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By Peg Brantley | Comments: ( 122 ) | Date: ( Sep 22, 2019 )

When both old and new secrets are uncovered at a burial site the timetable of a madman moves up.Old secrets were buried in the beautiful mountain meadow It was Jamie Taylor and her dog s job to uncover them Trouble is, they dug up some new secrets as well While some families would find closure, others would soon find their lives ripped apart.Assistant Special Agent in CWhen both old and new secrets are uncovered at a burial site the timetable of a madman moves up.Old secrets were buried in the beautiful mountain meadow It was Jamie Taylor and her dog s job to uncover them Trouble is, they dug up some new secrets as well While some families would find closure, others would soon find their lives ripped apart.Assistant Special Agent in Charge Nicholas Grant becomes embroiled in the case while coming to terms with his own demons.A madman watches from the distance while officials expose his clandestine playground his private playground much sooner than he planned.But with any luck, not soon enough.

  • Title: Red Tide
  • Author: Peg Brantley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Peg Brantley

A Colorado native, Peg Brantley is a member of Sisters In Crime and Colorado Authors League She and her husband make their home southeast of Denver, and have shared it with the occasional pair of mallard ducks and their babies, snapping turtles, peacocks, assorted other birds, foxes, a deer named Cedric and a bichon named McKenzie.

Comments Red Tide

  • Sheryl

    I bought this because the author is my cousin and am glad I did. I couldn't put it down. I loved the inclusion of the dogs as crime solvers. I did figure out early who the bad guy was, but that didn't matter. I loved watching everything unfold. I always appreciate strong female characters. I really appreciated that there was only a little mild language and no smut. A good clean read, especially if you love crime novels or TV shows. Thanks, Peg. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  • Sarah Stuart

    Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite Red Tide (Aspen Falls Thrillers Book 1), Peg Brantley’s debut novel, opens with Jamie Taylor and her search dog, Gretchen, looking for the grave of a murdered woman, and she knows from bitter experience how necessary it is for families to bury their dead with dignity and find closure. Unknown to Jamie, Agent Nick Grant is on a similar mission. Almost a decade ago, Leopold Bonzer was jailed for the murder of fourteen people, but he has refused to g [...]

  • Jenny Hilborne

    Red Tide is set an exciting suspense in Colorado. Bodies are discovered at a burial site. Believed to be the victims of a serial killer, who died some time ago, the situation changes when newer corpses are discovered among the older ones. The ME, the dog handler whose job it is to find the dead, and the FBI are left with a growing number of questions.The story starts out well and is immediately engaging. The writing is crisp and tight, and the author introduces an interesting cast of characters. [...]

  • Seana

    I think fans of Rizzoli and Iles (I've only seen the series, not read the books)would enjoy this. It's got competent and likable female characters who have pretty bad luck when it comes to choosing men, but seem to be pretty well recompensed by having great women friends. Plus, there's dogs! The writing is accomplished and the author has a great feel for her Colorado setting. A very promising first novel.

  • Rishika S.

    As far as books in the serial killer genre go, Red Tide has absolutely nothing new or interesting to offer. The blurb of this book promises so much, but the book fails to deliver on almost each front.To begin with, the story is far too predictable. I'm not saying predictable as in, "I knew who the killer was from Chapter 3." That's a given (although the chapter number varies). It was predictable down to every detail, including the choice of the next victim. With that being the case, it was very [...]

  • Lynda Kelly

    What a disappointment. This sounded such a great story. A girl involved with her dog in searching for dead bodies finds a huge murder dump but there are some real surprises with the bodies they uncover. However, there are loads of mistakes and basic mistakes toopeated parts of sentences, the word set replaced by s3t, constant apostrophe errors and one dog's name changed from Sam to Hank in the space of a couple of pages.Ruined it for me and meant I deleted it. I gave 2 stars instead of 1 because [...]

  • Kelley

    Novel received courtesy of GiveawayA mystery novel with a new twist--I enjoyed it! It was a novel I read in 2 days which I also enjoyed. Peg Brantley came up with the idea of mixing a Search and Rescue Dog handler with a burned-out FBI agent and then a crime with terrorist implications. It was great! The characters were well-developed. I hope that she is working on book #2!

  • James Pratt

    A good read with some well developed characters. I found the plot intriguing albeit slightly predictable. A worthwhile read for a freebie but one question remained unanswered after I had finishedWhat's with the plane crash???

  • Audra

    Fast paced and intense. Its great to read an action packed mystery serial killing book without the vulgar language and gruesome details. Being close to law enforcement as well as fire and rescue this book captured my intrigue. Of course being a dog lover helped too!!! Kudos to Peg Brantley!!!

  • Kim

    Excellent. I really couldn't put it down. I considered this book a nice treat. :)

  • Robert Carraher

    A great mystery – as much a whodunit as a what-done-it - , wrapped up in a page turning thriller. It’s rare when a debut book in a much scrutinized genre is written this well. The story and premise is original, the plot excellently executed, the dialog drives the piece along at a relentless pace (I finished the book at 2:36 a.m. and if I hadn’t been so satisfied, I would have been mad at myself since 5:00 a.m. was just around the corner and not to be avoided). The characters seem plucked f [...]

  • Janice Spina

    A suspenseful mystery that gripped tightly and didn’t let go until its conclusion. I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller with its easy and comfortable dialogue between the well developed characters.The main protagonist, Jamie Taylor, loves her seek and rescue dogs and the job that they do along with her to help others find their lost loved ones who have been murdered. The only thing Jamie doesn’t like is her day job at the bank which threatens to interfere with her seek and rescue jobs.Jamie be [...]

  • Debra McLean

    Fast, light readInteresting premise. Good story. Could have been a little longer ( Did I really say that?) to develop the story and characters giving the story a little depth especially at the end of the story

  • Barbara

    I liked this book very much! It's a quick, light read, perfect for beach or plane. I really liked the local Colorado connection. Jamie Taylor seemed like the real deal, tough but vulnerable, dedicated to the dogs who love her. I can't wait to read Peg's next book, which is already on my shelf. I think Peg Brantley will continue to grow as an author, she seems to have a depth to her, or perhaps a secret she is expressing through writing. Thanks Peg!

  • Pam Whetton

    I really enjoy this book and look forward to reading more from Peg Brantley its a real page turner with a real mix of action romance and sadness

  • Debbi Mack

    Jamie Taylor has a most interesting hobby/avocation. She volunteers to help police find where the bodies are buried – literally. She and her dog, Gretchen, that is.Jamie is asked to assist the cops in determining whether a serial killer named Bonzer created a mass grave within which to hide his victims. Jamie’s devotion to this work seems to border on obsession. However, Jamie has ghosts from her past that may explain her intense desire to help murder victims’ survivors cope with their los [...]

  • Pat aka Tygyr

    Jamie Taylor loves her dogs and 2 of them help find buried bodies. She lives to do this volunteer work. But it is starting to interfere with her job at the local bank. Her boss tells her to keep the volunteer work with the police to after work hours or find a new job. She hates it, but agrees. She needs the money. Her sister Jax is married to a cad who spends more money than his wife makes and they are always in money trouble and Jamie tries to help when she can. Jamie is divorced from an abusiv [...]

  • Jack

    Jamie works full time in a bank. In her spare time she finds people and bodies, with her dogs and is an amateur sleuth. A story of murder and psychopathy.

  • Lisa Biegel

    This was a worthwhile read, but does require a certain degree of patience to get into the high paced action. The first third of the book focuses a great deal on character development, and gives the reader an in-depth look at the characters and what makes them tick. The story follows Jamie Taylor, who is a banker by day and moonlights as a forensic dog handler. Jamie is haunted by a violent ex husband, the death of her mother by a serial killer, and the loss of her father after he sets out to ave [...]

  • Mary

    Jamie Taylor lives in a small town in Colorado. She works in a bank as a loan officer to make a living. But her passion is working with her forensic dogs doing search and resuce missions. She gets called in to work on an old FBI case where a "killing field" has been uncovered. These murders occurred 10-12 years ago but in the process of discovering old bodies she and her dogs also uncover some more recent kills. Her sister is the local M.E. and gets involved in trying to solve the more recent de [...]

  • Judi

    This was a first read for me by this author. Very good book, lots of action. Jamie Taylor works at a bank, but on the side she is a Search and Rescuse with her 3 dogs. When she is called in for a case, her dog, Gretchen and her find at least 14 bodies buried. They thought this was a serial killer who done this 10 years ago, but why are some of the bodies were killed just recently. The serial killer could not have done that.FBI Nick Grant has been following the serial murderer, Leopold Bonzer, fo [...]

  • Angel Graham

    Reading through some of the reviews, I am stunned. Trying to figure out if we read the same book, or perhaps the author made substantial changes, and edits based on negative reviews.Nonetheless, I found Red Tide to be an amazing story. I found the characters real, the storyline compelling, the plot was believable. Unlike many of the books I have been reading lately, the dialog in Red Tide did not seem forced or stilted.I rarely give out five star reviews. A book must have that extra something sp [...]

  • Susan

    Red Tide is Peg Brantly's first book and I eagerly await reading more from this author. Believable characters living a ' normal' American life--except for 2 men who are connected even though one doesn't realize that because he dies in prison early in the book!I enjoyed the inclusion of the cadaver dogs and their wonderful human companion and her willingness to be involved in body searches.The mystery and the story twist are well written. It took me a little while to figure out the 'bad' guy and [...]

  • Kristen

    If you love a great compelling thriller, you'll enjoy this one from Red Tide. For Search and Rescue dog handler, Jamie Taylor, she's on her toughest assignment yet. Someone's out there after there and making a move on her and her family. When new bodies turn up with the old, those secrets turns up from the grave. A madman's out there, concocting the perfect experiment to kill humans unknowingly. She goes toe-to-toe to FBI Agent Nick Grant, who's not much of a dog lover, and works with her to sol [...]

  • Kim

    story line was good. characters could have used a little more depthwriter does a good job setting them up with there troubles and who they are, but I just didn't latch on to them for some reason. and yet again a book with an abrupt ending. I have to go back to the end to read again how the fbi agent got hurt I must have read it so fast I missed it, what happened to him? and what happened between he and Jamie? I think they spoke twice during the whole book, next thing you know she's meeting him a [...]

  • Jess

    I was really excited to read this book but it was a little disappointing. I loved the characters and how they all fit together in the end. There were a lot of interesting plot lines but some of them weren't explored at all. The book introduces a serial killer on death row who dies before telling where he buried his victims. The FBI agent eventually finds the burial site and they realize that another killer is using the same burial site. But then that's it that plot line is over. The book also ge [...]

  • Theresa de Valence

    RED TIDE by Peg Brantley started out as a pretty good book, then, without my quite understanding how, it turned into an incredible book well no, not incredible—unexpected much more than I expected. Rich characters, a great plot, RED TIDE kept me up well into the night.There are terrific dogs, a women coming into herself, a possible summer romance, and some ambiguous description that got me really worried—but all of these are just simple breadcrumbs woven into an engrossing, highly entertaini [...]

  • Lucie

    Swallowed by the storyThis book just swallowed me whole. I loved having the dogs be such an integral part of the story and how each characters individual story was woven into the whole. So many surprises along the way in each of their lives. I would have thought I would get lost with so many but they were knit together so well. Jamie was such a strong character, independent yet relied on her group of friends. The family bonds that tied a few together. You will not be disappointed with this book, [...]

  • Grammar*Kitten

    Despite the fact that I knew exactly who was who and what was what early on, I really enjoyed this novel. I don't think my own insight was due to the author's writing in any way, it's more to do with the amount of books I've read recently, I'm attuned to the devices authors use to facilitate their plot twists and make their audience go 'ooh I didn't expect that!'.Well written and interesting, all the characters and threads of plot came together in a very satisfactory way, with an exciting and cl [...]

  • Rolynn Anderson

    Author Peg Brantley pens a page-turner with RED TIDE, creating two special characters: Jamie Taylor who has a tight bond with her cadaver-sniffing dog, but is averse to romance because of an abusive ex; and Agent Nick Grant, obsessed with finding a serial killer and locating his buried victims. Jamie’s sister, Jax, fits prominently in the plot as a medical examiner. Brantley’s main and minor players in RED TIDE, are unique, and the mystery is compelling.

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  • ✓ Red Tide || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Peg Brantley
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