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By Kate Mathias | Comments: ( 769 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

When Piper Reynolds comes face to face with Pip, a woman that looks identical to her from a parallel reality, she discovers that their bond draws them together in times of need Piper is the first to jump into Pip s world and finds that although many aspects appear the same, small choices have made their realities much different At first the problems are small and the tWhen Piper Reynolds comes face to face with Pip, a woman that looks identical to her from a parallel reality, she discovers that their bond draws them together in times of need Piper is the first to jump into Pip s world and finds that although many aspects appear the same, small choices have made their realities much different At first the problems are small and the trips short, but soon both women are going to find their worlds have turned upside down, and they will need each other than they ever could have realized.In Pip s universe she is stalked by a man who won t stop until she is dead In the meantime Piper discovers that her son will die unless someone can donate to him life saving bone marrow.It isn t long before both women realize that each other is the key to their survival but can they jump for long enough to help Or will their jumps put them in the wrong place at the wrong time

  • Title: Worlds Apart
  • Author: Kate Mathias
  • ISBN: 9781477132104
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Kate Mathias

Kate is the author of Worlds Apart, Hiding in Plain Sight, and Spitfire of The Silver Oaks Series Be on the lookout for her fourth novel, Awake, but Still Dreaming This is her autobiography about overcoming a brain tumor Coming soon Kate lives in Arizona with her husband and three children She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family and friends You can also find Kate on Facebook at facebook WorldsApart.Check out Kate s website at katemathiasauthorFollow Kate on Twitter katemathias

Comments Worlds Apart

  • Ashley Truelove

    Added to my Best F*ckin Books EVER list!I wish I knew where to start or how to give this book the recognition it seriously deserves. So I guess I will start with explaining how much this book affected me. It was so much more deep than I would've ever imagined. First, let me say, I knew it was paranormalbut I didn't expect this. I would say it's not as much paranormal as contemporary suspenses, it has its paranormal-esque moments. But that's where it ends. This book took me through every possible [...]

  • Liz

    Wow!Worlds Apart was a surprise! We are introduced to Joe, Piper, Pip, and Graham.They go through quite the roller coaster called life. Besides the prominent elements of friendship, love, and loss being incorporated into this story, there was also the intriguing concept of teleporting or jumping to one’s world. That’s right; Piper and Pip are two different people (but not really, they are identical except for the hair color) and have different lives. Piper and Pip are married to Joe Reynolds [...]

  • Alana ~ The Book Pimp

    I received a free eBook from the author in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.This was a little different than your average paranormal romance. I almost hesistate even using that term to describe it because traditionally a PNR requires a happy ending. This book isn't necessarily 'unhappy' but there is by no means a big warm, fuzzy HEA waiting at the end for you. It is the first of the Silver Oaks Series, and is set up perfectly to flow into the series.Some good things about this book was th [...]

  • Sarah

    Worlds Apart was full of characters that you will love. Piper and Pip develop a special relationship that is apparent early in the story. They have the kind of friendship bond that every women looks for in their best friend. Joe was pure perfection and the kind of man any woman would want. The book starts out showing you how the dynamics of relationships keep you grounded and moving forward in life. Then the twists start coming and they will keep you on the edge of your seat and breathless until [...]

  • Kimberly Russell

    Full disclosure - this was sent to me by the author but my opinions are honest. :) Words Apart of full of drama and action and I read it very fast. I thought the plot was well laid out and the idea was original. I think I would have mucked this up if I tried to write it. :) Well done, Kate!

  • LipSmackin' GoodBooks Bloggin' Bitches

    Review by KimmiYeah, sorry. You see I started this book and I thought what I was reading was another one of a million other books we buy for our Kindle because, well shit it's safe. The cover had no alarms or red flags flying up in my head. The beginning perfectly what I expected. Boy meets girl, Girl meets boy. They have a date, a beautiful first kiss, fall in love, ahhhh, swell! Que the doves, the band, and Hap, Hap, Happily Ever After, **sighs** Yeah, no. > I'd like to make a quick observa [...]

  • Heather

    I had been seeing congratulations and all kinds of excitement building up on Facebook for someone I went to school with.It started with our Spanish teacher saying how proud she was of Katie! She was now a published author! I saw friends buying the book, loving the book, and it was on my TBR list when Katie contacted me asking me if I would read and review it. Of course I would!In one day.The reading part.You know a book is awesome when you can’t put it down and have to finish all 300+ pages in [...]

  • Traci Domergue

    When I began reading Kate's book "Worlds Apart (The Silver Oakes Series,#1) it was only the "Sample" read from the site.That made me thirsty for more!!! I have always wondered if just maybe we have a parallel existence out there.? Someone almost identical but with just a little something making us different. Like Piper's OTHER selfPip had blonde hair,did not have children and worked in Real EstatePiper had brown hair,was a school teacher and a Mother to twins, A girl Arie and a boy Graham.When [...]

  • Nina

    I read Worlds apart on the recommendation of a friend, and I'm so glad I did. Firstly, this isn't your average paranormal romance. It's much more. Secondly, it's unique on so many levels. Without giving too much away Piper Reynolds meets her double Pip by accident one day. At first she believes she's seeing things and going crazy, before she realises that Pip indeed is real. She's just from an alternate universe, one in which not everyone acts the same as they do in her Universe. Every choice th [...]

  • Lisa Royea

    Where do I even start with this review? Well, I LOVED this book so I'll start there. If you're looking for a book that still has romance, but doesn't follow the traditional pattern we've seen lately, this is it! I was a little hesitant cause the description was a little too paranormal for my likes. Don't get me wrong, I've been able to suspend disbelief enough to enjoy Twilight and Harry Potter, etc. But I've also read some pretty poorly written ones. This is not one of those. This is very well [...]

  • Brandee Price

    **Tissue Alert**Wow! What a unique story! Worlds Apart is essentially the story about the colliding of two parallel realities. And it completely captivated me.Worlds Apart has two main character couples in each of the realities, Piper and Joe AND Pip and Joe. For some reason, Piper and Pip are able to jump into each other's reality. The story chronicles their lives from the time Piper meets Joe. All the characters are richly defined and I ended up loving them. Piper/Pip and the Joe's feel like p [...]

  • Sharing

    I was recently gifted an e-book copy of Worlds Apart. I didn't rush to read it right away, as I am not normally interested in supernatural books. So I read a few of my other shorter books, then decided to give Worlds Apart a chance, since it was gifted to me and other people had good things to say about it. As soon as I started reading it, I was immediately drawn to the characters in the story. I loved Piper and Pip's strange and parallel stories. I never figured out how they came to be in each [...]

  • Vera

    I like the prologue of this book. It builds up my anticipation on when is that part going to happen and what will happen to Piper. I love that the story is a mix of sci-fi with romantic suspense in it. I really liked how and when Pip and Piper are jumping to each other’s world and seeing Piper’s family and their “Joes”. However, there are one or two instances that I have to re-read a previous page since I was not sure how many days had passed when they last jumped. Or, how far away are t [...]

  • Leighta

    I really enjoyed this book. I loved the premise. It was unique, not something I'd read before and it was interesting how both Pip and Piper managed to accept and incorporate each other and each other's lives into their own. The characters were all likable and easy to think of as the same person, yet not quite. I had no trouble understanding the switch between worlds and the characters were all written so well they all had their individual quirks and personalities so you knew who was who in the d [...]

  • Lee

    review to come 3.5 starsThis book was sent to me by the author and this is my honest, unbiased opinion.I don't normally read paranormal books, even though I probably wouldn't class this book as one entirely, I was really intrigued by the blurb for this book and I found it a good read with drama and emotion. It took me a little while to get into the rhythm of it(maybe because I haven't read a book like this before), but I found the second half of the book flowed well and I was able to get into th [...]

  • Kristi Ayers

    Kate Mathias impressed me with a unique and entertaining novel. It was descriptive, held suspense, romance, joy, sorrow, and the right amount of paranormal elements that I love. The cliffhanger wasWOWAHHHbut since I have the sequel in my hands I was mentally okay with it. I loved the characters and could easily feel the emotions of Piper, Pip, and Joe. I loved the idea of "jumping" between worlds. I can't get over how unique this story was, and such a delightful breath of fresh air!

  • Claire Taylor

    Kate Mathias Worlds Apart The Silver Oaks Series #1 At first this book really confused me, but once I got the hang of the jumps, I soon found myself completely immersed in Piper and Pip’s lives. Once Graham and Arie were born, the story seemed to be on a different level and I found it much more enjoyable. With shocking twists and turns, it’s hard not to let the emotion get to you at times, and by the end of the book I couldn’t wait to read more of the story.

  • Shanna

    As you can see I finished reading this book quickly. From the first page to the last I couldn't put it down! The story moves pretty quickly so I was always on the edge of my toes as to what was going to happen next. I had no problem keeping up with the whole jumping between world's thing. I am literally waiting on the edge of my seat for the 2nd book in the series. You have to check this story out!

  • Heather

    Words cannot express how amazing Worlds Apart (The Silver Oaks Series #1) truly is. Kate Mathias creates a completely new spin on the paranormal romance genre. I am so dumbfounded by the read that I don’t even know where to begin and because of that I am certain that my words will not do justice for the recognition that this book deserves.To see what else we had to say about this novel, check out our full review by visiting us at www(dot)griffinshoney(dot)com

  • Shannon

    4.5 rating. I loved this book and the only reason I'm not giving it a 5 is because it ends on a damn cliffhanger haha. Luckily I have the next book or I would be really upset haha. But great story! I loved the characters and getting to see the different worlds and how they're different based on the choices they made. I think the summary of the book gives away too much but I still enjoyed it immensely. I could not put it down. It had just the right amount of romance and suspense.

  • Randi Edwards

    Great book. It was a enjoyable read and I cannot for the next book so I can find out what happens. I like a book that makes you think and ask questions and this is one of them. Not a page turner at first but stay with it you will not be disappointed at all. If this book is in your TBR pile move it to the top. If you haven't bought it yet, well what are you waiting for? Go. Now.

  • Eskimo Princess Jenkins

    Pretty good book, but you need to make sure you are paying attention.I really liked the characters, all very well written. Although, it seemed like I was reading forever-seemed to be an extremely long book. Lots of ups and downs and emotional. Again you need to pay attention or you could loose yourself.

  • Sally

    Different from my normal type of read, I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. But I found myself loving it. The story is complex and moving and beautiful. The number of lives that become intertwined throughout the pages astounds me, because it never becomes confusing or cloudy. Extremely well written and definitely worth the read.

  • Elizabeth

    Review of Worlds Apart

  • Andria

    What a great book! Full of suspence, twists and turns and a little bit of romance. The author, Kate Mathias draws you in with a great plot and characters who come to life. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  • Kimi

    What a great story. I really loved the relationships and Joe was the perfect guy. I won't lieere may have been some goosebumps and a tear shed at one point. Completely original story. Loved it.

  • Dawn

    Full review later

  • Beth Brancato

    Great book! Just when you think you know what's going to happen next, you are taken on another ride. A must read!

  • Amy Trimble

    Page-turner for sure. Like nothing I have ever read before and I loved it. The last 75 pages or so were intense! Can't wait for more from this author!

  • Terry Trahan

    Omg! What an amazing read! This story was well written and has left me begging for more!

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