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Lysander, a young Helot slave, knows little about the mysterious pendant he wears round his neck the Fire of Ares When after a chance meeting, he learns that he is of noble heritage, the pendant takes on new meaning as the link to his father s life and death Suddenly Lysander is thrust into the life of a Spartan warrior and must struggle to prove himself worthy But whenLysander, a young Helot slave, knows little about the mysterious pendant he wears round his neck the Fire of Ares When after a chance meeting, he learns that he is of noble heritage, the pendant takes on new meaning as the link to his father s life and death Suddenly Lysander is thrust into the life of a Spartan warrior and must struggle to prove himself worthy But when the pendant is stolen, he must fight to retrieve it, and fulfill its powerful destiny before it is too late.This action packed tale of honor, glory and epic battles in Ancient Greece will appeal to even the most reluctant readers, and Lysander s rise from slave to Spartan warrior will leave them thirsting for .

  • Title: The Fire of Ares
  • Author: MichaelFord
  • ISBN: 9780802797445
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:


Michael Ford was born in 1980 in the north of England, and studied Classics and English at Oxford University.He worked in a variety of publishing roles before becoming an editor of adult fiction He has written several novels and non fiction books for children, including the SPARTAN series for Bloomsbury UK.He lives with his wife in London.Librarian s Note There are authors with similar names on.Michael Ford general, catch all profileMichael Ford Religion and SpiritualityMichael Thomas Ford Gay Lesbian, Humor, Young AdultMichael Curtis Ford Historical Fiction

Comments The Fire of Ares

  • Jane

    Very pleasantly surprised at this fun read. Lysander, a Helot boy in ancient Sparta possesses a pendant called The Fire of Ares. Because of this, an Ephor, Sarpedon, reveals himself to be the boy's grandfather. One of his sons is Lysander's father and his mother is a Helot woman. Lysander and his ailing mother are now taken under the protection of Sarpedon and Lysander enrolled in the agoge, the Spartan educational system. Lysander undergoes brutal treatment as a mothax [half Helot/half Spartiat [...]

  • Matt, A.

    I really enjoyed this book. I liked how it showed a young boy (Lysander) starting out at the very bottom rank as a slave, rise up and train to become a fierce Spartan warrior after his grandfather revealed to him that his father was once a ferocious Spartan warrior and that he once bared the mysterious pendant "The Fire of Ares." When the Fire of Ares had been stolen, Lysander saw his golden opportunity to rise out of his boring slave life and to bring honor to his dad's name. Overall a fantasti [...]

  • Julie Gardner

    I saw this book at the library and picked it up for my 10-year old who is obsessed with all things Greek; since it wasn't the tween section, I thought I would read it before I suggested it to him.For a tween book, it was a fast read with few surprises for those of us familiar with the coming-of-age archetype. Still, the historical aspects were fun and the future King Leonidas even makes a cameo ("This is Sparta!") I'm sure my son will love it, as will most young readers. As a plus, I think it co [...]

  • Patrick

    This is fun formulaic YA hero stuff. Slave kid cares for his sick mother, but dreams of more, discovers the shocking secret of his birth, rises up as underdog through warrior school facing persecution and intrigue, might is not always right, improbably wins big competition, etc. The historical information about Sparta makes this more interesting than a pure fantasy as the setting is teaching me more about the basics I knew of Sparta, and the ending has an interesting if extremely implausible twi [...]

  • Tyler Peterson

    this book is about this kid named lysander. his dad died before he was born so he didn't know him but his dad gave him this thing called the fire of ares but he didn't know what it was for. but little did he know that it could train spartens. lots of people want it so lots of people were trying to get it and he almost died a lot. but at the end he end up going to war but in stead he diced to spare them. two caterers in this book are lysander and timeon. well lysander was their to make action and [...]

  • Brandon

    i though that the book was really good at explain lysanders life in detail and how he used to be a slave and was whipped when he was one and how one day he proved him self good enough to join a spartan training camp no one liked him util he meet one friend who could not always help lysander out because he was a past slave the only problem i had with the book is that it was a little slow to start but i get because they need to explain his life and how to get through camp and all the small things [...]

  • Brian Bodell

    Well paced good read for YA; the end is firmly grounded in 21st century values.

  • Clare Butler

    Well I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The story was really exciting and the characters were well developed. I am definitely going to read the next in the series.

  • Hazel West

    Thoughts on the Overall Book: Go Sparta! Okay, first off, I couldn't pick this book up without thinking of the Horrible Histories Spartan School song, but apart from that, I thought it was a pretty good book, and was a good look into the Spartan lifestyle. I really liked how the reader is presented with 'both sides of the story' about the Helots (the slaves) and the Spartans who are their masters. I like stories where boundaries in rank are crossed and this was interesting to me. I don't know a [...]

  • Sean Frawley

    Action: 9.2Characters: 7.5Plot 8.0Overall: 7.6Struggling Reader Score 8.9*All scores out of a possible 10The grass is not always greener on the other side, especially on the dusty plains of Sparta where there isn’t much grass anywhere. Lysander, a young Spartan slave, not only must fulfill his own obligations as a slave, or helot as they are called, he must somehow earn enough extra rations to care for his ailing mother as well. Ford does an excellent job of showing just how miserable a Helot [...]

  • Frankie Rufolo

    It's easy to mistake this book for a cheap Percy Jackson knock-off, but it's actually a pretty good modern work of historical fiction.One of the first good thing I noticed was that I really cared about the protagonist, Lysander. He's working especially hard to earn food for his really sick mother, even taking a whipping from his sadistic overseer for her. His friend Timeon is supportive and loyal and quite likeable. As the book goes on, Lysander finds out more about his father's family who he's [...]

  • Ponytaorponyboy

    This is no "The False Prince" but the premise was somewhat nice and the writing was all right, especially if youngsters are supposed to be reading this. The characters are all right also, but I'm left perplex as to Timeon's role in this rebellion business. Will we be discussing that later on? I mean, wasn't he a part of it but not a part of it at the same time? Is Strabo*Sarpedo relationship a direct mirror to what Lysander*Timeon will become in the future, or is it a glimpse of what it COULD be [...]

  • Core

    While I am 25 and found the book a good read I feel the intended audience is probably from about 14 up to late teens.I really enjoyed this book. I have never read a novel before and my wife picked this from the young adult section of the library to get me started. I can read perfectly well however I am a little slow and she felt a book for young adults would be ideal as I would not get bogged down in descriptive writing causing me to lose interest.That said I found this book very easy to read an [...]

  • Connor Mccormick

    The author Michael Ford addresses issues of social justice and war through interesting stories from ancient history. This book, The Fire of Ares, takes place in ancient Greece, specifically in the city of Sparta. The main character, named Lysander, is born a slave, forced to work much longer than others to help his sick mother. After work one day Lysander is trapped and attacked by a group of Spartans. Critically injured, he is saved by a noble Spartan, and is eventually sent to a Spartan school [...]

  • Punax Maro

    The Fire of AresThis book takes place in ancient Greece.The Fire of Ares is about a slave boy named Lysander who has a neck less called the Fire of Ares. Lysander's mom is sick from the beginning and Lysander doesn't know if she will die or not. Lysander is heroic because he saved a free-dweller from a gang of Spartens, he also fights for his mother and his and his mother's most prized object, the Fire of Ares. Lysander is also brave, strong, kind, and respectful towards his mother. His mother i [...]

  • Burke

    The Fire of Ares is a Greek Mythology book about a boy who finds out he is descended from spartan warriors. He has a medallion of his father's, a spartan, called the fire of ares,but it is stolen. The book is about his journey to get it back. My criticism of this book would be that the plot was a little hard to understand. At some points,the only way I could understand parts of it was to re-read it until it until I could memorize what happened, so that when I get farther in the book I could make [...]

  • Ziah

    The book The Fire of Ares by Michael Ford is a surprisingly good book for all ages full of action, adventure, and lessons on the hardships of life. It teaches us that there is no straight path. When I first took the book from the library, I needed something to read, I ended up enjoying the book as much as I do the Percy Jackson series. The Fire of Ares is without a doubt one of the best books I have read so far. I love Roman mythology or any book that has something to do with ancient mythology. [...]

  • Aubrey

    AMAZING! I could really feel what was going on and I knew how all the characters felt. Especially when Lysander's mother died. I could feel the emotions swelling inside me and it made me realize I wouldn't be able to live without my mother, let alone my mother AND father. I also found anger swelling inside me both when Diokles nearly stomped on Lysander's head and when he gave Drako one hundred lashes across the back.This would definitely be a great Historical-Fiction book for anyone. It has a v [...]

  • Jonathan Da-silva

    Lysander,a young helot slave,who has a shiny,and mysterious jewel called the Fires of Ares. His mom,who is very ill,told him to keep and defend the pendant. When Lysander finally knows about its worth and he loses it,he must find and claim back the pendant. This book was an interesting book to me because it was about twelve year old boy who was trying to find out about the mysterious pendant the his mom gave to him when he was a little baby,and Lysander goes on a lot of interesting adventures. I [...]

  • Gabriel

    Honestly, this book was a weird introduction to the series. I'm currently reading the last book in this series "The Legacy of Blood" It's about a boy named Lysander who discovers that he is actually half Spartan and Hellot. Hellots are, well slaves, and (of course) Spartans are the almighty warriors who own the Hellots. The Fire of Ares is actually a pendant that his father's war partners gave to him as his fathers last request. His father died on the battle field by getting a spear shoved throu [...]

  • Jennell

    Best "boy" book that I've read in a long time. In the first chapter, you get this great description of Lysander's father getting knifed in the back. He looks down and sees the knife coming through. Not told in gruesome detail, but it got my attention.The story is strong and I loved the amount of historical detail that the writer included. It made me want to go back and research the real history of the Spartans and their relationship with their slaves.Can't wait for the next book!I recommend this [...]

  • Eric Lele

    This is a book dated back in Roman times when there was a war going on. the main character had a dad in the war who had died and passed down a necklace called the fire of Ares. He lived as a poor boy in his childhood, but he was taken into training as a warrior along with the boys in the upper class. He is mistreated by the many kids who are there and one of his mentors. I liked this book because it is really good in the way the author describes what happens in the book. It is also good in the w [...]

  • Cathy

    I enjoyed reading about Lysander, a Helot slave, who enters the school for Spartan warriors when he learns his true parentage. At first he is solely on the side of the slaves he has been raised with, but as he comes to know his classmates he realizes they aren't all bad. It's the age old conflict of a boy who doesn't quite belong to either world. Ford has done an excellent job painting a realistic picture of the Spartan world - it's brutality as well as its heroism. I'm looking forward to readin [...]

  • Jordyn Rather

    this book was awesome. this book will you be to retails. this book is basically about war with Spartans. I can relate to this book because the main charact he goes to hard time to find a way to enjoy the simple thingser is strong like I am. He goes through hard times in life but he learns to enjoy the simple things. the plot of the story was very very good. my favorite part about this book was that he completes a Spartan challenges with out the fire of Aries. this book was good so I can't wait t [...]

  • Sandy

    Lysander is a Helot, a slave who works the fields for Sparta. He longs to help free his people from the injustice of slavery and fight as fiercely as a Spartan. He is given that chance one day, when his grandfather finds him and it is revealed he is half Spartan. He is to enter the agoge and receive Spartan training. At first it is very difficult and he is very whiney. But as the days pass, he becomes stronger in both mind and body and works to be a beacon for both Sparta and the Helots during a [...]

  • Anthony Bonventre

    This book is in a grey area for a reviewer. It's a great book with a lot of twists and turns but the plot does not make sense. Yes, I understand it but thats only because read some parts over and over until they made sense. So in other words not a bad book but not the best. It has some awesome action scenes near the end of the book but the middle gets boring at times.

  • Kim

    First in the Spartan Quest Series. It's a solid sell to the boys who like Percy Jackson. More geared toward mortals and preperation to go to war than stopping the gods from warring. Lysander and his mother are Helot slaves - animals are worth more to the spartans. But of course not is all as it seems and soon Lysander is thrown into the Spartan's war camps.

  • Anthony

    Very good adventure story set in ancient Sparta. You can really see why the word is used as an adjective, though ruthless might also be a good descriptor, too! Lots of action, though Lysander, the main character, has scruples and morals, and tries to improve the lives of those around him, who are slaves to the Spartans.

  • Shawn Bird

    A good introduction to the warrior society of Sparta with a bit of a fantasy twist. Lots of references to history and myth make this a good fun way to learn. I would recommend it particularly for boys age 10-13.

  • Zoë B

    This book had good solid facts about the Spartan ways. All the facts that were talked about in the book I knew was true because I have just studied the ancient Greeks and we focused a lot on the spartan way of life.

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  • ✓ The Fire of Ares || ✓ PDF Download by Ý MichaelFord
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