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Emilia Wentworth would do anything for her sister.For three years, Emilia has lived in the past, feeling her sister s pain and hating those who are to blame, including one of the Sloan brothers.Finally, she has had enough The only way to be free is to create a Burn List with all the people who have ever hurt her sister.As she crosses each name off, she gets closer and cloEmilia Wentworth would do anything for her sister.For three years, Emilia has lived in the past, feeling her sister s pain and hating those who are to blame, including one of the Sloan brothers.Finally, she has had enough The only way to be free is to create a Burn List with all the people who have ever hurt her sister.As she crosses each name off, she gets closer and closer to her final target But, things aren t always as they seem.Loyalties are tested.Boundaries are crossed.And the truth is revealed.

  • Title: Breaking the Wrong
  • Author: Calia Read
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Calia Read

Calia Read lives in Germany with her husband and their three kids You can find her constantly on facebook facebook CaliaRead

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  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads

    This review was posted at Angie's Dreamy Reads!!5+++++++ INCREDIBLE STARSI want to start off this review by making a claim on Macsen Sloan!! That’s right ladiesHE.MINE!!! The words I would use to describe him are swoon worthy, sweet, charming, tender, rough around the edges, misunderstood, smart, intense and just plain delicious. He sings to my soul, he is the mayo to my mustard, the almond to my chocolate, the frosting to my cake. I don’t know what it is about him but he has one hundred per [...]

  • Ellis

    This will be a full review because I need to warn the masses. Actual rating: stars sub zero (and I really mean somewhere around absolute zero)Here is the good news: this book is not as over(t)ly misogynist as its predecessor.Here is the not so good news the what else is new: it's still misogynist as fuck.That is how I was going to begin this review.Then I arrived at that horrible second part and suddenly we're calling everybody sluts and whores again for absolutely no reason. Really. I don't [...]

  • Christy

    REVENGE. Emilia Wentworth has spent the last few years getting revenge for her sister. She’s crossed every name off her list but one. That last name is Macsen Sloan. I’ve tried so hard to use those two annoying F words: forgive and forget. It never works. I can forgive, but no matter how hard I try, the memories never fade.Something terrible happened three years ago to Emilia’s sister. It tore her family apart. Nothing has been the same. She can’t forget and she can’t move on. She deci [...]

  • Anna

    Yes !!!!!! Efffffing yesssss !!!!!!Macsens story was incredible. I loved him. Now in true real life between us Macsen really is the brother for me. Quiet. Reserved. Non-party animal. Beta and Alpha ❤Macsen Speaks my language. Not just holy hot as shit body language or the language of girly lustHe SpeaksLIBRARY ❤❤❤❤ this type of man owns my heart ! when a man has his head in a book Yeah it's a match made in heaven! I'm gonna be honest - Emilia gave me a serious caseof ickkkks. I wanted [...]

  • Natasha is a Book Junkie

    “I achieved nothing in my revenge, except handing over my heart to the one person I was supposed to hate.”Some writers make you feel everything the characters feel, make you take the journey with them, feel every single bump in the road, but then on occasion you come across an author whose writing also makes you feel everything they felt while writing that book. Their writing style is so transparently emotional, personal, honest, that when you finish that story you not only know each charact [...]

  • Melissa Brown

    You think you know Macsen Sloanbut you don't. He is so much more complex than you could have imagined in Every Which Way. Get ready for an incredibly intense, gripping, sexy and intellectually stimulating read. I cannot get enough of this book and it is now one of my very favorites!!!Emilia Wentworth would do anything for her sister. I fell for Emilia after just a few sentences. She got into my heart quickly and never left. I fell for Mac (he lets me call him that) in E.W.W. He wasn't the favori [...]

  • Brenna

    ”If everyone knew the truth, no one would really ask for love. But when it drops into your life, you can only hope that you have enough strength to hang on.”Breaking the Wrong is the second book in the Sloan Brothers series by Calia Read. It is the story of Emilia and one of the Sloan boys. Just in case you haven’t read the first in the series, Every Which Way, I’ll leave his name out so it won’t spoil anything for you… :)So, Emilia has a huge vendetta against this Sloan brother for [...]

  • La Mala ✌

    Estoy anonadada por lo mucho que me entretuvo esta novela . La verdad , la empecé porque quería embolarme y dormirme temprano pero los protagonistas me atraparon tanto que no pude dejarlo hasta el final (bah , hasta que faltaban tres capitulos y ya me imaginaba el final).Está bastante bien escrito , tiene intriga , mucha sensualidad (y no demasiado repetitiva) y , POR SUERTE! , nada de amor instantáneo . No , señora , estos dos se conocen (ella ya lo conocia de antes en realidad. eso es par [...]

  • Julie

    Forgot to check read, 2 years ago! lol

  • Autumn Review

    I absolutely loved Breaking the Wrong. Why, you ask? There are so many reasons why I loved it, but I'll start with the characters. I am a character reader. I love it when I can connect with the characters in the books I read. Not only did I love the characters in this one, but the overall plot was unique and keep me guessing the whole time. Bravo, Calia Read!I'll start with dissecting Emilia. When I first met her in Every Which Way, she scared me a little bit. LOL I wasn't sure where Read was go [...]

  • Anna Banana

    "You're strength is like broken glass. When it happens, it's unexpected and it makes everyone jump.""I hope I cut a few people."Ever since I read the first book last year I've been counting down the days til this book would come out. I don't think I realized just how much I was falling for this series til I found out how long I'd have to wait for the next one. So when I saw that Breaking the Wrong was out I literally screamed and jumped to read it.I'm not gonna lie, when Emilia was first introdu [...]

  • Cristina

    There is so much mystery that surrounds this book that you won't be able to put it down until you find out what's going on! To say that I absolutely enjoyed this book is an understatement. I was lucky enough to read it while travelling and I didn’t run the risk of any interruptions and I was thankful for that!! The only issue I had with the book was wanting more time with Emilia’s sister. I wanted more flashback scenes. I wanted to understand her motivations for doing what she did and I have [...]

  • ♥ Sarah

    3.5 stars "There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness"I think if that was the overall message of the book, it would’ve been so much more satisfying. But ultimately, the story diverged away from the forgiveness aspect. Instead, the plot revolved around Emiliana attempting to seek revenge against Mac for her sister’s death. However, one would think that before one goes out and plots out such detailed plans for revenge, one would meticulously research every single detail and make sure the p [...]

  • Beth

    More Macsen! I needed Macsen to get his story. While Thayer and Severine are doing well, where does that leave Macsen??? Yes. You need to read the first book first or you will be confused and frustrated. Emilia comes to campus to settle a score. She has a Burn List of pele she wants to exact revenge upon for something that happen to her sister. But who is she after. Thayer, Macsen, or Severine? Emilia is quiet and conniving. She weasels her way into Mac's life but discovers he has also weaseled [...]

  • Brandi

    "The truth is rarely pure and never simple."Oh Macsen.I just want to put your dark, broody self in my pocket and keep you close always. Calia Read knocked this one out of the park - I was a fan of Thayer and Severine's story, but I absolutely fell in love with Macsen and Emilia. Even in Every Which Way I was drawn to Macsen, I have an slightly unhealthy attraction to dark, misunderstood, and moody men - I love finding redeemable qualities in those who think they are irredeemable. Even driven by [...]

  • Laura (Blame it on the Rain Reviews)

    CHECK OUT MORE REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE ON MY BLOG, BLAME IT ON THE RAINAn addicting story with amazingly in depth characters, it was everything I wanted it to be, and more.Completely different from book one in the Sloan Brothers series ~ Every Which Way (Review), I liked this book ten times more and really didn't want it to end. The feel of this book was completely different, with such a smooth writing style, the angst and drama were both completely intense and held my attention from start to fini [...]

  • MyBookWorld

    Absolutely amazing!!!!!Now to me this book was a thousand times better then every which way. For one it was about my favourite brother Macsen. Two I connected soooo much more with the characters in this book Three the storyline was just deep very deep 4 the writing flowed a lot better and I didn't feel any gaps in this book like I did with book one. And five pov Is just the best and getting Macsen's pov is even better.Now lets start off with Emilia Well she was introduced to us in every which w [...]

  • Lee

    "If everyone knew the truth, no one would really ask for love. But when it drops into your life, you can only hope that you have enough strength to hang on."20/3/13 -I just finished. Lucky I'm in my own office at work where I can just sit and stare and think. Amazing, captivating, emotional and beautifully, intelligently writtenview to come. I have highlighted nearly every page so need to pick my favourites :)21/3/13I’ll start by saying that while this can be read as a stand-alone, I would str [...]

  • Ashley

    **I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review on the Breaking the Wrong blog tour**“Everyone wants to fall in love. But I think more people are in love with the theory of love. If you’re looking in from the outside, it looks so beautiful. On the inside, it’s scary because it can take over your life. It’s the strongest emotion but also the darkest. It can put you on a high for days, but it can wrap an anchor around your feet and drown you in less than a minute. If e [...]

  • Karen

    First, I must say that I read somewhere that a reader thought Breaking the Wrong was a stand-alone book and didn’t think you needed to read book one beforehand. I would strongly disagree with that statement. Not only would you be clueless about half of what is going on, you would also entirely miss out on the evolution of the main character which is the point of this book. Do yourself a favor and don’t read this review if you haven’t read book one. Oh, and go out and download book one, Eve [...]

  • Kim

    I have to admit that after reading the first book Every Which Way that I was not sure I would like a book about Macsen. In the first book, I went from loving Macsen to being really disappointed and not liking him by the end. And at the beginning of Breaking the Wrong, I started to see the qualities in Macsen I initially liked about him. He is smart, kind of nerdy, quiet, and deep. I had a little hard time warming up to Emilia as well. We briefly met her in the first book, but have no idea why sh [...]

  • ★★Sara Lizzy★★

    First let me start of by saying, if you haven't read the 1st book in this series "Every Which Way" do so before reading "Breaking the Wrong". I can honestly say I didn't care much for Macsen in the 1st book "Every Which Way", but my opinion of him definitely changed while reading "Breaking the Wrong". I thought Emilia and Macsen were a great couple together. This book does have a HEA. I'd really like to see more books in this series so we can see more of Severine and Thayer and also Emilia and M [...]

  • Kathy Ann

    I completely fell in love with Emilia and Macsen! My heart literally clenched - I was so deeply rooted in their story. In Every Which Way Macsen and even Emilia were presented to the readers in such a flawed way I was uncertain how this book would turn out. This was a highly anticipated novel for me because I new the revenge angle would make for a delicious read. It did not disappoint and gave me even more than I had hoped for. The sweet love between Emilia and Macsen was so unexpected and for m [...]

  • Aydan Yalçın

    Sloan Kardeşler serisinin ilk kitabı Every Which Way'den daha çok sevdim diyebilirim. İlk kitabın da kendince güzel yanları vardı ama bu daha gizemli ve anlatıcılar daha sempatikti. Daha önce bir asshole gibi gösterilen ama yine de nefret edemeyeceğiniz bir karakter olan Macsen'ı bu kitapta çok ama çoook sevdim. Elinden kitap düşmeyen, sevdiği kitaplar hakkında hararetli konuşmalar yapan, parti, sigara, alkol nedir bilmeyen adam sevilmez de ne yapılır? Tam da Calia Read'de [...]

  • Lisa Jordan

    I received an ARC of this book.Calia, you blew my mind. It imploded. Really, it did! It's like jello in there today.I started reading this a little bit worried about whether l would even like the characters (Macsen did little to impress me in EWW), and Emilia l was concerned l wouldn't relate to her.I shouldn't have worried, it was amazing!!I don't want to give anything away, just let it be saidAdd this to your TBR list, you don't want to miss this one!!

  • Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews

    Updated February 3, 2015Bump 3 stars to 4 starsNot sure where my head was on the first go round. Just like book 1, my ratings for book 2 will increase. I must have been comparing the reads to another book that just resonated with my soul when I gave my original ratings. Or the quality of writings have went down hill. Who knows?????

  • Glire

    Tiene un comienzo un poco lento y confuso, y el "plot twist" es demasiado obvio, pero por algún motivo se vuelve adictivo; para cuando te das cuenta que los personajes están envueltos en un romance insano del tipo: "I'd do anything. Say anything. Be anything. Just to keep Macsen." Es porque ya no puedes parar de leer.

  • Angela Mclaurin

    5 PHENOMINAL stars!!! You do not want to miss this one! Mark your calendars now! I loved every minute and am so thankful to be Calia's friend and to have been able to beta read this incredible book!

  • Courtney

    Can I tell you how much I loved this book?!!! Calia has blown me away with this. Macsen is beyond words and I truly fell for him and loved getting to know him in Breaking the Wrong. I so hope we get to read A LOT more about him and Emelia!

  • Cristal Jatip

    Macsen totally redeems himself in this boom and I like the TRUE him. You never got who he was as a person in the first book so I am glad he revealed more of himself in this book. Great read and am sad I'm done reading it.

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  • [PDF] Download Í Breaking the Wrong | by ☆ Calia Read
    327 Calia Read
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