor lad, alone in the dark with a monster?!Fortunately, two pens and an ink well come to the rescue. I loved the breaking of the planes in this book. Not only do the implements of art interact with the images, they enter the paper but still remain able to alter it. My favorite moment was when the pen draws a hole for the boy to escape through to the other side of the page. The s [...]

  • Ronyell

    I actually first saw Simon’s Book when I was watching Reading Rainbow, a show that used to come on PBS when I was little. When I started watching Simon’s Book, I was intrigued by the creative drawings of Simon and the monster that this book became my all-time favorite children’s book from the creative mind of Henrik Drescher. Henrik Drescher’s master storytelling and his wild drawings make this book extremely appealing to everyone of all ages. He vividly draws the monster as a scary figu [...]

  • Michelle

    Summary: This story is about a little boy who starts to draw out a story about Simon and the monster and then suddenly goes to sleep before finishing his book. When the boy is asleep, his drawings come to life and both the ink pens and the bottle of ink tries to help Simon in his monstrous predicament. When the monster suddenly starts to chase Simon and his friends, Simon and his friends must try to escape their foe. Of course, this book has a surprise ending, which I will not reveal until you r [...]

  • Amanda Mic Perkins

    I really do like stories that come full circle, no matter how simple. This is a great example of that.

  • Karin

    I found this book endearing, which I've not said previously about post-modern picture books. It is a tale of a boy named Simon who draws the beginning of a story before going to bed. As seems to often happen in books, something takes place during the night which changes everything. What happens during this night is that the two characters Simon drew come to life, a boy and a very aggressive-looking beast. As the beast looks ravenously upon the hapless boy, the pens and ink Simon had used earlier [...]

  • Mr. Tedrow Tedrow

    Simon's Book is a wonderful story about a boy who starts a drawing and then falls asleep. While he is sleeping, the unfinished drawing comes to life! Pens turn into helpful snakes as Simon is being chased by terrible beast. From page to page Simon and the pens try to escape the beast who keeps getting closer and closer. The pens are very creative and they do neat things to help Simon like rolling him down a hill, drawing holes to help him get through a page and more! In the end, Simon comes face [...]

  • Zackery Busse

    Simon's Book by author and illustrator Henrik Drescher is a nother interesting and unique children's book full of suspense and comical elements. The reader finds themself reading a story that is being written inside a nother story. The only easy way to describe it is to compare it to that of Emily Gravette's Wolves. The bizarre imagery looks to be mostly pen drawings and colored pencil shading. The setting of the story is queite unique compared to most other stories in that it all takes place in [...]

  • Sierra Bitsie

    A little boy goes to bed without finishing his drawing and leaves Simon alone on the page with a big scary beast. With the help of animated pens and an ink well, Simon attempts to escape the scary (or not-so-scary) monster. The adventures of Simon, his helpers, and the beast leave an even more magical creation for the boy to find when he wakes up. I liked the artistic style of this particular book. Almost all of the pages were filled with color and the characters ran and fell and wriggled from o [...]

  • Tabitha

    I've always remembered the art from this one. Always.The pictures were so loose and active and exciting, they made me want to draw. And so I did.I don't think I've ever lost that initial inspiration of motion and activity in my art. I can't do stationary or static nearly as well as something wild and mobile.The story in this book is a little secondary to me. Its your basic tale of mistaken identity and learning more about others before you judge them. Great stuff, but for my weird little-kid min [...]

  • Morgan Leech

    In this story, a young boy begins a drawing of Simon and and monster, but it is unfinished when he gets too tired and falls asleep before being able to complete his picture. While the boy is sleeping, his drawing comes to life. I liked this picture book because it seems as though it would be appealing to children of all ages. It is filled with wild drawings, and an innocent little boy named simon who shows his creativity that every little kid has.

  • Mitchell Ary

    i thought the illustrations were good and the story was really enjoyable to follow along with. however there was never a moment during the book where i said ah thats really good! but there was not a moment where i said wow that ridiculous. so i would read it again. but not for the text and story but just for the illustrations alone because they are fantastic.

  • jacky

    OMG! I remember that on Reading Rainbow they showed how the book was written and illustrated and it was soooo cool! I remember wanted to read this book so much after that and I think we did eventually get it out the library.

  • Kelly

    This is one of my favorite children's books. A young boy draws a story of a boy, Simon, being chased my a monster. The boy then falls asleep, leaving the monster chasing Simon. The pens help Simon by drawing the rest of the story. It's great. All children (and adults) should read this book.

  • Jennine

    An interesting story to say the least. It was comical how the pen and ink sprung into action to save Simon. One of my favorite illustrations occurred when the ink spilled on the page and all that could be seen in the blackness was the monster's white eyes and sharp teeth.

  • Anna Banana

    A young boy falls asleep leaving his drawing of a boy and monster unfinished. While he's asleep his pens come to life and finish the story. Will the boy escape the hungry beast?Cute story and great illustrations. Recommended age: 3+

  • Page

    Not so good for us. I wonder if Logan isn't old enough yet? he didn't really "get" it and didn't enjoy the pictures. He said he didn't really like the monster book.

  • Lindsy

    One of my very favorite children's books, and it's still magical to me after 20 years.

  • Heather

    Clever, but it broke the fourth wall at the end, spoiling the magic.

  • Elizabeth

    I've definitely heard this book before, probably on Reading Rainbow, because in my head I can picture the pens slithering.

  • Debbie Hoskins

    This book made me want to make picture books. Love the story and the illustrations that look like punk music.

  • Amit Agarwal

    I want to know about henric drescher

  • Samantha

    Amazing! Great story and illustrations. Loved this as a kid, and still read it from time to time.

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