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By Peter Davey | Comments: ( 168 ) | Date: ( Nov 21, 2019 )

Tales of passion, pain and pink underwear among the flats and rented rooms of Lewisham a land where hopes and dreams are born and die and all of human life is less than half an hour from Charing Cross.

  • Title: Loved and Lost in Lewisham
  • Author: Peter Davey
  • ISBN: B008PWXQI8
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Peter Davey

Peter Davey Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Loved and Lost in Lewisham book, this is one of the most wanted Peter Davey author readers around the world.

Comments Loved and Lost in Lewisham

  • Flick Merauld

    Imagine Douglas Adams and Tom Sharpe deciding to collaborate on a series of contemporary humorous stories set in Lewisham instead of Cambridge, South Africa or the far flung reaches of the galaxy and you begin to get an idea for the flavour of this book. It's hilariously funny, written in a quick, tongue in cheek manner, and yet the observations of human nature and the underlying sense of compassion for the flaws, quirks and tribulations that drive people are wonderful. Not only that, but the au [...]

  • Geoffrey West

    Twists, sardonic smiles and laugh out loud fun I started Loved and Lost in Lewisham, and read it almost in one go because the style was so easy, calm and relaxing and the characters in these short stories were so delightfully engaging. Unrequited love, bad timings and sheer dreadful unhappy fortune seem to shackle poor Tom in the first story until you think (and hope) that things are on the up for him. The second story 'Mike and Beth a modern romance', is just as pleasurable, and we follow the f [...]

  • Carrie Lahain

    I admit I wan't paying attention when I started this book. I assumed it was a novel and became drawn in right away by the character Tom in "Seeing Stars." He's an aspiring filmmaker who earns his bread working for a shipping company. He's also probably the sorriest womanizer in recorded history. While fantasizing about his dream woman, he gets himself entangled with someone else. It's a disaster. He knows it from the first moment, but away he goes. Then he gets a shot at fulfilling his romantic [...]

  • Wendy Janes

    A lovely collection of stories about the people we pass on the streets every day.Each piece is a witty exploration of the hearts and minds of men and women who lead less than spectacular lives. Mistakes and misunderstandings underpin many of the relationships portrayed in these stories, exposing both the frailties and the resilience of the characters. There are elements of the surreal that are laugh-out-loud funny and moments of farce that balance deliciously on the fine line between making you [...]

  • Melodie Ramone

    Loved and Lost In Lewisham was a book I bought with no idea of what to expect. What an enormously enjoyable surprise! It's a collection of insightful, satirical and hilarious tales about a buffet of unforgettable characters living in a city called Lewisham. Written in a quick and witty fashion, Peter Davey's brilliance is undeniable as he takes you through a series of ludicrous, and very realistic, scenarios. It's hard to pin this book down other than to say it's absolute entertainment from page [...]

  • Imelda Evans

    Ahem! It seems my review lodged itself as a comment. Here it is so you can see it!I discovered Peter this year through the magic of twitter. I first read his novel, Fraud, which I enjoyed very much. Davey is witty and wise and his writing is a pleasure to read. I've only just got around to Loved and Lost in Lewisham and I've found it was worth the wait. While Fraud was fun, I think he really hits his straps in these wry, sweet little gems of short pieces. Do yourself a favour and get a copy to d [...]

  • Katie Oliver

    "Loved and Lost in Lewisham" by Peter Davey is a thoughtful, often funny look at the relationships of some of the residents of - you guessed it - Lewisham. The book, a collection of short stories, opens with the tale of Tom, a scriptwriter wannabe, and Sophie, his new upstairs neighbour. Of course love doesn't always go according to planSo if you enjoy a light, funny read with engaging characters, you'll like "Loved and Lost" as much as I did. Well written and highly recommended.

  • Valerie Poore

    Great fun. A witty and quirky collection of stories about very real, ordinary people. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Julie Hodgson

    without giving any spoilers awayIts was a fun read I cannot get the mess of his flat out of my head LOLwell worth buying if you want an uncomplicated relaxing read.

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  • Best Read [Peter Davey] ☆ Loved and Lost in Lewisham || [Self Help Book] PDF ô
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