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By Oleg Zaionchkovsky | Comments: ( 627 ) | Date: ( Jun 01, 2020 )

The author is a winner of Russian Booker and Natioanl Bestseller , , The author is a winner of Russian Booker and Natioanl Bestseller , , , , , , , .

  • Title: Happiness Is Possible
  • Author: Oleg Zaionchkovsky
  • ISBN: 9781908276094
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Oleg Zaionchkovsky

Oleg Zaionchkovsky Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Happiness Is Possible book, this is one of the most wanted Oleg Zaionchkovsky author readers around the world.

Comments Happiness Is Possible

  • Mark Staniforth

    I don't mean to name-drop, but a senior figure in the translated fiction world warned me recently that the genre is in danger of suffering the perils of excessive stereotyping: that is, western publishers with too many pre-conceived ideas of what to expect from different countries.Forgive me for over-generalising, but France, perhaps, is a hotbed of sexual liberation and philsophical thought; Indian novels need to address either fundamentalism or Slumdog-style caste clashes to stand much of a ch [...]

  • Pavel

    One fine day hot real estate agent enters wrong apartment by mistake and meets not very succesfull writer. The writer quickly seduces her and she's going home in the morning. He never calls her back.The end.orEx-husband and current husband of a certain woman are going away fishing on their weekend. They are getting a bit drunk and the ex-husband cathes a lot of fish while the current husband cathes only 1 fish. They share some vodka with a local cow shepherd and he warns them it will be raining. [...]

  • Finn

    A few chapters into Happiness Is Possible, I started thinking "this reminds me of Murakami". Zaionchkovsky's prose style is not particularly similar, nor is the plot Murakami-esque. The reason, I think, is this: as Murakami is a sudden contrast to the Japanese classics of Natsume Soseki and Kawabata Yasunari, Zaionchkovsky's work is a departure from the old masters (Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev) who continue to dominate Russian Literature sections in bookshops throughout the West. It's far rem [...]

  • Margarita

    Loved it - it's a bit of an emotional personal pick-up that is much needed right now, exactly the way the story teller words it, but it is a beautiful book Why people love "The Day of the Oprichnik" and dislike this book is really beyond me Maybe if our collective mind steered toward creativity, love and personal fulfilment, as well as sensitivity and lovingkindness (as opposed to rape, random violence and drug-induced stupor), we would all be better off, would we not? Well, the latter would sel [...]

  • Lisa Hayden Espenschade

    Linked stories/vignettes aren't my favorite genre but this is a lovely collection of first-person pieces about life and happiness. The stories are very personal and "micro" (also not usually my favorite) but somehow everything accumulates into a book resembling a portrait of a person and a time. (The book's full title is Happiness Is Possible: A Novel of Our Time.)

  • Joseph

    It is not often, dear Reader, that I sit down in front of the pc screen to write a review of a book, let alone one which I've written and in which I'm the Protagonist. Then again, it is not often that I sit down and write anything at all. My public might think otherwise, but being an Author is a tough job. Just ask Oleg Zaionchkovsky! Speaking for myself, I prefer to lounge around in my Moscow flat with, at my feet, ever-faithful Phil, a particularly chummy exemplar of a Man's Best Friend. Phil [...]

  • Natalia

    Судя по всему, наибольший восторг по поводу этого текста испытывают рецензенты, знакомые с английской версией романа. Видимо, устав от переводов претендующей хоть на что-то актуальной русской прозы, они рады возможности погрузиться в спокойное, доступное без напряжения м [...]

  • Sergey

    Может быть благодаря частой самоиронии, сарказм автора над окружащим и окружающими так же воспринимается в качестве иронии. Однако где-то с половины книги острота этой иронии либо притупилась, либо перестала восприниматься так же свежо.Понравившиеся места:Времени у нас м [...]

  • J.T.

    Intriguing work about a novelist who wanders around modern day Moscow, laments the break-up of his marriage, and shares the stories of other Muscovites with us. Like its protagonist, the book itself tends to meander about, but it provides an interesting glimpse into contemporary Russian life. The common theme threading through these stories is the search for contentment. Happiness in this modern city is generally gauged against the success or otherwise of obtaining a coveted Moscow residency per [...]

  • Andrew Mccafferty

    Fantastic! Gives a very witty insight into life in Moscow, and modern Russia in general. Unusually written too, with what are effectively short stories that bleed into each other in a very interesting way. Good for people like me who are always pushing on for the ending: in a way, each story has an ending, but they all contribute to the overall picture of the narrator's life (and those of people around him). Will probably read it again: there's just so much in it!

  • Colin N.

    Intriguing work about a novelist in modern day Moscow who wanders about, interacts with his ex-wife while lamenting the break-up of his marriage, and regales us with stories of other Moscow residents. A bit meandering, but some interesting glimpses into contemporary Russian life, and a decent first novel.

  • Anne Marie

    This is a wonderful book. A seemingly meandering work at first, you just have to put your expectations on hold and place your trust in Zaionchkovsky's thoughtful, funny, and considered writing, because when you reach the end, you'll find that you're right where you want to be, enjoying that feeling of satisfaction you get at the end of a great book.

  • James Folan

    This is pretty good novel about present-day Moscow. And apart from maybe a couple of minor slip-ups ("blackguard" as a modern term of abuse?), the translation is brilliant and reads as though it was originally written in English.

  • Lyana

    A charming and funny Russian fiction.

  • Alisonismail

    Wish I could have read this in the original Russian but sensed it was a good translation!

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  • Best Download [Oleg Zaionchkovsky] ☆ Happiness Is Possible || [Business Book] PDF ☆
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