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By Kiran Nagarkar | Comments: ( 175 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

The two boys from Ravan and Eddie are back 18 years later in an even darker streak in a bitter sweet elegy to Mumbai Jerry Pinto.

  • Title: The Extras
  • Author: Kiran Nagarkar
  • ISBN: 9789350292044
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Kiran Nagarkar

Kiran Nagarkar was born in Bombay in 1942 In addition to plays and screenplays, he has written four novels, establishing his reputation as an outstanding representative of contemporary Indian literature His books are a target of ideological critique due to the hybrid nature of his version of postcolonialism, involving irreverence alongside seriousness Nagarkar studied at the Ferguson College in Bombay and then worked as an assistant professor at some colleges, as a journalist and screenplay writer, and, notably, in the advertising industry He wrote his first book Saat Sakkam Trechalis 1974 Eng Seven Sixes are Forty Three, 1980 in his mother tongue, Marathi His bitter and burlesque description of the young Bombayite Kunshank achieved by means of a fragmented form and rendered in innovative language is considered to be a milestone in Marathi literature In his first play Bedtime Story 1978 , Nagarkar takes on the subject of modern responsibility by broaching the topic of political crises of the day for instance the Cuban Crisis, the Vietnam War, and the State of Emergency called for by Indira Gandhi Due to problems with state censorship as well as religiously motivated restrictions that prevailed over the cultural scene, the play was not staged until 1995 His second book Ravan and Eddie 1994 also met with a hostile response The story of the childhood of two young boys, one Hindu, the other Christian, from families who live next door to each other yet live in completely different worlds, was criticized both as anti Hindu and anti Christian The fact that Nagarakar chose to write this book and other subsequent writings in English, the language of his education, also encountered objections from his fellow countrymen In his subsequent novels, Nagarkar contrasts bigotry and extremism with a tolerance that feeds on doubt and is open to diversity In Cuckold 1997 , this mentality is embodied in a character who looms in Indian historiography This is the unknown spouse of the famous princess Meera from the 16th century, whose love songs to the God Krishna have passed into popular Indian culture In God s Little Soldier 2006 , the protagonist, who switches faiths without ever abandoning extremism, stands opposed to his questioning brother Consistent with the underlying idea of this book as a parable without a message Nagarkar affirms in an interview that we can never stop questioning ourselves, we must bring our convictions out into the light and prove them Nothing is dangerous than being too much oneself, being completely sure of oneself, since such a belief will soon develop into an intolerance of others Nagarkar was distinguished with the H.N Apte Award for the best first novel, the renowned Sahitya Award and the Dalmia Award for the furtherance of communicative harmony through literature He received a Rockefeller grant and was awarded a scholarship by the city of Munich He lives in Bombay.

Comments The Extras

  • Neha

    Aaaaahhh the satisfaction of devouring a delicious book. Extras by Kiran Nagarkar is fun, witty and Indian. Kiran is a sharp and fluid writer who can create fun and quirky tales, moreover his capturing of MUMBAI of 1970s is so real and so Bollywood that you can’t help but fall in love with the city again

  • Pauline McGonagle

    This is a great read and in Nagarkar's usual style of epic storytelling and ironic insight.It is included in my study of humour for my thesis on his work.( First time I picked it up-I have been waiting patiently for this book.I can't believe that I have a signed copy, picked up for me at the Mumbai launch and brought back to UK in person- even before it hit the shops.I have already read three chapters and so far I am not disappointed!).

  • Harshad

    Not as good as the prequel (Ravan and Eddie). This book, atleast to me, appears to be hastily written/finished as compared to Ravan and Eddie.

  • Franziska

    Die beiden Jugendlichen Ravan und Eddie (aus dem gleichnamigen Buch Ravan & Eddie - Kiran Nagarkar) wohnen noch immer im selben Haus (einer Art Plattenbau, auf indische Art) und sind sich noch kein Stück näher gekommen, obwohl sie nur eine Etage trennt. Neben religiösen Abgründen liegt dies auch in der Tatsache begründet, dass Eddie's Familie Ravan für den Tod von Eddie's Vater verantwortlich macht.Eines haben die beiden aber auf alle Fälle gemeinsam: Ihre Mütter sind der Meinung, da [...]

  • Sundarraj Kaushik

    Started the book with great expectations after reading the Cuckold by the same author. This book is very different from Cuckold and it is good not to carry forth any expectation if one has read Cuckold.The book is about a person called Ravan (Ravan Pawar had been named Ram, but in a moment of indignation his mother renames him Ravan) and a person called Eddie (or Edward Coutinho). Both live one of the several chawls that sprawl Bombay. By quirk of fate Ravan as a child had jumped from the fourth [...]

  • Mithun

    4.5/5This is a huge book(488 pages, tiny font) by most standards, but is a quick read. Especially if you like reading stories set in old Bombay. Ravan and Eddie. the two protagonists in this book have previously been introduced in the brilliant book "Ravan & Eddie" by Nagarkar himself and while that book was about their childhood years, this one is about their adulthood and deals with the various pangs we adults know all too well - career, love and all that. There are many side plots and the [...]

  • Sadaf

    The extras is much humorous and darker than Ravan and Eddie. The twists and turns are amazing, and there is an authentic Mumbai flavour to all of it. The blanketed aspects of the city - taxi drivers, auntie drinking joints and extras, have all been beautifully captured and told about.The complexity of human personality and relationships plays out well through Ravan and Eddie's lives. In many ways, the two are complementary to each other. Ravan is grounded while Eddie is almost always up in the a [...]

  • Anne

    Kiran Nagarkar-Discovered the writer so late,but I'm glad I did!Wonderful story-teller!Kiran takes time to weave each character and does a good job of it-they seem real and I could completely relate to them even though I did not read the prequel to the book.He describes life in Bombay,living in chawls and adds homour and wit to the entire story-line which makes it very interesting to read.Looking forward to reading more of his books!

  • Sanchita

    Kiran Nagarkar is a stalwart of Indian fiction writing - his stories are evocative and relatable and I love how he slips into his essays time and again. I was a great fan of Ravan and Eddie and this was a great way to relive the memory of that book. A great read for anyone who is a fan of the inimitably Indian and bizarrely surreal.

  • Hanil

    A complete shift from Cuckold, the earlier book I read by the same author. What is common though is the author's ability to keep you riveted with hard-hitting narrative, and noteworthy attention to detail. Another admirable point is Kiran's ability to raise hearty laughs, even as he completely immerses us in the grim and miserable world that the characters strive to escape

  • Nishant Bhagat

    The much awaited to the popular book Ravan and Eddie lives upto its expectationshonestly, in bits and parts. I am a huge fan of Mr. Nagarkar's writing style and hence an honest review of this book is not possible. All I can say is that may be my expectations were very high. Felt the book drag a bit in the middle but overall it was a fun read.

  • Kookie

    Even better than 'Ravan & Eddie'.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Extras | by ✓ Kiran Nagarkar
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