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From internationally acclaimed author David Mark comes the second novel in his wholly original and suspenseful Aector McAvoy series.Simon and Suzie are two pleasure seekers defined by their flamboyant tattoos.Peter Tressider is a politician on the fast track to the top.DS Aector McAvoy is a policeman with scars to his body and career.Each is marked in their own way.And sooFrom internationally acclaimed author David Mark comes the second novel in his wholly original and suspenseful Aector McAvoy series.Simon and Suzie are two pleasure seekers defined by their flamboyant tattoos.Peter Tressider is a politician on the fast track to the top.DS Aector McAvoy is a policeman with scars to his body and career.Each is marked in their own way.And soon each will be branded by the same sinister foe.Original Skin is a crime novel that leaves a permanent impression Half serial killer thriller, half gritty police procedural, it examines the imprints that our darkest sins leave upon us, and just how far we will go to keep them covered.

  • Title: Original Skin
  • Author: DavidMark
  • ISBN: 9780399158650
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover

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DavidMark Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Original Skin book, this is one of the most wanted DavidMark author readers around the world.

Comments Original Skin

  • Brenda

    Do you want the good news or the bad news first? OkayThe bad news is this book has some problems. I think as readers we all must have pretty good reading comprehension or we wouldn’t enjoy reading, right? I had trouble understanding what was happening for almost half this book. Things were disjointed. There is an early event with no character names that isn’t explained until much later. There are Vietnamese cannabis growers that aren’t very relevant in hindsight. There is a raid on a suspe [...]

  • Jeffrey

    In this second excellent Aector McAvoy novel, David Mark sets Trish Pharaoh’s Serious and Organized Crime Unit, a specialized English police squad, after two markedly different, but nasty criminals. While one investigation involves a nasty drug gang, McAvoy looks into the death of a bisexual dancer, who was into orgies, swinger parties and illicit sexual trysts. Mark has shown a penchant for dark mysteries and this involved mystery will not disappoint.Pharaoh’s Unit is looking into a series [...]

  • Leah

    Sex, violence and misogynya losing combinationWhen Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy finds a lost phone, the images and messages on it lead him to believe that a death that had been ruled a suicide may in fact have been a murder. The victim is a flamboyantly tattooed young man who was clearly involved in the dangerous game of arranging sexual encounters with strangers. The reader knows a little more than Aector since the prologue shows us the murder taking place and tells us that the murderer is [...]

  • Raven

    Following the successful Dark Winter, this is the second outing for the freckled, flame-haired warrior DS Aector McAvoy, and this sequel lacks none of the punch of the first- I would dare to say that I actually enjoyed this one more. This is an altogether darker and seedier affair from the outset, beginning with a particularly brutal murder that sparks a complicated and taxing investigation for McAvoy. When the investigation diverges into the world of local politics and police monitoring, it soo [...]

  • Nancy Oakes

    (my copy from the publisher -- thank you!)Last November when I read David Mark's crime fiction book called The Dark Winter , I was surprised at how very good it was for a first novel. Now, with Original Skin, Mark has kicked things up a few notches to create an even better second series installment, set in the Hull, West Yorkshire area of England. His protagonist, DS Aector McAvoy, is a member of the specialized squad known as the Serious and Organized Crime Unit under the direction of McAvoy's [...]

  • Lynn

    David Mark is fast becoming one of my authors to look out for! Original Skin has bettered Dark winter by far with a hugely compassionate narrative. A real "shut the world out" read! Highly Recommended to everyone!

  • Deborah

    3.5 starsSee my review of the first McAvoy novel, The Dark Winter, here: /review/show.In my review of The Dark Winter, I complained about both Mark's plotting (predictable) and his characterization (flat). I'm pleased to report that the plot of Original Skin is much better, but McAvoy's character continues to be underdeveloped. I am also becoming increasingly aware of a writing quirk which may develop into an irritant: Mark uses a lot of sentence fragments, particularly at the beginning of a cha [...]

  • Maine Colonial

    Original Skin is the second book in the DS Aector McAvoy series, set in the gritty, down-at-heel northern port city of Hull. The debut book, The Dark Winter, introduced us to this very different kind of copper. Aector is a lumbering gentle giant, with red hair and a face that shows his every emotion. Despite all he's experienced, and being surrounded by tough-as-nails colleagues and villains, he hasn't learned to be cynical. He is a compassionate soul, through and through, no matter what that co [...]

  • Thomas Bruso

    If you thought David Mark's striking debut novel, THE DARK WINTER, was a gritty, dark crime tale, then you are in for a real treat with ORIGINAL SKIN.Darker, malevolent, and more heart-hammering violent, Mark raises the bar higher with his second Dt. Aector McAvoy novel, ORIGINAL SKIN. The use of nail-guns and hammers will guarantee gut-wrenching nausea for some readers.Mark can scare his readers and paint a macabre nightmare with his stylish and sinister one-liners. He sets the mood immediately [...]

  • Serena

    3.5Hmm Where do I begin? I must admit I struggled through the first two chapters, nauseated by the use of present tense and clipped sentences - NOT to my liking AT ALL. I very nearly gave up, but I'm pleased I persevered. By chapter three I was invested in the building suspense of the story and that's what drew me in and kept me there.The plot was well thought out and cleverly presented, giving just enough at the end of each chapter to keep you turning pages. There were a couple of questions tha [...]

  • Annabee

    David Marks debuut 'De mazen van het net' was al zeer goed en heb ik vier sterren toebedeeld, deel 2 in de Aector McAvoy-reeks is nog beter. De auteur lijkt de beginnersschroom van zich afgeworpen te hebben en is zelfs enigszins overmoedig geworden, waardoor ik toch weer op vier sterren uitkom en niet op vijf, al zit het er heel dichtbij Want: de opstart van de diverse verhaallijnen is nogal complex, waardoor je van hot naar her lijkt te switchen. Natuurlijk begrijp je als lezer dat bepaalde za [...]

  • Liz Barnsley

    You know how sometimes when you absolutely LOVE a debut novel, you approach the second in the series with some trepidation? That was me heading into "Original Skin" having pretty much adored "Dark Winter" and wondering if the terrifically entertaining David Mark could do it again. Well the title for this review should tell you as in "Oh Goody its FANTASTIC!" Aector Mcavoy is back and he's better than ever. This gentle giant of a man, with his inate sense of justice and quiet love for his family [...]

  • Rob Kitchin

    Original Skin is the second book in the DS McAvoy series set in Hull. The strengths of the story are the characterisation and sense of place. Mark provides vivid descriptions of his characters, whom have emotional depth and resonance. McAvoy, in particular, is a likeable character – a gentle, somewhat naïve giant who likes to believe the best about people despite all the evidence to the contrary. He has an endearing relationship to his wife and kids and a nice chalk/cheese one with his sassy [...]

  • Cat

    Detective Aector McAvoy is a hulking ginger-headed policeman who's married to a natural healer (Roisin) once of the travellers. He has been assigned to a small unit that investigates serious crimes; his boss is Trish Pharoah, who prefers biker boots and short dresses, smokes black cigarettes, and curses like a sailor.Together they choose to investigate what originally was considered a suicide (or possibly an accidental death by autoerotic means); they're also under the eye of the new Councilor o [...]

  • Joey Woolfardis

    *Won through the first-read giveaway programme on GoodReads.An interesting quick-read crime thriller. I recall the plot strongly, which is quite strange for a quickie; rarely does that happen. It was original and competently written, though it had a few typos and often I felt there were times when a sentence had to be re-read a few times as it was a little difficult to get around.I liked the non-obvious happy marriage of Aector McAvoy. Most crime thrillers have a detective or policeman who is so [...]

  • Mike Gabor

    The second book in the DS Aector McAvoy series. A young man is found dead, strangled with a belt, the authorities deem it a suicide. Also, a new gang is attempting to take over the local drug trade and are being quite brutal in their methods. With the drug-related crimes on the rise the police don't need to be investigating a young man's suicide but, McAvoy believes he was murdered and begins to look into it. As his investigation continues more bodies turn up and he begins to come uncomfortably [...]

  • Thomas

    I first started reading David Mark's books last summer. I won Sorrow Bound(book 3 in the series) last summer in a giveaway and enjoyed it enough that I decided to go back and read books 1 and 2 in the series. This book has several threads: There is a turf war over the growing of marijuana, with new, ruthless gangsters moving in on established Vietnamese grower/sellers. The new gangsters are brutal tortuers, using nail guns and paint stripping burners to torture and murder their way into the bus [...]

  • Dalia

    This book had many of the same faults of the first in the series, but a tad worse even. McAvoy's character simply doesn't make sense. No adult, much less police officer, is that naive. If I were a police officer I certainly wouldn't have him as my partner, his inability to secure a possible crime scene would leave both him and his partner at serious risk. Perhaps Mr. Mark should get more input from someone with a bit more life experience so he can make his characters more credible. The only one [...]

  • Diane S ☔

    This is the second book in the series and just as good as the first. The author does a great job of enlightening readers who are reading this series for the first time or for those like me, who just need a reminder of just what went on in the first book. This book contains gentle humor as well as more serious subjects and crimes. A wonderful addition to an excellent series and I look frward to MCAvoy's next outing.

  • Samantha

    I enjoyed this less than Dark Winter, and yet the characters are so real, so human, that I carried on with the series and am liking them more each time. I think it was just slightly too gritty for me, this one! Apart from the subject matter the plot was great but not so complex that I couldn't follow it, and we start to get more of an insight into Aector's thinking and his motivation. Keep going if you're unsure, the next two are great!

  • Pat

    This book was a bit more 'together' than the first in the series. I quite enjoyed it. The plot was interesting enough and there were enough twists and turns to maintain the pace. I guess I just find the 'reluctant hero' thing a bit tiring, I mean McAvoy is a policeman after all. So I'm hoping that the author might allow this otherwise likeable character to be a bit more comfortable in his skin the next time around.

  • Hannah

    I love David Mark's writing, darkly funny and cuttingly sharp. But with this book it was really a case of style over substance, the illusion of plot but actually it was quite thin below the surface and certainly not very complex or exciting. Characterisation very strong, and different to the crime fiction usuals. Look forward to reading the next one.

  • Melissa

    I really liked the debut of this series and eagerly awaited this one, #2. I couldn't get into the story as much and I felt like the plot was quite fragmented. I gave it a 3 just because I like the McAvoy character. The next book will determine whether I will stick with this series or not.

  • Lesley

    Not as good as Dark Winter, but still a decent crime thriller. A good start, but it got a bit muddly and confusion I n the middle section, which slowed the momentum. Good ending though and I love the character of Aector MacAvoy.

  • SLDawes

    Although this didn't grip me, I really enjoyed it. It's more of a big wheel, than a rollercoaster ride. Maybe this is because it's a series. Anyhow, it was very well written and the characters were unusual. Unlike most police procedurals, where the lead detective/policeman is flawed, this one is strong and stable (Now where did I pick that phrase up from?!) and likeable. He feels very 'real' without needing to be dark, brooding and a bit of a s**t, which seems to be the trend. Even the minor cha [...]

  • nigel laverick

    I wasn't a great fan of the first book in the series but appreciated the author's hard work enough to try the second. For a lot of the "Original Skin" I felt unconvinced, it just didn't seem as enthralling or well rounded as other detective series I really enjoyed such as PC Grant and Stuart McBride's but I stuck with it. I was rewarded by a spreading sense that maybe this series could progress as I found myself actually caring what happened to the cast of characters and rushed through the last [...]

  • Julie Lacey

    This is the second book in the DS Aector McAvoy series, and I have to say I didn't enjoy it as much as Dark Winter. It was really good in places but at other times I found myself losing interest as the story seemed to lose it's flow. I will read other books in this series as I like the character of McAvoy but I hope the stories grip me more than this one did.

  • CJ Bowen

    Far seamier than Aector's previous case, but with a strange sweetness to the family relationship. Aector and Roisin are coming close to being described as too saintly by others. Don't need a tragic flaw, just slow down on the adoration.

  • Jane Walker

    Of its kind this is well done. It helps, I suppose, that I'm in Hull and recognise all Mark's locations. However, the police characters themselves are not particularly convincing, and female characters in general don't ring true. Well written and plotted, though.

  • Hilary. Mccarthy

    A fast moving but fairly complicated story . I like the characters and the unusual background of these characters .Will look for the other books in the series.

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