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By Jenni James | Comments: ( 778 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

Will he take her back, or fling her aside like she deserves Three years ago Amanda made the biggest mistake of her life when she let her friends persuade her to reject the guy she loved They were convinced he was a loser and wasn t good enough for her.Now Gregory s back in Farmington taller, stronger, hotter than ever, and worth millions Those gorgeous girls who snWill he take her back, or fling her aside like she deserves Three years ago Amanda made the biggest mistake of her life when she let her friends persuade her to reject the guy she loved They were convinced he was a loser and wasn t good enough for her.Now Gregory s back in Farmington taller, stronger, hotter than ever, and worth millions Those gorgeous girls who snubbed him before are now falling at his feet and he s enjoying every moment of it.Can he see past the pain Amanda caused him and give her a second chance Or will she forever regret losing the only guy who truly loved her

  • Title: Persuaded
  • Author: Jenni James
  • ISBN: 9780983829348
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback

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Jenni James

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Comments Persuaded

  • Sandy

    A cute, flirty read, but I think it would have had more impact if the characters had been older. It was a bit too teenager-y for me personally, but still a fun take on one of my favorite themes.

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    I really enjoyed this one. I’ve always loved Jane Austen’s Persuasionand was really looking forward to reading this retelling. I thought the author did a great job mixing the charm from the original Persuasion into this modern retelling. When Amanda was fifteen she allowed her friend to talk her into breaking up with her boyfriend Greg. Three years later and she still regrets her decision, especially when she learns he has moved back into town. He has changed a lot in the past three years an [...]

  • L.

    Originally posted here: living-a-thousand-lives.tumblrMinor spoilersThe CoverI guess the model is pretty with fabulous hair? Is she lying on leaves? In any case, HUGE FACE! DO NOT WANT!The StoryAs you can see on the cover this book is part of The Jane Austen Diaries, in this case it’s a modern retelling of Persuasion with teenaged characters.4 years ago Amanda rejected the boy she loved because her popular friends thought he was a loser and persuaded her to dump him. Soon thereafter said boy, [...]

  • Valentina

    I'm Sorry what the hell did i just read? I wasn't expecting to be absolutely fricking wowed by this book but seriously what even was that? i was expecting a good young-adult chick flick book. What i got was something that seemed to be written by a freaking twelve year old. PLOT (view spoiler)[So after this girl had no sense of individuality and didn't have enough courage to say 'hell no bitch i love this guy' when her friends told her to not go out with hime carries on her life for three years b [...]

  • Mitch

    Maybe it's because Persuasion is my second favorite Austen novel after Emma, but I really think Persuaded is better than the first two entries in this series, Pride and Popularity and Northanger Alibi. I'm impressed how once again the characters and story remain true to the spirit of the Austen original, yet at the same time get a refreshingly modern facelift. And there's also an interesting continuity between the books in this series, so I had some fun too pairing up the returning characters in [...]

  • AmyFlo

    This book demonstrates why it's pretty much impossible to modernize Persuasion. For the Anne in this story rejects her Wentworth for the shallow reason of her friends not liking him? He's right to dust off his shoes and walk away. And what makes him wake up and realize he's always loved her? It's not the beauty of a well balanced temper vs. the flighty nature of a "strong will." I'm actually not sure what it was. He just seemed to love her again without any character growth on his part.There are [...]

  • Samia Ruponti

    1.5 stars. well, I would have given it a 1 star, but I managed to finish the book, so .5 more. the characters were completely flat. frankly, I couldn't even see Greg's attractiveness, except he was sais to be good looking. Amanda was a doormat, and not really that intelligent, it seemed to me. there was a lot of unconnected and unnecessary scenes. the musical ability was completely unnecessary. I haven't read persuasion so I don't know if the author has specifically included it because it was in [...]

  • Shanika AliC

    I've resigned myself to the fact that this series will only be getting worst. I wanted to stab myself in the eyes for the duration of this book. When I started reading i expected a great romance. The whole premise of this book annoyed me to no end. I hoped that the ending would redeem d whole plot but boy was I wrong :(I had such high hopes. Can we get a do-over with this book please?

  • Cathy

    Okay I can't even start telling you how much I'm loving this series of books. How can you not adore Jane Austen's concepts and with Jenni James recreating them and modernizing them my heart just soars some more. With the ups and the downs and the heartbreaking and oh I'm just feeling very much like a girl in one of Jane Austen's books. Which one, I haven't decided yet but I'm feeling it.We meet Amanda at the beginning of the book where she is still in love with the guy she disappointed three yea [...]

  • Avon Bernabe

    Ahhh. I love this book. The emotions it put me through. Guessing.I kept guessing who Amanda will really end up with. There were so many complications along the way. The past. Kylie. The accident. Sean.The accident was what really made me nervous though. I felt like losing hope that time. Plus that news of Sydney about the wedding.Two different parents here. Amanda's parents.How I despised their being conceited and their flinging Amanda's needs aside. I am not a fan of parents with favoritism and [...]

  • Katie W

    I love this Jane Austen series!!! The modern re-telling of Persuasion was so much fun to read. The characters are great, as well as the twists. The only thing for me is I was trying to figure out how these characters fit in with the characters from the previous two novels--and they did!Amanda went along with what her friends wanted her to do three years early and broke her crush's heart. Gregory moved away, but when his family moves back to town and buys Amanda's house (they had to sell, due to [...]

  • Laura

    I love finding a captivating, clean, contemporary romance like this one! Persuaded is a sweet story of pain, forgiveness and enduring love. The premise sucked me right in! I will definitely be going back and starting with Jenni James' Jane Austen Diaries #1, Pride and Popularity!

  • Valerie Waters

    Poor Amanda!!!! She was surrounded by horrible horrible people! And she was treated so awfully! Greg was pretty great but I thought it was weird that he was willing to date this girls that treated him like crap before he was "so totally hot"

  • Cheryl

    Three years ago Amanda was a cheerleader and friends with Gregory, though she wanted to be more. When he finally asked her to be his girlfriend, she let her friends influence her and she turned him down, breaking his heart. Unbeknownst to either of them, he was going to be moving the next day (yes, a little hard to believe), and she never saw him again.Fast forward three years and Gregory’s family has moved back to town and there’s been a role reversal. Amanda’s family has fallen on hard t [...]

  • Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)

    TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Young Adult, Modern AdaptationTIME FRAME: Present-dayMAIN CHARACTERS: Amanda Ellis, Gregory Wentworth, Kylie Russell, Sydney Ellis, Collin FarnsworthWHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVEL:- It's part of a great series! The Jane Austen Diaries started in 201 with the fantastic Pride and Popularity.- I love modern adaptations of Persuasiond this one is a YA modern adaptation, something new!WHAT I LOVED:- Clever Modernizations and Updates: I thought this modern, YA retelling wor [...]

  • Lhara

    Actual rating: 2.5 I'm on a bit of an Austen-inspired kick, having been watching The Lizzie Bennet diaries (which, though flawed, I do love) again.Persuasion has to be my favourite Austen; I love the tension, angst and that need of wanting to be redeemed. That said, it is quite a hard book to modernise. Things that worked well in the original (Anne giving into her parents' demands not to be with someone they deem unworthy of her/them, Wentworth's letter declaring his love etc) don't translate so [...]

  • Emma

    When I read Persuasion by Jane Austen I couldn't finish it. It was nothing against the writing, I love Jane Austen with all my heart, it was the heroine. I couldn't stand that Anne would leave the person she loved because her so called friends convinced her. I loved Elizabeth's sharp tongue and witty comments in Pride and Prejudice and Marianne's willingness to wear her heart on her sleeve in Sense and Sensibility, but I couldn't find one redeeming quality about Anne. So I put the book down.Read [...]

  • Ritika Chhabra

    Persuaded by Jenni James was the second book that I read of The Jane Austen diaries. And it has been a fine series so far. Of course, I have been wondering exactly what the actual story of the book is. (I yet haven't read Persuasion. Believe it or not, it is true! xD)Anyway, I found the whole story quite a lot overwhelming. I mean even when I began reading the first chapter, and she mentioned Greg, I instantly knew that yes, this is who Amanda is going to end up with --without even reading the a [...]

  • Andrea M.

    This copy was provided by first reads, (won) thank you! Persuaded is a cute love story. Jenni did a good job with building a story that captures readers, and refuses to let go. I found myself immersed in the story—I literally had a hard time not reading it because I was anxious to see what happened at the end. I have to agree with the synopsis on the back of the book: Amanda did make a mistake. She listened to her friends, and she let them influence her into a decision that she wasn’t compl [...]

  • Julie

    Another wonderful story by Jenni James; I absolutely love the Jane Austen Diaries series. All four books out are by far my favorite reads this year. I received Persuaded and Emmalee as a Christmas present and when I got home Christmas evening I started reading Persuaded and didn't put down the book until I finished it in the middle of the night. I love the way Jenni uses the characters and events that Jane Austen did but turns them into a modern situations we can all relate to; like four-wheelin [...]

  • Heidi-Marie

    This series is perfect when one is looking for a fun, fluffy, clean read. Especially if you are like me and enjoy seeing how others adapt Austen into our modern world. James did pretty well with adapting the Persuasion story. I might have been more particular of what she did since Persuasion is my favorite Austen. But she got it--right down to "the letter." (ha ha) I was a bit annoyed to find her change a couple of things from the Farmington world she has created. (Didn't Amanda have a stepbroth [...]

  • Sydney Jackson

    Yet another amazing rendition of a Jane Austen novel. I am still amazed at how James is able to connect all of her books together and you can see your favorite characters from her other books. Sadly, this is the last one that I am able to get to at the moment. I CANNOT wait to be able to read Mansfield Ranch and Sensible and Sensational. Why oh why on earth did Amanda let Gregory go? Kylie Russell makes another appearance in this book. Sad, I know. Amanda and Kylie have been friends since they w [...]

  • Xinyi Aw

    this book is amazing, I finished it in just one seating. This ks my first Jenni James's books and I absolutely love it. Be still my heart was what I have been chanting to myself when I was reading this! I could relate a lot to our main protagonist, Amanda, but of course I could never be as beautiful as her. She is definitely the first person that I have read from a book itself that has inspire me so much. I look up to her. Her change in terms of character development is not as large but overall [...]

  • Kristen

    7/29/15 - I love, love, love this one. Love Greggh Love how much Amanda grew in self confidence. I was surprised reading them back to back like I am that Kylie was in this oneI kept thinking, is this the same gal from P&P, yup she is, and still as mean as ever11/3/12-I absolutely LOVED this retelling of Persuasion. Persuasion is one of my favorite movies and I just loved how Ms. James made it into a cute, fun, modern day retelling. I couldn't put it down. Loved the characters. I love this au [...]

  • Amy

    I feel like 'Northanger Abbey' can pass as silly since the main character is supposed to be silly, but this one, which is supposed to have a more mature romance (even if it is YA), is just painful for a non-YA to read. I think this series may be a good introduction for tweens to the true Jane Austen novels. The characters and story lines will be familiar already. But they are just pretty silly and feel super dumbed-down. The dialogue is one of the things that is so great about Austen novels and [...]

  • Purcheria

    2.5 starsEhMehI love Jane Austen's Persuasion. So much so that I will read almost any re-telling of it. Which explains why I picked this one up. It wasn't a bad book, just a tad too saccharine for me. I don't know, it just did not do much for me. There are many better versions out there. But I would recommend it to a younger YA crowd to introduce them to Jane Austen in some form.

  • June

    Wow. Very emotional book! When Gregory returns to town three years after Amanda rejected him, they are both in for some surprises. Some of these characters are so unbelievable. The meanness, the competitive nature of the girls. In the end there are a few good surprises and happy endings. Very well written and I'm looking forward to reading more Jenni James books!!!

  • Gabrielle

    I looved this book I was OBBSESSED it was AMZING I will DEFINETLY retread I loved it so many shockers and I could EXTREMELY relate to Amanda I loved this book oh my gosh I don't think I have ever loved a book this much!!!!!!:0

  • Kim Larsen

    Not the greatest specimen of writing in the world, but if you're in the mood for a brainless romance that you can burn through in an hour or two, this is the book for you. Hot guys and happy endings. What more could a girl ask for at 1:00 in the morning?

  • Em (The Book Butterfly)

    If you are looking for a good Jane Austen retelling that will not have Jane Austen turning over in her graveen you are at the right place!!!

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