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In this intimate and uproarious story, two daring New Yorkers convert an ancient, abandoned farm into a world renowned winery.Finding your dream house with a vineyard in Tuscany is like searching the woods for porcini mushrooms a labor of love Such feats require patience, discernment, resolve, and an indestructible sense of humor.The M t s future home and wine estate liIn this intimate and uproarious story, two daring New Yorkers convert an ancient, abandoned farm into a world renowned winery.Finding your dream house with a vineyard in Tuscany is like searching the woods for porcini mushrooms a labor of love Such feats require patience, discernment, resolve, and an indestructible sense of humor.The M t s future home and wine estate lies amid breathtaking scenery in a community brimming with warmth In Italy s most prestigious wine zone, Montalcino, they restore a thirteenth century friary nestled on two hills within sixty acres of forest, olives, and potential vineyards Here they plant fifteen acres of vines, build the winery, and learn from their famous vintner neighbors, like Angelo Gaja, the secrets of how to grow the best grapes and make superb wines Within the first years, the M t wines receive international acclaim.This highly entertaining tale of how two dreamers struggle and thrive in idyllic Tuscany will enrich the lives of travelers and wine lovers alike.

  • Title: Ein Weinberg in der Toskana - Wie mein Traum wahr wurde
  • Author: Ferenc Máté
  • ISBN: 9783492274142
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ferenc Máté

Ferenc M t has made a career of out documenting his own quests whether it s restoring a Tuscan ruin, building a vineyard from scratch, or sailing the seven seas.Born in Transylvania, he escaped at age eleven when the Hungarian revolution was crushed by Soviet tanks He grew up in Vancouver and has lived in California, Paris, Rome, the Bahamas and New York He has worked on a railroad extra gang and as a boat builder, photographer, deckhand and book editor He is the author of 16 books translated into 12 languages His international best seller A Vineyard in Tuscany, was a New York Times Notable Book and short listed for Spain s Camino del Cid literary award His Dugger Nello historical novel series have made him the leading nautical writer of our time With his wife and son, he works the M t vineyards surrounding the 13th century friary they restored in Montalcino, Italy They have won global recognition for making one of the world s best Brunellos.Please visit ferencmate facebook ferencmatetwitter FerencMatematewine

Comments Ein Weinberg in der Toskana - Wie mein Traum wahr wurde

  • Stacy

    A guy's version of *Under the Tuscan Sun* -- It made me hungry and thirsty, and I loved the insights into planting a vineyard and rebuilding a centuries-old house. Witty and intelligently written.(Then the author bio says he left Tuscany to sail the South Pacific -- If I'd worked that hard on my home, you'd have to tear me away with a pliers!)

  • Annmarie

    This was a mildly entertaining account of how the Hungarian/Canadian author, who is a writer by profession, found and bought a crumbling ancient friary building in Tuscany, rebuilt it into a family home, and planted a vineyard with four different kinds of wine grapes. Pleasantly descriptive & humorous & evocative of living in Tuscany, yet it kind of lacked a soulful touch.I was conflicted about this book. On the one hand, I was interested in the details, such as the hunt for the perfect [...]

  • Jonquill

    Very enjoyable recounting of the immense sacrifice and hard work of the author and his family in order to create their dream vineyard. Planting 42,000 vines by hand is an example. His book serves two purposes--1) as a marketing piece for the award winning wines created by the Mate Vineyard and 2) as a love letter to Montalcino and Tuscany.

  • Karen Floyd

    I enjoyed this book tremendously. It appealed to me on so many levels - from the home in Italy, with Italian friends, to the nitty=gritty of how to plant a vineyard on just the right soil to produce a great wine. Good wine surpasses any description. Mate is funny, self-deprecating and descriptive. Make no mistake, transforming a long-abandoned Italian monastery into a livable home and a great vineyard is very hard work, which Mate makes light of. Readers gripe about the money the people who writ [...]

  • Kari Macknight Dearborn

    It's a joy to read a book written not only by someone who is obviously so in love with the subject matter but who can also tell a great story. I was immediately taken on the journey of building a house and winery in the hills of Brunello and I can't wait to taste the wines for myself someday. If even in a dark corner of your mind you've longed for that pastoral life among the vines, this book will both shock you into the harsh reality and have you wistfully aching for that life for yourself.

  • Alyce

    Mate, an affluent braggart camouflaging as a self-effacing working stiff who just happened to buy an estate next to Banfi, reminded me of one of our college mantras; "Don't be humble, you're not that great". The dialogue is strained, every punch line involves the family’s incomparable brilliance, and the laughs are too few to justify this ode to self-aggrandizement. Mate is no Peter Mayle.

  • Janee

    Myammis book is like a mini holidaymini, because it takes about two hours to read - holiday, because it makes you sit back, sip a glass of something you enjoy and dream of the day when your dreams will, inevitably, come true. Maté's tales of tuscany made me feel the sunshine in my face and brought the smell of lavender and dry grass, dust and warm rocks right into my living roomd sometimes that is all you need.Yes, he leads a life different to that of many of us. And why not? I don't mind his w [...]

  • Pam McGinty

    If you are wondering what purchasing an old villa in Tuscany to refurbish as your new home, Mr. Mate's descriptions of the process were both informative and described vividly. Oh, and, if you want to learn how grapes are made into wine, from the clearing of overgrown land, planting, harvesting and winemaking, you will like this book. I felt as if I was there beside the familigia while reading this book. Mr. Mate's vineyard is now producing wonderful wines from Tuscany $39 to $695 per bottle. I m [...]

  • Iwona

    Po lekturze książki zdecydowanie chciałabym spróbować wina z winnicy autora:) W książce opisuje on perypetie jakie towarzyszyły mu podczas odnawiania swojej wymarzonej posiadłości oraz sadzenia winogron by później móc produkować z nich wino. Pięknie zarysowany klimat Toskanii - zarówno jeśli chodzi o krajobrazy jak i ludzi. Świetnie się czyta, jest dużo śmiechu i człowiek sam z siebie zaczyna trzymać kciuki za pierwsze winobranie:)

  • Erika

    A vineyard in TuscanyYou know one of those travelling and lifestyle books, where people of fortunate circumstances and through their course of life share their enthusiasm for the newest destinations and make you jealous of the ever-changing scenery? Yeah, this is not one of them.After finishing reading this book I feel like I’ve gained a friend in Máté. So deeply touched I was, and still am, for his adventures and the fulfillment of his life-long dreams. There were couple of moments when I w [...]

  • Gregg

    A delicious read. ;) The author has a bit of an ego but that's easy to overlook and it actually ads to the story. Get some red wine and bread and enjoy.Also great for trip planning.

  • Gwen

    I'm at about the middle of this book. Good points: it really is funny. If a book is supposed to be humerous then I want some pretty good laughs. One story brought me to tears (the Italian test to receive an agricultural tax credit) so I think it qualifies on this point.Bad points: No photos or maps!! The book is about the renovation of an historic Italian estate for crying out loud. The descriptions are good and yes I can go haul out the atlasbut I'm not going to find every little town and villa [...]

  • Nesrin L.

    This was the 2'nd book out of Máté's "The Tuscan Trilogy", and I am still livid about the fact, that our Public Library had this one but not the first.I really, really dislike (read, HATE!) it whenever I read a book series out of order, basically not reading from the beginning. But I was being repeatedly reassured by one of the Ladies that this was the first part. DXAnyway, this is an non-fictional Autobiography about land-life in sunny Tuscany and about the process of renovating a House & [...]

  • Biblioteca Lardero

    Un relato amable y divertido de cómo dos neoyorquinos soñadores luchan por crear desde la nada uno de los mejores vinos del mundo en la idílica Toscana.¿Quién no ha imaginado una vida idílica en la Toscana? Ferenc y Candace Máté parecen haberlo logrado. Pero el verdadero sueño de Ferenc es crear su propio vino. Juntos aprenderán que para conseguirlo se requiere perseverancia, buen gusto y, sobre todo, la capacidad de reírse de uno mismo. Después de una hilarante búsqueda por sinuosa [...]

  • Rachel Olsen

    Mate is quite talented with words - this is not his first literary rodeo. Eventually, he becomes adept at Italian wine-making as well in this memoir. This book is his quest to start his own small vineyard. If you adore all things tuscan (I tend to), you'll enjoy this charming read. It's an education in Italian countryside living and tuscan wineries. The author drinks a lot throughout the book, which I expected as much given the title. But if that sort of thing bothers you, you've been warned. Ot [...]

  • Jeremy

    It's a romantic notion, to move to Italy and start a vineyard. It's a romantic notion that I've thought about more than a few times, and even discussed with my significant other. So when she found this book in a used bookstore, I was eager to read it. When I realized that it was the same Ferenc Mate who wrote the classic sailboat book, From A Bare Hull, I was even eager to read it.Ferenc has an easy going, humorous and fun to read writing style, and I found myself at the end of the book far too [...]

  • Steve Kierstead

    Máté carries us through the adventure of finding and purchasing a house and land in Tuscany, restoring the house and grounds, planting and tending the vineyards and making (and enjoying) the wine. Lots of lively and quirky people, lots of misdaventures along the way, with the purchase, the construction, the vines and the bubbling, fermenting wine.And other stories thrown in for flavor: I loved, for instance, the one near the end about Candace and the glider. I was terrified throughout the seco [...]

  • Brittany

    I absolutely loved this book! It's such an informative and humorous account of Ferenc and his family making a big decision to sell their beloved home for something with land to start a vineyarda dream of Ferenc's. Reading his trials and tribulations as he reconstructs his 'ruin' and learns to plant a vineyard is so entertaining it was difficult to ever put the book down! It didn't hurt that I read most of the book while in Tuscany, I must admit. And it has certainly added to my dream of moving t [...]

  • Rachel Brean

    I picked up originally because of my love for a. Tuscany and b. wine. It satisfied both but the story itself didn't keep my attention that much. The author provided very detailed architecture and construction details that I could have done without (he restores a friary). Also, his sense of humor (Hungarian) was sometimes hard to follow.The descriptions of the Italian countryside were very detailed and beautiful and visiting Mate's website and seeing pictures of the friary he restored (ferencmate [...]

  • Courtney Reynolds

    A Vineyard in Tuscany has all of the requisite items for such a book--tantalizing descriptions of the local scenery and food, longer than anticipated renovations to a rambling house and a stellar end result that makes the effort worthwhile. It's an enjoyable and easy read, and the characters are very likable. I gave it three stars because it doesn't push past any expectations to be especially funny or provocative. It's an interesting account of newcomers in Tuscany which would make for a good va [...]

  • Rene

    It's definitely different than Frances Mayes' Under the Tuscan Sun. I laughed at the family dialogue. I salivated over the food. I even clutched on to my chair as the Mate's drove around the hairpin turns throughout the hills of Tuscany looking for "the" property.Is it really that affordable to live in Italy? Or do the Mate's make that much money writing books and painting? Where can I find my own villa to renovate and live in? And the food! Thank goodness for the recipes at the end of the book. [...]

  • Joy

    I enjoyed every bit of this heartwarming, witty, memoir that describes the way in which the author and his wife were able to "make their dreams come true". The book is filled with lovable characters, and detailed descriptions of all that is necessary to convert an old 13th century friary into a new home while maintaining the magnificent details of the original. The tremendous effort needed to convert the property to a thriving and award winning vineyard is well documented. The text is filled wit [...]

  • Catherine

    Memoir by Ferenc Mate, a Hungarian who purchased 60 acres with a 13th century friary in Montelcino. In just a few years he and his wife, Candace, remodeled (an understatement) the building into a home, relocated 2000 olive trees, and planted four varieties of grapes on their way to producing award-winning wines. The writing style is delightful – full of joy, self-deprecating humor, and a solid sense of place.

  • Gus

    This was my first novel I have purchased online and I finished it in two days. Mate andhis wife moved to Tuscany and purchase a ruin in order to make their own wine.The life of these two is a little opulent at times but you have to love the Italian way,the food, lifestyle and romantic notion of starting your own winery. With a passionfor wine I was always going to enjoy this book. Would I read another of Matenovels if it wasn’t about wine ­ probably not.

  • Pat

    Ferenc Mate already lived in Italy, but decided to buy and renovate an old abbey. He states early in the book that he is not a wealthy man, being only a writer, but this was quite an undertaking. Even though he put a lot of his own time and sweat equity into making this happen, this was almost a complete rebuilding of a 13th century building and the installation of a vineyard on the 70 acres he acquired. So an interesting book, but there had to have bewen quite a lot of money involved.

  • Almira

    Well, I had read his first book and really enjoyed that, but this one really put me off, so I quit reading it. I know that vineyards produce grapes, to produce wine, which most of us drink, but he kept writing about drinking so much that he was drunk frequently. I don't need to read about that, and I did not find this uproariously funny. I gave it 4 chapters before I quit, and that's 3 chapters more than normal!Don't waste your time

  • Joe

    A Vineyard in Tuscany is nice romp through the trials and tribulations of acquiring land in Italy, restoring a friary, and producing your own wine. If like romantic notions like travel, wine, etc, then you'll enjoy this book. You'll trot along to the end and realize that you too will now want your own vineyard. It's a good read, yet I found myself at the end just a bit unsatisfied that he had rushed through, what I felt, were his wine-making adventures.

  • Yolanda Cortez

    Me gustó mucho el libro. La manera en que describe y platica los platillos toscanos dan ganas de estar ahí para comerlos, confío en que iré un día a la Toscana y daré con esos lugares que describen ahí para disfrutar de esas comidas que solo los naturales de la región suelen conocer. Su manera de contar las cosas me gustó mucho, tiene muy buen humor y eso es importante. Y el amor que demuestra hacia lo que quire la tierra, el vino, su familia y amigos, deleita. Es muy entretenido.

  • Marilyn

    Was my bookclub book, chosen by a winelover. We did wine tasting of noble reds which was fun. The book however, neglected to mention how this person came by so much money, so that he could hire to have an Etruscan ruin/ house/vineyard turned into a world premier one - all the while buying an apratment in Rome, so his kid to go to a good school, and a ski house in the Alps. Of yes, he also went yacthing around British Columbia. Not only would I not want to be an owner of a vineyard, but----

  • Debbie Howell

    Tuscany, wine, Italian food, a charming old house--the book had some great ingredients, but the result was disappointing. The author didn't win me over, didn't tell his story in a compelling way, and the book was poorly edited. There was far too much detail about the renovation of his house, and it felt like Mate was stretching the story out to fill pages. It was a cotton candy book--fluff that just dissolves when you consume it--there's not much to it, and it's not very satisfying.

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