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Join forces with the Guardians to defeat Pitch in this retelling of the animated feature Rise of the Guardians Includes eight pages of full color images from the movie When Pitch, the boogeyman, decides that children should believe in him and not the Guardians, he adds a little fear to their dreams, turning them into nightmares If children around the world are afraid, thJoin forces with the Guardians to defeat Pitch in this retelling of the animated feature Rise of the Guardians Includes eight pages of full color images from the movie When Pitch, the boogeyman, decides that children should believe in him and not the Guardians, he adds a little fear to their dreams, turning them into nightmares If children around the world are afraid, there will be no room for hope The Guardians must band together to stop him But in order to do so they need a little help from an unlikely source Jack Frost Jack loves to have fun, but he s not usually one for heroics Will Jack find the hero within him before Pitch can carry out his master plan Join Jack Frost and the entire gang of Guardians North, Bunnymund, Tooth, and Sandman as they band together to vanquish the boogeyman and his nightmarish threats and to preserve the very spirit of childhood This junior novelization includes eight pages of color images from the movie.

  • Title: Rise of the Guardians Movie Novelization
  • Author: Stacia Deutsch
  • ISBN: 9781442430754
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Stacia Deutsch

1 New York Times Best Selling Author, Stacia Deutsch has written than 200 books In addition to her award winning creative chapter book series entitled BLAST TO THE PAST, Stacia has also ghost written for a popular girl s mystery series, published non fiction texts, and penned a young adult romantic comedy called IN THE STARS She has also written junior movie tie in novels for summer blockbuster films including GHOSTBUSTERS, the New York Times Best Seller CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS JR MOVIE NOVEL, THE SMURFS MOVIE NOVELS, TALES OF THE SCAREMASTER, and GIRLS WHO CODE, Newest releases A SWIRL NOVEL CINNAMON BUN BESTIES Find her at staciadeutsch Twitter staciadeutsch, facebook staciadeutsch, and instagram staciadeutsch_writes Stacia lives in Irvine, California with her three children.

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Comments Rise of the Guardians Movie Novelization

  • cεℓтïcεяαƨ мυƨε

  • Aurora

    I love the movie that this book is based on. I bought the novelization about three weeks ago and let it torture me that I couldn't read it until I saw the movie. Last night, I saw the movie, and it was epic! And then I read the book, which was slightly less epic, but still awesome.

  • Dale

    Published by Simon and Schuster Audio in 2012Read by Keith NobbsDuration: 2 hours, 33 minutesBased on the William Joyce book series Guardians of Childhood, Rise of the Guardians was a very pleasant surprise when we took the kids to go see it a few months ago. I was not expecting much and came away very impressed with a complex story with plenty for adults to think about but light enough for kids to be entertained. It also has a balance of scary and funny and avoids the all too easy bodily functi [...]

  • Fatatat

    We've reached that stage at which I proof read books before I read them to my daughter. Not just to check for appropriateness but also so that I have the Answer to all the questions that crop up. We recently started reading Harry Potter but have decided to put that aside for a year or two until she can deal better with the complexities of the story, I should state at this point that my daughter has only just turned 4 and having watched a few of the films she has started confusing characters and [...]

  • Grace

    i love this book, i am currently reading it for, like, the millionth time! It's so good. i watched the movie twice and i enjoyed this book just as much as the movie. There's only one thing i didn't like. Some of the adjectives Stacia used didn't really match how they felt in the actual movie. THAT WAS MY ONLY PROBLEM!!!!! Good book, i really recommend others to read it. but DON'T read it if you haven't watched the movie--so many spoilers! ;)

  • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids

    A great read for young readers who love the hit movie, RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. This novelization is great for elementary school age readers and also features images from the movie.

  • Hov Vathana

    This book is about the boogey man and the five good people.I love this book because this book is so mean.I look this in TV because in tv we can see the action story not in the book.

  • Emiliano

    Jeje, con este libro complete mi reto de lectura de este año y debo decir que aunque el libro estuvo bien peco de ser muy corto, ya que había veces en las que parecía que iba muy deprisa, pudo haber hecho más descripciones y detallado más cosas, pero bueno no estuvo mal

  • Marcie

    f you've watched television at all in the past month, chances are you have heard about the movie Rise of the Guardians. It's a children's film about all the well-known holiday characters such as, Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Jack Frost, and The Boogeyman aka Pitch. The human world is threatened by nightmares and only the Guardians can save it. Jack Frost doesn't have any memory of where he came from. When trouble arises, the Guradians call on Jack for help. Jack isn't so su [...]

  • Bookstorequeer

    This novelization was cute. It's for a younger age group than I often find myself reading, so the simplicity of the writing threw me off a little at first, but the story is solid and the characters adorable. It's a great read for anyone who has seen and enjoyed the movie.Although, I do kind of wish they hadn't tried to write every single scene as it happens in the movie -- the result was that the story jumped in places, as the movie did quick edits between scenes. If the author had written with [...]

  • Reina

    The title says it all: it's the novelization of the new movie, Rise of the Guardians. As obvious as it is, I love the characters that shaped my childhood: Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny. Add Sandman and Jack Frost (the character under the spotlight and the one you can most relate to as he is only a teenager), Rise of the Guardians creates a good plot for children, teenagers and adults alike as they battle Pitch the Boogeyman and protect the children of the world. You can never be too old [...]

  • Myckaila Leach

    This book is a word for word follow of the Rise of the Guardians movie. The book is boring and lacks any real feeling, do to the fact that it is a novelization and not an original book. The only reason i read this is because i really liked the movie. This is one of the few books that i would recommend not reading, but instead watch the movie.

  • KayleighD'Andilly

    After seeing the film (which I really liked) I got this to read to my little boy. He's only 1 and a half but he likes been read too and there are some nice pictures in the book to look at. It was a good adaptation of the film and made for a fun bedtime story. I would suggest watching the film first though as the book dose lose a little of the magic.

  • Mevhibe

    Nicht so gut wie der Film, der mir unglaublich gut gefallen hat, da dies keine Romanvorlage ist sondern der Film als Buch. Manche Wörter sind nicht korrekt übersetzt, aber ansonsten sehr unterhaltsam, vor allem für Kinder ab 6 Jahren.

  • Rowell Joseph Cruz

    "What's your center?"I felt more excited to watch the film after watching this movie novelization. The next time I'll hear about these characters, I will surely remember this story. Let us continue to believe so the lights won't turn out. :)

  • Danny

    Pitch gave Jack his memory. But it was trap and children don't believe in Bunny any more. But Jack made Jamie believe in Bunny and returned all guardians' s power. And pitch has defeated and went away.

  • Jody Wolter

    Didn't read it yet

  • Kadie

    My son thought this book was really cool.

  • Isabella García

    I read it in spanish for my class. I liked it.

  • Natalia Jagielska

    One of those books that I have, but have no intentions of reading.

  • Kreiden

    All I can say is "The movie was GREAT and so does the Movie Novelization". Actually the book makes me understand the whole 'Guardian Thingy'

  • Indah Threez Lestari

    728 - 2014Yang kuingat dari film ini kemarin-kemarin adalah bioskop AS yang malah memutar film kartun ini dan bukannya Guardians of the Galaxy-nya Marvel yang sudah ditunggu-tunggu :)

  • Colleen

    Though there were some added scenes, I thought "Rise of the Guardians" is a brilliant fairy tale for the kids

  • Amy Galland

    I love the entire series, it brings a sense os how magical childhood can be.

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  • [PDF] ¾ Free Download ☆ Rise of the Guardians Movie Novelization : by Stacia Deutsch ↠
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