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From the Introduction This story is about the catastrophic events leading up to the end of the world as we know it My name is Legion for we are many , we are told in the Bible of Christian faith This quote refers there to devils or demons, of many cast out of a one by a prophet named, Jesus The Authors of the Bible refer to there being the One and Another and nevertheFrom the Introduction This story is about the catastrophic events leading up to the end of the world as we know it My name is Legion for we are many , we are told in the Bible of Christian faith This quote refers there to devils or demons, of many cast out of a one by a prophet named, Jesus The Authors of the Bible refer to there being the One and Another and nevertheless, Another And yet all are said to be One, albeit the One is multiple There is a reason for this perceived confusion, for all this complexity.In fact, within the confines of every mind on this planet there is than one individual, and yet those multiples make the one, with that one being of a multiple So really it s not all that confusing The Bible talks about a Holy Trinity but it does not mention the Holy Others, or theOverseers But here in this book, they are revealed others, alluded to.The story of Fade in this tale and those within the scope of his care are during a Time immense to us Their existence has either been unknown to us, or known to us only through obscurity, difficulty, tribulation How Fade, Light and Fathom came to be together, is yet another story not within the scope of these tales There is a connection between Fade and Light that is spelled out clearly in another book called, Anthology of Evil.So please read on Soon it will all be made clear how Fade s Time is so intimately tied with our own And how it is so much greater than our own and yet, not.

  • Title: Death of Heaven
  • Author: J.Z. Murdock
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J.Z. Murdock

2018 Working with a consultant Just had my first author reading see videos Revamped my website at jzmurdock to follow Currently shopping my sequel Anthology of Evil II to publishers Seeking Lit Manager Also shopping around my screenplays, Gray and Lover the Hearth Tales Incident and most especially The Teenage Bodyguard 2017 Working again on filmmaking under my company LGN Productions Working in director s workshops and have been working with local horror director Kelly Hughes since 2015 My writings have taken a bit of a hiatus until I get my filmmaking on track again My current project is a short horror film, The Rapping which will have actor Alison Arngrim Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie in a voiceover reading a part of Edgar Allan Poe s, The Raven When she heard of this project she was happy to join in as she, like me, has loved Poe since childhood Alison murdered me in a scene in 2016 at my house in Kelly s film, The Mephisto Box I was also just in a new filming of Kelly s Alison was also in which I detail in my blog on the weekend with Alison at Dragonfly Film Festival jzmurdock 2017 05I am working on a sequel to my Anthology of Evil collection of short horror and I have been working on finishing up the final story, a novella The Unwritten, which I had started on Wattpad Retired from a career in IT September 2016 to devote my time to creative pursuits Member of the Horror Writer s Association Graduated Western Washington University Veteran of USAF Parachute Rigger, Shop Supervisor Survival Equipment Specialist.April 2016 new release of Xibalba Unleased atsmashwords books viewIt was to be in the new Dark Chapter Press A Z Anthology but I went over the world limit and wrote another that will be in it, titled, X The Unknown Yes, I got the letter X Marvin Hayes is working on a new cover which I will release on when it s ready I have re released the revised 2nd edition of my book, Death of Heaven, summer 2014 It s currently available as an ebook on Smashwords and Blog murdockinations Simon s Beautiful Thought , She before She came out smashwords books view On Facebook facebook Murdockinations Author s Central JZ Murdock e B0I also have short stories in various anthologies.Screenplays Gray and Lover The Hearth Tales Incident semi finalist in the Circus Road Films contest Teenage Bodyguard biopic of my life at 18 and a murder in Tacoma, WA in 1974.And others

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  • Amer Qasem

    an amazing horror story,i really enjoyed it , the author got an amazing imagination :)

  • Michael Brookes

    A bit of an odd one this, overall is a very good read, but it's a little uneven as you work your way through it. For the most part it's a story told through other shorter stories. These stories tell of the origins of mankind and the origins of religion. There is however a disconnect between these stories and the meta story that wraps them together.The book starts well and has a Books of Blood vibe, which really works well. It's in these tales that the author's writing ability shines. He demonstr [...]

  • J.Z. Murdock

    Please see the correct listing for my books underJ.Z. MurdockThere were initially issues about no periods after my initials on this site which confused things pretty welld the bookDeath of HeavenThanks!JZ

  • J.Z. Murdock

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Death of Heaven | by Ä J.Z. Murdock
    417 J.Z. Murdock
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