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By Eduardo Galeano | Comments: ( 492 ) | Date: ( Dec 09, 2019 )

Dizzying, enraging, and beautifully written, the third volume of Eduardo Galeano s Memory of Fire trilogy, Century of the Wind serves up the turbulent 20th century s worth of U.S Latin American relations, from the bucolic New Jersey laboratory of Thomas Alva Edison to the armies of Emiliano Zapata and Fidel Castro to the Reagan era CIA neutralizations in the forests ofDizzying, enraging, and beautifully written, the third volume of Eduardo Galeano s Memory of Fire trilogy, Century of the Wind serves up the turbulent 20th century s worth of U.S Latin American relations, from the bucolic New Jersey laboratory of Thomas Alva Edison to the armies of Emiliano Zapata and Fidel Castro to the Reagan era CIA neutralizations in the forests of Central America.

  • Title: Kroniek van het vuur 3. De eeuw van de wind
  • Author: Eduardo Galeano
  • ISBN: 906012703X
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Eduardo Galeano

Eduardo Galeano was a Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist His best known works are Memoria del fuego Memory of Fire Trilogy, 1986 and Las venas abiertas de Am rica Latina Open Veins of Latin America, 1971 which have been translated into twenty languages and transcend orthodox genres combining fiction, journalism, political analysis, and history The author himself has proclaimed his obsession as a writer saying, I m a writer obsessed with remembering, with remembering the past of America above all and above all that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to amnesia He has received the International Human Rights Award by Global Exchange 2006 and the Stig Dagerman Prize 2010.

Comments Kroniek van het vuur 3. De eeuw van de wind

  • Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly

    The last volume of the trilogy Memory of Fire.My expectation was less. I thought that after thoroughly enjoying the first (Genesis) and second (Faces & Masks) the novelty would have worn off and I'd have not much reason to gush over it. I was wrong. The metaphors here are as startling as ever, the characters as unforgettable, the relived history as heartbreaking and the prose as ecstatic. For me Memory of Fire is one rare book which, if I find someone rating it a low 4 stars I'd wonder if he [...]

  • Lena

    This was a fantastic revelation for me:I hadn't previously known very much at all about Latin American history and Galeano's vignettes were a wonderful introduction. The emotive, personal perspective that he is able to share with readers is captivating and educational. I certainly shy away from any description of this novel as a fiction, because the events discussed are completely factual. The way Galeano expresses the brutality of Latin American history should make readers uncomfortable, but al [...]

  • Tim

    Having read the historic and mythic Faces and Masks I knew (mostly) what I was getting into with Galeano's Century of the Wind. The previous book was an enraged artistic history of the Americas from the vantage of the oppressed. In this last volume it is again the story of the oppressed, especially the poor worker of the land, but here the oppressor, as well as the local landowner or "president," is also the American corporation and the American government. His short vignettes of violence, revol [...]

  • Antonio

    A must read for all fans of history! It is more than just a book. It is a picture in words.I strongly recommend reading the entire trilogy, Memory of Fire. This is the third installment of Galeano's ode to Latin America. each chapter is a vignette in the history of the America's.It contains both the good and bad of an entire continent. After finishing writing it, Galeano wrote that "more now than ever, I feel proud to have been born in this paradise, in this shithole that is Latin America"This b [...]

  • Lucía Vijil Saybe

    EXCELENTE FINAL para esta trilogía, uno de los mejores libros que he leído. La culminación perfecta para explicar el siglo pasado y una perspectiva amplia de quiénes fueron los destacados en cada país que buscaron la liberación. El Che Guevara que jamás se me van a olvidar, cambio el frasco de medicamentos que solía aplicar a los enfermos por una caja de balas y como todo nuestro proceso de "progreso-capitalismo" ha sido la subordinación para nuestros pueblos, me encantó "Lo inconcebib [...]

  • Noor Abd-alhadi

    لم أقرأ نصا يرصد ويوثق لفترة تاريخية أكثر حيوية وبراعة من هذا النص كالجزأين السابقين يتابع عاليانو سرد تاريخ أمريكا اللاتينية الحافل بالحياة والموت والدم والانتصارات والهزائم وخيبات الأمل بكثير من الصدق وكثير من الإبداع والكثير الكثير من الاختلاف تاريخ لا يشبه أي تاريخ مر [...]

  • Kella

    This has to be one of my favorite books ever. That's crazy talk, I know, but it's true. I did things a little backwards though since I haven't read the first two books of this trilogy, but if "Century of the Wind" is any indication, then I'm ready for some epistolary, fragmentary entries that render the last century into a beautiful collage of horror, humor, and industrialism. Wow.

  • James

    the finale of a masterpiece of scholarship Galeano returns to his scathing critique and full-blown evisceration of the narrative of the Americas we all think we know covering everyone from Edison to Reagan to Zapata to Castro, he covers the depth breadth of the land, detailing, with his unique brand of academia mixed with speechifying rhetorical barbs, the truths of 'actions' by the US in countries deemed dangerously socialist or revolutionary or just not acquiescent to its hegemony interesting [...]

  • Leanne Feliz Pastorpide

    Century of The Wind, the third book in the Memory of Fire Trilogy written by Eduardo Galeano (1986), translated by Cedric Belfrage (1988), is about the history of Latin America in the Twentieth Century. The book is a tangible cry of how the people were brutally silenced and taken for granted. It is the living testimony of the countless unjust deaths. It is the use, misuse, and abuse of power captured in words. Vignette from vignette, it will touch your heart the way no other book can, forming a [...]

  • Rose Boehm

    'Century of the Wind' apparently forms part of a trilogy: 'Memory of Fire'. I had not idea what I held in my hands when an old friend gave it to me last time I was in London, 'Because Latin America is where you live.' Indeed, I live in Peru, and this amazing book helps me understand so much better what happened here and why things are what they are. 'Century of the Wind' can't be described. It's not an easily pigeonholed book. It's a collection (in order of time and carefully researched) of pros [...]

  • Yaser Maadat

    يختتم غاليانو ثلاثية ذاكرة النار بقرن الريح كما يسميه أو قرن الثورات في مواجهة الدكتاتوريات كما كان فعلا،زاباتابانتشو بيّاساندينوجيفاراكاستروسينفويغوسالليندي،كانوا عناوين بارزة لاستيقاظ الروح الوطنية اللاتينية في مواجهة دكتاتوريات لا تستحق التسمية و ان كانت كلها واجه [...]

  • Michael

    An hour or so from the close of the Memory of Fire trilogy, as I prepared for sleep, I learned of Galeano's passing. With a pain in my chest, I switched on the light and read until the final page. As I found myself at the end of this journey, my device reset itself and has been unresponsive since. On the home screen, beside the title of the series, where Eduardo Galeano's name ought be, there is a blank space.

  • Miriam

    I read the triology in no time, I just couldn't stop. It is not only beatifuly written, it is a piece of the untold history of a remarkable continent because its struggle for life, freedom, civil liberties and justice for their multiple ethnic population.Escapes from being panfletary because the poetry, the recuperation of legends and unknown people and written memorials. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to know Latin America.

  • Samantha

    Beautifully written vignettes recreating moments in history. They may move you, give you goosebumps, haunt you. The prose is so alive and so brutally seductive --it would be easy to read it all in one sitting. I personally recommend reading one paragraph-sized entry a day --or one a week. So richly written, I needed time to digest each one. Galeano is brilliant, brilliant.

  • Jessie Kwak

    Slowly making my way through Galeano's beautiful historical snippets. He makes history so haunting.

  • Anastasia

    I liked this trilogy a lot, much of Latin American history that I didn't know before. Educational & great read.

  • Andrew

    Venas Abiertas after a few decades in the cellar.

  • Marc Larrivée

    It is hard to put into works how both beautiful and sad is writing is.

  • Pablo

    With this review, sadly it signifies for me the end of Galeano's "Memory of Fire" series. A scorchingly hot, scintallatingly deep, machete sharp, disturbingly accurate history and commentary of "the America's". Without a doubt the most poetic, heartfelt and engaging history books I've ever had the joy to read. These are couragous books of genius!! 5 STARS

  • Rochelle Blumenstein

    Here is comment as opposed to a review. So I've read the last 100 pages since Trump's inauguration. It's remarkable how many things his administration as has done and said in just a few days that mirror the actions and words of the dictators described in this series of books.

  • Dony Grayman

    Tomo 3 de Memoria del fuego. Edición argentina, 8ª.

  • Robbie Bruens

    There's a great recording of the comedian Bill Hicks performing around election time back in 1992 during which he referred to the murderous Reagan/Bush foreign policy in Latin America and then asked "How does it feel to find out we're the Evil Empire?" Even if you're already pretty familiar with the U.S. policy of supporting and arming brutal rightwing dictators throughout the 20th century all around the world (but especially in the countries of the Western hemisphere), it's still astounding to [...]

  • Iván Olhaff

    La tercera y última parte de la trilogía de Memoria de Fuego no tiene un final como tal, esta magnífica obra que trasgrede las barrera de géneros literarios, es ensayo, es novela y más, todo ellos con el sello característico de Eduardo Galeano, su forma es muy flexible, es poética, satírica, humorística, te lleva de una sonrisa a la indignación en un santiamén, no sin atravesar muchos más sentimientos en ese lapso.Con estos libros he constatado que la historia de nuestro continente h [...]

  • Sps

    The other volumes, though heartbreaking, didn't leave me as despairing as this one. In part because I could tell myself that it was all so long ago, that while the arc of the moral universe is long it does bend, it has been bending, towards justice*. But this volume comes up through the 20th century, up into my lifetime, and I can't deny that this is the world we live in. So the death squads and the IMF-demanded austerity measures and the continual assault on human rights by wealthy corporations [...]

  • Brian

    This history of Latin America's struggles during the Twentieth Century is passionate, polemical and poetic. Galeano is a committed Marxist but he is also intelligent, subtle when he should be and fair when facts demand it.The book consists of brief paragraphs labeled by year and location that form a rich mosaic of events, heroes and villains. Galeano cites nearly 500 sources for a picture of Latin America that the typical North American reader is unlikely to get anywhere else.The book has much i [...]

  • Lauli

    ¿Qué decir de este libro? Nos entretiene y nos duele, nos eleva el espíritu y nos hunde en los abismos más profundos de la maldad y la codicia humana, nos presenta a los héroes públicos y anónimos del continente americano y a sus peores opresores y dictadores. No puede contarse de otra forma la historia del siglo XX en Latinoamérica, siglo de revoluciones y totalitarismos, de reivindicaciones y matanzas, de esperanza y de terror. Todo esto nos ha pasado, y por eso es fundamental la lectu [...]

  • Robert

    In the concluding volume of this trilogy Galeano focuses on America’s evolution towards the contemporary age. Now instead of racial wars, the twentieth century brought about dictators such as Castro, Trujillo and others. Also many new inventions have been cropping up, not to mention the two world wars. The whole series ends with a letter the author writes about finishing of the trilogy.On the whole, I can’t really complain about these three volumes. I enjoyed the way they were written and pr [...]

  • Justin Podur

    All of Latin American history is told in vignettes in Galeano's Memory of Fire trilogy. This is an amazing, and inspiring, piece of work. I read it once before I knew anything about Latin America, and then again about 15 years later when I knew a lot, and it was even better the second time. An incredible book. When I learned Colombian history I went back and read about the assassination of Gaitan. Galeano is a true artist of history. He sees things differently, and writes about them differently, [...]

  • Nicola

    A tour-de-force of style and execution, this panorama of fragments, full of the "shits" and "marvels" of the 20th century should WOW you. Yes, this is a Leftist, highly political, satirical book. But how brave of Galeano to tackle so much and manage to, overall, not be overly didactic and moralizing. Though I know he is an activist and very politically engaged, in many ways this is an aesthetic achievement. Enjoy the wild ride.

  • Jcrandspace

    a very poetic account of the highs -some- and the lows -many- with which the various countries that make up south and central america, plus mexico endured in the twentieth century. if you happen to be a right wing prosletyzer this book might open your eyes or harden your heart as it slant is certainly socialist. but if your not moved by the manipulation, suffering, failed bravery of so many murdered visionaries than maybe you don't have a heart. i need to read the entire trilogy.

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  • ✓ Kroniek van het vuur 3. De eeuw van de wind || ☆ PDF Download by ↠ Eduardo Galeano
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