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Brand new series from multiple award winning author Emmanuel Guibert and renowned illustrator Marc Boutavant Ariol is your everyday tween donkey He lives in the suburbs with his mom and dad His best friend is a pig He s in love with a beautiful cow in his class His teacher is a dog His gym teacher is a huge rooster In short, Ariol is just like you and me.

  • Title: Ariol #1: Just a Donkey Like You and Me
  • Author: Emmanuel Guibert Marc Boutavant
  • ISBN: 9781597073998
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Emmanuel Guibert Marc Boutavant

Emmanuel Guibert has written a great many graphic novels for readers young and old, among them the Sardine in Outer Space series and The Professor s Daughter with Joann Sfar.In 1994, a chance encounter with an American World War II veteran named Alan Cope marked the beginning of a deep friendship and the birth of a great biographical epic.Another of Guibert s recent works is The Photographer Showered with awards, translated around the world and soon to come from First Second books, it relates a Doctors Without Borders mission in 1980 s Afghanistan through the eyes of a great reporter, the late Didier Lef vre.Guibert lives in Paris with his wife and daughter.

Comments Ariol #1: Just a Donkey Like You and Me

  • Marie the Librarian

    Hahah aww, poor little Donkey! A fun and sweet comic about Arild, a donkey with his own problems, like wanting to be a superhero horse aaand marrying a cow. Yes. But its really well done and hillarious at times.

  • Helen

    This book is Volume 1 of the Ariol graphic novel - well, maybe this is a kids' comic book rather than a graphic novel - series of graphic novels. Like the later volume of Ariol I previously read, I found this first volume surprisingly pleasant and enjoyable, with interesting nuanced characterizations of the protagonist's classmates, his family, their interactions and so forth.Ariol, possibly a middle-school student, has fantasies - like all of us, especially when we were kids: He identifies with [...]

  • Erica

    The days are shorter than recess and Ariol would like nothing better than to migrate South like a bird. But instead he has to leave his warm, comfy bed to go to school every morning. School's not all bad, there's his best friend Ramono who always comes up with cool games to play and pranks to pull. And Petula, who is the prettiest cow Ariol has ever seen. On the other hand there's also Mr. Ribera, the gym teacher who, in fact, has no sense of humor and Bizzbilla who won't leave him alone. If Ari [...]

  • Fredrik Strömberg

    This was a really good reading experience. Children's comics can sometimes be a bit condescending, talking down to their young readers. This book is nothing like that. And I should of course have realised, seeing as it is the great Emmanual Guibert who has written these short stories. But being able to create masterpieces for adult readers (Alan's War and The Photographer among others) does not necessarily translate into being able to write for kids. But Guibert masters both. The stores about Ar [...]

  • Nicola Mansfield

    I've been wanting to read this cute looking kids comic series for a while and now that vol. 4 has just been published thought I'd start in. The series ended up being as cute as I had expected but more funny and adult-humour suited than expected. It is the type of humour that kids appreciate on one level while adults on a whole other. A collection of several unrelated (plot-wise) short stories which contain the same characters. The kids (all various animals) are not given an age but are somewhere [...]

  • Miłośniczka Książek

    Recenzja, jak zawsze, na moim blogu - zapraszam :)magicznyswiatksiazki/ariol-

  • Betsy

    The French are different from you and me. They have better comics for their kids. Sure, America’s been doing passably well in the last few years, but take a look at the graphic novel shelves of your local library or bookstore and you won’t be able to help but notice how many of the names there sound distinctly French. Joann Sfar. Guillaume Dorison. Goscinny. The list goes on. While we've been frittering away our time with discussions of "New Adult" fads, the French have come very close to pe [...]

  • Pam

    Graphic novel.

  • Katie Smith

    Sooo cute! :)

  • Fredrik Strömberg

    Den andra svenska samlingen med fransmännen Guiberts och Boutavants underhållande barnserie Ariol, och den är minst lika kul som den första. Boken består av ett antal korta historier om den lilla åsnan Ariol, hemma och i skolan, med teman som kärlek och vänskap, men också mer nonsensartade historier. När jag nu läst samtliga böcker i den andra omgången av Rabén & Sjögrens satsningen på barnserier är det tydligt att Ariol fortfarande är det starkaste kortet, tätt följt av [...]

  • Tabitha (Pabkins)

    I love comics – I am not opposed to reading whatever I come across, especially if someone is giving it to me. When I picked up Ariol, based on the art of the cover I thought it was going to be much more of a kiddy comic than what I got. The characters appear to be in high school and sometimes the humor seems targeted at adults. Of course I’m sure teens would be entertained as well. There is some school time, family interaction, silly game playing (Did you ever play that kissing game when you [...]

  • Zoey

    This book is a cool and funny book which includes 10 different cool adventure with Ariol and his friends during different times in the season. The reason I picked this book is because the cover looked interesting and the book was in color plus I love reading little stories and why not get a little bunch and stuff it all into one big book. The reason finished the book is because I couldn't just stop reading the book, it gave me a non-stop action of reading. With the colors in the book makes the b [...]

  • Arminzerella

    Ariol is a little blue donkey whose school pals include a pig, horse, cow, wolf, fly, duck, and more. Ariol is a pretty normal “kid” who likes to hang out with his friends, has a crush on a girl, gets into trouble at school, and loves the superhero Thunder Horse. These are his exciting adventures! Cute, funny, and sometimes bizarre (published first in French). Ariol’s mischievous hijinks should delight his young readers – for example, there’s a whole chapter involving a prank and some [...]

  • Bethe

    Quirky little French import, some of the humor may be lost in translation? This is not one long story as in a typical graphic novel, but a collection of 10 episodes, some work better than others. There are a lot of strange names, all in capital letters. Stupid and idiot are used quite liberally, some young readers may be sensitive to this language. Dumbass is also used during a philosophical discussion (about the intelligence of their species) between Ariol and his mom. Curious to see how the st [...]

  • Kristen

    This is a fun little collection of short graphic stories for elementary-aged kids. All the characters are different kinds of animals, which reminds me of Babymouse a bit. Ariol also often drifts off into fantasy like Babymouse, though the stories are realistic, based on school and family. The fragmented nature of this book reminded me of Astronaut Academy and Dance Class - it's extremely episodic. Recommended for young Babymouse fans.

  • Carol

    Ariol is a silly little donkey that acts just like a normal kid. he goes to school, likes a girl, and is liked by another girl. He even has issues with his friends, parents and teachers.Each story is 2-4 pages long making it quick and easy read for somewhat older kids. As a warning there are a few jokes and references to the biblical term for a donkey. Ariol is quirky and odd, yet fun. Big Nate in the Barnyard!

  • Christiana

    This was funny, like, 25% of the time: when Ariol changes in his bed because it's cold (hits a bit close to home) and when everybody starts running with him when all he wants to do is be alone with Petula. Oh! And that Petula's mom calls her "moo moo". I would maybe rec this to tweens who are really into comic collections (like Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes). I didn't love it as much as other comic collections, but I am old and jaded.

  • Ana Bennett

    GRAPHIC NOVELThis definitely falls more into the “comic book” realm versus the “graphic novel realm” of things. The story follows a donkey and his various animal friends, presenting various stories that deal with growing up/school/parents. It’s fun and entertaining in its own right, but by no means would I categorize it as “Literature.”

  • Laura

    This book is weirdly fun and I couldn't help but laugh at the adventures of Ariol, the tween donkey. I didn't love the illustrations but the writing kept me entertained. The little details are hilarious: a horse named "Battlemess," the teacher who constantly overuses "in fact," the fly who is in love with Ariol.

  • The Styling Librarian

    Ariol – Just a Donkey Like You and Me by Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant – Graphic Novel – 2nd grade and up – So glad that a blogger mentioned this book, quite entertaining and hilarious. My son loved every minute of this book. I love how the children interact with the adults in the book in addition to the clueless nature of Ariol…

  • Samantha

    This is my new favorite kids comics character/series. Ariol is a donkey, but he acts just like a little boy you know. He idolizes a TV superhero and is constantly scheming ways to fulfill his deepest desires (i.e. procure the coolest new sneakers, win the affections of his crush etc). Short comics are funny and full of day to day life adventures. Must read for grades 3-5.

  • Meghan Nels

    A very interesting graphic novel with a different assortment of characters. Ariol, the blue donkey, has adventures both at school and home. The illustrations are bright and well done and there is limited wording on each page.

  • Chessa

    Meh. I just couldn't get into the sense of humor of this. Having read great middle grade graphic novels/comics, I just can't say, "Oh well, it's just for kids." Nah. I could see where it was trying to be funny, but never laughed. I won't be recommending this to my kids. -1 star for sexism.

  • Morgan

    Was bothered by Ariol's obnoxious personality until I remembered he is supposed to be a "tween" donkey (Guibert kinda nailed it, then). Overall, felt mostly "meh" about Ariol and his band of semi-annoying/oddly-named friends.

  • Dolores

    In many ways this title reminded me of the Squish series, but through a slightly distorted lens. It has some humor, but occasionally it has a slight edge to it-the kind that makes you a bit guilty for being amused. But I do think the book has kid appeal, especially for Squish fans.

  • Corinne

    Cute graphics, I like the main characters creativity a lot when playing by himself. I do not like his best friend or how he acts around him.

  • Mary

    Pretty odd and not that funny. I bought them after reading not one, but two positive reviews and now I'm sorry I did. Who the heck are these reviewers? Or maybe it's just me

  • Nicole Harris

    Maybe it's just me or starting slow so I'll give the second one a look.

  • Jennifer

    I will totally suggest this for 1-4th grader comic lovers. A little funny but mostly just an honest look at a typical 4/5 grade life even though he is a donkey he really is just like me and you.

  • Debby Baumgartner

    Graphic novel about a blue donkey who is just like you and me.

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