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By Claude Izner | Comments: ( 198 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

On a wet March evening in 1890, Odette de Valois vanishes from the Pere Lachaise cemetery during a visit to her late husband s grave Her maid Denise fears the worst and knows of only one person in Paris who can help her mistress s former lover, Victor Legris.When the frightened girl turns up at his bookshop, Victor reassures her, certain there must be a simple explanationOn a wet March evening in 1890, Odette de Valois vanishes from the Pere Lachaise cemetery during a visit to her late husband s grave Her maid Denise fears the worst and knows of only one person in Paris who can help her mistress s former lover, Victor Legris.When the frightened girl turns up at his bookshop, Victor reassures her, certain there must be a simple explanation for Odette s disappearance But as he begins to investigate, he realizes it is a far sinister affair than he first suspected.Fine de siecle Paris is once again brought vividly to life in this second mystery for Victor Legris, following the success of his first case, Murder on the Eiffel Tower.

  • Title: La Disparue du Père-Lachaise
  • Author: Claude Izner
  • ISBN: 9782264034922
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Claude Izner

Pseudonym of Liliane Korb 1940 and her sister Laurence Korb 1951 known as well as Laurence Lef vre.

Comments La Disparue du Père-Lachaise

  • Arybo ✨

    3.5Molto carino, ma personalmente l'ho trovato meno coinvolgete rispetto al primo. Rimango sempre felice, però, per la scelta degli argomenti trattati. Interessante anche la postfazione.

  • Gerry

    Aptly entitled a 'Mystery' because for me it still remains one. The setting is ideal, turn of the century Paris, but the storyline baffles me. I get the gist of it but the detail and who the heck is who and who did what escapes me completely. And who went missing and why? I don't know.The idea of the sleuth, as it were, being a bookseller really appealed to me but this aspect of his character seems to get lost in the morass except for one or two occasions when it surfaces. And as for the other c [...]

  • Antonella

    Carino, carino, carino.Questa Parigi di fine secolo e l'atmosfera che vi si respira sono incantevoli. Il mondo degli artisti, dei collezionisti e dei librai è un'ambientazione deliziosa. Romanzo elegante, nostalgico, ambientato in una città strabiliante, che si muove tra progresso e superstizione, che sente in sè aria di rinnovamento e di libertà, non senza sofferenza.Buono anche lo spunto "giallo" a cui si affiancano il mistero del sovrannaturale, il gioco della magia e del trasformismo e t [...]

  • G.R.

    This is the second in a series of books featuring the crime-solving Parisian bookseller Victor Legris.It is 1890, and Odette de Valois, ex-lover of Left Bank bookseller and amateur sleuth Victor Legris, has disappeared whilst visiting her husband's grave at Père-Lachaise cemetery. Her maid, Denise, fears the worst and, in a dreadful state and knowing not a soul in Paris who can help her aside from her mistress' ex-lover, enlists Victor's help. At first reluctant to become involved, believing th [...]

  • Laura

    Reminder from: FrenchLiterature Yahoo! GroupThis is the second book of a series of 8 books on Victor Legris murder investigations.The first part of the book had many literary references, which made the reader to lose track on the murder investigation.One this aspect is surpassed then the plot becomes quite interesting until its end.In my opinion, some hints of Arsene Lupin style's can be felt in the main character.And perhaps I would have enjoyed more this book if I had read the first book of th [...]

  • Rachele

    Sono rimasta veramente molto molto molto (l ho già detto molto?!😂) delusa da questo libro! La trama è carina ma sviluppata in maniera pessima: troppe divagazioni sulla storia e personaggi (a volte sconosciuti) della storia francese dell '800 che rende il tutto pesante, struttura del racconto senza senso con a volte divagazioni superflue che non servono a niente al fine del racconto! Se uno saltasse 100 pagine e riprendesse poi in mano il racconto non avrebbe perso niente e avrebbe continuat [...]

  • Betsey Manzoni

    This book was somewhat enjoyable. The sisters writing under the pseudonym of Claude Izner do quite well with their writing style, but sometimes assume the reader knows more than about the story than has been told. Used bookseller Victor Legris gets drawn into the mysterious disappearance of his former flame and must traipse all over Paris seeking clues to her whereabouts. The characters have great potential and given further efforts, this writing duo is likely to churn out some good stuff. This [...]

  • Dagny

    This second book in Victor Legris series is a very enjoyable read, more so for me than the first since I know the characters better. They're interesting and fun and for some reason I'm much more drawn to them this time. The mystery itself totally fooled me.

  • Aimelire

    For all the hype about this book, I didn't like it. The book was slow. The mystery was not intriguing. The writing style was disjointed. Even the views of old Paris weren't written in a way that was interesting.

  • Whitney

    It started strong. unfortunately, the plot was contrived, and the pace started to drag about two thirds of the way through. It's a beach read, i.e. it's not unreadable, but it's nothing to write home about, either.

  • Agnieszka Higney

    Painfully drags and with very choppy writing style,this is only rescued by its setting in 19th century Paris.The Pere Lachaise in itself happens to have very little with this book,and even though we end up with a lot of corpses,there is no mystery here.Didn't like the style or maybe we are lost in translation here?

  • Michelle

    I'm generally in favor of period pieces, in particular mysteries. I love Paris. And so I believed when I picked this up that I'd delight in a story set in turn of the century Paris. I might have been wrong. Victor Legris, a bookseller and part-time sleuth, is caught up the murder of his former lover when her maid comes to him in distress. She cannot find her mistress and believes she went missing in a cemetery, Pere-Lachaise, after trying to conjure up the ghost of her dead husband. Legris then [...]

  • Sandi

    I wanted French and I wanted light and this fills both. Charming detective who owns a bookstore in Paris. I am also reading La Seduction, a non-fiction book on the art of seduction. This is delightful. I recommend this if you wish to understand one important facet of the French.I finished both and enjoyed each. La Seduction was beautifully done and gave me an insight into the French from an American perspective. Definitely a good choice. The Pere-Lachaise Mystery was fun but not as dear to my he [...]

  • Donald

    Pretty dreadful. Uninteresting writing. The few historical tidbits were not enough to sustain this. Only made it half way through and then leafing through to the end, I still couldn't figure out what was going on. Who's dead, who killed them, who cares!

  • Ricki

    Bought it from a charity shop at the same time as I bought the other one so felt I really should read it. No longer have any inclination. Rather simplistic to say the least.

  • Kay Allen

    I had a hard time keeping up with this plot. It went round and round. In the end, it was confusing and baffling.

  • Matilda

    Je me souviens avoir apprécié le premier volume malgré quelques défauts. Alors quand j'ai eu envie de me replonger dans le Paris de la fin de siècle je me suis naturellement tournée vers le deuxième. J'en ressort plutôt très mitigée. Je voulais être immergée dans l'époque, mais finalement en dehors des interminables descriptions de noms de rues, d’évènements historiques plus anciens y ayant eu lieu, je me suis retrouvée sur ma faim. L'écriture reste très en surface finalement [...]

  • Bob

    A fine second book in the series. Suspenseful but but light, Izner (pen name for a pair of women steeped in knowledge of late 1800s France), they use the period and location of those series to great effect. It is also very interesting how they include their villains in the mystery. Maybe not the most surprising outcomes, but so far satisfying reading nonetheless. I've already checked out #3 from the library.

  • Moni Novak

    I just didn’t get it. It was difficult to follow. And I never understood who is missing and what anyone at Pere lachaise just has to do with it. I had a tough time finishing it and didn’t understand it at all. It seems like the ideal topic in time but no.

  • Paolo Nardi


  • Ellen

    Recommended to me by Shakespeare & Co. when asked for a popular French mystery author. Now I can happily recommend it to others.Completely enjoyed this mystery plus it has the added bonus that the 'detective' runs a book shop in 19th century belle epoque Paris. Nothing wrong about this.And no, I wouldn't want to wander about in Pere-Lachaise cemetery as the sun is going downP.s. This particular paperback has the sculpture of an angel on a blue-black background which is only offered as an opt [...]

  • Andréia

    Review in portuguese by blog MON PETIT POISONSou apaixonada pela cidade, sempre tento dar uma chance quando algum livro fala algo sobre Paris, principalmente quando tem coisas a ver com a minha área – Arquitetura, por isso a premissa do livro me contagiou. Era uma boa pegada = Suspense + Paris + Inauguração da Torre Eiffel, um suspense leve numa cidade que curto e um dos panos de fundo seria a grande construção de metal que chocou uma época.A ideia do livro é boa, mas ela se perdeu em m [...]


    Irgendwo in PanamaNachdem Odette de Valois´ Mann in Südamerika verstorben ist, trägt die junge Witwe Trauer. Zwar war sie nie ein Kind von Traurigkeit und ihre Affäre mit dem Buchhändler Victor Legris ist ebenso wenig lange vorüber wie die Weltausstellung in Paris, doch nun ist sie wie ausgewechselt. Sogar ein Medium bemüht sie, um in Kontakt mit dem Toten zu treten. Aus dem Totenreich heraus beordert ihr Mann sie zu seinem Grabmal, sie soll ihm ein Bild bringen, das er ihr aus Panama ges [...]

  • Cheryl A

    When Odette de Valois disappears from her husbands' tomb at the Pere-Lachaise cemetary, her maid Denise turns to her former lover, bookseller Victor Legris for help. Victor thinks that Odette has just gone off with another lover but promises Denise he will see what he can find out. After visiting Odette's apartment and finding it ransacked, Victor tries to get more information from Denise, only to find that she too has disappeared. As odd events and disappearances continue to mount, Victor must [...]

  • Laura

    I always love a mystery That is why I am so often forgiving when parts of it remain tangled. The Pere Lachaise Mystery was a book that could have been more captivating if there were less characters. I often lost track of who the people were and found myself looking back a great deal. To be honest with you, I didn't even like the main characters at all. However, the plot and setting were interesting enough to keep my attention. Apparently this book is part of a series wherein bookseller Victor Le [...]

  • Chrystyna

    The Pere Lachaise Mystery by Claude Izner - goodNow this was the book I wanted to read when I picked up the first three in the series. The first one I found disappointing. This one was much better and vindicated my original choice.This is the second in a series of mystery (possibly 'cosy' genre) novels set in Fin de siècle Paris featuring Victor Legris, a bookseller, and his various family and friends. A much better mystery and possibly a better translation as it was less clunky than the first [...]

  • Tria

    A decent mystery, of the kind that gives several clues to the ultimate culprit(s) but without giving enough away for the reader to solve it all within the first half of the book. It's reasonably translated from the French, for all I can tell, though a glossary of language rather than simply of references to historical people would be an improvement on this edition - little point in translating it into English if you don't also include translations of the phrases left in French. I knew what they [...]

  • Piglet

    I like the Claude Izner books because I recognize the places in them, from our visits to Paris, and they are quite relaxing to read but to me, who likes gruesome psychological thrillers, well, I think they are a bit slow I don't know. I can't say tha I don't like them, but they aren't REALLY my cup of tea.This is the second book about Victor Legris, the bookshop owner who likes to solve crime mysteries. His girlfriend Tasja, his friend/mentor Kenji, the shop assistant Joseph are all there from [...]

  • La Stamberga dei Lettori

    Sedotta dall'immagine in copertina e dall'ambientazione retrò mi sono fiondata su questo libro immaginando una qualche somiglianza, almeno per quanto riguarda l'atmosfera, con i racconti del maestro Poe. Ahimè, Victor Legris non è certamente Auguste Dupin e la Parigi delle sorelle Lilian Korb e Laurence Lefèvre ( Claude Izner è il loro nome de plume) non è quella de I delitti della Rue Morgue.Victor Legris è un libraio che "respira più volentieri l'odore del sangue che quello della carta [...]

  • Suzanne Skelly

    This is second in a series that finds Victor Legris, a Parisian bookseller, at the heart of solving a murder mystery.In Paris in the late 19th century many wealthy frenchmen got wrapped up in being part of the construction of the great Panama Canal. The concept was one of adventure and potentially GREAT financial gain- Armand de Valois was one of these frenchmen.The story revolves around his life and death, the grief and latter passing of his widow Odette, and almost anyone who had touched her l [...]

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  • Free Read [Historical Fiction Book] ↠ La Disparue du Père-Lachaise - by Claude Izner Ê
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