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By Sarah Harvey | Comments: ( 250 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

When Alex Gray finds her boyfriend in bed with her gym instructor, she turns to her best friends, Emma and Serena, for advice They challenge her to a competition to seduce as many men as they can within two months But Alex can t seem to find anyone worth her while That is until she meets Jake.

  • Title: Misbehaving
  • Author: Sarah Harvey
  • ISBN: 9780747261766
  • Page: 143
  • Format: None

About Author:

Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey, geboren 1969, lebte viele Jahre in einem alten Herrensitz in Cornwall Vor Kurzem ist sie wieder zur ck in ihre Heimat Northhampton gezogen, wo sie heute gemeinsam mit ihren Hunden in einem Cottage wohnt Mit ihren atmosph rischen Romanen, die h ufig den Schauplatz Cornwall haben, feiert sie seit vielen Jahren gro e internationale Erfolge.Pseudonym Sarah Monk

Comments Misbehaving

  • RLA

    I read this book about 12 years ago; I got it free from a magazine and remember loving it. My copy got lost somewhere over the years of university, house moves, marriage, etc… I forgot the title but never forgot this book. I finally found it again thanks to the brilliant Smart Bitches, Trashy Books site and their HaBO (Help a Bitch Out) feature and a wonderful commenter who knew the book I described! (My HaBO. N.B. Spoilers!)When this finally arrived I was so excited about getting to read it a [...]

  • Rosie

    This is one, if not my only, favourite chick-lit/romance novel. I love a bit of romance, but chick-lit and "girls on the town" books are not usually my thing. I more often than not prefer a bit of tense backstory with romance thrown in. Misbehaving starts with travel writer Alex coming back from a trip to find her male-chauvinist-pig of a boyfriend in bed with her disgustingly fit and althetic gym instructor. Suddenly, Alex's life as she knew it has shattered. We then follow Alex through her lif [...]

  • Kelly

    If I could describe this novel in one word it would be ‘garish’. It was written like a parody of a modern romance. A caricature. Some unnecessary elements were exaggerated and over-bright and yet important elements – like, I don't know, theplot- were unfocused and badly paced. The writing style read like a stand-up comedy gig. Slapstick events upon puns upon pithy comments. Sometimes this worked and was genuinely funny, but for the most part it was tiring. ‘Humour’ for the sake of bein [...]

  • Jen

    Love love love this book. One of the best feel good chick lits I've ever read. I've also had the privilege of speaking to Ms Harvey and since we have become friends and I've read her other works as well.I read this book at a time where I needed a distraction. It was funny and witty and very well written and has got a special place on my bookshelf. Sometimes a book can be a turning point and this was mine. Please find, read and enjoy!

  • Kathy Chung

    It was okay. The plot have great potential but unfortunately nit much substance. The heroine, Alex Gray, didn't do much to improve the plot.A bit too prudish and felt she was quite unable to relax. Not a good thing that she and her besties seems to be forever intoxicated.The story felt to me was flat. Not much chemistry between Jake n Alex. The part about max wedding could have been very exciting . Unfortunately even with Alex tauting Ax, it was still flat.

  • Heike

    Als ich es vor 12,5 Jahren gelesen hatte fand ich es glaube ganz schön. Heute aber nicht mehr so wirklich. Die Hauptperson Alex hat einfach ständig zu viel Alkohol getrunken und reagierte auf alles irgendwie ziemlich überdreht und naiv. Ich hatte wirklich überlegt, das Buch nicht zu Ende zu lesen, hab es dann aber doch gemacht. Nu werde ich es aber aus meinem Regal aussortieren. Bye Bye Wachgeküsst.

  • Izzybizzy

    Die Story ist nicht neu und zum Teil sehr vorhersehbar. Kurzfassung: Frau lernt Mann kennen, schläft mit ihm und verschwindet dann. Mann wird plötzlich ihr Chef. Aber die Art, wie sie geschrieben wurde ist super - habe zum Teil auf der Couch gelegen und schallend gelacht. Ich kann das Buch also auf jeden Fall empfehlen!

  • Susan

    This was a cool chic lit read for the holiday, there were a few moments when the age of the book became apparent but for most of it it could have been written this year.There was something nice about the fact that the central character was a bit old fashioned at heart even though she lived in a very contemporary world.

  • Sahara

    Total chic flick. Loved it. But I wish there was more of a story. The writing style of Sarah Harvey is something I love and try to inspire in to my writing. And good lord. Except for that one mention that the book was written in the 1990s I would totally have thought it was written this year in 2015

  • Ellie

    I probably would have really enjoyed this book 20 years ago. Which is probably when I first got it; I randomly pulled it from my bookshelf this week, in need of something lightweight and requiring no thought whatsoever. And that's exactly what I got. Adequate for its genre, but not really my type of story these days.

  • Caroline

    A little bit predictable but I enjoyed it.

  • Luanne

    So funny! Great read for any chick lit fan!

  • Jennifer

    Fun and easy read, but that's about it.

  • Rabia RS

    It was funny. Predictable but interesting.

  • Isabelle

    J'ai beaucoup aimée ce livre pas le plus drôle que j'ai lu, mais vraiment sympa. J'ai rigoler pas mal de fois. On passe un bon moment!

  • Sharon

    Typical chick-lit stuff. Very easy reading but not much substance. Throw-away holiday material.

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  • Best Download [Sarah Harvey] ↠ Misbehaving || [Christian Book] PDF ☆
    143 Sarah Harvey
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