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By Lorraine Beaumont | Comments: ( 223 ) | Date: ( Nov 20, 2019 )

The paranormal romance that centers the story and pulls you into its embrace like a lover you had forgotten how much you enjoyed kissing There is mystery and than anything there is the need to find out what dark secret lies at the core of it all Sookie Stackhouse Reviews YA Paranormal Dark Fantasy for Adults

  • Title: Elyograg
  • Author: Lorraine Beaumont
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Lorraine Beaumont

1 Bestselling, 1 International Bestselling Author Award Winning Poet, Gargoyle enthusiast, Time Traveler, Red Shoes that Glitter Collector, and Creature of the Loch Aficionado List of BooksRavenhurst Series 1 Bestselling Time Travel Romance SeriesForgotten TimeShadows of YesterdayTime to RememberDreams of TomorrowNow and ForeverRavenhurst A Victorian Christmas Lucian Coming Soon Ravenhurst A Modern Day Christmas Ravenhurst Special Interactive TrilogyA Knight Such as ThisA Knight to RememberA Knight for all TimeBriarcliff Series YA Paranormal Romance written for AdultsBriarcliff Book One Elyograg Briarcliff Book Two GargoyleBriarcliff Book Three Degare Briarcliff Book Four Blood and Fire Edenbrooke Hollow Series Paranormal Time Travel Romance We Three Witches Book OneWe Three Witches Book TwoWe Three Witches Book ThreeLost in the Highlands Series Scottish Time Travel RomanceLost in the Highlands, Book OneLost in the Highlands, Book TwoLost int the Highlands, Book ThreeA Scottish Time Travel RomanceNew Series in the WorksJoin her mailing list faqlorraienbeaumont.cConnect with her online anytime Email lbeaumontbooks gmail Twitter Lbeaumont_ Join her Facebook Facebook Fan page facebook LorraineBeaumonttheAuthor

Comments Elyograg

  • L.A. Miller

    So below was my first review, this is the updated review. Do not bother with this book. If you read Gargoyle the first book in the series this entire book is the first chapter of that book in the correct order. Talk about a rip off for those people who originally purchased this book when it was offered. Now I understand why it is free on .Where do I begin? I guess I'm glad I didn't purchase the book. Sometimes writers try something artistic and in this case it failed miserably. The story was ok, [...]

  • Tiana Dalichov

    It was not the blonde that held his gaze; loosening the grasp of the stone façade that bound him . . . it was the one with the bewitching green eyes. His cold heart thumped soundlessly in its confines as he fought to come back from his granite sepulcher.Elyograg enraptured me from the first page and pulled me along for an exciting, albeit confusing, ride through Beaumont's world of magic and mystery. The characters were realistic and fun, the plot driving and irresistible, and the premise uniqu [...]

  • Sadie Forsythe

    This is not a stand alone book AT ALL. In fact, another reviewer who read the rest of the series stated that this is literally the first chapter of the first book, so it's not even its own piece of writing. Talk about a waste of time! What's more, while the actual writing is fine the story if not. It starts out with something mildly interesting and then moves backwards through the day leading up to that point, getting progressively less interesting, until it is reduced to describing bedrooms and [...]

  • Becky

    Absolutely loved this. Just bought the second one (: Gargoyles . . . . . Loved the writing style and the way everything is backwards.

  • StephenieBlack

    I was a little confused by this book at first. The time-flow is insane. However, once I got used to it I really enjoyed it. The characters were funny, hot and real. Just the way I like them.

  • Andrea

    Old world gargoyle notices or starts to wake when teens start planning a party at the estate. From the statues point of view, very interesting

  • Cynthia

    Liked it very much! Just weird to read a story backwards

  • Bonnie

    on to book 2. love the story

  • Lorraine Beaumont

    Author's Note:This book has been revised, reedited and rewritten substantially. The original series was entitled "The Gathering Series" but due to a conflict in names I changed it to a more suitable name--the name of the town where all the "strange happenings" occur, Briarcliff. Anyway if you were a fan of the old book I hope you will like this one even better and if you have yet to read the book, I hope you will consider checking it out.

  • Lorraine Beaumont

    This is my book, so I want to thank everyone for giving it a try and reading it. I know it is a little disconcerting with the backward time flow but that is how I originally wrote this book, as an introduction to the series. Not to worry it is not necessary to read if you don't want but I thought some of my readers might enjoy how it was originally intended to be read. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you like it. xo Lorraine

  • Amanda

    Another novel about teenagers that have way too many sexual intentions. It's immature in its very nature as a story and not just because of the age of its characters. Perhaps it could have been a good story if there was just a realization that books don't have to have kids having sex to gain a reader's attention.

  • Katherine Paschal

    A little confusing since it was told in reverse. It was only 50 pages which I didn't know ahead of time, and I try to avoid short stories because not a lot of character development occurs, which was part of the problem with this book. I will most likely give it a second chance with the second book because it did end on a cliff hanger.

  • Rita

    This started out very promising. Then the next thing I know the story went into reverse order. I am not a fan of reading something backwards. It kept my attention but then I would get to the next chapter and sigh curses because of the order. I plan to read Gargoyle, it seems like it's done the traditional way.

  • T.

    Very weak the book, Gargoyle spelled backwards, is told in reverse chapter order, which found novel and fresh-- but there's a reason people don't do it like that. Glad it was free, but it doesn't inspire me to read anymore of the series which these freebie novellas should be doing for the writer.

  • Rachel

    So, I read this thinking that it would be good to get a foresight on the first book. I didn't care for the writing, but sometimes, when you have a 0.5 in a series, the writing differs slightly. I wasn't a fan of it though. The friend was a bitch. The guy was a dick. And I was pissed at the main girl because she was still friends with these people.

  • Amy

    difficult to follow.

  • Vicki Mcgough

    The prequel to the Briarcliff series, it sets up the characters and the situation nicely!

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Download Û Elyograg : by Lorraine Beaumont ↠
    301 Lorraine Beaumont
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