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By Louis Sachar | Comments: ( 582 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

Bradley Chalkers is a bad lot He lies, he gets into fights, no one wants to be his friend and he is all alone Until, that is, he meets the delightful new school counsellor, Carla, and she persuades Bradley that he can change.

  • Title: There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom
  • Author: Louis Sachar
  • ISBN: 9780747589525
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar pronounced Sacker , born March 20, 1954, is an American author of children s books.

Comments There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom, Louis SacharThere's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom is a 1987 juvenile fiction book from the author Louis Sachar. The title comes from a point when a character, Jeff, accidentally enters the girls' bathroom while trying to go to the school counselor's office when a teacher gives him the wrong directions and is horribly embarrassed by it. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سوم ماه سپتامبر سال 2007 میلادیعنوان: ته کلاس ، ردی [...]

  • Laura

    This is a kid's book, but I love it so much. When I was in third grade, my teacher, Mrs. Kent, read it to our class. When she got to a certain part, she was crying so hard, she couldn't read, so she called me up to read that part. I told my mom how good it was, and we took turns reading from it to each other, finishing the whole thing in a few hours. The summer when I was 19, I somehow remembered it, bought it, and read it again. I later read it to my husband on a car trip, and he really liked i [...]

  • ليلي

    *این ریویو اشتباهی‌ست.نباید نوشته می‌شد و نباید هم خوانده شود و توجهی بهش نکنین کلا!سه بار تا حالا خوندمشسه بار تا حالا باهاش گریه کردم من مجموعا ۵ تا کتاب تو زندگیم نیستن که باهاشون گریه کردم؛ ولی این یکی از اون ۵ تاس بدون شککتاب ناراحت کننده‌ای نیست، کتاب غمگینیم نیستنمیدو [...]

  • Brian

    As a teacher, I read a lot of juvenile fiction and much of it is good! Some of it is forgettable, but this book is not. I love this book.This book is about Bradley Chalkers. Bradley is a bully. Bradley is a behavior problem. He doesn't do his homework, classwork.hing. Teachers pass him from grade to grade just so that don't have to teach him again. Now, he's in 5th grade and his school hires a counselor named Miss Davis, or Carla, as she likes to be called. The rest, as they say, is history (for [...]

  • Rana Heshmati

    واقعا عجیب بود.چونکه من از سه نفر، کلی تعریف ازش شنیده بودم و ازش خیلی انتظار داشتمبا تمام این ها، عاشقش بودم.و پنج ستاره، حلالش :دیدر ضمن با اینکه فکر می‌کردم که گریه نمی‌کنم، وسطش آنقدر گریه کردم که نمی‌توانستم دیگر بقیه‌ی کتاب رو بخونم و جدن دلم داشت می‌لرزید با اینکه شای [...]

  • Reihaneh_T

    با خوندنش دردت میاد ولی آخرش لا اقل مثل برادلی یه لبخندی می زنی! ولی چیزی که دردناک تره دونستن این مسئله ست که برادلی های زیادی تو دنیا هستند و کارلا های کمی !و غمت می گیره می تونم فعلا فقط لعنت بفرستم!همین! پی‌نوشت دل‌نوشت: این ترس‌های احمقانه‌ی برادلی را در این سن خودم دارم، [...]

  • MissInformation

    I really loved the way the intensity of Bradley was captured- and I went up and down with him as he made progress, then went backward, then forward again. There are so many beautiful touches: his absurdly long list of topics to talk about, his talking stuffed animals, the picture of the monster with the heart.I was pleasantly suprised by this book, because the cover didn't indicate to me it would be so intense or layered. (The cover is a large, fairly realistic rendering of a surprised boy's fac [...]

  • Fateme kamali

    خب دقیقن یادم نیست کدوم یک از دوستام خونده بود که منم ترغیب شدم بخونمش . اول بهش بگم ممنون از اینکه آوردیش جلو چشمم . تازه تمومش کردم و فقط اینکه خیلی خوب بود . خیلی چیزها ازش یاد گرفتم فک میکنم میشه به معلما ، مدیرا و هرکسی که با بچه ها( کلن دانش آموز ، دانشجو) در ارتباطه پیشنهاد ک [...]

  • Batul

    کتابهای نوجوان برای من یک چیز خاصی هستند. کتابهایی که به دنیای معصوم کودکی و نوجوانی من رو برمی گردونن. حس های پاک رو میتونم باز تجربه کنم و یادم باشه که انسان چقدر میتونه پاک باشه. و البته از این کتابها خیلی چیزها یاد میگیرم،‌ نکاتی که شاید با خوندن کتابهای روانشناسی به سختی ی [...]

  • Susan

    داستان خیلی خوب و روانی بود.سیر تغییر شخصیت اصلی کلیشه ای و نفرت انگیز نیست،بلکه بسیار حس همدردی-و نه ترحم-را برمی انگیزد.قدم به قدم همراهش می شویم و تمام کارهایش را درک می کنیم. حتما باز هم از لوئیس سکر خواهم خواند!قشنگترین قسمتها از نظر من بازی کردنش با حیوانات کوچولویش بود.ای [...]

  • Julesmarie

    It's a shame the title is so ridiculous, because the book itself is not. It's an honest and insightful look in to what makes a person "good" or "bad" and how one changes the way others perceive him. It also shows beautifully the difference that adults can make on the lives and self-images of children--either to help them or to hurt them (hopefully unintentionally).My strongest emotions at the end of this were anger and gratitude. The portrayal of the school system in this book is heartbreaking. [...]

  • mobarakemortazavi

    × گاهی سخت‌ترین کار دنیا این است که توانایی‌هایت را باور کنی خب بیاید اعتراف کنم که یه جاهایی خودم رو می‌دیدم!و حتی یک قسمت‌هایی بود که انگار یک خاطره کاملا مشترک بود. انگار نه، بود!و با اینکه فکرشم نمی‌کردم، اما خیلی اشکم رو درآ‌ورد. خیلی زیاد!

  • Emad K.A Hossein

    کتابی که میتونه مسیر و هدف زندگیتون رو عوض کنهA Book that Can Change the Way of Your Lifeکتابی که نمیدونید آخرش باید گریه کنید یا از لذت داستان به این قشنگی خوشحال باشیدHigh Recommended 100%پ.ن : جالبه که تازه فهمیدم اسم اصلی کتاب پسری در دستشویی دختر ها هستش !There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom !!!شمام میدونستید ؟؟

  • Meshkat Mnsz

    راهنمایی جای من ته کلاس ردیف اخر صندلی اخر بود. و خب انگیزه م برای خوندنش هم همین بود :دیچه قدر دوستش داشتم

  • Philip

    Having blown through the Wayside books with my girls, I thought I'd pick up another Louis Sachar book. Holes is off limits - Liz and I have set some ground rules with what we allow ourselves to read out loud to the kids.I saw this book and thought: WOAH. That's by Louis Sachar? No way! I'd always seen this lying around at home - in my sisters room. (A room covered in books.) I was also slightly embarrassed by the cover, which may help explain why I'd never read it.Then, half-way through the book [...]

  • Michelle

    Review from April 2014I will never not love this book. Also, Louis Sachar forever.While I was rereading this book for the 10,000th time in my life, I was thinking that this book probably taught me a lot about empathy when I was younger. All kids should learn to have empathy. To put themselves in another person's shoes. To try to understand somebody's motivations. To be nice. It's important. The end.Review from October 2007I don't know why lately, but I've had problems committing myself to seriou [...]

  • Raevyn Oswald

    Pay no attention to the title. This book is actually quite deep for a middle grade book.

  • Sara

    کلا دوست دارم کتابای لوییس سکرو. یکی از بهترین نویسنده های کتاب نوجوانه

  • میعاد

    كتاب خوبى بود يكمى با باور پذير نبودنِ تغيير رفتار شخصيت ها و قابل پيش بينى بودنش مشكل داشتم! كه خُب اونم به حساب كتاب نوجوان بودنش ميذارم (:

  • M Razavy

    قبلا موقع خوندن کتابهای این چنینی، خودم رو جای اون بچه (شخصیت اصلی) میگذاشتم. الان خودم رو جای معلم بچه ها میگذارم :)دیدن خوبی های بچه ها، اغلب آسونه. اما گاهی یه بچه ای هم هست که برای دیدن خوبی هاش خیلی باید انرژی بذاری!

  • Esther

    At first I thought this would be the usual story of the problem child in the classroom learning to be good and making friends but the story didn't take the straight path from A-B.The character development was much stronger than I expected in such a short book and there was no easy attribution of black hats and white hats.Bradley's family was quite pleasant and not to blame for his behaviour and the teachers though obviously exasperated with him were also more than happy to respond to any improve [...]

  • Niloufar Younesi

    این کتاب جزو دوست داشتنی های منه چیز قابل توجهی که در داستان وجود داره شیوه برخورد مشاور مدرسه با بچه هاس وقتی بچه ها مشکلاتشونو باهاش. در میون میذارن چیزی رو به بچه ها دیکته نمیکنه نمیگه به نظرم این کار درسته یا این کارو بکن جوری رفتار میکنه که خود بچه ها به نتیجه درست میرسن و ت [...]

  • Lyon

    This book is about Bradley Chalkers life at school and home.Bradley's school life is no better than his home life because he has problems both places like at school he has three girls that don't like him and Bradley doesn't like them because they say hey to Jeff(Bradley's best friend or shall I say ex-bestfriend.At home Bradley has it bad with his sister and his dad because his sister always picks at him and his dad doesn't let get away with stuff as easy as his mom.Bradley Chalker's teacher doe [...]

  • Ms. K

    This is a perfect read-aloud book, one I'd seen in classrooms for ages but never actually read until my coteacher suggested it. And she was right. There's so much to have deeper conversations around with our class.Bradley, the 'bad kid', is everyone's idea of a nightmare, but the book slowly lets you in to see exactly how low his self-esteem is. I loved seeing Bradley alone in his room, using his model animals to allow himself to actually feel what he's feeling instead of just yelling .This is [...]

  • Ranj

    کارلا گفت: به عقیده ی من درون همه خوبی هست. همه، شادی، غم و تنهایی را احساس می کنند اما گاهی مردم خیال می کنند که کسی، هیولاست به خاطر آنکه نمی تواند خوبی را که در درونش هست ببیند. بعد. اتفاق وحشتناکی می افتد!براندلی: می کشندنش؟کارلا: نه چیزی بدتر از آن! یکی بهش لقب هیولا می دهد و ب [...]

  • Maryrdg3320

    Mrs. Meritt began her 3312 class by reading a couple of chapters a day from this book. I looked forward to this time every day. The book has such a great message! It is about a boy named Bradley Chalkers who no one likes. He is known as the trouble maker throughout the school He goes through a lot of struggles and never seems to think that he can do good. A counselor comes to the school and becomes Bradley's best friend. She makes such a difference in his life and the other children begin to lik [...]

  • Dani Butler

    I read this book after I was done with the Wayside series by the same authorLouis Sachars. So because I was use to the humor of the Wayside stories it was a complete shock that this book is more series. From what I remember, this book is about a trouble kid who has animal figures (or stuff animals?) as friends because he doesn't have any friends at school. I remember being really involved with the character and overall enjoying the book even if it wasn't hilarious. The one detail that sticks in [...]

  • Eddie Owens

    Basic and unsatisfying. There needs to be a backstory to explain how Bradley got to where he is now: friendless scared and angry.The counselor, Carla, talks to Bradley and miraculously, after a few weeks, he quickly starts behaving like a normal kid.He's not from a dysfunctional family but his parents choose to ignore his problems. Again, no indication is given as to why they accept his lying and bad behavior. Surely, even the most amateur of psychologists can see that it is a cry for help and h [...]

  • RahaRazavi

    خیلی کتاب دوست داشتنی یه . به دوستانی که به رمان نوجوان علاقه مندند به شدت پیشنهاد میشه. در مورد حس هایی و موقیت هایی صحبت شده که راجع بهشون همزاد پنداری میکنم.خیلی دلم میخواسته یه بار اینقدر شجاع باشم که تمرینمو بنویسم و بعدش پارش کنم ولی نبودم :/

  • Scotty Conley

    There's a boy in the girls bathroom someone screams. That's how you know when things are about to get interesting!!! And when a new boy from Washington D. C. Joins a class to find a bully, some annoying girls, and a new counselor who doesn't believe in accidents!!! You'll just have to read it to find out in "there's a boy in the girls bathroom" by Louis Sachar.

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